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  1. Titjes

    The OME Cup - Challenge 3

    Sweet looking challenge, good luck everyone
  2. 1st place in the League, now keep that spot mate You got a quality team to achieve it by now
  3. What a fantastic season mate, congrats on breaking 100
  4. Thanks. Doing it with Mbappé is a great help Thanks guys
  5. Titjes

    The Rogério Ceni Challenge

    42 is an amazing total already mate
  6. Congrats on the wonderfull career mate If he stayed you maybe could have gone for 2k.
  7. Another great season Vinicius? or how to spell it
  8. Season 5 update Transfers Out / In The League Cups Fixture List The Player How did he do? Awards Team goals & assists International International Fixture List International Awards (best player award from the WC seems bugged as I got it twice as soon as I got to January 1st) The journey to 1K Old total 337 This season 94 TOTAL 431 Old International 13 This season International 17 TOTAL 30 GRAND TOTAL 461 / 1000 The conclusion Mbappé had a small drop in goals for PSG, but I can't complain with a total of 111 goals for this season Leave a comment and if you see a mistake, let me know
  9. Fantastic season again mate