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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    None of the above winners made into the NACL either.... strange
  2. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    No mate the team was already knocked out the cup when i started my career with them.
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Can anyone tell me how i qualified for the North American Champions League? Is this a bug?
  4. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Im not sure if this is a bug or not but i have a career with NY red bulls in the MLS. My second team (NY red bulls II) who have there own manager play in the american 3rd division, but none of my players are getting any games playing in that team, im half way through my season and not one player has played a game. Where as other players in the MLS second teams are playing games. Is this normal? As i would like to keep an eye on the players perfomances in my 2nd team.
  5. Chat Update 9.1

  6. Chat Update 9.1

    Cant find it mate
  7. Chat Update 9.1

    Hi guys ive been of this for a while and i havent played the game in a while as i got bored of the mad/unrealistic score lines. Im just wondering how the new update is for you guys? How are yous finding it? Im missing my FMM fix and looking at starting a new career but would like to hear your feedback first.
  8. Chat Passing styles

    Thanks mate.
  9. Chat Passing styles

    Can someone explain direct passing? I have always thought it meant through balls and long passing but seeing as the game has another option for long passing in it, im not 100% sure of what direct passing is.
  10. Chat OME vs EME

    What do you guys play on and what are the reasons?
  11. Chat Game too easy?

    Theres just no in between haha
  12. Chat Game too easy?

    Mate the games is piss easy! There's no fun in that. Maybe they should introduce difficulties so that people who want an easy ride to 'complete challenges' and others who want to have a challenging career( like myself) are happy.
  13. Chat Game too easy?

    I probably dont spend as much time on here as you to have seen it being mentioned 'dozens of times' but i will start a new thread as i please as thats what this site is for, getting your point out there so developers can work on it. The more people that bring up a certain problem the more of a chance it will get fixed.
  14. Chat Game too easy?

    Does anyone feel its too easy? Ive mentioned before the amount of goals scored in matches is just madness, i thought FM17 was more of a challenge. Ive stopped playing FM18 for now, hoping they could make it a bit more challenging to win games. Apart from that it is a very good game. Surley im not the only one that thinks this lol. Thoughts?
  15. Chat Crazy amount of goals!

    Id it harder to score on OME? Ive stopped playing the game as its not fun seeing a 6-5 score line every few games.