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  1. Yep as of the December 14 update, on Android though so unsure if it's Android-specific or something.
  2. Hey all, had a couple of questions: Just wondered if anyone has had any success getting their B-Teams promoted to playable leagues? I've played through 9 seasons as Barca manager, and even simulated through entire test seasons. I've got the 1st and 2nd tiers loaded for Spanish Football, with the Barca B team in the 3rd tier (the new one that's being created IRL after this year). Every year 2 teams are promoted from PRO A and 2 teams from PRO B to the 2nd Div, but it seems like there's some coding in the game that prevents B teams from coming up, including your own (there are a multitude of B-Teams that should technically be promoteable but I haven't seen a single one promoted, even with entire test seasons run; as this year it seems like the promotions from non-playable leagues is determined at the start of a season. (This is with B-Teams that are 2.5/3 star being passed over against 1.5/2 star "First" teams for promotion from a non-playable league). And also whether there's a reason why B-Team players will always have the "Needs improved facilities/Would benefit from access to better training facilities" and "Would benefit from playing more" tags on the training screen? The team has "State of the Art" facilities and the players have been playing for the B Team in scheduled league matches and still keep showing these tags, and aren't growing. In another save I loaned them to affiliate clubs and they showed good growth and became world-class players over time whereas being kept in the B-Team basically freezes their development no matter what is done despite them playing weekly. Attached images below showing players that have these "Negatives" despite playing & with appropriate facilities. Screenshots are for Season 2 after promoting them from Segunda Division via loading the league (ie. wasn't promoted from a non-playable league). I also noticed that pretty much every AI B-Team playing in the Segunda Division was relegated into the non-playable Tercera Division.
  3. This is like a PS. but at the start of the post; I've basically just put a bunch of experiences I've gotten from my Barca save so far to just kind of outline my experiences with the dynamics system and how to look after a squad. From my experience so far this year there are several ways to improve hidden attributes (which affect Team Dynamics). I have done a bit of testing to try to understand it better. - Criticise a player's performance - this can sometimes lead to increased workrate as well as morale, usually with a professional player (after a 6 or lower rated performance, if they are "Disappointed" - must be following them starting the match and make sure there's nothing such as "might use words of encouragement" or "but seems happy with..." ; those indicate the player will either be discouraged or won't care) - Criticising or praising training - this can sometimes lead to increased workrate, usually with a professional player - Young players (aged under 21) will passively gain professionalism if your squad has a good culture - Young players (aged under 21) once they max out their professionalism will gain work rate passively - For some reason when an AI manager (eg. Barcelona B's manager) dishes out formal warnings, the players can gain work rate, professionalism, determination and a host of things. I did a test season with Barca B active in the 3rd (soon to be 4th) tier of Spanish football, and every time a Barca B player dipped under a 5-rated performance, they were formally warned, and occasionally gained those attributes. I tried replicating it myself and they're usually muted or got irritated with negative effects. Basically what you should aim for (IMO) is to build up a strong team of older players with good professionalism and reasonable work-rate. Those are the two things you can see through the training screen as they are labelled as "Has a Professional Approach" and "Hard Working" when these attributes are high. High determination also helps. Then constantly criticising poor results for the players who can take it whilst praising training for all players when the player has a good temperament for it (ie. isn't complacent) also helps. It also seems like in this version of FMM growing a young player is really beneficial, a single year at an affiliate club where they appear a lot can boost their growth quite quickly whilst them sitting around a squad with good dynamics will turn them into a hard working professional (which basically makes everything else work). The images below show the messages I'm referring to (They will "become more professional under guidance of club's senior pros" first, then once they max out professionalism will start "working harder under guidance of club's senior pros". The "Professional Approach" positive will show up once a player has high professionalism. What should be noted is some players will just rebel against a culture and they're usually a lost cause (unless they're young, in which case sometimes loaning them out can help). Older players are usually set in their ways and as a result if they're not doing you any good, get rid of them (or create a really good team dynamic, in which case their unprofessionalism/poor attitude can be held in check by the rest of the squad). I had a "Disruptive Influence" on a regen, but once I fixed up the culture of the club that tag disappeared. The regen still takes absolutely no feedback well so I just avoid any interaction. I'm pretty sure he's a Ronaldo regen which is the only reason I've kept him so far. Below are images referenced for the longer-term examples. (I didn't think to screenshot the Barca B or the training/criticism improvements; but if you want to see them you can probably just load up a game as a Barcelona manager and either holiday for the Barca B things, assuming you load all the Spanish leagues in, or play a season as Barca manager to see what I mean in action). Also if a player doesn't like the culture, such as not liking the relaxed culture or not liking the stifling culture, they are usually totally okay with hanging around and it doesn't seem to affect them at all (I kept Dembele for his entire career even though he refused to learn Spanish and didn't like the culture at the club, and he still performed well for me).
  4. Depends on many factors. Unfortunately life is a little hectic at the moment. I have done a little work on it, but not quite ready for release Oh ok, cheers Jay! Any editor is better than no editor for sure. Even in it's current state the SE has given me the most joy out of FMH15. Hopefully we'll see a full release but if not it's still great as it is
  5. Just as an additional question (@Jay)- Is there any timeframe for when some of the issues with the Save Editor are addressed? (eg. Shooting attribute not loading correctly?). Or is it just going to stay in Alpha for good?
  6. The formula is not clear now. what I can say is increase 10 in SE for 1 point in game in general speaking. Just as an extra note, think of the numbers as a multiplier and 0 as the base stat for that level of PA. If you want a low stat, its gonna be 255 or lower (down to like the 150s). If you want it to be a higher stat it'll be above 0 (up to around 80-90).
  7. Another thing to note is that (personally) I feel as though you have a higher chance of getting a job if you are successful either: 1) Using players of that nationality (so with Croatia, I'd assume you'd have used Rakitic & Halilovic at least) 2) Are successful in that league (eg. I played a save with PSG in 2013, got the French job when not of French nationality) And of course the bias to domestic managers (eg. Countries like Spain and Italy would almost always hire a manager of their nationality whilst a countries like Japan or Australia would be more than happy to take a world-class manager, even if they weren't of their nationality)
  8. The stats definitely look like Ronaldo's though. No way Nani would be that good
  9. Arco... the Play Store gives UNLIMITED redownloads of an app... The App Store gives 5 downloads of the game (when I last checked) Like Dec said, the game can be redownloaded AND, if it was in breach of copyright to transfer apps from say a Sony Xperia Z1 to a Sony Xperia Z3 why do they even have a service (made by Sony) which is specific for transferring apps, music, movies & data?
  10. Arco I transferred all my apps from my old phone to my new phone (Android phones) through some software provided by the company (Sony). I'd assume there would be other ways to do it for other android phones?
  11. Jay, I think I've already said this, but there is an issue, all shooting stats show up as "0" in the save editor. Cheers.
  12. The data is useless without the app. Tony's question is how the app itself could be transferred to a new computer as it's no longer on his Play Store. Although if it's no longer on the Play Store I'd assume that SI would stop providing the game data so I guess that's another thing.