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  1. Won 3 consecutive premier league titles and 1 Champion League with Spurs in 3 seasons using this tactic
  2. Doesn’t count if you just replay the match over and over till you win
  3. Looks good, apart from the actual tactic screenshots haha
  4. 2nd season with Dulwich Hamlet and struggling with this tactic
  5. Best tactic I’ve used so far on FM19! Managed to get 101 points with Dulwich Hamlet in the Vanarama National South in my first season. Proof it works with low league teams as well for anyone asking.
  6. I think around £20m, can’t complain with the season he had and still going strong in season 2 at the age of 35
  7. European football in my first season at Newcastle using this tactic. Signed Arjen Robben for the IF and he got into the world XI and the end of the season scoring like 30 goals for me or something
  8. So true added 0 minutes later Will try it out
  9. Anyone else really struggling with the tactics this year, I’ve usually been able to create my own working tactic in previous games but not finding much success at all any one have a working tested tactic they are willing to share?
  10. I’m getting mixed results with it, look good one game then awful the next, maybe it’s the players I have not fitting the system?
  11. Anyone have a tested tactic that works? I’ve tried a few good ones from last years game like the Black Pearl but can’t find one that works? Anyone created a tactic on the new game and has it worked across multiple saves? Thanks
  12. I used to love inside forwards but now I can’t get them to score or assist that many, also having a similar problem with wingers, I’m not seeing lots of assists as I would like from the wide positions