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  1. I started career with Aberdeen and se have Belgian midfielder (Ojo) who refuses to learn English after spending few years in UK. These languages does not necessarily reflect or count players’ history. And I’d believe every player from Belgium would have good English.
  2. Hopefully this is just a coincidence! My first 5 games followed similar pattern: Concede 1-3 goals in first 20 minutes. In second half scoring 2-3 in short period time (AI tactics changed to defensive perharps) and ended up losing with 2-4, 3-4 etc. Opposition scoring loads of goals from nearly every shot at the start and final 30min crazy comeback coming up just short.
  3. At first I tried these ready-made tactics, but my assistant kept choosing my formation and players. This would be decent if the formation would suite my playing staff. This meant that players were played outside their natural (or even competent) positions. Managing in Conference National so squad is relatively small though. Will try with better squads later.
  4. I’m getting butchered in very high scoring games. I remembering that this was a problem with FMM 2020 at the start also? AI scoring with almost every shot on target. I’m Or maybe it’s that I’m managing in English Conference 😂 I’m hoping that difficulty have been increased even slightly and taking over new club and renewed tactics are causing my bad run with relegation contenders (Mighty Kings Lynn Town). 5 games - 5 losses with 11 - 18 Goal difference. Not something that I’ve endured previously! So far looks good with great additional features. Database seems larger and there are a lot of smaller additions to game. Zonal/Man marketing is great to have.
  5. 4-4-2 with either 2 IF or wingers, depending on your squad. 2 CM's, AP (passing, decisions, creativity and movement) and B2B (Defensive player with stamina). 2 FB's (half-decent dribbling and crossing enough) and 1 CB and 1 BPCB. Mixed passing with overlap with wingers or Early crosses and Run with ball with IF. Strikers with good TM and a quick and good shooting poacher. Works every time with frequent trashings. Best results are for me 134 goals in EPL and 4 seasons and running without league defeat and 166 goals in L2 (playing with mighty King's Lynn with only-english team with smallest wage budget. Adam Marriott scored 56 in 35 games in L2 after starting in Conference North). Tactic is perhaps boring because works too well. Yes, we do need some challenge to mobile version. Normal or hard difficulty, how hard would it be installed, seriously?
  6. I suppose this is common problem. Save after save reserve teams results are dire. No matter how good reserve team is or how many first team players you demote to play they are being trashed easily by inferior greyed-out reserve teams. Is this something that does not have any solution, or anyone figured out how to make them play properly? Hopefully SI will offer more hands-on controlling for reserve in FMM2021
  7. As some people have pointed out some key bugs would be nice to squashed out sooner rather than later: -Managerial appointments are strange and unrealistic. I have Eng, Spa, Ger and Sco leagues loaded and managers doesn't seem to have any restriction on what country they get jobs. Eng leagues swarmed with Spaniard managers after 2 seasons and english ones in germany 2nd and 3rd tiers. -Coaching looks good and seem like a step into right direction, but isn't just working as many have pointed out -It is WAY too easy to get free transfer (both english and foreigner) signing which are "unrealisticly good for your team" - Even after offering less money than other bigger stature clubs are! Also, top clubs drops out wonderkids which aren't receiving any attentions from anywhere. -Lower league clubs are paying whole wages of loanees as a default. Breaks club finances
  8. Loanees wages are being paid in full. Tried few lower league clubs and first thing was to release couple loanees because their wages were hogging half of wage budget! A bit unrealistic, maybe? At the same time you get free ones. If I'd like to keep squad as in real life, this is a bit annoyin (Bug).
  9. Regens does seem to have some kind of low stamina bug. I have one game at 2025 and half of the regens coming to game have relatively low stamina. Maybe its the youths nowadays passive way of life... But I must say stamina seems to be only half of the story. I use one of my players as a example. Dutch wonderkid from Ipswich, age 17. He had persistent 1-2 stamina but often were able to play whole match as CF, T, AF or poacher. Maybe they still have Natural fitness as a good stat? Isn't it still there, not as a visible though?
  10. Well, that escalated quickly. I’m currently taking Millwall to Prem with zero signings and ultra defensive tactics (for not getting 6 goals a game), so I’d say something is wrong here. It should be simulation, or am I wrong? Artificial hard mode... I want a hardcore mode! ?
  11. We’re not that bad! Oh wait, we are ? This fella is considered as a future promise in real life but, boy, is he bad in FM! Yours, Finnish guy
  12. As good as FMM18 is content-wise, it’s disappointingly buggy. But we have probably the best set of devs here so I’m certain they will eliminate bugs eventually. For me high-scoring games is a real annoyance and penalties are like 1 out of 4 to get in.
  13. Does others have problem with scouting recommendations? I mean, why they are scouting so many goalkeepers and 31+ year olds (with fees!). 3/4 of reports are either GK’s or veterans with going to their last season. This have been problem with 3 saves now. I’m thinking about how difficult is to implement some sort of filter to scouts what or what not to scout. Like no 30+ or don’t try to find any GK’s?
  14. IT's definately a bug. Scorelines are ridiculous no matter what tactical approach is taken. AI generated scores seems to be doing fine, but match engine is being the problem here it seems. I thought tactical changes doesn't change matches, outcomes much. Or that's how I have felt it
  15. Im also here to address issue with way too many goals scored. Scorelines are unrealistic! Also, it seems like doesnt matter what tactics you're using, even using ultra-defensive/attacking is getting goal scored at both ends. Tactical revamp looks very good, but I've got some doubts about its effects. Like "Great works lads, we're up 3-0 at home. Now kill the game with defensive look and bring out good fight for second half!" type of situations doesn't matter when other (even a lot weaker side) getting clear cut chances and sadly, a couple goals, But even though using defensive tactics, suddenly were on all-out attacks and game ends like 6-4. AFC Telford - 20 games 63 GF - 27 GA PSV - 18 games 55 GF - 24 GA Also, PSV's 2nd team, Jupiler League's Jong PSV, is getting my players exhausted way more than in parent club. Its frustrating to see young lads getting fitness down to 50-75% regularly. Is it a bug?