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  1. Well that was quick. Awesome job, mate!
  2. Interesting read. Here's hoping that your transfer ins aren't the usual suspects of Goretzka, german defenders, brazilian attackers and whatnot.
  3. Can't all be winners and it's always interesting reading about your (people in general) struggles as well. Great challenge this!
  4. Wow, I’m honored! Quite new here myself but glad to add to the member count. Kean was indeed spectacular. Still going strong at 30. See evidence below, and that’s with him recuperating from an injury as well. Thanks a million buds, you and Bati’s been with me from the start. Really appreciate your comments throughout. Thanks a lot mate! Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. It's done! Put this beautiful name on the leaderboard @danovic78
  6. Challenge re-cap With a trophy cabinet filled with all the required titles and while I decide what I’m going to do next, I wanted to give you a re-cap on what’s been going on during these initial 13 years. Setting out as your average nobody, with neither badges or reputation to talk about, our hero – the self-proclaimed magician – has managed to scrape together 44 titles over the years across five different teams. Not a bad haul that. If you look closely, you’ll see a Copa America win in there as well which was secured during a short stint with Argentina. I only managed them for about six months though and as it didn’t fit the story I resigned and forgot to mention it. Here’s a year-by-year re-cap as well, with graphics courtesy of MS Excel. Dark grey means that we didn't participate in the competition under my management, and as you see, some seasons were split between multiple teams. It’s been quite a ride I must say, and it is also my longest-running career with any FM. It’s been interesting travelling across five different teams as they’ve all presented different challenges. Another interesting, but also sometimes limiting, aspect has been the tactics and being forced to play with three at the back. The only time I allowed myself to deviate from the rule was when goal-hunting in game, where we often replaced one of the defenders with a striker, and moved some other pieces around as well depending on opposition weaknesses. Manager profile: Moving teams and looking for quick turnarounds meant that the domestic player bias trait took a hit and it’s been a solid 1 for most of the challenge, before slowly creeping upwards now with Torino. Besides that we have greens across the board, with fancy 20s in everything except for Discipline. Spending-wise, we very close to break-even, which I’m also quite satisfied with. I’m less impressed by the FMM ranking system as I was never able to move above 4th place in the manager rankings and now, fresh off our latest treble season, we are somehow down to 7th. Team Season Records: - Highest point total: 112 points (37 wins, 1 draw), Valencia 21/22 - Most goals scored: 114 goals, Valencia 22/23 - Least goals conceded: 10 goals, Valencia 21/22 and 22/23 Individual player records and Manager's Best XI: This is what we got according to FM. A pretty good selection actually. Glad to see players from each team represented as well. Too bad we couldn’t get our three-man defense in there but what to do. I also created my own preferred XI, which excludes regens. Basically, players I recommend anyone to try out. I tried to be strict in putting players at their correct positions, with Berardi the only exception although he did spend some time at wingback for me in my final season. It’s a bit heavy on Valencia and light on the Italian teams but that’s only natural as we became more dependent on regens as years went by. Player Records: Goals (season): 1st: M. Kean, 59 (from 48 games); 2nd: A. Maran, 57; 3rd: G. Martins, 48 Assists (season): 1st: R. da Silva, 31 (from 42 games); 2nd: D. Berardi, 23; 3rd: A.H.O. Silva, 22 Total goals scored: 1st: A. Maran, 155 in 3.5 seasons; 2nd: P. Cutrone, 84 in 2 seasons, 3rd: M. Kean, 83 in 1.5 seasons INTERNATIONAL HONORS Nothing too crazy on the International scene, although Ivory Coast’s silver in the 2022 World Cup was certainly a bit surprising. Going back to the 2014 World Cup, Argentina made it to the final in three out of four tournaments, without being able to grab that elusive third title. By winning the 2030 World Cup, Italy kept their 24-year-cycle alive having now won 1982, 2006 and 2030. World Cup winners (and runner-up): 2018: Spain (Argentina) 2022: Spain (Ivory Coast) 2026: France (Argentina) 2030: Italy (Portugal) European Cup winners (and runner-up): 2020: Germany (Spain 2024: Holland (Germany) 2028: Germany (Portugal) Current World rankings: Interesting to see Egypt and Algeria in the Top-5 while South Korea and Tunisia are 9th and 10th. At the other end, Spain is 13th, England 27th, Belgium 29th and Ireland 101st. CLUB HONORS Nothing too controversial here either. The Champions League trophy has been passed around quite a bit, the only trend being that any team managed by a certain Italian appears to have an advantage. Glad to see that Sevilla has been able to keep up their performance in Spain and win another three titles since my departure. Rennes on the other hand has been the runner-up six times without winning. PSG expectedly the dominant force in France with eight titles, Chelsea with an even firmer grasp of the Premier Leauge, winning nine(!) titles on the trot. Champions League winners: 2 titles: R. Madrid (17/18, 20/21), Valencia (21/22, 22/23), Sevilla (24/25, 25/26), Palermo (26/27, 27/28) 1 title: PSG (18/19), Rennes (19/20), Chelsea (23/24), B. Munich (28/29), Torino (29/30) National titles: Ligue 1: PSG (8 titles), Rennes (3), Marseille, Nice La Liga: Sevilla (5), Barcelona (4), Valencia (2), R. Madrid (2) Serie A: Juventus (3), Milan (3), Palermo (3), Inter, Roma, Napoli, Torino Premier League: Chelsea (9), Man Utd (2), Arsenal, Liverpool Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of you who have read, followed and commented! I will probably keep the save rolling and create an all-Italian Grande Torino and see if I can get Maran to 1k goals but the official challenge ends here. If there's anything else you like to know or see, just give me a shout.
  7. Season 13: 2029/2030 Torino FC We have reached our likely final season, as the league is usually the easiest trophy of the season. A key advantage for me throughout this challenge is the 5-2-3 tactic being so successful against the bigger teams, often giving us a 6-point advantage in the head-to-head against our main competitors. Looking back on our performance, several of our biggest wins have been against supposedly superior competition while we've sometimes struggled against lesser teams sitting deep and/or playing direct, especially with the defensive 4-5-1 or straight 4-3-3 formations. I think a key factor in this is the aggressive mentality, with intense pressing and a high defensive line. If the opposition pushes too many players forward and/or tries to play fancy, chances are high that we’ll intercept and hit them on the counter. However, if they play direct, they are more likely to occasionally catch our wingbacks and midfielders out of position, and create 3 vs. 3 situations against a deserted back three. I haven’t found a way to properly counter this, without micro-managing the team game by game which is not something I’m interested in doing. Most of the time, the defensive three are able to fend for themselves either way. Transfers I wanted to bring more Italian players into the squad, and who better than to bring along an old acquaintance? Wonderkid striker Alan Maran wasn’t getting the playing time he deserved after my departure last year and I couldn’t stand to see all that potential wasted. €50M and a player exchange later, we reunite with our old protege. We also picked up Palermo's talented backup keeper Alessandro Licastro to be our starter, which cost us €75M plus Krapikas. This is actually our third stint together, and the Italian has come a long way since I first picked him up with Sevilla for just €675k and then again with Palermo for €18M as backup for Costa Rican Duarte. A beautiful profile that, perfect for the sweeper keeper role. Those were by far the biggest transfers of the off season, but we also added a talented winger (Stefano Scavone – watch that kid), a central midfielder as well as promoting two nice-looking prospects from our youth ranks which all held Italian passports, With those moves, I have now quadrupled my “Domestic player bias” to a whopping 4. Easy does it... Serie A We start with the most important competition to find out if we were able to avenge last year’s downfall and bring home that eight scudetto to Torino. We soon realized that it wouldn't come easy. Despite winning 16 of our first 18 fixtures, we were just four points ahead of Palermo at the turn of the year. The Sicilians continued their impressive title charge and kept their form throughout the season, ending up with 95 points on the year. Alas (for them), it wasn’t enough as we did even better, collecting 104 points and was able to secure the title with two games to spare. That’s the final piece to our puzzle and the Helenio Herrera challenge in the bag. But we still have a Coppa Italia and European adventure to account for as well. Champions League and Coppa Italia This time, I’ll be brief. Thanks to some good luck with the draws, we coasted through both cups, beating inferior competitors Chievo (Agg. 6-1) and Liverpool (Agg. 7-2) in the respective semis to make it into the finals. A hatter and a brace from Maran in the respective final, both of which were basically won by half time. Player stats Rodrygo da Silva continues to do the business with an excellent 55 points season. Maran adds another twenty to make it 75 points. Youngsters Pereyra, Giacomelli and Scavone with impressive debut seasons as well. Challenge status: France: Done Spain: Done Italy: Done Serie A: Done (3/3) Coppa Italia: Done (1/1) Champions League: Done (2/2) FIFA World Club Cup: Done (2/2) That's it folks, we've made it! We struggled a bit initially as we had some trouble making it out of France but ever since, we've been knocking down the trophies like nobody's business. I'll be back with a proper re-cap shortly to summarize this adventure.
  8. Well done - first name on the leaderboard!
  9. Liking the all-Italian setup, and good start with a bunch of kids. Best of luck!
  10. I like your style with the update. Tough luck with the injury but you'll get it on your second go.
  11. @NucleusNT, @BatiGoal: Thanks gents! Crazy ending to that season for sure and halfway through Season 13 looks like it could be more evenly contested than I first thought as well. Palermo with a blinder of a season so far.
  12. Season 12: 2028/2029 Torino FC – Part 2 Forget about what I said about just breezing through the remainder of the season. This became an absolute nail biter and with just two games to play, the league looked like this after an amazing turnaround by this new squad. The run-in was anything but easy though, as we would have to face Napoli at their place before hosting Roma in the last game of the season. But before we head into these fixtures, let's do a brief recap of how this situation came to be. After all, in the last update we were 13th and 20 points off first place. Transfers Our key goals for the transfer window was finding a new keeper, a versatile wingback capable of playing both sides and an attacking focal point to replace the departing Canteros, who was offloaded to Real Madrid for the tidy sum of €85M. Well chuffed with that, even though the greedy Board member kept a large chunk of it. Villanueva and Vitiello were both purchased by previous management. Rodrygo da Silva was the big money purchase. Titas Krapikas: We get our keeper in 30-year-old Lithuanian Krapikas, arriving from Chievo for a tidy €6M. Unspectacular but solid which is just what we need. Frenchman Boubacar Kamara joins us from Guingamp for €14M. Aged 29, he looks ready to become a centerpiece in this Wall of Meat version… 5.0 as he possesses all the necessary defensive qualities as well as a decent set of feet. Emerson Santos (not in the picture): There weren’t exactly an abundance of wingbacks that fitted our job profile and even fewer that were willing to join us but we finally found our man in Brazilian 19-year-old Emerson Santos, available for just €4M Finally, the belle of the ball, another Brazilian in 24-year-old Rodrygo da Silva. Joining us from BMG on a €55M price tag. He’ll man the inside striker position and should create havoc with his fields of green. He comes with a sidekick as well, 16-year-old Levir Rodrigues Moura da Silva (that name…) who's basically a younger and slightly lesser version of Rodrygo but give him a couple of years and he might even supersede him. Serie A Back to the league again. We kicked off with two straight wins, experienced a brief hiccup in a 2-0 loss at Roma, and then went on to win 10 straight, some of which were quite impressive. Palermo on the other hand, suffered quite a bit without their former coach, at least initially. After 30 games, we had manage to shrink Juventus advantage to 7 points. Between us were also Palermo, Inter and Milan, with Roma trailing us by three. With another three rounds played, it was Palermo on top, and we only had a 3-point-gap to first. With 36 out of the 38 rounds played, as seen at the beginning of this post, Torino topped the charts on 75 points, two up on Juventus, Palermo and Inter in what had the makings of the title fight of the century. But by now, we had faith in our own hands. Win out and we're champions. Just two games left. Gameweek 37: Away to Napoli. This fucking game. We squander a two goal lead, manages to come back on top just to crap the bed and let another one past us in the 85th. As our competitors won, the following situation emerged, which as far as I can remember is the craziest I've ever experienced with FM. A four-way tie to decide the title. In the Serie A, the first tiebreaker are head-to head results. In a four-way-battle we held the advantage on the other three, and in all situations we would be ahead of Juventus and Inter. However, Palermo had us beat on goal difference in the head-to-head, and would also win a three-way-tie that included Juventus but not Inter. So the first thing we needed was a win at home to Roma, and then hope that the other results didn't screw us. The deciding match-ups were: Torino vs. Roma Juventus vs. Milan Lazio vs. Inter Sassuolo vs. Palermo Gameweek 38: Home against Roma. The referee blew the whistle and the game started off in a frantic tempo. With just 8 minutes played, the referee decided to take center stage by awarding Roma a penalty. Lucky for us, Krapikas had his big-boy pants on and saved it. Half an hour into the game, we weren't so lucky as 1kc specialist Alexander Isak headed home a corner; 0-1. We weren't playing badly though so I decided to stick to my guns and just minutes before halftime Rodrygo da Silva slotted home the equaliser; 1-1. At halftime, I reviewed the other scores, just to see that neither of the four teams had managed to grab a lead. Inter being down to Lazio did however change the preliminary standings as Palermo moved ahead of us. Okay, all to play for still. First order was to overcome the giallorossi. A brace from Rodrygo da Silva in the second half made sure of that, putting us up 3-1, which stood until the final whistle. Now all we could do was for the final scores from the other games. Absolute HEART. BREAK. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. With both Juventus and Inter dropping points, all our hope was left in the hands of Sassuolo who couldn't withstand the bombardment from our Sicilian friends conceding twice and then scoring a late consolation goal. To be frank, my emotions for the loss was a bit mixed. First, I never expected us to be in this situation so it felt like we were playing with house money anyway and it would feel a bit too sudden to have the challenge end so abruptly after just 6 months in Torino. Lastly, I couldn't have lost the league to a better team and I am glad that Palermo was able to come back after that horrific run at the turn of the year. Other things of note Nothing much. Sevilla won the Spanish League and I forgot to take a proper picture of the Serie A table. Rodrygo da Silva turned out to be a true gem for us, scoring 18 goals and 10 assists in the 20 games he took part in. Challenge status: France: Done Spain: Done Italy: Serie A: 2 out of 3 Coppa Italia: Done (1/1) Champions League: Done (2/2) FIFA World Club Cup: Done (2/2) For next year, which should be my final of this challenge (even though I'll probably continue the save outside of this thread), I've decided to try and take a more nationalistic approach to team building by prioritizing Italian players in my pursuit of creating a 2.0 version of Grande Torino.
  13. @Kingsolop: Thanks buddy! @BatiGoal: I'm similar as well, although I haven't gone to the same lengths as you It really helps with the immersion and one of the fun parts of this challenge for me has been reading up on Herrera and try to mirror his tactics and mentality. It's been a blast! Proper update coming in a matter of seconds. It's a good one!
  14. Of course. No one's passing any judgement I would hope.
  15. Almost never as I usually manage quite large squads and need to fit both impact players and rotators on the bench. Still to experience an in-game injury to a keeper in the latest two versions of FMM, so fingers crossed it'll continue.