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    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 2)   
    Season 2
    Transfers Out
    Transfers In
    Camavinga was someone who i wanted to use for a long time but have not done yet until now. Ryan comes in as our first choice goalie to replace the outgoing Onana.
    Season History

    Won the Super Cup but once again lost the Dutch Cup in semis to PSV and dumped by Inter in quarters of UCL.
    League Performance

    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    Christie once again led in hattricks with 2 while Armstrong and Fraser had one each.
    So, Fraser and Christie once again winning an award each.
    All three missed around a month and a half of game time due to injuries.



    Challenge Summary

    A drop in points. I am thinking of moving Christie to wings and deploying Armstrong in the middle for the next season.
    Running Tally for Predictions
    Goals - Christie - 77 
    Assists - Armstrong - 37 
    Current Predictions
    @Rob - Armstrong 72 goals and Armstrong 65 assists
    @Ian - Armstrong 78 goals and Armstrong 58 assists
    @smoggy90 - Christie 77 goals and Armstrong 64 assists
    @Scratch - Armstrong 79 goals and Christie 44 assists.
    Prediction Points
    @smoggy90 - 3 points ( 1 bonus point for exact goal tally)
    @Ian - 1 points
    Next Prediction Set
    1. How many hattricks will be scored in season 3 & 4 combined between the three?
    2. How many goals will be scored in season 3 & 4 combined between the three?
    Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.
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    Titjes reacted to smoggy90 in The Forgotten Galactico - Two Challenges in One COMPLETE   
    Thanks for your comments guys, and @Rob I would love a 100 club entry with Mariano but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen in this career. Possible in China where I have tested Mariano out but don’t think in Italy. 
    Our 5th and final season for these two challenges and as you can see they both started fantastically. They did plateau understandably but still posted solid scores. 

    Transfers were limited, Reece James came in as competition for Dest and a few left. 

    On the pitch we again cleaned up, and I need to check the record store for least amount of goals conceded in a league season as I might have an entry there.
    This game I had to mention, perfect for assists and goals from our guys.
    Here’s how they looked at the end of the challenge, still plenty in the tank. 
    And here are the final scores on the doors, just fell short of Scratch’s Chuba effort but still scored solidly and I had great fun over these 5 seasons with these guys. 
    @Scratch can you please add these to your 5 season hero challenge mate, thank you.
    @Foxy can you please add these guys to the peak years challenge mate (392 and 232), also Lazzari to the non striker board (232) and their combined score of 624 to the two player combined board. Thank you. 

    Thanks all for reading and your comments. I have a late bloomer career in the making which I will try and post the intro on tomorrow. Thoroughly recommend these two challenges, great fun to be had. 
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    Titjes reacted to Jsavfc in BiNgO with a twist   
    Neymar and the common guess of Trent please
  4. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ian in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Season 14
    We only needed another 71 goals from our three forwards to compete the triple threat challenge and our assister was on 292 assists so another eight for him this year and he’ll be past the 300 mark. So those were that targets to hit and the aim for this season so let’s see if we were successful.
    Team Affairs
    A few transfers as you’d probably expect with the monsterous budget you get at PSG. It’s strange though as it’s almost like you feel you have to spend and end up spending for the sake of it.
    Barcelona prevented us completing the clean sweep as we had a late meltdown and it was Fati who did most of the damage. Everything else was won though with the latter stages of the CWC to come after we move over to next season.
    We hit our triple threat target and it was the Postman who delivered the all important goal against Manchester City in the quarter final of the Champions League.

    The three forwards combined to score 92 goals in total which was a touch down on last year but we did suffer a few little injuries throughout most of which were to Josh which surely hindered us a bit. It was Boadu who scored the most with 33, the Postman followed up with 32 and Josh could only manage 27 but we’re happy enough and whilst they’re all on the pitch together they are still well amongst the goals. Our assister also managed 27 assists to put him up to a total of 318 so not too bad. I do feel a bit guilty with him though as he’s played the vast majority of his time on the left wing yet I reckon he’d have made a truly great AP but I had Havertz there with the Gündogan challenge in mind so really unfortunate for Mohamed.

    Season 14
    Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 27 goals in 43 games
    Romano Postema: Club: 32 goals in 57 games
    Myron Boadu: Club: 33 goals in 58 games
    Triple Threat: Club: 92 goals in 158 games
    Mohamed Ihattaren: 27 assists in 46 games
    Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 589 goals in 720 games, International: 40 goals, Total: 629 goals
    Romano Postema: Club: 414 goals in 749 games, International: 30 goals, Total: 444 goals
    Myron Boadu: Club: 416 goals in 724 games, International: 32 goals, Total: 448 goals
    Triple Threat: Club: 1,419 goals in 2,193 games, International: 102 goals, Total: 1,521 goals
    Mohamed Ihattaren: 318 assists in 580 games
    Now we’ve hit the TT it’s just a case of playing on until I get sick which will probably be when it gets to the stage the forwards just can’t score enough goals or having all three on the pitch at the same time is a hindrance to our results. We’ll just play it by ear from season to season but there’s definitely at least one more season in them so we’ll play on.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Titjes reacted to Ricardo Neves in TT in Celtic   
    Season 3
    Transfers in

    Transfers Out

    Betfred Cup

    Scotland Cup

    Ladbrokes Premiership

    Champions Cup


    The Players

    Total goals
    Karamoko Dembele - 73
    Jude Bellingham - 134
    Ricky Jade-Jones - 76
  6. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ricardo Neves in TT in Celtic   
    Season 2
    Transfers in

    Transfers Out

    Betfred Cup

    Scotland Cup

    Ladbrokes Premiership

    Euro Cup


    The Players

    Total goals
    Karamoko Dembele
    Jude Bellingham
    Ricky Jade-Jones
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    Titjes reacted to Ian in Milan Baros the Late Bloomer (Season 5)   
    Season 5
    At the beginning of this season Milan needed 33 goals to reach his target of 141 and with four years left on his contract it was looking good so we just needed to keep going. I’ve taken the approach of going largely with a squad full of peak aged players between 24-30 for this which almost makes every season a different challenge as the squad can change quite a lot from season to season so I’ll start with the transfers as I explain this year's dealings.
    After explaining my transfer strategy above I’m left looking a bit foolish as this year there wasn’t actually that much action in the transfer market as most of our key players were young enough so it was just a question of freshening up the sqaud with one or two new faces. A lot of the outgoings including Diagne, Meza and Linnes were offloaded due to being around 30 and Şahin wasn’t actually so old but I wasn’t so impressed with him at left wing last year so decided I’d try and upgrade him.
    The incomings are described rather briefly below;
    Arne Maier - The more eagle eyed amongst you may remember we had him on loan a few seasons ago. Well now he’s back and he looked like he’d be a decent BBM. Tomas Koubek - A new first choice goalkeeper arrived from Celta Vigo and he looks like a good upgrade on our previous number one. Arkadiusz Reca - We wanted a new left winger to replace Şahin as our back up option but this guy looks every bit as good as our first choice Kılınç so those two will battle it out for the jersey although there’s probably enough minutes available to keep both happy in truth. Sergi Darder - We tried for get another AP which is definitely the trickiest role to get right in this system. He looked ok but I wasn’t expecting him to usher Klaassen out to be honest who still looks like he’s got a good year or two left in him yet.  
    Team Performances
    We won the season curtain raiser and picked up a cup with Baros scoring a nice brace.

    The European Super Cup was also won as we beat Dortmund in a closely contested match.

    The other cup was also won and fairly comfortably but Milan couldn’t score in the final after coming on as a late sub.

    We also had a much more successful group stage in the Champions League this year as we topped our group which whilst not being the most tricky was certainly anything but an easy group. I’ve included the only game Baros scored in under the spoiler and as another spoiler I can confirm that that was the only goal he’d score in this years whole competition.

    The knockout stages went pretty well too as we beat Chelsea and PSG before finally being narrowly defeated by Bayern in the semi final.

    No problems in the league and we got our goal total back up after last seasons drop off.

    After hitting the 9-0 and 7-0 in a short space of time I started dreaming about the Gündogan Challenge as we have the German Suat Serdar in midfield but unfortunately we couldn’t quite manage it.
    Milan Baros
    Baros did manage one hat trick in this cup game against a low level side.

    He ended up producing a great return with 31 goals in 40 games which leaves us with only two goals required so we should manage that next season you’d think. Those of you who’ve read right through this career will know that I’ve almost been praying for an injury for Milan but nothing forthcoming this season either I’m afraid. He’s only had one injury in the first season and I’m determined to play on until he gets one so I’ll definitely play another full season next year even if he gets his goals early on and hopefully he’ll pick up an injury of some sort.

    He is declining rapidly now with his physicals about to hit rock bottom you’d think so we’ll see what that does to his return next year.


    Milan Baros
    Season 1: 24 goals in 48 games
    Season 2: 26 goals in 45 games
    Season 3: 32 goals in 42 games
    Season 4: 26 goals in 43 games
    Season 5: 31 goals in 40 games
    Total: 139
    Target: 141
    So we just need two goals which we should be able to get next year but as I said above I’m going to play the full season. I posted the tactic on a previous update and on the next update I’m going to explain a bit more about it and what I look for in terms of attributes for the roles as it can be a tricky system to get right even with a top team.
    Thank you all for following along.
  8. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in BiNgO with a twist   
    I’ll stick with Benzema and go for Kimmich.
  9. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to ThomW12 in BiNgO with a twist   
    Going for Benzema this month and gotta go with everyone else saying TAA.
  10. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to LTFC in BiNgO with a twist   
    Let’s twist and go Divock as for the player i’m gonna go with a common one and say Trent
  11. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in BiNgO with a twist   
    Origi for me and TAA again. 
  12. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ashez in BiNgO with a twist   
    Sticking to Benzema and Kimmich please. 
  13. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to broodje kip in BiNgO with a twist   
    I’ll get Benzema and guessing Trent again
  14. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ian in BiNgO with a twist   
    Neymar for me please and Trent as my guess. 
  15. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Woody in BiNgO with a twist   
    Sticking with Benzema mate.
    My guess will be TAA
  16. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Mr Tree in Tree does the KO'C Challenge (and more!) at Liverpool (S1)   
    Many thanks @AdamNufc @Kanegan @Rob @smoggy90 @Paul186 @Foxy @broodje kip @Scratch and @Ian, much appreciated!
    Season 1
    More points than Klopp:

    Lost the last game away at Watford
    The Kevin O'Connor Challenge
    Got T A-A yellow enough:

    He had a bit of a shrug season, to be honest:

    But that means:
    Games Played - 96/501
    Achievements - 8

    Liverpool Front Three challenge
    180pts from the league. This could've been so much better...


    But anyway, as you can see, I'd hardly been getting much out of him - I was trying a new system, and I wanted IWB's with Wingers ahead of them - I thought Inside Forwards wouldn't work ahead of IWB's. Mane hated being a winger though, proper sulked, so I started letting him come inside and he had a great purple patch. Cut short...

    Bobby was Bobby - underrated by those outside Liverpool, overrated by those within

    So I make that 309pts - beating my previous attempt, but not by much. I like my new formation, but it still needs some work - almost every game, a different member of the team would be throwing out an unexpected 6
    I guess I'll take Salah on and submit a solo Peak Years Challenge score, but we'll see how it all unfolds...
    Late Bloomer challenge
    Well happy with this, especially after it took a couple of months for him to grab his first:

    Phil did a great job rotating in - four more seasons of that will do nicely...
    Target: 22/101
    Thanks for reading!
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    Titjes reacted to Ashez in BiNgO with a twist   
  18. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ian in BiNgO with a twist   
    I suppose Neymar did ok but it’s a shame I’m failing badly at the guessing game.
  19. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to ThomW12 in BiNgO with a twist   
    A great month and my tactic of trying spell words with there names is working, first it was nob and now I am writing noob noob (rick and morty) hahaha
  20. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in BiNgO with a twist   
    Massive work there @ThomW12 and another month of no-show for me. This is becoming a pain now.
  21. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in BiNgO with a twist   
    I’m happy with that month but fair play @ThomW12 that was a great shout to go with Origi this month 👌🏻
  22. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Foxy’s Fijian Fantasy - Season 2   
    Season 2 Roy Krishna did better than I expected last season as he scored 45 of the 108 goals I need to complete this challenge. He is 33 now though so it inevitable that he is going to start to decline quite quickly meaning his goals could slow down. A good 2nd season and I might be set up to complete in S3 and miss a lot of pain as his attributes disappear.
    The big news was I let Lewendowski leave for Real Madrid so that I could boost my transfer kitty by nearly £90m. Zirkzee is developing well so it didn’t seem such a big loss to me and enabled me to bring in some good players.
    The Champions League eluded me again but it was business as normal domestically. The sale of Lewendowski didn’t effect my goals scored to much either as we scored a similar number of league goals as last year.

    Roy the Boy
    This was how he looked at the end of the season which isn’t too horrendous really although his pace and stamina going will have an effect on his amount of game time and goals going into season 3.

    Last season he hit 45 goals and this season he was only two short of that with 42. This is a slightly false amount as I played the first WCC game just before the season change and Roy went and smashed in 4 goals in his biggest goal haul for me yet.

    This extra game helped boost his total and make the decline not look as much this season. Without it he scored 38 goals in the same number of games as last season so still a good total.

    My aim at the start of this season was to get 30+ goals as that would leave me a chance to get the challenge completed in season 3 which has been my aim the whole way. 
    With a 40+ season it looks almost certain that I will get the final 21 goals next season and complete the challenge although of course injuries and/or a steep decline could put a stop to that.
    Player Stats
    Season Goals: 42
    Challenge Target: 108 (215 career goals on history)
    Challenge Total After 2 Seasons: 87
    Goals Needed: 21
    Thanks for reading.
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    Titjes reacted to Mr Tree in Tree does the KO'C Challenge (and more!) at Liverpool (S1)   
    Hello Vibe!
    So, I wanted to do my Kevin O'Connor challenge...
    Short version: get a player to emulate "King Kev" with at least bright yellow competence at DR, DC, MR, MC and FC, then play 501 games for one club and see how many Achievements you rack up.
    Finding an interesting player for it was tricky though, and eventually I got bored looking, narrowed it down to a few countries and checked out the wonderkids.
    I hadn't done a career in America, so I tried there. But their reserves don't play so half your squad sits around doing nothing, which is irritating. Plus guys mentioned a bug where the continental tournaments don't work too.
    So I gave up and went for the obvious instead:

    Yep, good ol' Terrence Trent D'Arby. Shouldn't need too much more work to be eligible.
    I forgot to take this screenshot at the very start, but as you can see, he has already played 55 games for Liverpool... I'm going to amend/clarify my challenge so it finishes at 501 (for his only club) - if you choose someone who has already played some games (like I have here), you have less time to get Achievements, so you're making it tougher for yourself...

    Anyway, from there, it seemed obvious to have another crack at the Liverpool Front Three challenge:
    Plus with all three at age 27, and me sticking around for 500+ games, I could add in the Striker Peak Years challenge:
    And while I'm here, why not get myself a Late Bloomer?
    I tried to find an amusing option but to be honest, my intention was that the guy would just be my backup striker, so I thought high goal totals might be a struggle. So in the end, for some reason, I settled on this fella:

    He'll be my backup striker so I didn't want to set the bar too high - he hasn't managed a hundred goals in his career yet, so 101 for me will do the job. He was at Man City many years ago, and I don't know how to say his name...
    I doubt I'll be able to get on Scratch's "five season hero" challenge leaderboard, but I'll keep an eye on it... I should be able to add a score for the "manager 1k challenge"... If there are any others I can tick off while I'm here, just let me know!
    And otherwise, wish me luck
  24. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Jsavfc in BiNgO with a twist   
    Trent and go Benzema please
  25. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Woody in BiNgO with a twist   
    I will go with Alexander-Arnold too please for my guess