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  1. Amir007

    Latest 4321 Tactic

    You do know last one was 4 weeks or so ago. How can it be annoying then. 😁 I just find video easier.
  2. Amir007


    Ohh thanx guys didnt no that either.
  3. He guys. What do you think of this tactic... 😎 Has been tested with small and big clubs.
  4. Amir007

    (EME) The Best fmm 2019 Tactic

    Let me know If you need help with anything.
  5. Deciding what team you take reins of is always a difficult decision, with various types of challenges to choose from. Some players like to take on a club with a massive budget and make a number superstar signings. While that is certainly entertaining for a while, there is nothing quite like taking on the challenge of moulding a smaller club in your image and bringing them to the top. What do you think?
  6. Dont know... Should work fine....
  7. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    Well to bad. Sorry If I have offended you.
  8. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    Hahaha. Well that went bad really fast. I thought we where having a civilized discussion.
  9. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    Hahahaha, you should know that even in real life. Once you create a great tactic. When playing you have to addapt. Only way tactic dont matter is when you have best players in every position.
  10. Amir007

    (EME) The Best fmm 2019 Tactic

    I will check later If its more fun.
  11. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    What If youre tactic doesn't work.
  12. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    It depends actually. When you have really good defenders it works.
  13. Amir007

    (EME) The Best fmm 2019 Tactic

    Why do you use ome and not eme
  14. Amir007

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    I play the same tactic all the games. Mostly After minute 60, if still not scored, i change to more attacking or change players around. But the changes depend on the a.I.