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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I have a few bugs, they’ve probably been posted already 1) players stats from previous year not saving on their history (goals assists etc) 2) so many disallowed goals 3)concede so many late goals, I understand this may be tactial instead of a bug
  2. Chat Work permits

    Does anyone know how many players you need to sign (that need a permit) to unlock the abolish work permits? thanks
  3. Chat Crazy end to the League 2 season

    Haha yeah, Swindon were actually top for a while, bottled it at the end and didn’t get automatic promotion
  4. What an end to the season in my save with Coventry any of the top 4 could of won it on the final day, have you had a save like this on FMM18?
  5. Chat Training

    Does anyone know any good training settings to improve players? Thanks
  6. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I have a bug, one of my players who was running out of their contract had an offer from another team, so I offered him a contract and he accepted. But every in game day I get a message saying his move to the other club has been cancelled
  7. Chat Who are you starting your career with

    Yeah could be interesting try and get pirlo to stay as a coach
  8. Chat Who are you starting your career with

    Good choice added 0 minutes later Not 100% sure but I think so added 0 minutes later Yeah I know nothing about MLS either, I guess I’ll learn as I play
  9. Chat Who are you starting your career with

    Hopefully, I think they are in the PC version?
  10. News FMM18: Exclusive Feature Reveal

    Will the game be out at midnight or during the day? Can anyone remember what it was last year
  11. Chat Who are you starting your career with

    Jamie1709, either going to start with LAFC in the MLS or start as unemployed
  12. Who are you starting your FMM18 career with when the game drops? Will it be a RTG or will you use a team with big money?