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    Bath City
  1. Found any other good tactics?
  2. Joshua_DFC

    433 unbeaten tactic

    I used to love inside forwards but now I can’t get them to score or assist that many, also having a similar problem with wingers, I’m not seeing lots of assists as I would like from the wide positions
  3. Joshua_DFC

    Help required with tranmere

    This shows the best attributes for each position, find players with high ratings in these areas
  4. Joshua_DFC

    Help required with tranmere

    Your players need to fit the tactic, if your squad isn’t strong enough no tactic will stop you from losing
  5. Joshua_DFC

    Help required with tranmere

    Had a similar problem with my Bath save, got them to the prem but struggled with the tactic I used. This has been working for me now tho, let me know how you get on! not my tactic btw, can’t remember who’s it is, apologies
  6. Joshua_DFC

    Name my Stadium

    Had to go with “The Bath Tub” haha
  7. Joshua_DFC

    Name my Stadium

    Haha nice one!
  8. Joshua_DFC

    Chat Name my Stadium

    So the board at Bath have decided to build a new 30k seater stadium for me. I want to call it something that I won’t regret lol. Can anyone help me think of a name? It can be funny or something logical that has something to do with The city of Bath.
  9. Joshua_DFC

    Help me stay up

    These are the players I have and best players in terms of value
  10. Joshua_DFC

    Help Help me stay up

    I’m currently doing a save with Bath and have got them to the championship. The tactics I have used previously in the lower divisions aren’t working anymore so was just wondering if anyone has a tried and tested tactic that works for lower teams in higher divisions to get a few wins, even if it’s 1-0 lucky wins lol. Any help would be great I have tried many tactics from the forum without great effect
  11. Joshua_DFC

    433 unbeaten tactic

    What attributes does a CF need to perform in this tactic? Will it work in the lower English leagues like league 2 and 1?
  12. Joshua_DFC

    Transfer Update

    Cheers! 👍
  13. Joshua_DFC

    Chat Transfer Update

    Any idea when the update will be released with the latest transfers?
  14. Joshua_DFC

    What to do with Adu?

    Really enjoyed this, will you make another soon, with a different player?
  15. Joshua_DFC

    What to do with Adu?

    Really enjoying this topic, one of my favourites I’ve read, planning on starting my own career with Adu!