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    AS Monaco Football Club SA
  1. you mean the mentality or the tactics shape?
  2. desmon111

    433 unbeaten tactic

    why my inside forward does not score goals?even i put him at different preferred foot
  3. desmon111

    Jurgen Klopp Madness ? Tactic

    you using this tactics?
  4. Are you on the latest version?
  5. desmon111

    Attack - 4123 - Free Scoring - EME

    work for latest version?
  6. work for latest version?
  7. desmon111

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    Wow!!! Thanks mate it helps me a lot!!!
  8. desmon111

    inside forward

    in my tactics 4-2-3-1, i have two inside forward but at least one will cut inside and the other inside forward just stay out?why?
  9. desmon111

    inside forward

    so i will just put my inside forward to left if his preferred foot is right?
  10. desmon111

    inside forward

    can you give me a tactics that makes inside forward score goals?
  11. desmon111

    inside forward

    my inside forward does not cut inside
  12. desmon111

    inside forward

    can you show me the goals?
  13. how to make inside forward score more goals?
  14. desmon111

    Transfer window update

    Still don't have in malaysia