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  1. Chat Transfer Update

    Cheers! 👍
  2. Chat Transfer Update

    Any idea when the update will be released with the latest transfers?
  3. Career What to do with Adu?

    Really enjoyed this, will you make another soon, with a different player?
  4. Career What to do with Adu?

    Really enjoying this topic, one of my favourites I’ve read, planning on starting my own career with Adu!
  5. Career What to do with Adu?

    How did you manage to get Adu on the game?
  6. Tactics 4-3-3/2-3-2-2-1 Pep style

    Will give this a go, been looking for a Pep style tactic
  7. Looking for a tactic for the 1k Goal challenge, I won’t be entering it or posting it, it’s for myself so that’s why I’m asking if anyone has a tactic that has worked for them for the challenge
  8. Chat Individual player training

    Thanks man
  9. Is it best just to put goalkeepers on goalkeeping training, defenders on defensive training, midfielders on general and attackers on attacking or should I use technical on some of them? What helps each position train better?
  10. What tactics did you use when kelechi scored 60
  11. Chat Team to manage

    Great suggestions thanks! Recreativo sounds like a challenge!
  12. Chat Team to manage

    Cheers man, already took Coventry to the Prem! And got York to league 1 but accidentally saved another save over it 🙄
  13. Chat Team to manage

    Can anyone suggest a team for me to manage looking for a challenge, maybe a team that used to be in the top divisions but has dropped down? Preferably not in England but suggest English teams as well if you want i can post updates with my team as well if anyone wants