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  1. Another cracking season, Silva looks fantastic(especially those physicals).
  2. JohnyBravo

    Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)

    Sorry for the lack of updates, here are seasons 5 and 6. Teams performance: The players: TT: 794, 706 goals remaining should be done in 6 seasons TTA(completed): Roberto 72/51 Foden 261/162 Dembele 114/101 Roberto is 32 and is starting to decline, I will try to get him to 100 assists. Foden is doing great with 261 assists, being just 24. He should hit 500 before 30.
  3. Great start, 1k should be possible.
  4. Good luck in Newcastle, watch out for Zaza, He isn't known for converting penalties.
  5. JohnyBravo

    Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)

    Season 4: Ampadu and Under come in as backup players, Andersson appears to be Ibra's regen. Team's performance: Players: TT: Jesus and Guedes with their best seasons yet, Dembele's form suffered from injuries. Goals this season - 141 Goals total - 532 TTA: Roberto and Foden complete their goals, Dembele still has some work to do. Roberto 54/51 Foden 166/162 Dembele 75/102 Assists: 8 more goals, 3 less assists, still a great season from Foden, bringing his total to 166.
  6. JohnyBravo

    Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)

    He's doing well, but 1k is impossible, 600 would be great. His development is fantastic, very happy with my pick.
  7. JohnyBravo

    Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)

    Season 3 is done, I forgot to take a screenshot of transfers, only important one was Alaba replacing Alba. Teams performance: Finally good league performance, unfortunately CL didn't go that well. Triple threat: Assists challenge: TT assists: Summary: Good season overall, Foden had His best season yet and now has 121 assists after 3 seasons. Gabriel Jesus had a dip in form after an injury, but still delivered 58 goals. Results so far: TT: 391(+133) TTA: Roberto 37/51 Foden 121/162 Dembele 57/102 Assists: 121 Here comes nr 1 player in the world
  8. JohnyBravo

    Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)

    Thanks, It's an interesting challenge which i missed last year. He is a backup player.
  9. I wanted to go for an assists challenge, as my creator I picked a great talent from Manchester City, Phil Foden. In my tactic i wanted to play with 3 offensive players in front of him so adding triple threat into the mix seemed like an obvious choice. To round it up i went for triple threat assists challenge(https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41037-the-triple-threat-assist-challenge/). I'm 2 seasons in, and here are the results so far. Team's performance: Foden: Great first season, played slightly worse in the second, still I'm very happy with His performance. Triple threat: All three developed into top tier players, according to my training team Dembele and Guedes still have some room to improve. TT after 2 seasons: 258 Triple threat assists: Roberto: 23/51 Foden: 73/162 Dembele: 40/102 Bonus: Look at this monster, and he can be even better! Thanks for reading, next update should be tommorow.
  10. Vardy delivered big time, his score will be tough to beat,
  11. Well, You picked an easy career to start fm19. Great opening season, KIU!
  12. Great first season, Zlatan is a true legend!
  13. That's going to be a long journey, good luck.
  14. Great article, I agree that his attributes are underwhelming. Suprisingly his value is 86m, in line with top tier players.
  15. I disappeared in february transfer update, if you went with original one it worked normally.