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  1. You sure have a lot og bad luck when you attempt this challenge
  2. Titjes

    Hello Boyz!

    Welcome to Vibe
  3. Doing a great job so far mate, KIU Nice to see you use lesser known/unknown players
  4. Titjes

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Well guess I'm not connecting wifi for a few days
  5. Congrats on reaching 1k mate 1.5k is possible for sure, buy 2k is gonna be a close call I think, KIU
  6. Titjes

    The Age is No Barrier Challenge

    Good looking challenge mate
  7. Titjes

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Finished, will send in the screenshots tonight or tomorrow morning
  8. Thats one fantastic career so far mate You made China your playground
  9. Titjes

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I know it would cost me big time, but I still prefer that over buying a new phone . After starting with the wrong choice of tactic, trying to tweak it and about a 7 loss streak (with the best score being a 3-1 defeat) this was me: Congrats to the others for completing the challenge some great score in there
  10. Just caught up in this thread. You're doing a great job mate with a nice steady 12 point lead. KIU
  11. Well done mate, thats still a great total I will add you to the list when I get home
  12. Good luck guys, looks like fun to follow
  13. Good luck with the challenge Its a fun, easy and quick challenge to start with
  14. Titjes

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Gave up after almost destroying my phone
  15. Good luck mate Mitrovic has some sweet attributes and is still kinda young so will improve, so I'm sure you can pull this off