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  1. Chat Game too easy?

    Theres just no in between haha
  2. Chat Game too easy?

    Mate the games is piss easy! There's no fun in that. Maybe they should introduce difficulties so that people who want an easy ride to 'complete challenges' and others who want to have a challenging career( like myself) are happy.
  3. Chat Game too easy?

    I probably dont spend as much time on here as you to have seen it being mentioned 'dozens of times' but i will start a new thread as i please as thats what this site is for, getting your point out there so developers can work on it. The more people that bring up a certain problem the more of a chance it will get fixed.
  4. Chat Game too easy?

    Does anyone feel its too easy? Ive mentioned before the amount of goals scored in matches is just madness, i thought FM17 was more of a challenge. Ive stopped playing FM18 for now, hoping they could make it a bit more challenging to win games. Apart from that it is a very good game. Surley im not the only one that thinks this lol. Thoughts?
  5. Chat Crazy amount of goals!

    Id it harder to score on OME? Ive stopped playing the game as its not fun seeing a 6-5 score line every few games.
  6. Chat Crazy amount of goals!

    What tactics do you play? I used a 4-4-2 balanced, sometimes attack depending on opposition.
  7. Anyone think this amount of goals is normal? Lol scored 94 in the leage, rest in the cups.
  8. Chat Update 9.0.3

    Im glad to see that the devolpers are updating the game and fixing bugs quite quickly. What bugs does this update fix?
  9. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I was really hoping they would fix the score lines. They have been doing a good job with update fixes so far, hope they fix this issue next.
  10. Help Update 9.0.2

    I am using enhanced match engine, 4-4-2 balanced.
  11. Help Update 9.0.2

    What exactly does this update fix? Can anyone tell me if it has fixed the ridiculous score lines?
  12. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Have you tried the 9.0.2 update?
  13. Help Update 9.0.1

    For example i went caley thistle, i had a player named dorans who scored 20+ goals and 15 assists. He got the highest average rating in the league at the end of the season and never got into the team of the year and lost out on player of the year to a striker who scored 8 goals in 20 games. That is just 1 example.
  14. Help Update 9.0.1

    Did the new update sort out the player of the season and team of the season bug? Can anyone help me, cheers. Also if you update the game, do you need to start a new career or can you continue your career with fixes
  15. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    The score lines are terrible! Hope they are working on this.