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  1. I am currently managing Real Madrid and my team is playing exceptionally well with amazing results, however I notice that a lot of players have okay morale and some have poor however there is no issue on there personal page, any ideas?
  2. Wow very nice tactic again my friend , at I ask for your transfers in and out? I always get rid of Isco and benzema just want to see for this formation what transfers you made? Thankyou in advance
  3. Thankyou @FuddledFox I’ll give this a try.
  4. Has anybody found a good intensive training system yet? I can’t seem to perfect a system just yet any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  5. I think im the only one who understood his comment....if you pla his formation you outwork the opposition because you have 2 more players ?
  6. This says unbeaten god tactic....?you are 12th in the league and lost 12 games? ?
  7. May I ask you to pm me your current tactics...I’m struggling with a successful underdog tactic and want to see where I’m going wrong...thanks in advance
  8. I have tried this tactic with my Arsenal team..no signings and so far 6/6 from the league scoring 16 conceding 0, however my 3 cbs have an average rating of 6.5 each, even though they have kept 6 consecutive clean sheets ? Also my GK is 6.76 rating, have you found the same problems?
  9. Anybody else noticed this since the update? PSG and Real Madrid now start with 70 mil , it's almost been halved ?
  10. Below are the starting transfer budgets and also the wage budgets for all the top teams in Europe.....for now it's the English premier league and serie A , the rest will be uploaded shortly....I apologise for the basic outlay but it's my first post ? English premier league ⚽️ Arsenal - £57.91M / £2.9M p/w Bournemouth - £26.38M / £1.1M p/w Brighton - £22.1M / £840k p/w Burnley - £14.4M / £938k p/w Chelsea - £153M / £4.8M p/w Crystal Palace - £26.9M / £1.2M p/w Everton - £36M / £1.9M p/w Huddersfield - £17M / £801k p/w Leicester - £28.7M / £1.7M p/w Liverpool - £58.9M / £3M p/w Manchester City - £153M / £5.2M p/w Manchester Utd - £131M / £4.6M p/w Newcastle Utd - £42.8M / £1.7M p/w Southampton - £28.3M / £1.7M p/w Stoke - £27.5M / £1.2M p/w Swansea - £27.2M / £1.2M p/w Tottenham - £57M / £2.3M p/w Watford - £26.7M / £1.1M p/w West Brom - £27.2M / £1.2M p/w West Ham - £42.8M / £2M p/w Serie A ⚽️ AC Milan - £36.7M / £2.3M p/w Atlanta - £12.4M / £642k p/w Benevento - £3.9M / £226k p/w Bologna - £11.3M / £508k p/w Cagliari - £4.2M / £512k p/w Chievo - £11.3M / £380k p/w Crotone - £3.9M / £251k p/w Fiorentina - £13.7M / £950k p/w Genoa - £12.2M / £596k p/w Inter - £32.5M / £2.27M p/w Juventus - £87.1M / £3.4M p/w Lazio - £17.7M / £1.17M p/w Napoli - £27.9M / £1.8M p/w Roma - £22M / £1.6M p/w Sampdoria - £12.4M / £642k p/w Sassuolo - £12.2M / £596k p/w Spal - £3.9M / £237k p/w Torino - £13.15M / £666k p/w Udinese - £11.9M / £585k p/w Verona - £3.9M / £352k p/w
  11. Not sure if anyone else is getting this but when I bid for Marquinhos or belotti the AI always counters with a huge offer....I bid £25,000,000 for Marquinhos but Chelsea agreed to pay £93,000,000!!! Even in today's current market that is crazy!!
  12. This is by far the most consistent tactic I have used so far, I am currently trialling it with Middlesbrough , my boyhood team, I have changed the AP to a SS to increase the pressure on the opponents defense and it is creating another 4/5 average shots per game, I understand the Os a SS probably wouldn't work in the vanarama league but thanks for the tactic man
  13. Has anybody started on of these yet for this years version? If so let me know as if nobody else has then I will start one this evening, new to the forum some great advice, tips and strategys on here ?