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  1. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to mulama in Mulama Attempts the 1000 Goal Challenge   
    Season 2
    Varnier came in to patner Tah in defence, Lemar replaces Bailey because I didn't like Bailey on the wings as he scores a lot and Havertz came in to solidify the midfield
    Sold Lo Celso because I felt like I don't need him, Kimpembe was sold because he wouldn't make my first team even as Back Up as we have Marquinhos and Kehrer for that. 
    We won the league and the other two domestic cups and the Europa League. We also won the Uefa Super Cup and the Club World Cup. 
    We were eliminated from the Champions League in the group stage in a very interesting group. This is a key moment because it affects my challenge of beating CR7's goal scoring record. 
    Main Player 
    Improvements in aerial ability +2, shooting +1,movement +2 and strength +2. I hope next season he improves on pace and stamina. So far he has had no major injuries, out twice in two seasons for two ten day injuries. 
    Club Goals

    He added 7 goals to last season's tally to get 58 which is a little bit below my target of at least 70 but I'll take it and hope to improve next time. 
    International Goals 

    I applied for the Germany manager position and was appointed which is a massive boost for such a career. 
    In the two international games I have been in charge, Arp has only scored once but great things are to come in the future. 
    He got numerous awards for his impressive performances throughout the season. 
    Goal Tally 
    Club: 51+58=109 
    ITN: 1
    Total= 110 goals
    Remaining: 890 Goals. 
    Thanks for Reading. 
  2. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to mulama in Mulama Attempts the 1000 Goal Challenge   
    Season 1
    Spent a huge sum to bring in the new faces needed in the team who would fit my tactics. Fiete Arp is the most important because the team is going to be built around him for the next 10+ seasons. 
    Managed to raise a lot of money from the players going out which helped me have just enough money to buy the players I deem fit for my system. 

    Not sure about this but it seems like I already unlocked sugar daddy already. 
    I did quite well in my first season winning three trophies but I went out early in the cup competitions which reduced number of matches for Arp. 
    Main Player 
    That is how he looks at the end of the first season which is pretty impressive because shooting, movement and aerial ability have greatly improved and are key for a forward to score goals. I changed training to focus on pace because his aerial ability stagnates at 18 which is good anyway. He should only get better from next season onwards. 
    So how did our guy perform? 
    51 goals in 55 appearances is very good for the first season even though my target was 60+, couldn't get to that because I experimented with various formations which affected his goal scoring. 
    We are off to a good start 51/1000. 949 goals to go. 
    He won numerous awards due to his goal scoring exploits and he will win many more in years to come as he gets better. 
    In this challenge I will also try to beat Ronaldo's Champions League goal tally which is the highest. 

    So first season it is 11 goals for our guy while so far Ronaldo has managed 121 in real life. 11/121 which leaves us needing 110+ goals to beat the record. 
    Thanks for reading. 
  3. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge
    Season Two
    Update Fifthy-two
    Sorry it's late lads, had a busy day!
    Squad Number 66
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    He's still got it!
    Match One-hundred-eighteen
    Attempt One
    The Champions League Final

    I think that's called winning it in style! Sensational scenes as we correct last season's final defeat!
    Squad Number 67
    Jean-Kevin Augustin

    Taking ole big ears home and crossing two numbers from the list, that's perfection lads!
    Current Progress
    61. Isaac Success
    62. Joelinton
    63. Callum Paterson
    64. Yoshinori Muto
    65. Will Grigg
    66. Cristiano Ronaldo
    67. Jean-Kevin Augustin
    We sneak across the target line! 
    Who Am I?
    No guessing game tonight lads as the next update will be a season review considering we've ended perfectly. In truth I'm also stalling as even I don't know who number 68 is, I'll play some tomorrow I promise! 
    As always thank you for viewing and any comments will be appreciated! 
  4. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to kts365 in Triple Threat, the Mike Ashley way.   
    Season 1
    Our challenge begins. Can the young lads make a good start?
    With the bog standard Newcastle United lets see how we got on in the league.

    A fifth placed finish in amongst the big hitters of the division, and Arsenal.
    Carabao Cup
    We made it to the quarter finals.

    That late Diamé own goal.... damn
    FA cup
    Fifth round faced cardiff again.

    No own goals this time, good result.
    The Boys

    He has made some decent improvement. Lets see how it affected his score

    21 goals, not a bad haul for year 1 and his skill level

    Already looking like a half decent striker, is he though?

    23 goals, another good start for our man.

    He is still essentially a CB. Or more like a Vanarama level Libero. Can he score like a striker though?

    No. Just...no. Eleven goals is poor.he really needs to pull his weight in the future.
    Sorensen - 21
    Juanito - 23
    Watts - 11
    Total - 55/1500
  5. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to CamelXCVII in Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.   
    West Ham (a) - Premier League
    The perfect start! I am owed 3 players, but 4 share their match rating. No AvR for first game so random generator it is...
    Manchester United (h) - Premier League
    Brought back down to earth with a bump. Shame about missing 2 clear cut chances, Lukaku/Sanchez could've done wonders. Who are off to the red side of Manchester? 
    Chelsea (a) - Premier League
    Oh I do love playing away! Another 3-0 scoreline, where hopefully we can pick up some good replacements for those we lost in the Manchester United game 
    Everton (h) - Premier League
    Still without a home win after Niasse's late equaliser. Simple swap this time, the two goalscorers exchanging teams after the game. 
    Oldham (a) - Carabao Cup
    Simple and emphatic win. However, with my rules in place, I will have 4x League Two players in my starting XI for my next Premier League game... 😬
    Thanks for reading and I'll upload September tomorrow!

  6. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to CamelXCVII in Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.   
    I saw @Foxy's incredible career and wanted to do it, but try and adapt it, making it crazy and almost impossible to work. Here is his original effort 
    All goals count towards a player coming/leaving. So if I win 3-1, I gain 3 players and lose 1. Highest rated player in that match gets swapped, if level, goes by AvR and then random generator.  All games must be played on OVERLOAD to increase goals. All players gained in the last game, MUST play in the next. Meaning that flexibility with tactics is a must. Can have gold coaching badge, but no reputation or other unlockables apart from the IGE. IGE only used to transfer players from team to team. No healing injuries, changing stats etc. No transfers apart from those chosen by each match. Assistant manager plays pre-season. No preparation to see how my tactic works... Team
    I've used a random number generator to pick a Premier League club, went 1-19 as there's not a chance I'm going to manage Newcastle...
    7 was the number chosen, meaning that I have to manage Watford, the team that currently lie in seventh place of the Premier League table. I'll try and update every 2-4 matches and daily, whilst continuing my "Juve no. 10" career, check that out if you want. 😉 
  7. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to 1759 in 1759 goes for a 1k   
    Season 5
    Here we are in season 5. Most of the team are now at their peak except for Parrott so we’ll see how they get on.
    Vagnoman came in as cover at right wing back. I brought in Caqueret as an option in midfield and Daryl Ward was bought as a back up goalkeeper. The other two are just graduates from the youth set up and I think they’ll both maybe make the first team in years to come. Esteban Louisy- Daniel is a left wing back and Josue Larvaron is a goalkeeper.

    Telles left at the end of the season on a bosman, Guedes went to Arsenal and Meunier was sold to OM as he was getting on a bit so wasn’t playing many games. The rest are just reserve to players who I don’t need and Larvaron went out on loan to hopefully get some game time.

    Ligue 1 Conforama
    The team performed fantastic throughout the season. Okay we drew 4 games but to only concede 4 goals all season is just phenomenal even for PSG in this league.

    Trophiee des Champions
    A routine win here with a goal for Parrott.

    Euro. Super Cup
    A fairly comfortable match against Savilla in the Euro. Super Cup with Parrott getting a goal.

    Coupe de la Ligue BKT
    A very one sided final.

    French Cup
    Another comfortable match in the French Cup Final although we did face a problem in an earlier round as most of my first team were away on International duty so I struggled to field a team. I managed to win though but it’s something I’ll have to think about for future season.

    Champions Cup
    The Champions Cup was won easily but as in the French Cup Final Parrott couldn’t get amongst the goals.


    Every trophy won and only 4 goals conceded in the league. Great going for the team that.

    Parrott’s Season
    Parrott had a similar season to last with 65 goals in 58 games. This was the season where the World Cup is in the middle of the season so I don’t know what to make of it as the games were coming thick and fast and he would often get tired or jaded. Anyway he’s got the 65 goals again so we move onto the next season.

    Most key stats increasing by 1 or 2 as in the case of stamina.

    Challenge Totals
    Seasons Goals: 65
    + previous total of 230
    Total: 295/1000
    Just the usual season for Parrott but a fantastic team performance with only 4 goals conceded in the league and just 9 in all competitions.
  8. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge
    Season Two
    Update Fifthy-one
    Squad Number 64
    Yoshinori Muto

    Very underrated
    Match One-hundred-eleven
    Attempt One

    Thankfully we did the business in the first leg!
    Match One-hundred-twelve
    Attempt Two

    Match One-hundred-thirteen
    Attempt Three

    Wilson doing as Wilson does. 
    Match One-hundred-fourteen
    Attempt Four

    I'm waiting!!
    Match One-hundred-fifteen
    Attempt Five

    Oh come on!!
    Match One-hundred-sixteen
    Attempt Six

    Match One-hundred-seventeen
    Attempt Seven

    Squad Number 65
    Will Grigg

    On fire!!! If he'd not scored then he'd have been my CL final striker!!
    Current Progress
    61. Isaac Success
    62. Joelinton
    63. Callum Paterson
    64. Yoshinori Muto
    65. Will Grigg
    We need 1 more to hit our target as we head into the Champions League Final against Barcelona!
    Who Am I?
    I've been nominated for a Puskas Award in my career. 
    As always thank you for viewing and any comments will be appreciated! 
  9. Funny
    Titjes reacted to Jens in DJ Woody’s Record Store   
    Oh sure mock the foreign guy. It's that kind of attitude that will get brexit overturned and the UK invaded by European overlords. 
  10. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to 1759 in 1759 goes for a 1k   
    Season 4
    Can I get Parrott to perform any better this season? That’s the question!
    I’ll start with the transfers.
    Gnagnon and Lukic were brought in as cover at centre back and centre midfield respectively. I bought Kondogbia in January because Fabinho got a bad injury and I thought I may be a bit light in midfield.

    Ajer, Pellegrini and Gagliardini weren’t happy with their game time so I decided to get rid. The rest were just some reserve players that I had no plans for.

    Ligue 1 Conforama
    Just the 2 draws this year and a nice amount of goals scored but the question is how many of them can Parrott get?

    Trophiee des Champions
    Nice brace for Parrott!

    Euro. Super Cup
    Routine win against Liverpool in the Euro. Super Cup

    Club World Championship
    Easy win in the final but dissapointment as Parrott can’t get amongst the goals.

    Coupe de la Ligue BKT
    Disaster in the Quarter Final as we lose to Bordeaux on penalties. Still not sure how we lost really but we take it on the chin I guess.

    French Cup
    Parrott got himself a hat tick in a fairly comfortable final against Monaco.

    Champions Cup
    A nice victory against Barca in the final but no goal for Parrott.


    Parrott’s Season
    He’s a fantastic player now apart from his stamina and strength. If he’s not getting big numbers now then I guess it’s my tactics at fault.

    He got 65 in 58 games so not groundbreaking but I feel I’ve still got time on my side. Assists are too high so I’ll try to tweak my system one last time.

    Challenge Total
    Season goals: 65
    + previous total of 165
    Total: 230/2000
    Progress I suppose but I have a feeling I may need to change my system if I want to get the big numbers. I’ll stick with my current system for next season and if he doesn’t get into the 70’s then I think I’ll need to come up with a new tactic.
  11. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Titjes and the Infinity Glove --> November   
    A perfect month! 😁 some great results in there too. KIU!
  12. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in FMM19 Training: Which Intensity?   
    Part Two: Medium Intensity
    In part two of this experiment we will be looking at the pros and cons of having each player on the medium training setting. Each member of the chosen starting XI will play every game possible up until the 1st of January, the only exception is when a player is unavailable through injuries or suspension.
    David De Gea:
    Season Start:

    End of Test:

    Attribute Change: N/A
    No Injuries this time around for Sir David, unfortunately however it meant no attribute gain too. I’m not too fussed about this as he can pick and choose when he wants to gain some attributes for all I care 😛
    Diogo Dalot:
    Season Start:


    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Crossing +2 Dribbling +2 Passing +1 Shooting +1 Tackling +2 Creativity +1 Decisions +2 Movement +2 Positioning +1 Total +14 A pulled hamstring in training put the young Portuguese right back out of action for a month. That however, did not stop him from gaining 14 points on his page, just the one less than on intensive training.
    Luke Shaw:
    Season Start:

    Injuries: N/A  
    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Strength +1 Total +1 No injuries yet again for Shaw, and to top it off he actually gained a point in strength! No gain for him on intensive so this is massive progress!
    Eric Bailly:
    Season Start:

    Injuries: N/A
    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Aerial +1 Passing +1 Shooting +1 Tackling +1 Decisions +1 Positioning +1 Total +6 No injuries again for Bailly too, and this time whilst on medium he gains 6 points on his page. Two more than his performance on intensive training
    Victor Lindelof:
    Season Start:


    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Dribbling +1 Tackling +1 Creativity +1 Decisions +1 Positioning +1 Total +5 A one month injury for the Swede didn’t stop him from gaining one more point than he did on IT. Medium intensity for the win!
    Ander Herrera:
    Season Start:

    Injuries: N/A
    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Dribbling +1 Passing +1 Tackling +1 Creativity +1 Movement +1 Positioning +1 Total +6 No injuries this time around for Ander, whilst he also gained six points across his page compared to the big fat zero last time around. As it stands now, medium Training is looking rather tasty I must say!
    Nemanja Matic:
    Season Start:

    Injuries: N/A
    End of Season:

    Attribute Change: N/A
    Same result as last time, I guess the rumours are true, you can’t polish a turd 💩
    Paul Pogba:
    Season Start:


    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Leadership +2 Total +2 A three week injury which I find very unlucky to be mentioned if I’m honest as it was received on the final game of the test, I did state that the test ends on 1st of January however so I will have to add it in to the results. His leadership rises once again, this time by +2 instead of the +1 whilst on IT
    Marcus Rashford:
    Start of Season:

    Injuries: N/A
    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Crossing +1 Shooting +1 Tackling +1 Creativity +1 Decisions +1 Movement +1 Positioning +1 Pace +1 Stamina +1 Total +9 Huge strides made by Rashford yet again. No injuries this time but he didn’t gain as many points on the board as he falls +4 short of equalling his IT counterpart. Still some very good gain in such a short amount of time though.
    Anthony Martial:
    Season Start:


    End of Season:

    Attribute Change:
    Dribbling +1 Shooting +1 Decisions +1 Movement +1 Stamina +1 Strength +1 Total +6 Two separate injuries for the young Frenchman halted his progress in my opinion. Still some very nice attribute gain but nowhere near as good as his IT version.
    Romelu Lukaku:
    Season Start:

    Injuries: N/A
    End of Test:

    Attribute Change:
    Shooting +2 Decisions +2 Movement +2 Total +6 No injuries for the big man either but he, like Martial doesn’t get near his attribute gain from his IT Test. He still looks a fantastic player and his average rating was much much better than in the first test. I guess that’s the most important bit right?
    Total Attribute Gain: +55
    Average Gain per Player: +5
    Injuries: 5
    Total Length of Injuries: 4 Months 1 Week
    Average Length of Injury: 24 days
    Well this medium test was a tale of two halves! The defenders and midfielders benefited slightly better than they did on the Intensive Test, but the three attackers, Rashford, Martial & Lukaku wore worse off. The grand total attribute gain was only 7 points off matching the IT test, and we also suffered less injuries on medium. However, the average length of those injuries is more than double the average length of IT injuries, whilst the total injury length is much more heavier than it was on Intensive. It’s been a funny old experiment so far looking back at both sets of results and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing how the players fare on the Low intensity training.
    As always Vibe, thank you for reading and any comments are massively appreciated.
  13. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to The_VARF in Varf trying 1K challenge (EME) Season 10   
    Well hello everybody! I am back with another update for an exciting season
    SEASON 10.
    Lets just jump in to it
    Transfers in
    Transfers out 
    Another clean sweep. That one draw with Monaco I believe ruined perfect season 
    HELP me out please figuring out who is who's regen
    As I stated before this season was exciting and the only upset was a Silva's small downfall towards the end of the season (about last 20 games). He was clearly aiming for 150 club goals. But then a couple of dry games(with no goals) and low scoring games... So he stopped at 138 goals. 
    No, I'm not complaining. Just when you see how great he is and he turns in WTF are you doing with 7-15 shots and 0 or 1 goal you get a bit frustrated. Anyhow this was an amazing season for him at his 25 years. And another ridiculous assist year from Pulisic. Most of his assists from corner. Silva is very good at it so every time I see a corner it feels like a penalty shot lol

    Felix, Paqueta and G Fernandes is the best midfield trio IMO. Only if I knew how crazy Pulisic is (never used him before) I wouldn't try him in previous seasons as WB while hoping to get some assists out of Mbappe and Dembele. 
    1017 club goals and 175 international goals by the age of 25 !!! 

    This is crazy!!! 138+28=166 goals this season. Not the best result (if you remember he had 180ish goals in one of previous seasons)
    Always Thank you for reading. Don't forget to comment as it is very much appreciated!!
    1192/2000 to be continued...
  14. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to danovic78 in The Ernst Happel Challenge   
    The Ernst Happel Challenge

    Ernst Franz Hermann Happel was an Austrian football player and coach. He is regarded as one of the most successful managers ever, winning both league and domestic cup titles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria as well as winning the European Cup twice, the first in 1970 and the second in 1983, and a runners-up medal at the 1978 FIFA World Cup. He was the first of the five managers to have won the European Cup with two different clubs, Carlo Ancelotti, Ottmar Hitzfeld, José Mourinho and Jupp Heynckes being the other four. He is also one of six managers – along with José Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Giovanni Trapattoni, Tomislav Ivic and Eric Gerets – to have won domestic league championships in at least four different countries.
    After retiring as a player, Happel went on to become one of the greatest coaches of all-time. He won the league title in four different countries. He also took two different clubs to gold in the European Champions' Cup (now the UEFA Champions League) and the Netherlands to second place in the 1978 World Cup. His first club was ADO Den Haag in 1962, with whom he won the Dutch Cup in 1968. After Den Haag he coached Feyenoord, with whom he won the European Cup (defeated Glasgow Celtic in the final) and the Intercontinental Cup in 1970, and the Dutch championship in 1971.
    At the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, Happel was coach of the Dutch national team and reached the final against the Argentine national team. Always a man of few words, Happel's pre-match pep talk is said to have consisted of just one sentence: "Gentlemen, two points." The Dutch, however, lost the final 3-1 in extra time.
    During his career as coach, Happel worked for several clubs, including Sevilla, Club Brugge (winning the Belgian Championship title several times) and Hamburger SV (1981–1987, German champions in 1982 and 1983, German Cup winner 1987).
    In 1983, he won the European Cup again, 13 years after the triumph with Feyenoord, this time with Hamburger SV, defeating Juventus in the final. He is one of five coaches in the history of the European Cup to win the title with two different clubs, the others being Ottmar Hitzfeld, who won with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich; José Mourinho, who won with Porto and Inter Milan; Jupp Heynckes, who won with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich; and Carlo Ancelotti, who won with Milan and Real Madrid.
    In 1987, Happel returned to Austria as coach of Swarovski Tirol. With the club, he won the Austrian Championship title twice (1989 and 1990) before becoming coach of the Austria national team in 1992.
    Challenge Rules
    Load up Holland, Belgium, German and one other country if you like. Take charge of any Dutch club (ADO Den Haag if you want to be authentic) In Holland you must win at least 3 Cups and 1 League title with two different clubs before you can move to a Belgian club. In Belgium you must win at least 3 league titles and 3 cups with two different clubs before you can move to a German club. In Germany you must win 2 league titles and 2 cups before you have completed the challenge. BONUS: Do better than Happel's runner-up spot in the World Cup with the Dutch National Side. Own formations only. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!! Leaderboard
  15. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to danovic78 in The Elkeson Chinese Super League Challenge   
    The Elkeson Chinese Super League Challenge

    The Maranhão region, in north-eastern Brazil, isn’t as glamorous as other major hubs of the country, neither has one of the greatest and industrious centres. It’s a green region, which has its main (and natural) resource in its wonderful trees, covering the land overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Coelho Neto is a little town of that area, so far away from China, Shanghai and its well-known fame. However, Coelho Neto is the place where everything started for Elkeson de Oliveira Cardoso, who unwillingly became a football pioneer. His short-term trip away from Brazil would soon become permanent and give him a glory that he maybe would have never earned in his homeland.
    In winter 2012, Chinese Super League is becoming relevant and Guangzhou Evergrande have just won the 2nd title in a row. Furthermore, the Chinese league is luring several big players, like Barrios, Kanouté and Drogba. At the same time, many players are moving from Brasileirão to CSL. Elkeson accepts the offer from Guangzhou for €5,7m: a big cheque, but there is also another news to tell. In his last months at Botafogo – given the departures of Herrera and Abreu –, Elkeson started playing as lone striker, tried in that position by manager Oswaldo de Oliveira. A position he’ll keep with Evergrande: it’ll be the turning point of his career, since Elkeson begins his experience in China with 10 goals in his first five matches.
    More than Chinese Super League titles (Guangzhou are ruling the league from 2011), the Brazilian forward impressed for his crucial role in the two continental triumphs: Elkeson has never won the MVP award, neither in 2013 nor in 2015, but he has been fundamental to lift two AFC Champions League titles. The first saw him score two of the three goals needed to overcome FC Seoul for the away-goals rule. Two years later, Elkeson took the scene, scoring another net to defeat Al-Ahli at Tianhe Stadium after 180’.
    To squad’s silverwares, we have to add personal ones: 24 goals scored in AFC Champions League (4th all-time), the record of goals by a foreign player in Chinese Super League (plus two top-scorer titles), the best player award given to him by Chinese Football Association in 2014, the 100 goal-mark reached in all Chinese competitions.
    Can you fire Elkeson to set a new all time Super League scoring total?
    Challenge Rules
    Load up China and any other countries you like. Take charge of Shanghai Shanggang or another Chinese club and sign Elkeson. He is currently on 88 league goals (*https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/elkeson/profil/spieler/103588) The challenge is simple, set a new Super League goalscoring total before he retires. Own formations only. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!! Leaderboard
  16. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to smoggy90 in Big Trouble in Little China - Chen Shilong 1kc   
    Hi all, after my academy only challenge with Middlesbrough i was looking at somewhere i could attempt a 1kc and enjoy getting back into the transfer market. I started a career with Troy Parrott but @1759is currently doing a great job with him so i left that and wanted to have a look in a new league, which led me to China. I know @Scratchis currently racking up big numbers there and i thought i would test it out for myself. Ideally i wanted a Chinese player to do the 1k in China so after a bit of research and seeing this guy mentioned a few times i took over at Zhejiang Yiteng F.C. where this guy currently plies his trade.

    Not the youngest i know but his stats for this level are fantastic and i think i will have enough time to have a good crack at this, i will also be keeping one eye on the national team job which Marcello Lippi currently holds. I know nothing about the club or player so thanks to Wikipedia i have discovered.................Zhejiang Yiteng Football Club, or Yiteng Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang and their home stadium is the Shaoxing City Sports Centre Stadium that has a seating capacity of 20,000. Their majority shareholder is Cui Yi and the Yiteng Group.
    They don't have any real players of quality apart from Chen and a Brazilian named Sergio Mota, so transfers were needed.
    Team Performance
    Chen Shilong
    Due to the poor facilities and coaches, along with the level he is playing at the only thing to improve was his pace by one notch! I am trying to improve facilitates etc at every opportunity.

    Despite this he rattled in nearly 2 goals a game in a very poor league to get us off to a great start. Hopefully next season we will be able to play around 50 games and get him up to that 100 goals a season mark which i will need if we are to succeed here.

    Season 1
    Thanks for reading.
  17. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to danovic78 in Titjes and the Infinity Glove --> November   
    Will defiantly go for it, I am preferring the shorter challenges this year but this a little bit of planning.
    Might look for a lesser league and club and try with so lower ranked players.
  18. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to fRESH in Fresh goes nuts - Geubbels 2k & 4 more challenges (Season 4)   
    Season 5
    Hello vibe once again !  Im back with another update. We had great seaaon last time as we scored 107 goals for Geubbels. Our assisters wasnt at their best, can they wake up for that season? Lets find out below. 
    But first i wana give u little update how did our first WC go. 
    We had easy group in our hand- China,Usa and Portugal. But just before the WC start an injury problem hits us- Geubbels was out for 2 weeks. That meant we had to plat atleast 3 games without him.
    Firstly we went against China. We missed Geubbels hardly and game ended 0-0.
    Then we went against Portugal. We also missed Geubbels a lot, but Lemar scoring a penalty give us lead before half time. Suddenly Portugal did draw things in second and game ended 1-1. 
    Last games against USA was a must win for us. And we did it, 3-0 meant we ended group in second place and probably face strong opponent.

    And we did face Germany. Only good news for us Geubbels played 45mins in that game. 
    And we narrowly beat German to reach our first ever quaterfinals. Extra time was needed, but Pavards 30yard screamer was enough to take us throw.
    Next we were up against Spain.

    Geubbels was unhealthy for that game, so i didnt play him. But Comans 8th minute strike was enough to take into semi finals.
    At semis we were playing against mighty Wales.

    This was allways going to end in our way. Solid 2-0 and France has a WC final to play.
    We played Italy at finals.

    One way traffic really. That was our best game at WC. 
    Im very happy to win my first ever WC in my first attempt.

    We also had itn league this year and we won it fair easyli. Geubbels netted an hattrick.
    Club Transfers
    Transfers in
    Lucas Hernandez comes in for 80m to backup Alaba in LB position. 
    Malaga Sarr comes in for 55m to bolster my CB options.
    Odsonne was swap deal with Isak+50m. He is perfect back to Geubbels in PSG and France.
    1 regen also coming in to play backup for both wingers. I payed 30m for him
    Transfers out

    This season sees Kurzawa leaving us 775k. 
    Kehrer also wanted more playing time so decided to let him leave.
    Team perfomance

    Our best ever league campaing. Conceding only 5 goals is really amasing. @Woody that is something to your record store. We scored 119 goals and went unbeaten once again.  Cleen sweep of trophies again. 

    Close final this time, but Geubbels brace is enough to take a title.

    Easier final this time as Geubbels netted an hattrick and we never looked to lose.

    Another close final and another brace to Geubbels account.

    This was much easier. We dominated OM to win French cup. Geubbels with another brace.

    De Ligt red card put us into hard position. Geubbels late second half goal is canceled out morata injury time header. Chelsea took lead just after extra time start but Geubbels leveled out just on time. We eventualy won on penalties as Lafont saved 4 of them.
    1. 200 itn goals
    Geubbels had 32 itn goals in start of campaing.

    And he ends year on 44 goals. That means he added only 12 itn goals this season. Mainly due injuries.
    Challenge total: 44/200
    2. 2000 goals challenge.
    Last year we scored massive 107 for club and country. But im hungry for 100 club goals alone. Can we do that ? 

    Yes ! Our first century in that career. Really happy to see Geubbels firing 102 goals in 62 games. If we add 12 itn goals it means we scored 114 goals this season. Little upgrade to our last year tally.
    Challenge total: 
    France: 44
    PSG: 408
    2k total: 452/2000
    3. Calender year scoring challenge
    Geubbels scored only 39 goals in first half of season. Im not even hoping to break my own record of 118 this time.

    We scored 5 itn in the second half of year.  That brings us into 44 goals this year.

    And we added 36 more club goals to our account this year which brings us total of 80 only. Not our year to be honest.
    4. DT assist challenge
    We contributed only 68 assists last season. Can they step up for this season ? 

    No ! Coman with his worst year till now as he only gets 18 assists this time. Big dissapointment.
    Coman total: 157

    Atleast Asensio had a good season. 47 assists added to his name in 53 apps.
    Asensio total: 177
    DT Total: 334/1200
    We did even worse than last year as we only got 65 assists this year. Our DT is going futher and futher away as boys arent doing how they should.
    5. Triple assists challenge

    Everybody on point for that challenge. Asensio also smashes past his target.
    Challenge total:
    Geubbels: 65/102
    Asensio: 177/162
    Kimmich: 33/51
    Next couple of season should see us to complete this challenge.
    We had our greatest league camping and we got ourselves into Woody record store. Geubbels also had his bet scoring year till now. Only our assisters let us down. Hope there is more to come !
  19. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to danovic78 in Titjes and the Infinity Glove --> November   
    Some big hitters in here. Werner is flying!
    Will defiantly try this one as I had a failed attempt last year, think I didn't get the balance of players right.
  20. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Nucleus Attempts -Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Seventeen   
    Cheers Titjes, very close indeed! Hoping to do it in two seasons! Famous last words 😛😂
  21. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to fRESH in Fresh goes nuts - Geubbels 2k & 4 more challenges (Season 4)   
    Season 4
    Hello vibe once again ! We are back with another update to our multi challenge career. We did see last year Geubbels and Coman setting new standards. Can they countinue and can Asesnio and Kimmich also step up ? Lets find out.

    Thomas Lemar joines us for 84m to play back up for Asensio. My plan is get more French guys to my team, to make national team better.

    Lot of deadwood going out once again. Didnt find any real first team youngsters here, so i let them leave.
    Team Perfomance
    We had really good league season last time, with only 2 draws to our name. Can we do it same good ? 

    Even better ! We drawed only 1 game and went unbeatean all league season again. We scored two goals less. But atleast we had clean sweep of trophies this time. 

    Solid win over Monaco to start season. Geubbels grabbed a brace.

    Another solid final for us. Geubbels once again with an brace.

    Another final, another brace for Geubbels. 

    No braces this time. Tielemans own goal late in second half gives us a title.

    Those easy finals are getting casual for now. 4-0 smashing over Metz with Geubbels finding 1.

    Our hardest CL final so far. Geubbels getting an hattrick saves us for going on penalties. Just on point. Really great game anyway.
    1. 200 itn goals
    We opened up thinga with 7 goals at first itn season. Can we finally get firing this time ?

    Yes ! We added 25 goals in just 14 games to our account. What a itn season for us ! Couldnt get any better. 
    Challenge total: 32/200
    2. 2000 goals challenge
    We did hit total of 95 goals last season. Can we break 100 goal mark first time at this career ? 

    83 club goals is really dissapointing result to be honest. I was expecting to get close too 100. 
    But 25 itn goals saves our season. That makes it total of 107 goals for this season. Can be actuali quite happy with it.
    Challenge total:
    Club: 306
    France: 32
    Total: 338/2000
    3. Calender year scoring
    We have set a record on 102 goala in calender year last year. Can we break it again ? 
    We scored 47 goals in the first half of year( including itn) . We need huge 56 for the second half of year.

    We got 45 club goals, which brings us at 92 goals. How did we do in itn stage ? 

    We scored amasing 26 goals on international stage. Thats brings us total of 118 goals in 2021. New year, new record. 
    4. DT assists challenge
    We got 79 assists out of my two boys last year. Can we do it even better ? 
    Asensio gets 35 assists this time, which is 13 more than he got last time. Hoped for even more to be honest.

    And Comans assists drop to 33. Average season for my assist boys actualy. As they only made 68 assists combined. Its a big drop from last year.
    Challenge total:
    Coman: 139
    DT total: 269/1200
    5. Triple threat assist challenge
    After really dissapointing last with that challenge, i really hope to step up this time.

    Excelent season for Geubbels and Kimmich ! Kimmich with his best return so far ! Average for Asensio.
    Challenge total
    Geubbels: 52/102
    Asensio: 130/162
    Kimmich: 22/51
    Decent progress made here.
    We had highest scoring year, but assists let us down. Kimmich did really step up this as he doubeled his assists. Next seaaon i rwally want to break 100 club goals mark and hope my assisters break 80 mark. Thats all for now.
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    Titjes reacted to fRESH in Fresh goes nuts - Geubbels 2k & 4 more challenges (Season 4)   
    Season 3
    Hello vibe once again. Im back with my third update on multi challene career. Last season we were flying, as Geubbels netted 82 and Coman and Asensio assisted 69 goals. Can we do it better this season. Surely itn gives us little boost also.
    There wasnt any transfer activity on first team, so i decided not to screenshot them. 
    Only tournemwnt we had this year was conf cup. 
    And we won easily. We also beat Chile in semi final 3-0. 
    Team perfomance
    Last time we had 105 points at league whilist scoring 106 goals. How did we do this time ?

    Much bettet i think. Unbeaten year, with only 2 draws to our name. We also scored 12 more goals than last year. We really are strong side now ! 

    Close win over Monaco to start off season. Savic second half goal gives us a title.

    Another close win. This time Geubbels finded a net two times and that gives us first ever Euro supercup title.

    This game was really going to be onesided from the beggining. Geubbels had a 4 goal affair.

    Our only upset of the season game on this game. We struggled all the game to get changes and lost on penalties. Unlucky.

    Much more comfortable game. Easy 4-0 win over OM, inspired by Geubbels brace.

    Another Geubbels brace gives us third CL trophy in row. What a team !
    1. 200 itn goals
    So i had my first year in charge of France. Can we get things flying straight away ?
    Asnwer is no. Geubbels nets 7 goals in 9 apps for france this season. I really strugled to get my formation going for France. 
    Challenge total: 7/200
    2. 2000goals challenge
    Last year we scored amasing 82 goals. Can my main step up even more ?

    Yes ! He scores 6 more goals than last, which is incredible tally for 19 years old guy. Really happy with him. He truly is delivering. And with 7 itn goals added means he scores 95 total this season.
    Challenge total :
    Club: 223
    France: 7
    Total: 230/2000
    Im really happy to break 200 goals mark before age of 20. Im really believing we can do this now. 
    3. Calender year scoring
    Geubbels scored amasing 54 goals in first half of the year. Can we break record this year ? 

    He adds 43 club goals in second half.

    And 5 itn goals which makea it total 102 goals in calender year. Remember he is only 19 years old ! This is some achievement. 
    4. Assist DT
    Last year we assisted 69 times. Can we break that ?

    Coman had his best year by far. As he assisted 57 times last season. 

    But Asensio had quiet year this time. He also had some injuries to ruin his form. Only 22 assists to be added to his name.
    That gives us total 79 assists this season which is still nice upgrade.
    Challenge total:
    Asensio: 95
    Coman: 106
    DT: 201/1200
    5. Triple threat assists

    Geubbels with nice 16 assists. Asensio and Kimmich really dissapointed me this season. Hope they can step up next season.
    Challenge total:
    Geubbels: 37/102
    Asensio: 95/162
    Kimmich: 11/51
    This year had his ups and dows. Geubbels and Coman really smashed it and Asensio and Kimmich brought us down. 
    Im really looking foward to next years WC as its my first really big tournament with France. Also im really hoping all the guys can finally deliever in the same time.
  23. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to 1759 in 1759 goes for a 1k   
    Season 3
    Here we are in Season 3. We won everything last season and Parrott showed a bit more promise. We’ll see how he performed in season 3.
    Any I’ll get started with the transfers.
    Onana came in to compete with Becker for the number 1 GK spot. Ajer was bought as a rotation player for either central defence or midfield. I wasn’t sure how often he’d play but didn’t want to risk not having enough cover for those positions. Pellegrini came in to battle it out for a place in midfield whilst Pied came in through the youth set up and is golden! This is his attributes after first season. 

    He is going to be class. I also brought Trent in during the January transfer window to replace outgoing Klostermann who was somehow sold, I say somehow as I’m sure I clicked to not accept the transfer but maybe I hit wrong button. Anyway Trent is better but also cost a lot.

    Ajer left after the season finished to go to Monaco as he wasn’t happy not playing very often. Klostermann went to Arsenal and not sure why Marquinhos transfer is on last seasons outs and this seasons, guess it must have been the timing of the transfer. Rest were just players I had no plans for.

    League was won comfortably again with just 4 draws and 118 goals scored. We we pretty tight defensively only conceding 15.

    Trophiee des Champions
    comfortable win with Parrott getting on the scoresheet.

    Euro. Super Cup
    A bit of a hammering for Porto. Parrott got a brace but Mbappe stole the show with a hat trick.

    Club World Championship
    Victory in a one sided final but we didn’t bring our shooting boots and had to settle for just the 2 goals.

    Coupe de la Ligue BKT
    Victory was had in the final in an easy match with Parrott getting in on the action.

    French Cup
    A closer game in the final but we started to play in the second half and managed to get the winner to avoid extra time (Well that’s if it goes to extra time as it may just be straight to pens).

    Champions Cup
    We were the better team in the final but it was hard work getting past Man City to win the trophy for the second year running.


    Parrott’s Season
    His stats have increased but his stamina and strength are still lacking but I have no doubt they’ll improve once he gets into his 20’s.

    Same goal total as last year but with a few games less played.

    Challenge Total
    Season goals: 62
    + previous total of 103
    Total: 165/2000
    Parrott started the season well but hit a brick wall in the middle of the season when he got a little injury and had a horrible spell until about February. I’m still tweaking a lot and I changed a few things in February and he had a great run after that. I think judging by his assists my system may not be optimal with too many goals going to their players. He didn’t get as many assists from February onwards though and scored over a goal a game in that period so I’ll stick with it for this next season at least.
  24. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Titjes and the Infinity Glove --> November   
    Great numbers mate 😁
  25. Favourite
    Titjes got a reaction from Nucleus in Titjes and the Infinity Glove --> November   
    Update 3: November

    1 - 2 vs Sevilla AWAY
    2 - 0 vs Manchester United AWAY
    2 - 1 vs Levante HOME
    1 - 3 vs Leganés AWAY
    2 - 2 vs Spartak Moscow AWAY
    Goals & Assists
    Player Goals Assists Nabil Bentaleb 2  4 (+1) Timo Werner 22 (+5) 5 (+2) Houssem Aouar 0 5 (+1) Kingsley Coman 7 (+1) 9 (+3) Kevin De Bruyne 1  10 (+1) Eden Hazard 12 (+2) 5   
    Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated  
    If I made a mistake, let me know