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About JohnyBravo

  1. JohnyBravo

    iScout Joe Gomez

    The young defender from Liverpool is one of my favourite defenders since the winter transfer update. He really expensive, but if you can afford him go for it. In first two seasons he becomes an absolute tank, that's how he looks after 6 seasons of my PSG career.
  2. Sometimes the players, just won't recover after the injury. Is he on intensive fitness training? Fantastic career nontheless
  3. JohnyBravo

    Another day, another 1K [COMPLETED]

    Incredible results, he will finish the challenge before hitting 30.
  4. JohnyBravo

    VCD: Striker Poll

    At his peak he has godlike stats, 19-20 in shooting, technique, movement, decisions, pace and dribbling, with greens in few other attributes, What does he need to have, to be good enough for you, 20 aerial?
  5. LW Zivkovic ST Patrick Shick
  6. You know, Pellegri is 27 you can still go for the 1k . Fanstastic career, cheers.
  7. You're doing great, 3-4 seasons and it's done.
  8. Congratulations, impressive result.
  9. Nice score, what tactic did you use? Looks solid defensivly(conceded considerably less than I did in La Liga)
  10. JohnyBravo

    Bargain Wonderkids

    Well, the cheapest ones will be guys from SA(Barco, Vinicius, Arthur, Wendel), still you need at least 5m per each.
  11. JohnyBravo

    The Kings of the Carpathians Challenge

    Great challenge, there should be minus points for picking Bayern :D(Lewy and Alaba)
  12. To raise discipline you have to be a dick. Punish players for red cards, bad training.. And if they complain in press about game time just dismiss it.
  13. Cool challenge, regens allowed?
  14. JohnyBravo

    Claud Adjapong

    He is great player, I used him few times. Still, there is an obstacle, Henrichs for similar price but just better.
  15. JohnyBravo

    A variety of players

    Ajer's stats are pure fm porn, amazing player.