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  1. I wanted to put my fmm19 in Dutch (I'm from Belgium btw), but it seems that is not a possible language unless I looked over it . Differences I think there are by looking at both images: Top menu with "attack" and "defence" has no difference I think. Bottom menu that has an extra button that says "Weergave"... my best guess it will be translated as "View". Different kinds of view or so
  2. Titjes

    Hi, I'm Rob

    Welcome to Vibe Rob
  3. Titjes

    Hi, I'm Kun Aguero

    Welcome back
  4. This was one hell of a career to read mate Absolutely fantastic work, big congrats to you
  5. Titjes

    The Gambling Man

    Damn, so close with ☆. 50£ on red if you still make it
  6. Titjes

    The Gambling Man

    50£ on ☆ Loving the concept @BatiGoal
  7. Titjes

    The Race to 100 Challenge

    You are hoping for to much
  8. Titjes

    The Race to 100 Challenge

    Jep, that glitch still works
  9. Titjes

    The Race to 100 Challenge

    Is using sugar daddy multiple times considered cheating?
  10. Titjes

    Vibe Awards 2018/19 - Nominations

    Will send my nominations when I wake up again tomorrow
  11. Titjes

    Easily retrained player

    Seems like it indeed
  12. Titjes

    Hello there, I'm Dai.

    Hi there and welcome
  13. Titjes

    Hi I’m Sophia

    Welcome to the forum
  14. Titjes

    Hey, I'm Vipper

  15. Fantastic work @Foxy That double 1k would be epic indeed, kiu