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  1. nope I dont have any loaned players. Mostly this bug happens to reserve team players but sometimes first team players too. I
  2. First of all, my English is not very good so plz consider that I didn't use 'Assistant manager handles training' feature. Never. But every time I set training and few days pass in game, not all, but some players' focus attributes, intensity, position , etc are initialized I'm tired of set trainings again and again million times in one season plz help me... It's my biggest bug in this game
  3. I have a lot of wage budget, but my board puts a limit on wage.... I cannot renew any contract I’m gonna lose Grimaldo&Stegen as a free transfer I tried adjusting budgets, but it didn’t work.. wtf plz help me
  4. ShFmm

    Weird player match ratings

    one volante always get 6. even if he success 95% psses. fuck
  5. I think tempo should be slow if u wanna play like Guardiola’s barca, (only my opinion)
  6. ShFmm

    FMM18 Bug List

    1) If I once promote loan player in B-team, I cannot demote him back. It happened to my Vitinho. 2) ATM’s Diego Costa is available in start of the game. In reality, he can play after winter. 3) transfer/loan listed checkbox is not fixed. I listed some players but after few days... they become unchecked. I’m playing with Iphone6
  7. there’s no primary attacker or primary outlet in this version maybe bad news for 1000 goals challengers