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  1. Keraviln

    [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

    Depends on many factors. Unfortunately life is a little hectic at the moment. I have done a little work on it, but not quite ready for release Oh ok, cheers Jay! Any editor is better than no editor for sure. Even in it's current state the SE has given me the most joy out of FMH15. Hopefully we'll see a full release but if not it's still great as it is
  2. Keraviln

    [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

    Just as an additional question (@Jay)- Is there any timeframe for when some of the issues with the Save Editor are addressed? (eg. Shooting attribute not loading correctly?). Or is it just going to stay in Alpha for good?
  3. Keraviln

    [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

    The formula is not clear now. what I can say is increase 10 in SE for 1 point in game in general speaking. Just as an extra note, think of the numbers as a multiplier and 0 as the base stat for that level of PA. If you want a low stat, its gonna be 255 or lower (down to like the 150s). If you want it to be a higher stat it'll be above 0 (up to around 80-90).
  4. Another thing to note is that (personally) I feel as though you have a higher chance of getting a job if you are successful either: 1) Using players of that nationality (so with Croatia, I'd assume you'd have used Rakitic & Halilovic at least) 2) Are successful in that league (eg. I played a save with PSG in 2013, got the French job when not of French nationality) And of course the bias to domestic managers (eg. Countries like Spain and Italy would almost always hire a manager of their nationality whilst a countries like Japan or Australia would be more than happy to take a world-class manager, even if they weren't of their nationality)
  5. Keraviln

    FMH 15 General Discussion

    The stats definitely look like Ronaldo's though. No way Nani would be that good
  6. Arco... the Play Store gives UNLIMITED redownloads of an app... The App Store gives 5 downloads of the game (when I last checked) Like Dec said, the game can be redownloaded AND, if it was in breach of copyright to transfer apps from say a Sony Xperia Z1 to a Sony Xperia Z3 why do they even have a service (made by Sony) which is specific for transferring apps, music, movies & data?
  7. Arco I transferred all my apps from my old phone to my new phone (Android phones) through some software provided by the company (Sony). I'd assume there would be other ways to do it for other android phones?
  8. Keraviln

    [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

    Jay, I think I've already said this, but there is an issue, all shooting stats show up as "0" in the save editor. Cheers.
  9. The data is useless without the app. Tony's question is how the app itself could be transferred to a new computer as it's no longer on his Play Store. Although if it's no longer on the Play Store I'd assume that SI would stop providing the game data so I guess that's another thing.
  10. @Billy: It's always been like that, after internationals (3-4 days afterwards), anyone who played just couldn't be used again. @DutchTony & Arco: Just saving the fmh_data file won't work- you'll still need to download the app itself from the Play Store. From what I know it is relatively easy to get apps that can get apk files from installed apps- HOWEVER- and this is important- there is an easier way. Most android carriers will have a function that allows you to transfer anything and everything to your new phone via a computer (copies settings/data/contacts etc.) Just do that and voila, the game is transferred.
  11. I want the detailed game, sure. And I understand that match will take longer than 3-4 minutes as on OME. But match on "decent proper game with detail" as you say should not be as long as full desktop version match (FM, 15 minutes per game I think), because: 1) The handheld version by definition is less detailed than desktop FM and oriented to be played on phone/iPad, I mean - I have no time to play with my phone 2 hours per day, like most of the users here. if I want FM I play FM, not FMH. 2) Anyway, SI can to remove some time wasting actions (IMO) - kick off (30 seconds), commentary between highlights (yellow cards, fouls that didn't lead to yellow cards etc.) should be according to the speed I've selected (and not slooooooow as usually), and the players running out from the pitch is not necessary at all I think... What we have currently: Highlights are too fast on even Medium speed, I can and analyze them properly only on slow -> which leads to increased match time. Up to 10 minutes. No, thanks :ph34r: I have to make it clear: both match engines are unacceptably buggy at the moment. The old engine has some bugs in it which SI haven't bothered to fix (goalkeepers?) and this year it seems a bit unbalanced as one tactical decision can affect the whole match, like it doesn't matter what team you are, if you pick right in the lottery you'll get a goal, if you pick wrong, you concede a goal, and whilst I think I'm reasonable at it it's a bit frustrating because the AI seems to change tactics every 2 seconds. The new engine is just a joke, it's slow, it's irritating to use (not responsive enough) and it's buggy (halftime tactical changes) and it's not balanced (InFs acting like Wingers & Defensive midfielders). Oleg, SI can't remove the waiting time, that is actually the time that your devices' CPU uses to process the freaking 'enhanced' engine's mechanics and it freaking redoes it every time you make a change. UK, I want a reasonably reasonable, realistic and fast game. I want bugs to be fixed (it looked like they were with v6.1, but as we've continued to play the bugs have become a heck of a lot more noticeable- sure it's not as bad as the original release but it's still bad) 2 minute games on one device, 5 minute games on another and 10 minutes on another, people have every right to complain and should continue to do it until the problems are fixed. Hear Hear Scott. Even though I'm not a fan of the new engine to begin with if something's in the game it should be fixed!
  12. The new match engine is buggy (which I've said since the start of the year)- the only way I can think of avoiding it is what I did when I tried it out, which is literally 1 change a game, and that being for 3 subs. Stupid, yes, but that's how the new engine is.