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  1. Have not tried against other teams but used the tactics for Albania though. Beat Italy 2-0 and qualify for World Cup.
  2. To win a championship is foregone conclusion but to win consecutively in style is another thing altogether. On top of that, try having regen of Ronaldo, Messi & Forlan supported by exciting wingers... Try and let me know.. how it does for your team...
  3. Truly speechless when I saw the article.. Even in FM has such a ridiculous remark.. If only England is that strong after Brexit.. If only...
  4. Can try this players out... Cheap and 3 seasons later...
  5. Is the amt of goals scored as shown good for you?
  6. My favourite players to purchase whenever I play the game. Still training in progress...
  7. What's the training detail you used.. Care to share. Tq
  8. Some tactics used previously is definitely rendered useless with the latest update.. Made some adjustments to MARENOS 3-5-2 EME GOALS tactic and from what I've been seeing.. I guess I'll survive..
  9. I've tried this tactic of yours and fully maximize the potential of my team by making few changes namely: Pace - Slow Final Third - Thru Ball Results as you can see above..