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    Ian got a reaction from Gandalf in The Saviour Cometh   
    The team report screen doesn’t look so good with a whole load of red negatives and only a few green positives such as how we have both an excess transfer and wage budget but the trouble is we can’t spend it! I’m at least happy with the depth of the squad as apart from left back we have a few options available for each position.
    I’ll be starting with the tactic below which has served me well on previous versions of the games and it can be pretty good as a counter attack tactic with the right players. The squad have some decent options for the playmaker roles but I’m slightly concerned that there doesn’t seem to be anyone I’d consider great for the box to box role so I’ll have to keep an eye on that. The defenders are not so great on the ball so their role reflects that as I’m just looking for them to snuff out the danger, take no risks and unless there’s an easy ball to one of the more creative players then just clear the thing. I like some pace in the forward positions with this set up and we have that with Hernández and Buendia as inside forwards but I’d prefer it if Pukki had more so I may go for Drmic who is a wee bit quicker if Pukki doesn’t deliver early doors.

    Let’s see how the first few games went.
    01 Feb 20: Norwich v Arsenal: Premier League, Carrow Road (att: 26,487)
    A pretty uninspiring game where neither side created much but a bullet header from Papastathopoulos from an Arsenal corner in the 75th minute was enough for the gunners to claim victory. 
    Result: 0-1
    04 Feb 20: Norwich v Crystal Palace: FA Cup Fourth Round Replay, Carrow Road (att: 24,458)
    Goals galore in this one as both Pukki and Benteke grabbed a brace each to take the game to extra time where Marco Stiepermann cut in from the right and blasted one into the top corner with his left foot in the 115th minute to send Norwich through to the fifth round.
    Result: 3-2 (AET)
    22 Feb 20: Manchester City v Norwich: Premier League, The City of Manchester Stadium (att: 51,915)
    Manchester City made light work of a timid Norwich City side here as by the 50th minute they were up by four goals which included a hat trick from Aguero. Two quick goals by Drmic restored at least some pride for the visiting Canaries but a Sané 25 yard special in the dying minutes put the icing on the cake for the hosts.
    Result: 5-2
    29 Feb 20: Norwich City v Chelsea: Premier League, Carrow Road (att: 27,331)
    A rather dull affair as the two sides played out a goalless draw. Chelsea had the slightly better of the game but were largely restricted to shots from distance and Norwich just couldn’t create anything of note but will be moderately happy to gain a point against a decent Chelsea side.
    Result: 0-0.

    So after four games it’s safe to say we’ve still got plenty of work to do but they were fairly hard fixtures and it’ll more than likely be the games against fellow strugglers that decide our fate so we are still optimistic. We’ve been drawn against Pompey in the FA Cup Fifth Round and that will replace our previously scheduled league game against Man Utd so hopefully we can win that one to give us some confidence going into the forthcoming league games.
    Forthcoming Fixtures (All league games unless stated); Portsmouth (H) (FA Cup), Everton (A), Wolverhampton Wanderers (H), Southampton (H), Burnley (A), Crystal Palace (H)
    Once I play those games we’ll see what league position the team are in for the run in.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Ian got a reaction from Scratch in FMM20 General Discussion   
    I had a player on a test recently improve his aerial over a very short period of time without being focus trained on it or even target man trained but mentored by Messi of all people. Messi had lower aerial than him to begin with so I found it strange to say the least. No screenshots though I’m afraid but I’m starting to think there could be a bug related to mentoring and aerial on the latest update. 
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    Ian reacted to BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    - Final Update -
    Amateur #39: 🇬🇭 Kwesi Abbeyson
    I had a hard time scoring with this Defensive Full Back. I retrained him into a Wing Back to bump any attacking skills and manage an average number of 12 goals.
    Amateur #40: 🇰🇷 Byung-Keun Yoo
    Much bigger expectations on this S.Korean but his Shooting skill really killed it for us. Retrained to natural Striker made little difference and we managed 16 goals only.
    Amateur #41: 🇳🇬 Uche Igwe
    Finally a player with no red Shooting skill but couldn't play him in Striker position. He struggled to score from the flanks and his tally shows. We got a mediocre 14 goals in.
    Amateur #42: 🇸🇱 Alhassan Sankoh
    Another dreaded Full Back. In the process of being retrained into a natural Winger for any offensive attribute bumps, I'd like to think it helped up his tally: 13 goals.
    Amateur #43: 🇨🇻 Fidelmarx Tavares
    By far the player of this select six I'd been looking forward to the most. Low blue's turned into solid blue's and green. Fantastic amateur player with consistent performances. +28.
    Amateur #44: 🇸🇹 Dougouti David
    And we end this long but very enjoyable journey with a defender playing up front as a Target Man thanks to his Aerial and Strength. Missed games, still a fair 11 goals.
    Prediction Final Amateur Goal Tally:
    1036 gls - Ian 1030 gls - Titjes 1027 gls - Career tally 1022 gls - Jsavfc 1015 gls - Kanegan 1014 gls - Kanegan 1013 gls - Kanegan 1012 gls - Kanegan 1011 gls - Kanegan 1010 gls - Kanegan 1009 gls - Cockers2505 1004 gls - gunnersaur 1003 gls - smoggy90 0999 gls - Cockers2505 Congrats @Titjes you've won. Your prediction came closest, which means you've won the reward of having more of me in your future threads 😂 
    All 44 amateurs that featured in this career:
    Salim Aïssa "The Sleeper" - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Queen's Park: 19 gls Christian "The Curveball" Nissen - 🇩🇰 Aarhus Fremad: 25 gls Ryan "Half-time" Hudson - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Undy Athletic: 24 gls Nuno "Nut-Cracker" Martins - 🇵🇹 Paredes: 28 gls Malthe "Mind games" Boesen - 🇩🇰 Brabrand IF: 21 gls Lewis "Lewandowski" Iles - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Cwmbran Celtic: 27 gls Diogo "Senhor🍷Port" Paixão - 🇵🇹 Vila Real: 32 gls William "Wasteful" Møller - 🇩🇰 FC Sydvest 05: 29 gls Fernando "Fingers" Carpegiani - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Corwen: 30 gls "Nostradamus" Neto - 🇵🇹 Alcochetense: 27 gls João Nuno "The Nutmeggee" - 🇵🇹 Eléctrico FC: 23 gls "Pea roller" Papalélé - 🇵🇹 AD Camacha: 27 gls Philip Stoustrup "Sitter" - 🇵🇹 Atlético Riachense: 28 gls José "Jaded" Peixoto - 🇵🇹 Alta de Lisboa: 29 gls "Yodeler" Younes Christiansen - 🇩🇰 Roskilde KFUM: 25 gls "Almost Epic" Edson Carvalho - 🇵🇹 CD Sobrado: 26 gls Davie "Dummy Runner" Galt - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Pontypridd Town: 19 gls Hircane "Hurricane" Graça - 🇵🇹 GD Bragança: 27 gls Beto "Boot it" Lopez - 🇵🇹 Aguia Vimioso:  30 gls Pedro "Sugar daddy" Soares - 🇵🇹 Pontassolense: 32 gls Russell "Chip shot" Currie - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Brickfield: 34 gls "Bob" Marley Farrell - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 STM Sports: 23 gls  James "Cracker" Cresser - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Denbigh: 25 gls Duarte "Fox in the Box" Ferreira - 🇩🇰 Boldklubben 1908: 29 gls "Dracula" Dominic Kwarasey - 🇩🇰 Naesby BK: 19 gls Viriato "Flip Flap" Fernandes - 🇵🇹 Amiense: 26 gls "Million" Miles Thomas - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Caerau Ely: 26 gls Ewan Dey - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Goytre United: 15 gls Adama "Afterburner" Doumbia - 🇳🇱 N.E.C. Amateurs: 15 gls Daniel "V" Vázquez -  🇳🇱 Heinenoord: 24 gls Horacio "Hiccup" Nadjack -  🇳🇱 SteDoCo: 34 gls Henk "The Lion" Leeuwin -  🇳🇱 ONS Sneek: 18 gls "Roadrunner" Rodrigo Gomes - 🇺🇦 Tavria-Skif Rozdol: 22 gls Sezgin "Keane" Kolev - 🇧🇬 Akademik Sofia: 12 gls Dany "Voldemort" Evora - 🇫🇷 ES Haute-Goulaine: 10 gls Dimitris Karelis "The Knife" - 🇬🇷 Iraklis Thessalonikis: 33 gls "Oddball" Osian Brayley - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Taffs Well: 31 gls Aleen "The Pokemon Catcher" Pierre - 🇻🇮 Raymix: 9 gls Kwesi Abbeyson - 🇬🇭 Charity Stars: 12 gls Byung-Keun Yoo - 🇰🇷 FC KHT Academe: 16 gls Uche Igwe - 🇳🇬 Football College Abuja: 14 gls Alhassan Sankoh - 🇸🇱 FC Kallon: 13 gls Fidelmarx Tavares - 🇨🇻 Marítimo do Porto Novo: 28 gls Dougouti David - 🇸🇹 Bairros Unidos: 11 gls Total Amateur Player Goals: 1027 gls
    Total Amateur Games: 1297
    Amateur Gls/M Ratio: 0.79
    FC Porto Manager - 🇳🇱 BatiGoal

    Final Words:
    After 22 seasons, 44 amateur players and 1027 goals with amateur players, this challenge has come to an end. I've had this idea of scoring with just amateur players for a long long time, so I'm really delighted to finally cross this one off the list. Also, having picked amateurs from 16 different nations and 44 different amateur clubs has made it a little more fun and unique for myself. I highly recommend to everyone spending more FMM hours in the lowest tiers of football either managing amateur clubs or using amateur players in your careers and challenges. The much lesser used players and clubs gives this experience a nice unique feel and it's at the same time what kept me going for the past 3 months. At no point did I feel bored to complete this. 
    Of course a huge part of that is also down to you guys. Thanks BIG to everyone who's taken the time read and drop comments, even if it was only once, it's helped tremendously and hope to see everyone at the next one. Thanks Vibe! 👍
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    Ian got a reaction from XiCoGy in Training (intensive or normal)   
    I think what is best might vary from player to player. I’ve only used normal so far this year but have noticed a lot of players who want a more intense schedule so putting them onto intensive might be good for them. My personal opinion is that your clubs training facilities are the biggest factor in player development and I’ve noticed once those get maxed out, players seem to improve much more quickly regardless of the training schedule they happen to be on.
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    Ian got a reaction from Gandalf in The Saviour Cometh   
    There I was sat with the game loaded and an urge to play yet just couldn’t decide what kind of save I wanted to play. I’ve been testing a few things on the latest update but the truth is I just haven’t got much working as I’d like yet and I say yet as I aim to get there in the end but in the meantime I thought it would be best to just do something normal and based purely on team results so with the game loaded I accidentally hit the in-game challenge button and there it was, the saviour cometh challenge. The challenge is simple, you take your chosen team and start after the mid season transfer window with your team near the bottom of the table and it’s your job to guide them to safety. With it being after the mid season transfer window you can’t make any transfers so it’s really quick to set up so not at all daunting. Anyway, I thought why not and instantly thought of Norwich as being the team I’d choose as they’re currently rock bottom of the PL table and let’s face it we mightn’t even see an end to the current campaign in real life due to the global pandemic which adds a little bit more to this challenge in my eyes.
    I can only apologise to all of the creators of the many great challenges on the forum as it may seem a bit disrespectful me doing an in-game challenge, it’s nothing personal though and I may well try some of those later. For now though I’m set on this and good to go.
    Saviour Cometh
    Team: Norwich City

    Nickname: The Canaries
    Founded: 1902
    Stadium: Carrow Road
    Capacity: 27,244
    So after setting up the challenge I immediately went to have a look at the league table to see what the damage was and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we weren’t at all cut off and were only two points away from safety but the team have been on a horrible run recently so morale in the camp is rock bottom to say the least. The first few league fixtures aren’t the best either I have to say with tough games against Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Everton and Wolves to come although still being in the FA Cup could offer us a nice distraction if we can just beat Crystal Palace in the fourth round replay.

    I’ll be back later so we can see how the opening games went.
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    Ian got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    He’s smashing it and you can see he’s going to develop into a truly unstoppable machine.
  7. Favourite
    Ian got a reaction from BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    I’m going a bit higher at 1036 as I have every faith in both you and those amateurs. 
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    Ian reacted to samhardy in How Far Can You Take Them?   
    How Far Can You Take Them?
    This is a very basic concept but the simple ones are often the best! It’s often the case in football where after gaining promotion managers stay too loyal to the group of players that got them up the previous season and struggle in the higher league instead of trying to fully push on.

    Torquay United celebrate winning the National League South in 2019
    The challenge essentially is to see how far up the English football ladder you can get with the starting squad. Absolutely no transfers in at any point during the challenge, that’s the only rule, and frees/loans/greys/academy players are barred too. The squad you start with will be staying with you all the way and that’s the squad you’ll finish with.
    The Challenge will last 10 seasons. Your score will be the league and position you end the 10th season in, so if you finish the 28/29 season 18th in the Championship that will be your score.
    Other Things To Clear Up
    You must start with a team in either the National League North or South. You can sell players but it’s not advised considering they can’t be replaced You can use loan players for the first season that are already at the club, but can’t sign them after the season finishes. No cheating or reloading etc Leaderboard
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    Ian got a reaction from Kun Aguero in Turkish Delight - A Triple Threat Attempt (Completed)   
    Cracking achievement with those players. Congratulations.
  10. Favourite
    Ian reacted to Kun Aguero in Turkish Delight - A Triple Threat Attempt (Completed)   
    Turkish Delight
    Hoşçakal , au revoir
    With the Triple Threat already completed last season, what remain now is the Double Trouble between Fehmi Koc and Ali Akman, they are now 73 goals away from the 1200 goals needed. This will probably be the final update, as the save is just so tedious now.
    Here's how the 3 looks like in the end of the 2 seasons.
    Ali Akman

    Only 2 greens now for the 36 years old, with his Stamina now dropped to 8.

    He did well despite his bad looking attributes, 46 goals in the final 2 seasons, bring his total goals to 494 club goals + 36 international goals = 530.
    Fehmi Koc

    Surprisingly, he haven't declined much, despite suffering more injuries in the final season. He still looks like he can go for another 2-3 years.

    He shows no sign of declining in the first season, with almost a goal a game. Second season was not as good, but still a good goal per game ratio with 37 goals in 49 games. 86 goals in the final 2 seasons bring his tally up to 687 club goals + 42 international goals = 729 goals. 
    1259 goals between Ali Akman and Fehmi Koc means the Double Trouble is now completed!
    Omer Beyaz

    And the last player out of the 3, Omer Beyaz looks worse than the other 2, and with his Personal page staying like this forever, I just hate playing him now.

    Only 18 goals in the final 2 seasons, brings his final tally to 406 club goals + 43 international goals = 449. His total goals count combined with Fehmi Koc was 1178, only 22 from completing a second Double Trouble, but there's no point continuing now.
    Final Manager Profile

    Here's how my final manager profile looks like. The '4' in Transfer Acumen may be due to the huge spending, 3.9 billion spent in the entire career, but why care about that when you are in PSG. 
    Triple Threat Summary

    Anyway that's the end of the career, 1708 goals scored by the 3, completing both the TT and DT, this should be the end now.
    Thanks for all the support throughout this career, all your comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading yet again, and see y'all next time.
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    Ian got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    I don’t really know much about Jude so it’ll be interesting seeing how he develops. Good luck. 
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    Ian got a reaction from BatiGoal in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    @Woody, @Mr Tree, @Crashhart, @Rob, @Kanegan
    Thank you for the messages of congratulations and support of the event throughout.
    Commiserations to @BatiGoal, there was hardly anything at all in either challenges. During the league phase there were a few challenges that I was good at and a few where I wasn’t so I’ve been lucky that both of the final challenges fitted into the first category which gave me a chance. You’d have won more times than lost over an array of different challenges I’m sure but I guess I’ll have to take the glory this time and I have no doubt you’ll be back.
    Thank you to our host @samhardy and @Foxy for your fine work on the challenges, graphics and behind the scenes stuff. There was genuine excitement from myself every week when the challenges were posted and then again on results day. It’s not really about who wins in truth and I’m sure all who participated are in agreement that it’s been a fine event and hopefully those who followed also found it great so thank you all.
  13. Favourite
    Ian got a reaction from BatiGoal in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    @Woody, @Mr Tree, @Crashhart, @Rob, @Kanegan
    Thank you for the messages of congratulations and support of the event throughout.
    Commiserations to @BatiGoal, there was hardly anything at all in either challenges. During the league phase there were a few challenges that I was good at and a few where I wasn’t so I’ve been lucky that both of the final challenges fitted into the first category which gave me a chance. You’d have won more times than lost over an array of different challenges I’m sure but I guess I’ll have to take the glory this time and I have no doubt you’ll be back.
    Thank you to our host @samhardy and @Foxy for your fine work on the challenges, graphics and behind the scenes stuff. There was genuine excitement from myself every week when the challenges were posted and then again on results day. It’s not really about who wins in truth and I’m sure all who participated are in agreement that it’s been a fine event and hopefully those who followed also found it great so thank you all.
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    Ian reacted to samhardy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    VPL Final - Ian v BatiGoal
    Challenge 2
    Only a few days have passed yet the second challenge has been completed so here I am with the results. Remember BG needs to win or of course tie this challenge to stay in the final but alternatively this could very well be the curtain closer on the 2020 VPL if Ian can claim it.
    It’s another toughie but only 15 games to get results with a distinctly average Portimonense squad. Game by game worked perfectly in the first match so that’s what I’m sticking with.
    Games 1-5
    1. A) P.Ferreira
    @Ian 2-0 win
    @BatiGoal 1-0 win
    2. H) Moreirense
    @Ian 1-0 win
    @BatiGoal 2-0 win
    3. A) Santa Clara
    @Ian 1-0 win
    @BatiGoal 4-1 win
    4. H) Porto
    @Ian 1-1 draw
    @BatiGoal 3-1 win
    5. A) Benfica
    @Ian 4-2 loss
    @BatiGoal 2-0 loss
    So very similarly to the first challenge, it’s Bati who takes first blood. Both got off to a perfect start but slipped up against two of the better teams in Portugal. Ian still in a position to strike though.
    Ian 10-12 BatiGoal
    Games 6-10
    6. H) Vit. Guimaraes
    @Ian 2-0 win
    @BatiGoal 1-1 draw
    7. H) Belenenses
    @Ian 1-0 win
    @BatiGoal 2-1 win
    8. A) Tondela
    @Ian 1-0 win
    @BatiGoal 1-0 win
    9. H) Gil Vincente
    @Ian 3-1 win
    @BatiGoal 1-0 win
    10. A) Vit. Setubal
    @Ian 3-1 win
    @BatiGoal 2-1 win
    What a stunning middle section of the challenge that was! Bati only drops two points but Ian goes on a perfect run just at the right time! That’s also 6/10 clean sheets for Ian who’s defensive qualities have shone throughout this tournament, but remember a draw in this challenge would not be enough as that wouldn’t be two consecutive challenges. They’re tied at the minute... So if Bati can win his last 5 games he will remain in the final whatever happens.
    Ian 25-25 BatiGoal
    Games 11-15
    11. H) Aves
    @Ian 3-0 win
    @BatiGoal 3-1 win
    Nothing to see here... 28-28
    12. A) Boavista
    @Ian 2-0 win
    @BatiGoal 1-0 win
    Neither manager giving each other an inch here. Is that draw edging closer or are there still twists in the tail? 31-31
    13. A) Braga
    @Ian 1-1 draw
    @BatiGoal 3-1 loss
    😱 It’s the “Getafe moment” all over again!! It looked like Ian had slipped up and opened the door but just as Bati goes to walk through it gets slammed in his face! It’s only a draw for Ian but that could be the most important draw he gets on this year’s edition of FMM as he’s now 2 wins from glory. 32-31
    14. H) Rio Ave
    @Ian 3-2 win
    @BatiGoal 1-1 draw
    And that could well be the final nail in the coffin as Bati drops points again meaning he’ll need a miracle in the last match. Ian’s sheer consistency is getting him through this. 35-32
    Bati can only tie the challenge now by winning his match and praying for Ian to lose.
    15. A) Maritimo
    @BatiGoal 2-1 win
    Fair play to the Dutchman here as he piles the pressure on Ian with a win in his final game.
    If Ian avoids defeat he will win the VPL...
    @Ian 3-2 win
    Ian 38-35 BatiGoal
    Massive congratulations to Ian for a thoroughly deserved victory. He topped the group phase and then outlasted Bati in two remarkably tight challenges in the final. Commiserations to BG but he fought admirably in the final and fell gut-wrenchingly short, a result or two that went the other way in the final and we could be looking at a different winner.
    Once again thanks to everyone who participated and has followed this event, it has been a pleasure to host and thankfully we got a thrilling final to end it.
    After 2 months of competition though, it’s the Seahouses Seahorse @Ian who is the third name on the VPL trophy.

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    Ian got a reaction from BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    It’s no picnic trying to get goalies to score so a nice return all things considered. 
  16. Favourite
    Ian reacted to Foxy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    VPL Final - Challenge 1
    So it begins!
    This is the first challenge of a potential 5 challenge series as @Ian and @BatiGoal fight it out to be crowned VPL 2020 champion. Remember one of them needs to win two consecutive challenge to win the title but if it goes to a fifth challenge that will be a sudden death winner takes all situation.
    It is also worth remembering that each challenge is only 15 league games long.
    The Challenge
    This will test your ability to get the best out of young players that are in no way ready for the big leagues.
    You will have a choice of two clubs and you must sell/demote/release all the first team players before promoting the B team players who will be who you will use to play the 15 league games.
    Club Choice:  Real Madrid or Barcelona 
    Player Rules: When you start the save all players in the first team must be sold, demoted or released and replaced with your B team players. You may not use any of the first team players at any point in the save.
    Transfer Rules: You may not buy, loan in or make any free transfer signings. If a player signs on a pre arranged transfer then he counts as a first team player and may not be used.
    Cup Rules: Cup games do not count towards your score but you must use your B team players in those games.
    Number of Matches: You must play the first 15 league games of the season.
    Points: Your League points will be your challenge points. There is no tiebreaker so it could be a draw.
    Save setup: You must use the original DB, no unlockables, but you may use any coaching badge or reputation.
    Standard Vibe challenge rules apply of no cheating in anyway.
    Screenshots Needed
    Full first and B teams on the first day of the save. Transfer history. League table after 15 games. Manager history and profile. Top scorer attributes at the end of the 15 games Squad listed by order of appearances.
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    Ian reacted to Rob in Rob’s Final Strikerless Attempt - The End   
    The End
    I finished the challenge and it went fairly well:
    I forgot transfer photos, so if anyone has a big problem with that do let me know. But I played as PSG, and with that you get lots of money, which I duly spent!  Asensio got a three week injury, which was annoying as the whole tactic flows right through him. Rafa came centrally for those games; We won the league with a goal difference of 103 and points total of 104. This contributes 207 to the final score; We won a few things, but got totally FMMed out of the Champs League. As my theory always goes, though, it just means you can play players more constantly towards the end rather than resting them, which turns it in to a positive. Or I could just he talking rubbish; Bailey grabbed 20 goals and 21 assists, giving him 41 points; Rafa nabbed 36 goals and 19 assists, granting him 55 points; Asensio, the main boy, smashed 48 goals and assisted 27 more, contributing 75 points This gives us a total score of 378, which I’m delighted with.
    I will reiterate, this is the last Strikerless challenge I will do this year, so you can all relax as you don’t need to be polite anymore, haha.
    Thanks for reading and all comments!
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    Ian got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Bermuda Triangle - Triple Threat Attempt COMPLETE   
    Congratulations, you’ve done a fine job with those boys.
  19. Favourite
    Ian got a reaction from Road2glory in 1000 goals challenge (Karamoko Dembele)   
    Nice player, best of luck!
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    Ian reacted to Kun Aguero in FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)   
    Welcome to the FMM 2020 Chairman Game presented by me and @Kanegan. As the name suggest, you will be a chairman of a club, handling transfers, sponsors, and most important, manager sackings (your chance to sack Ole, Man Utd fans 😂). 
    How To Join?
    Manager Sackings & Appointments
    Squad Rules
    More features to follow. Feel free to signup, deadline for signup will be 12:00 AM GMT 2nd of March (Monday)! Looking forward for your participation!
    P.S. : In case you aren't familiar with how the game works, have a look at the previous Chairman Game hosted by @UKFootballScore!
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    Ian reacted to Kanegan in FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)   
    @RP21Houdini  - 4/5
    @BatiGoal – 3/5 + 2 Bonus points (for correctly predicting Torino vs Stuttgart scoreline)
    @Crashhart – 3/5
    @Titjes – 3/5
    @Jsavfc – 4/5 + 2 Bonus points (for correctly predicting Bayern vs Man Utd scoreline)
    @Ian – 4/5 + 2 Bonus Points (for correctly predicting Bayern vs Man Utd scoreline)
    @LTFC – 2/5
    @ThomW12 – 3/5 + 4 Bonus Points (for correctly predicting Liverpool vs Arsenal and Stuttgart vs Torino)
    @gunnersaur – 2/5
    So, at the end of Gameweek 1, @ThomW12 takes an early lead with 7 points courtesy of 2 correct score predictions.
  22. Happy
    Ian reacted to Mr Tree in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Congrats to all, including a great write-up Sam. Looking forward to the final challenge and seeing Ian crowned as the champion 👍
  23. Happy
    Ian reacted to Kanegan in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Congrats @Ian and @BatiGoal.
    This has been one cracking tourney so far and also commiserations to @smoggy90 and @Crashhart for making the semis. 
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    Ian got a reaction from Gandalf in Ian - Moise Kean 2kc and full 30 seasons - Tactic - The End   
    I mentioned previously that I’d share the main tactic that I used throughout this save so here I am to do just that. I’ll try to explain things as best as I can so you can get an idea of the way I played the save and got the tactic to work well for me. How much of this you actually read if any is entirely up to you as once I start to write stuff it may get a bit messy.

    So we’re looking at a normal goalkeeper, one baller at the back alongside a more rugged centre half with two inverted wing backs who will still provide width to the attack but sit slightly narrower than a normal wing back to offer more strength to the midfield. We have two all round midfielders playing as box to box midfielders to hopefully help us win the midfield battle with an advanced playmaker in the number ten position who will be required to create plenty of chances for our centre forward. I went with the poacher role for our striker who will ideally concentrate solely on scoring goals. Out wide I went with two wingers to provide width to our attack and supply our forward with plenty of good quality crosses.

    I went with an attacking mentality which doesn’t need too much explaining as we were playing as Juventus and had a great squad of players so the idea was to attack and try to score plenty of goals. The narrow width I find helps the team dominate the midfield and having wingers out wide means we still have plenty of width so it works pretty well I find. I found normal tempo worked out fine for me and the creative freedom I kept balanced because there’s always the fear there that the midfielders might try too many long shots on expressive so we played it safe but don’t be afraid to try expressive as it may well work out well for you as I’ve used that on previous goal scoring tactics to great effect.

    Only one instructional change was made to this page and that was to go for all over closing down. I had actually left this page completely unchanged on all of my previous goal scoring tactics post winter update to try and improve the conditioning of my players so I could get my best players on the pitch for more games. I decided to go with all over closing down here as I found after testing that there wasn’t a major difference to the players fitness and once my team were developed I knew that the majority would have really great stamina so they would be able to handle the constant work rate required. You could experiment with different instructions and to be honest with a top class squad I can’t see there being a problem and maybe a benefit to going with hard tackling and offside trap but I never felt I needed to as my results and returns were fine as is.

    I just went with work ball into box for the final third instructions to try and limit the long shots from our midfielders. We were using inverted wing backs so you’d think overlap would be useless and I’d be better off just going for early crosses but I found that the team played plenty of those anyway and I didn’t want to force the players to do any more so left it at default. I had through ball on originally and I knew that it probably wasn’t the best option with us usually being the dominant team up against teams defending deep with next to no space in behind but my idea was that it would improve the percentage of goals going to the striker. Anyway, halfway through season seven I went into my test save to try and work out my best system and taking the through ball off made a massive difference in increasing the amount of team goals we scored. I put the passing and goalkeeper distribution to short to try to help us dominate the ball and create good quality goal scoring chances but I’ve used mixed on previous tactics so don’t be afraid to try that if it’s your preference.
    Set Pieces
    I went with my main striker as penalty and free kick taker and I selected my corner takers based on their coaching report. Basically you are looking for players with the positive traits ‘Can deliver a good corner’, ‘Effective set prices taker’ or ‘Expert in dead ball situations’ as being great options to take your corners. If you find that none of your players have those traits then I’d personally just go for the player with the highest crossing attribute and monitor how they perform on them.
    Below is what I’d say was my best eleven players at the end of the save. I’d also have at least one back up to each player who’d be of similar quality so I’d be able to rotate fairly heavily to keep my boys fresh.
    You can see the sort of player quality we are looking at as they are all truly outstanding players at this stage with all but two being Italian which really made managing Italy a lot easier. Don’t expect to be able to bring in players of this quality at the beginning of a save as it will take years of squad building and player development to achieve so you’ll have to be realistic and probably lower your expectations in the early years.
    I’ll go through each position below and try to explain what I would look for in each position in terms of attributes.
    I would generally look for good Reflexes and Handling as a priority and then decent numbers in Kicking, Throwing, Communication and Aerial. I’d also try if possible to find a keeper with fairly good Technique, I’d usually fail here but it’s worth mentioning.
    Central Defender
    I’d look for good Aerial, Tackling, Positioning, Decisions, Strength and I’d also like them to have say 10 for Technique, Passing, Dribbling and Pace if possible. Aggression is another thing I would look for but if the player is top quality you can usually get away with a lower number. 
    Ball Playing Defender
    I’d be looking for all of the same attributes as with central defenders but they must have decent Passing, Dribbling and Technique. I’d tend not to look at Creativity too much as I don’t think they need to be super creative but just rather comfortable on the ball and be able to bring the ball out of defence by either dribbling or passing so we can get our more dangerous and creative players on the ball further up the pitch.
    Inverted Wing Back
    I guess we’re looking at a cross between a central midfielder and a wing back but if I’m honest I’d just treated them as wing backs and went with a right footed player on the right and left footer on left. I’d look for Crossing, Dribbling, Positioning and Pace when searching for players and keep an eye out for Passing, Decisions, Technique and Teamwork. Technique and Teamwork are two attributes that you’ll have a tough job increasing on FMM19 so when looking for younger talent I’d be looking for at least 10 for those if possible for this role.
    Box to Box Midfielder
    All round midfielders required here as you’ll often come up against teams playing three in midfield so these boys must be strong in every way to avoid being overrun. I looked for good numbers in Passing, Decisions, Movement, Positioning, Creativity and all of the Physical attributes. Technique and Teamwork again are important as they probably won’t increase so I like a minimum of 13 for both of those. Aggression is also something worth looking at as if you can get a quality player with a high number there then there’ll be no stopping him! When it comes to looking for younger players for this role I found myself going for playmaker types with good Passing, Creativity, Decisions, Movement, Technique and Teamwork. Often these boys would have poor Positioning, Tackling and Physical attributes so I’d get them in and set their training to the Box to Box Midfielder role and their attribute focus to Positioning. They might be a bit of a liability at the beginning so I’d just try to give them as much game time as I could in the easier games and in a few years time they’d be top all round midfielders. 
    Advanced Playmaker
    Simple here as we are looking for a player with great Creativity, Passing, Decisions and Technique. I’d prefer above 12 for Teamwork and not such a great number in Shooting with the idea that he’ll then be less likely to shoot from distance but that can often be hard to achieve so don’t fret too much about it as I’ve had decent shooters playing this position plenty of times before and they’ll always score a few goals but I’ve never had too much trouble in terms of them pinching goals from our striker providing the striker is of top quality. 
    I looked for Crossing firstly and then Dribbling, Pace, Movement and Teamwork but don’t worry if Teamwork is only say 12 as I’ve had players with around that number and they’ve still done a good job providing plenty of quality crosses for our front man.
    We are looking for a complete striker here so he will be capable of scoring all types of goals. In an ideal world he’d have great Shooting, Movement, Aerial, Pace, Strength and a decent number for Decisions, Creativity and Dribbling. I prefer a high number for Aggression too if possible so the player will be more likely to go in for one on one physical challenges with defenders.
    So there we are, that’s my attempt at explaining my tactic and if you’ve read it all and reached this point then I applaud you. I’d also recommend you maybe take a look at this thread as it turned into a rather good discussion about lone striker tactics with plenty of members contributing. Reading all of the different approaches used by members really gets you thinking and that  discussion has given me a lot of ideas about things I’d like to try on the new game.
    Well that is FMM19 done with for me and I’ll now rest up to prepare myself for FMM20.
    Thanks again to everyone who’s followed this or any of my other careers this year, it’s much appreciated.
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    Ian reacted to samhardy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    VPL 2020 - Semi Final Results
    So as already mentioned we started the semi final stage with a couple of intriguing looking clashes but unfortunately Mike fell victim early in the week and he was replaced by 5th place Smoggy.
    That wasn’t the only disqualification drama we saw this week though... There was also some very skilled play though and the two winners took advantage of something in the rules that their opponents did not. Let’s take a closer look.
    @Crashhart v @BatiGoal
    We start with what turned out to be an absolutely crazy matchup as on first glance it looked as if both of these had misread rules and disqualified themselves. In fact for about 4 hours Foxy and myself had already decided that the winner of the other semi final was going to be crowned the outright winner.
    Sadly Crash was comprehensively disqualified as he thought he could use players already at the club throughout the season as well as the bonus player which was against the rules. So a 0 for him and unfortunately since he finished the season no chance of a reprieve.
    It looked as if Bati had signed a player on a free transfer as well but what he had actually done was a straight part exchange deal which after consulting with VAR (Foxy) was ruled as legal. Which brings me on to the excellent thinking from Bati which was to take advantage of part exchange + cash deals which wasn’t against the rules to build himself a much better squad than what he could have done if he was just buying players with cash. He ended up with a very handy squad at Everton and used Dominic Calvert-Lewin as his bonus player.
    He won the league with Everton with 85 points and a 37 GD which is a very strong set of numbers for any challenge. Add Carabao Cup glory to this and a good showing in the FA Cup meant it would have been very difficult for Crash anyway. 51 goal contributions from DCL as well in an overall fantastic performance from BG, and our first finalist can be confirmed as the enigmatic Dutchman.
    Result: Crashhart 0(D/Q) - 206 BatiGoal
    @Ian v @smoggy90
    There was no whiff of disqualifications in this one though as Ian looked to book his place in the final whilst Smog looked to take advantage of his reprieve. Ian’s approach was identical to Bati’s, Everton + Calvert-Lewin, and crucially he also took advantage of player exchanges.
    He was a little under what Bati produced in every category but a very consistent performance saw Ian also produce very solid numbers as he has done all the way through the competition. His Everton side also managed to claim league glory, with 81 points and a 24 GD. The cups didn’t really bare fruit but 38 goal contributions from DCL totalled a very healthy overall score of 155. A very tough target.
    It just didn’t happen for Smoggy though as he struggled to get anything going with Leicester. In fact he suffered the dreaded sack in January which is a horrible way for your tournament to end. James Maddison was his bonus player as he hoped to utilise a strikerless system, Maddison did well but Smog’s league points were almost completely wiped out by a negative GD and there wasn’t enough time to really do any damage in the cups.
    So a convincing win for Ian and after reaching the semi final last year he has gone a step further, can he go two steps further and claim glory?
    Result: Ian 155 - 37 smoggy90
    So commiserations to @Crashhart, @MikeF and @smoggy90 but you all still performed well during the tournament and hopefully you enjoyed participating. However congratulations are in order for @Ian and @BatiGoal who will contest the final of the 2020 Vibe Premier League.
    It’s such a tough one to call too, Ian won the clash between the two in the league phase and also finished two places higher than his opponent but Bati outscored him in the semi final challenge. Could go either way. Predictions anyone? 🤔