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    Titjes reacted to Kun Aguero in Turkish Delight - A Triple Threat Attempt   
    Turkish Delight (Season 2)
    The kids had scored 34 goals in their first season, a horrible number, but acceptable since they have an average age of 16. Not expecting much improvement this season either.
    The Turkish Trio
    Player 1 - Ali Akman

    He was the best performer last season with 15 goals, but dropped slightly this season, only managed to hit in 12 goals. In terms of attributes, he looks better now with his Shooting, Aerial and Movement above 15, which makes him a decent poacher. Need to improve his stamina though, cannot play 2 games straight.
    Player 2 - Fehmi Koc

    After being the worst player last season, Fehmi Koc improved a lot scoring 18 goals this season, 10 more than his last season's tally. His attributes does not look very good though.
    Player 3 - Omer Beyaz

    Finally a nature striker, and a better performance than last season, 17 goals. Got his first call-up to the national team, scoring 2 goals in 4 caps, but those won't count as I haven't got the national team job.
    Team Performance
    Triple Threat Summary

    47 goals from the Trio this season, slightly better than last season, but still not good enough. They are still very young, I'm only going to expect more goals when they reach 20+. Slow progress, but that's what you expect when you choose 3 very young players. Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😀
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    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in An African Extravaganza 11-in-1   
    Time for the next set of player reveals. The two players who will be part of the Triple Threat Assists Challenge
    The next Moroccan midfield hope,

    and the Senegal wonderkid who will operate as the right wing back:

    More details will follow. Stay tuned
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    Titjes reacted to BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    - Update 27 -
    Amateur Player 27: "Million" Miles Thomas
    "Flip Flap" did really nice softening the pain "Dracula" had caused us FMM months earlier. With some unamateuristically consistent performances he brought us back on track with 26 gls to show for. This flipflaps us on 684 gls flipped in and 316 flapped out. And we move on with haste. Next Amateur - > from Welsh club: Caerau Ely - player #27: "Million" Miles Thomas.
    BG: I suppose you think you're a 'One in a Million' player?
    Miles: no, not me.
    BG: that's the best thing I've heard in a million years, hehe, get it?
    Miles: well, it's kinda true though.
    BG: fuck, here we go.
    Miles: no, wait, it's true in the sense that I make "once in a million years" stuff happen.
    BG: and that's the worst in a million. How quickly things change.
    Miles: can I make you a "million years stuff" promise?
    BG: no.
    Miles: I'm going to score you a million goals.
    BG: as in a 'one' with six 'zeros'?
    Miles: yes, Boss.
    BG: Sigh, I can think of 1,000,000 reasons why I shouldn't have signed you, Miles.


    Technical Attributes - nothing. Most likely due to the fact that I've put him on light intensity training. Low stamina thus he needed every rest he could get to increase pitch minutes. 
    Mental Attributes - nothing noteworthy to report here. Yes, Movement did shoot up from 5 to 6 but that pretty much means nothing. Taking rests took the priority over insignificant skill bumps. 
    Physical Attributes - as we've come to be accustomed to by now, nothing noteworthy to report here either. Perfect. Plan clearly worked as he's missed very few minutes, despite Stamina 9.

    Some showing up here. Two! braces. One of goals and the other of missed penalties. Shame as this could've been a killer night with 4 gls. Not in a million years I suppose. 

    Lovely brace to seal a fine derby win over Boavista. A 12th straight win brings the fans joy and bragging rights up until our next Invicta clash. 

    You think a brace of missed penalties was bad, how about a hattrick of 'em. Yup, "Million" does do his name justice by showing us "not in a million years" stuff. Unfortunately it's the kind I rather not be any part of. 

    I've stopped dreaming unrealistically big with these amateur people so I'm taking however many numbers they can give to the cause. "Million" didn't quite score the million as promised, only 999,974 gls short, but 26 will do just fine. And with these goals we've passed the 700-goal mark with real amateur players. That's a decent achievement in itself I suppose. That leaves us slightly under 300 gls for regen amateurs to score and bring us the total of a 1,000.
    Thanks for the views and see you back for Update 28 with the first amateur regen in this career.
    Current standings:
    *Due to amateur clubs promoting to/relegating from divisions or earning (semi-)professional status as we progress - the original list of 48 amateur clubs in DB will be updated.
    Amateur Players
    Salim Aïssa "The Sleeper" - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Queen's Park: 19 gls Christian "The Curveball" Nissen - 🇩🇰 Aarhus Fremad: 25 gls Ryan "Half-time" Hudson - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Undy Athletic: 24 gls Nuno "Nut-Cracker" Martins - 🇵🇹 Paredes: 28 gls Malthe "Mind games" Boesen - 🇩🇰 Brabrand IF: 21 gls Lewis "Lewandowski" Iles - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Cwmbran Celtic: 27 gls Diogo "Senhor🍷Port" Paixão - 🇵🇹 Vila Real: 32 gls William "Wasteful" Møller - 🇩🇰 FC Sydvest 05: 29 gls Fernando "Fingers" Carpegiani - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Corwen: 30 gls "Nostradamus" Neto - 🇵🇹 Alcochetense: 27 gls João Nuno "The Nutmeggee" - 🇵🇹 Eléctrico FC: 23 gls "Pea roller" Papalélé - 🇵🇹 AD Camacha: 27 gls Philip Stoustrup "Sitter" - 🇵🇹 Atlético Riachense: 28 gls José "Jaded" Peixoto - 🇵🇹 Alta de Lisboa: 29 gls "Yodeler" Younes Christiansen - 🇩🇰 Roskilde KFUM: 25 gls "Almost Epic" Edson Carvalho - 🇵🇹 CD Sobrado: 26 gls Davie "Dummy Runner" Galt - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Pontypridd Town: 19 gls Hircane "Hurricane" Graça - 🇵🇹 GD Bragança: 27 gls Beto "Boot it" Lopez - 🇵🇹 Aguia Vimioso:  30 gls Pedro "Sugar daddy" Soares - 🇵🇹 Pontassolense: 32 gls Russell "Chip shot" Currie - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Brickfield: 34 gls "Bob" Marley Farrell - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 STM Sports: 23 gls  James "Cracker" Cresser - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Denbigh: 25 gls Duarte "Fox in the Box" Ferreira - 🇩🇰 Boldklubben 1908: 29 gls "Dracula" Dominic Kwarasey - 🇩🇰 Naesby BK: 19 gls Viriato "Flip Flap" Fernandes - 🇵🇹 Amiense: 26 gls "Million" Miles Thomas - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Caerau Ely: 26 gls  
    Total Amateur Games: 786
    Total Amateur Goals: 710/1000
    Amateur Gls/M Ratio: 0.90
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    Titjes reacted to BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    A few stats re the FMM20 manageable amateur clubs for the interested minds on Vibe.. 
    The original DB gives us 48 amateur clubs to manage. Divided as follows:
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 teams: 19 🇵🇹 teams: 15 🇩🇰 teams: 13 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 teams: 1 Total teams: 48 After 13 seasons this is what's left.. 
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 teams: 14 🇵🇹 teams: 6 🇩🇰 teams: 11 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 teams: 0 Total teams: 31 4 Welsh teams turned professional with 1 gone missing from the DB. Only 1 Portuguese team turned pro with a staggering 8 gone missing. Also just 1 Danish team turned pro with the second one doing a poof. And the only manageable Scottish amateur team, Queen's Park, is now doing things professionally. So from the original 48 amateur teams we're left with just 31.
    On the flip side, we're handed a large number of new amateur teams of which, doing a rough estimate here, about ¼ have amateur regens to sign for this challenge and the other ¾ greyed out players only. 
    As for this current Amateur 1KC, there's one last real player I'm able to use who's going to bring my total to 700+ goals with real players. Well, if shit doesn't hit any nearby fans of course. After that I'll be dipping my toes in the regen pool for the remaining 300 or so goals. 
    Update 27 up next... 
  5. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to MikeF in MikeF - The Italian Job (Triple Threat)   
    Continuing the save from my Double Trouble career (need to get that 30 year achievement), we pick things up with the world famous old striped horse of Turin. 

    Keeping it local I had 8 days to scout and find 3 potential Italian world beaters before the first game of the season. 

    Two wonderkids signed and one lad promoted from the academy. They’ve all got good pace so let’s see how they develop. 
    Season 1
    Stats before and after...



    Some great growth with the new signings. Torregrosso looks pretty special. Ursini from the academy doesn’t look amazing but he bagged 20 goals from 42 matches so a good return. Let’s see how the carry on. 
    The inherited squad was ok. Good strikers (pointless for this) and decent wingers abut not much else so a rebuild is needed.

    Still, managed to take the league convincingly but crashed out of the CL in the group stage. 

    Not that the names mean anything but wingers giving the assists and strikers doing their jobs. 

    End of Season 1:
    Rieti: 15
    Torregrosso: 30
    Ursini: 20
    Total: 65/1500
    To go: 1435
  6. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in An African Extravaganza 11-in-1   
    Ok, so time to get the reveals started. Since i have never done a single club long career in Germany, so this time my choice of the club is of course:

    Yes, i am taking reigns of the mightiest club in Germany where all the action will happen. Also, most of you must have made out by now that this save will feature mostly African players so that i can get started in the Pride of Continent Challenge.
    Also, here is my first player reveal, the man who will be taking the Goal-A-Minute challenge, the Moroccan maestro:

    More details will follow. Stay tuned
  7. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to MikeF in MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax - COMPLETE   
    Season 14
    And we’ve done it. Not without its ups and downs but the boys did good. 




    End of Season 14
    Goals: 91 (45+46)
    Total 1240
    Would have been nice if Arezo would have signed a new deal as reckon I could have got a lot more goals out of them but he decided to move to Watford for half the salary I was paying him. No seriously... I was even offering him more but he didn’t want to stay.

    Good move buddy...
    Anyway, the challenge and my time at Ajax has come to an end.

    But this story is far from over!

    To be continued...
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    Titjes reacted to Foxy in English football   
  9. Shocked
    Titjes reacted to Mr Tree in English football   
    203 😮 or 6'8" in old money. Yeah.
  10. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in An African Extravaganza 11-in-1   
    Hi, welcome to my latest long career as i take a mind-boggling 11 challenges after being inspired from @Titjes.
    1. Triple Threat Challenge
    2. The Double Trouble Challenge
    3. 1000 Goal Challenge
    4. Calendar Year Scoring Challenge
    5. Goal A Minute Challenge
    6. Triple Threat Assist Challenge
    7. Pride of a Continent Challenge
    8. 200 International Goal Challenge
    9. The Assist Challenge
    10. The Champions Streak Challenge
    11. The Manager's 1000 Goal Challenge
    More details to follow. Stay tuned
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    Titjes reacted to smoggy90 in The Bermuda Triangle - Triple Threat Attempt   
    Seasons 12 and 13
    Double update on this career and we head into the final (hopefully) few seasons.
    There's no point showing transfers as we are well into regen territory now.
    Club Results
    Clean sweeps both seasons with the CL finals being particular highlights.

    Bermuda is a real challenge but also quite fun.
    We finished season 12 during the Gold Cup which we did really well to get out of the group but lost in the quarters to the USA.

    Season 13 started with a friendly against Nicaragua which produced my best single performance from one of my Bermudans with a 5 goal haul from Pearman including a 7 minute hat trick.

    We also qualified for the North American Nations league which we managed to finish a creditable 3rd.

    All in a very successful time with the national team and we are currently sat 115th in the world rankings. It would be nice to break that top 100 but time may be against us.
    In total my trio scored 46 international goals over these two seasons. 
    Manager Profile at the end of season 13;

    This is how our guys are looking at the end of season 13. They are now hitting their 30's but have new contracts for another 5 years so plenty of time. No real regression apart from after bad injuries. Like i have mentioned before they have always been poor players so maybe their attributes won't decrease too much too quickly but we will see.

    Another bad injury for Talbot this time, although it was before the start of the season so didn't miss too many games.

    This is how they got on goals-wise for the previous two seasons.

    In summary, 224 goals over the last two season leaves us 197 short of our target. Can we finish in two more seasons? A bit of luck with injuries then it could be possible. If we do make it then it the international goals will have been crucial, i don't think i could do this just based on club goals.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Titjes reacted to Ian in Ian - The English Killer Challenge (Season 2)   
    Thank you @Rob, @smoggy90 and @danovic78 for the comments. It’s highly appreciated.
    I was going to post the second season of this last weekend but didn’t get round to it so here I am now to round it off so we can see how Toney got on during the second season.
    Season Two
    Toney did okay last season without pulling up any trees so the hope was that we could improve the squad going into season two to hopefully assist him in getting more goals.
    There were a few players in the reserve squad who returned from being loaned out last year and a few were strikers and valued quite highly so they were sold off to raise funds. We tried to improve the squad with a few new signings and some young promising youngsters were loaned in so we ended up with a good blend of youth and experience.
    This season was very similar to the last in terms of results and trophies won but we were much more prolific and scored a fair few more goals including 92 in the league which whilst not being great was a good improvement on last years paltry 65. The Greek Cup was won again and we were knocked out of the Champions League at the same stage as last year at the first knockout round so the team isn’t quite ready to properly compete in Europe quite yet.

    Ivan Toney
    There was a slight improvement from Toney this season as he managed 60 goals in 52 games but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t really improve too much in attributes over the two seasons. I know he’s not really young but I had hoped and almost expected at least one of his 14’s to turn green but can’t be helped. He’s been a tank though as I don’t think he suffered an injury over the two season plus I used him in a recent VPL challenge and he was the same there too.

    Toney scored a high percentage of our goals again this season as nobody else managed to get into double digits. Apart from my corner taker the assists were quite well spread throughout the team which was pleasing.
    Season One
    Ivan Toney (Goals): 56
    League Points: 94
    Goal Difference: 49
    Season Two
    Ivan Toney (Goals): 60
    League Points: 99
    Goal Difference: 77
    Total: 435 points
    Upon looking at my managers profile it would appear that I’ve used superstar reputation for this, well I can’t be totally sure but I am world class now and revered so I’m guessing I have. I’ll leave it up to @danovic78 whether it qualifies for the leaderboard but regardless I’ve enjoyed the challenge and highly recommend it to others.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Titjes reacted to MikeF in MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax - COMPLETE   
    Season 13
    They're buckling down to see this one out. Fati signed a new deal - the board let me pay up to £700k a week for him - but Arezo is refusing and this is the last season on his contract. Annoying the board won’t let me pay him stupid wages but his stats have dropped so maybe they don’t think he’s worth it. Regardless I should be able to finish it this season...




    End of Season 13:
    Goals: 95 (44+51)
    Total 1149/1200
    To go: 51
    Lets do this. 
  14. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to MikeF in MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax - COMPLETE   
    Season 12
    Better from the lads. Arezo has 3 injuries and also wants a new challenge so had a terrible first half of the season but after chatting to him a lot he settled for a while and started scoring again. He’s currently unsettled again however... 




    End of Season 12:
    Goals: 91 (40+51)
    Total 1054/1200
    To go: 146
    Azero won’t sign a new deal but I have him for two more years meaning I should finishing this ok by then. hopefully I’ll get him to sign a new deal before then but he’s unsettled and being very disruptive.
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    Titjes reacted to Kanegan in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    Well, with the ITN job incoming hopefully, things will look up.
  16. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Rob in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    ITN job is coming!!! Woohoo! 
  17. Favourite
    Titjes got a reaction from BatiGoal in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    Season 5 update
    Season Info

    Manager Profile

    The Players:
    Pedro Neto

    How did he do:
     Rafael Leao

    How did he do:
    Joao Félix

    How did he do:
    Challenge 1: Triple Threat
    Players Goals Pedro Neto 31 Rafael Leao 37 Joao Félix 32 THIS SEASON 100 OLD TOTAL 354 NEW TOTAL 454 / 1500  
     Challenge 2: Double Trouble
    Players Goals OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Pedro Neto + Rafael Leao 31 + 37 252 320 / 1200 Pedro Neto + Joao Félix 31 + 32 190 253 / 1200 Rafael Leao + Joao Félix 37 + 32 266 335 / 1200  
     Challenge 3: 1K
    Players Goals OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Pedro Neto 31 88 119 / 1000 Rafael Leao 37 164 201 / 1000 Joao Félix 32 102 134 / 1000  
     Challenge 4: Calender Year Scoring
     Challenge 5: Gundogan's Victory
    1 - 0
    2 - 0
    3 - 0
    4 - 0
    5 - 0
    6 - 0
    7 - 0
    8 - 0
    9 - 0 (Thanks @BatiGoal)
     Challenge 6: Goal A Minute

    9 Unique numbers this season
    Challenge 7: Triple Threat Assists
    The Players:
    Moussa Wagué

    How did he do:
    Arne Maier

    How did he do:
    Rafael Leao

    How did he do:
    Players Assists OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Moussa Wagué 24 86 110 / 51 Arne Maier 24 52 76 / 162 Rafael Leao 22 81 103 / 102  
    On the last day of the season I saw and applied for this... Will I get the job when the season starts 🤔
    I hope you guys enjoy 😉
    If you find any mistakes, please let me know 😄
    Comments & feedback are always appreciated 😊
  18. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Week 6: Turning Back The Tide
    This is the penultimate challenge of the league stage and with playoff places to be consolidated and late charges to be made there is plenty to play for.
    I have gone back a 1000 years for inspiration this week.
    It is the mid 1020’s, @BatiGoal and @Woody are just starting school and a Danish Viking named Canute Sweynsson has built himself an empire in the North Sea by being crowned the king of England, Norway and Denmark. He is at the height of his powers and no one in his court would dare to refuse him a request or suggest that his ideas aren’t very good as he is gods anointed ruler of the three kingdoms. This frustrates the man that became known as Cnut the Great as he knows he is just a man and doesn’t have the power of god so he devises a plan to proof to his advisors that however powerful he is as King he isn’t more powerful than god or the forces of nature.
    The story goes that he tells his courtiers that if he is as powerful as they suggest he should be able to turn back the tide. His throne is taken to a beach and as the tide comes in he commands it to turn back out to sea but it is no good and eventually he has wet feet thus proving that he doesn’t have as much power as God or the forces of nature.

    The Challenge - This is a half season challenge and all competitive games count towards your score.
    You will be appointing your own Danish king in the shape of a defender already at the club and he will have to try and turn back the tide of the opposition attacks all on his own.
    You will all be managing FC Copenhagen in the Danish top division and your first task is to pick one of there Danish defenders to be your king. He must be natural (light green) in any of the defender positions (CB,LB,RB) and the rest of the players in the squad who are natural in those positions must be either sold or demoted.
    You then must play a formation that only has your King playing in the defensive strata. He can play in any of the positions at the back but he must be the only player back there with the rest of the outfield team no deeper than the DM/WB strata. You may pick one natural Danish defender from the reserves to be a back up in the event of injury or suspension but he can only play if your King can’t physically play and if he can’t play either you will have to use a non natural defender.
    3 points per win in all competitions + 1pt per draw in all competitions - 1 pt per goal conceded in all competitions.
    Rules and Clarifications
    You will be playing as FC Copenhagen. No transfers in. Play up to the winter break which comes in mid December (approx 15th Dec is final game before the break). Sell or demote all players who have light green in a defensive position (CB,LB,RB) apart from your Danish defender who will be your “King Cnut”. You may have a back up Danish defender from the reserve team but he can only play if your main man gets an injury or suspension. If your reserve defender gets injured or suspended you will have to play a non defender in that position. Your formation can only have one player in the defender strata of the pitch in every minute of every match. No cheating of any kind. All results must be posted to Sam in the PM you already have set up for the event. Have fun. Screenshots Required
    Your appointed Kings profiles and history at the beginning and end of the challenge. Your back up defender profile and history at the beginning and end of the challenge. League table Manager history Squad listed by appearances Tactic Fixtures Any questions then please just ask.
    Deadline: Sunday 16th February 2020 @11.59pm UK Time
  19. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to MikeF in MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax - COMPLETE   
    Season 11
    Disappointing season here. I’m sure the CWC takes its toll on players’ preseason as had this issue with my 1.5k goal career too. The boys just didn’t click. Was also a bit of a transition season with new blood coming in so I’m hoping for a big season now to make up for this. 



    Success all round. 


    End of Season 11:
    Goals: 79 (46+33)
    Total 963/1200
    To go: 237
  20. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to BatiGoal in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    @Titjes I mean this..
    Just don't want you to celebrate prematurely and have Sam take it away from you. He'd love nothing more than that, trust me 😂 
  21. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Rob in Rob tries a Strikerless 1kc - One Season Strikerless Results   
    One Season Strikerless
    So along with Moriba, I opted for Lemar and Dembele. Two (nearly) world class players in the game; Moriba got 34 goals and 19 assists, totalling 53; Dembele got 27 goals and 23 assists, totalling 50; Lemar got 28 goals and 25 assists, totalling 53; Did you know the Lakhta Tower in Russia is the tallest building in Europe? It is 462.5m tall and has 87 floors. I am scared of heights and this terrifies me; That’s 153 from the players; Barcelona got a goal difference of 86 and 102 league points, totalling 188; This gives us a final score of 341
    Thanks for reading!
  22. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in The Augusta Challenge: Ian Vs Foxy - 14th Hole Results   
    I was looking forward to this hole as although I knew it would never be easy it was nice to be able to build my squad how I wished and use which ever tactic I felt best without any restrictions on needing to play certain players or sell/buy certain players.
    I need at least a 🐦 to keep ahead of @Ian otherwise he will have clawed back my two hole advantage in the last two holes we have played.
    It wasn’t a great start as I lost in the WCC final but as this competition doesn’t count for this challenge as it is played every 4 years it didn’t matter that much.

    Lets do this on a competition by competition basis.
    Premier League
    Let’s start with the easiest competition to win. I say that simply because I have a world class squad and even a few lost points if I rest players isn’t going to make that much difference over the course of 38 games.
    Champions League
    Next up we will look at what I think is the 2nd easiest competition to win when you have a world class squad. I say this because you have a group stage and then 2 leg matches up to the final so the game can’t shithouse you and knock you out based on just one bad performance. The final is a different matter but then it comes a couple of weeks after the league finishes so your fit players are at 100% so again you go in with a good chance if you have a deep and quality squad.
    Super Cups
    The Super Cup and Community Shield come nice and early when the players are fully fit but they are one off matches and mistakes can happen.
    FA Cup
    So much depends on the draw you get but with replays in the early rounds at least there can be a 2nd chance to get through.
    League Cup
    That means if I won the League Cup in Season 2 I would have completed a clean sweep in both seasons and will get a coveted 🦅
    Season 2
    Up next...
    Hole 14 - Chinese Fir (Par 4)
    A very attractive hole full of the originally Spanish turned Chinese flowers and one that is very possible to birdie. Just what is needed after a devilish experience in Amen Corner. It's a fairly kind challenge (really!) and shouldn't cause too much stress!
    Challenge - Buy a strike force of a Spaniard and a Chinese. Must *combined* score as many between them in all competitions as possible in one season.
    Birdie - 90 goals
    Par - 70 goals
    Bogey - 50 goals
    Double Bogey - 25 goals
    Triple Bogey - 24 or less goals
  23. Favourite
    Titjes got a reaction from Ian in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    Season 4 update
    Small changes, great results
    Season Info

    Manager Profile

    The Players:
    Pedro Neto

    How did he do:
     Rafael Leao

    How did he do:
    Joao Félix

    How did he do:
    Challenge 1: Triple Threat
    Players Goals Pedro Neto 31 Rafael Leao 50 Joao Félix 27 THIS SEASON 108 OLD TOTAL 246 NEW TOTAL 354 / 1500  
     Challenge 2: Double Trouble
    Players Goals OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Pedro Neto + Rafael Leao 31 + 50 171 252 / 1200 Pedro Neto + Joao Félix 31 + 27 132 190 / 1200 Rafael Leao + Joao Félix 50 + 27 189 266 / 1200  
     Challenge 3: 1K
    Players Goals OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Pedro Neto 31 57 88 / 1000 Rafael Leao 50 114 164 / 1000 Joao Félix 27 75 102 / 1000  
     Challenge 4: Calender Year Scoring
     Challenge 5: Gundogan's Victory
    1 - 0
    2 - 0
    3 - 0
    4 - 0
    5 - 0
    6 - 0
    7 - 0
    8 - 0
     Challenge 6: Goal A Minute

    7 Unique numbers again this season
    Challenge 7: Triple Threat Assists
    The Players:
    Moussa Wagué

    How did he do:
    Arne Maier

    How did he do:
    Rafael Leao

    How did he do:
    Players Assists OLD TOTAL NEW TOTAL Moussa Wagué 26 60 86 / 51 Arne Maier 15 37 52 / 162 Rafael Leao 20 51 81 / 102  
    I hope you guys enjoy 😉
    If you find any mistakes, please let me know 😄
    Comments & feedback are always appreciated 😊
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    Titjes reacted to BatiGoal in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 5]   
    Ok, coffee was strong enough but I may need to double up on my shots for your next update read. 
    Btw, the Gündogan one goes up till 9-0 🙂
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    There is far too much maths going on here but great effort so far 😟
    Ive had Felix a few times but have been disappointed with him. Just never seems to kick on.