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  1. Synthespian

    FMM19 Bug List

    Well, if it's anything like what I've seen you just offer them a new contract and the sell on clause vanishes!
  2. Synthespian

    FMM19 Bug List

    Silly question, but are there fixed % chances for the positions of the youth players you get at the beginning of the new season? I've got to it, and I wanted to see the sort of players you could get so after saving one, I began re-running the season start again and again. There seems to be an incredibly high % of goalkeepers (I now have 8 in my reserve team because of previous seasons and this one) both generally, and in the % of the one rather amazing player you occasionally get. I'm absolutely not saying I want a superstar or two every year in different positions each time but it does look as if the ratios for the position or skewed, or it's saying that Newcastle are pre-disposed to getting keepers (e.g. with Freddie Woodman being the key player coming through now)
  3. Synthespian

    The Dark Rogue Returns

    Hilarious. Love the idea of this. I think the AI is a bit skewed for conceding goals, so this could take a LONG time but fun to watch.
  4. Synthespian

    game editor

    If anyone has bought the editor for FMM19 and wants to help me with a bit of hex work to help others, please get in touch. I'll give you some specific tests to do and two sets of files to send me. It will allow me to do the necessary analysis on the hex to work out what to put into a hex guide.
  5. Looks so similar to last few versions. Appreciate it's a mobile / tablet game, but still just a bit down on that. Also ... miffed of the three different products. I wonder if there'll be a specific offer to buy all three (as I have all three).
  6. Synthespian

    FMH 2014 Save Editor [BETA] Sign Up

    Device/Devices: Samsung S4 Own legally FMH 2014: Yes Own a (working) PC: Yes PC's resolution: 1920x1200 Familiar with file transfer between device and PC (USB, AirDroid etc): Yes Location (e.g country of residence): UK Good grasp of the English Language (it doesn't need to be your first, you need to be able to communicate clearly): Somewhat How often you play FMH 2014: Daily How much time you'll be able to commit: An Hour + State any past experience in testing/modding/editing: Pre-Game Editior, day-to-day worklife, Mind Compression Save Game Any experience with bugtracking software (bugzilla, mantisBT, Trac etc): Yes, numerous
  7. Synthespian

    [Release] FMH 2014 Pre Editor v5.03.03

    :wacko: :blush: I try to edit club Boston Utd in england then englandsolo database, everything is fine. But when I use your tool to load these edited database again, these are no data apear....I don't know why?????? What sort of game are you trying to start when you open up the game?
  8. Synthespian

    [Release] FMH 2014 Pre Editor v5.03.03

    And it's not going to be hard to spot. Gents ... I can imagine that my eyes have probably missed something, so if you do find anything make sure you try and detail the recreation steps of what happened. Oh ... and BACKUP YOUR DATA before you start. It may seem obvious but if you make a copy of your FMH database files before you use this then you can quickly reset them, which will be much easier than re-downloading the app again.
  9. Synthespian

    Save Editor for FMH 14?

    I thought it was said with a smile actually. Pre-Editor, eh! Show-off!
  10. Synthespian

    Project Oxygen [Android] Sign Up

    If you still need help: Have a Android Device - Yes (Samsung S4, soon tablet) Own FMH 2014 - Yes Own a (working) PC.- Yes, Win7 64bit, i5, 24" monitor (which I loooerve!) Familiar with file transfer between device and PC (USB, AirDroid etc) - Yes, and I've got the cable to prove it Location (e.g country of residence) - London, UK Good grasp of the English Language (it doesn't need to be your first, you need to be able to communicate clearly) - Yes How often you play FMH 2014 - Daily How much time you'll be able to commit - A goodly amount of time. 1hr a day+ State any past experience in testing/modding/editing - Real life job is as a Product Manager, so I already look after a whole development lifecycle plan, testing, etc. Happy to help out in that capacity as well.
  11. Synthespian

    FMH 2014 SE - Save Request

    Something different for the weekend. Ran an Australian League (didn't sign up to a club as a manager for speed) and ran through two seasons.
  12. Synthespian

    FMH 2014 General Discussion

    Well ... I'm a few days into my gameplay, and I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed. Apart from the ability to load multiple leagues, and a new GUI, I'm struggling to see what's actually new. What's your standout new feature for 2014 then?
  13. Synthespian

    Save Editor for FMH 14?

    I finally took the plunge and got the latest version and will offer any help I can again.
  14. reload the backup and check if that works. Then ... recreate the edits you did. If you cant get it to load post the exact changes you made. (hopefully just one or two)
  15. Love the changes to the view. Sent you a pm.