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  1. Titjes

    Hi I’m Sophia

    Welcome to the forum
  2. Titjes

    Hey, I'm Vipper

  3. Fantastic work @Foxy That double 1k would be epic indeed, kiu
  4. Good luck @Ian, make the community proud. Which database and which leagues have been loaded for the save?
  5. 0 point season on the way for me Just kidding, I only hope that I find some good players
  6. This looks like fun Not sure if I'm in though as the 3 remaining seasons look very hard maybe U & V
  7. Titjes

    Hello I’m Hamood

    Hi there and welcome to the site
  8. Doing great guys, kiu The North needs to catch up a bit though Very enjoyable reading material
  9. Looks like a fantastic idea guys. Following this for sure Good luck all
  10. I've used it last year. This year I didn't use it though
  11. It was a fantastic tactic to start from that you made, it just needed minor role changes and some new instructions as there where new options to go with
  12. You didn't go for that deep line, I did The tactic linked here is mine lol (some other roles and new instructions as compared to your tactic) On the page you find a link to the BatiTaff you created in an earlier version of FMM (which was the inspiration for the tactic)
  13. Wonderfull career Foxy, thats some fantastic work mate
  14. That was my vote mate
  15. You sure have a lot og bad luck when you attempt this challenge