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  1. Small bonus, not worth iscout considering he was mvp of u21 euro and is regarded as Spain's future. Nontheless he suprised me with how good he is.
  2. Okay it's done. Team performance Second part of the league was much better, 66+96=162 Players Had some injuries at the beggining of the season, still 49 points is fine. Played him as SS and expected him to score more, instead he got 26 assits being the third for corners, 56 points Wooow, he was on set piece duty, but 66 goals is amazing, plus 25 assists giving 91 points Results: League 96 points, 66 gd - 162 points Isco 22 goals 27 assists- 49 points Asensio 30 goals 26 assists - 56 points Hazard 66 goals 25 assists - 91 points Overall 358 Until someone else completes I'm first Cool challenge, credits to Foxy!
  3. Career The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Wow, it was an incredible attempt, that injury was just unfair.
  4. Well, Asensio has phenomenal shooting for a midfielder, I wanted to use Hazard6in this version and Isco is a great player and is on the team from the start(i did consider De Bruyne instead)
  5. Career My first triple threat. OAP!

    Great start, it looks like they wont even hit their peak before you're done.
  6. This one season challenge picked my attention, so i decided to give it a try. I've decided to go an easy route and pick Real Madrit. Transfers Out Strikers leaving, Casilla in a package deal for De Gea, Casemiro said he wanted to leave and everyone hated him. The players: I forgotten to take a screenshot at the beggining of the season, so the ones from february will have to be enough Mid season table I will post the results later today.
  7. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    If I'm not mistaken, regens aren't allowed
  8. iScout Harry Winks

    There some players who seemingly always "want new challenge", Winks is one of them. Still a good player.
  9. iScout Gabriel Barbosa

    I started a 1kc in Benfica with Pellegri, and look how well Gabigol developed, 1,5 year of IT, without major injuries, his atributes are godlike.
  10. Career The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge

    Don't know why he is developing so slowly, still 25 goals per league season is fine.
  11. Career The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge

    Here we go, this season went much better. First the transfers: Digne was transfer listed, solid backup for 10m Tah also was transfer listed, potential successor to Bonucci Perhaps 52m for Anderson was a bit, too much, but i wanted to add versatile player up front Italian Cup League Juve dropped a ball this season, still under 100pts, but we are getting there UCL I guess they were the better team... Players Some highlights So after 2 seasons 1 Serie A 1 Cup Justin Kluivert 51/90 Serie A goals
  12. Chat Germany

    Well, at least german players are always fresh after international breaks.
  13. Great results, but as Sam pointed, Rashord migth struggle to reach 1k. Is he on penalty/freekick duty?
  14. Career The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge

    Well, first season didn't go to well. Got screwed by fm out of Italian Cup, and messed the end of a league sesaon. At least Kluivert's performance can be treated as a silver lining. Italian Cup: League table: Van Ginkel: Bazoer: Kluivert Well... the trio is developing well, and Kluivert is banging Serie A goals, unfortunatelly no trophies. Still 5 seasons to go, so I'm full of hope. Striker Serie A goals 26/37 Trophies edit: goretzka coming for free, with his help 18/19 season is mine