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  1. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge [Season Sixteen]   
    Season Sixteen
    This is it, surely the penultimate season of this career. We are nearly there, 104 goals from Mbappé will see him smash the 1.5K mark that was set when this challenge was born. Two more seasons should be enough.
    Just the two outgoing transfers, and one of them is my favourite player of this save except for Alaba,Havertz and Mbappé. I’m talking about my Gareth Bale regen John Wilmot who to look at is absolutely fantastic with 20’s all over the shop. Unfortunately as you can see below he is way too injury prone.

    To sell him for his £160m face value is a bonus and I just hope it doesn’t come and bite us on the backside! 

    That left us needing a left winger, and I got one in the shape of a Brazilian from Juventus, not as good as Wilmot but he’s certainly got the right tools in his locker to do a job.

    Trophée des Champions- Beat Lille 3-2, Mbappé grabbing a hatrick European Super Cup - Beat Dortmund 2-0 Club World Cup - Beat River Plate 4-1, Mbappé scoring a brace Coupe de la Ligue - Beat Lille 2-1 after being behind for most of the match French Cup - Beat Lorient 1-0, Mbappé scoring the winner League - Easy peasy lemon squeezy Champions League - Totally outclassed by a superb Spurs side 4-2. Gutting  
    Manager Profile & Season History:

    Kylian Mbappé 1K Challenge:
    He’s definitely on the decline as he loses two points of pace whilst his stamina and strength drop to the blue. His technical and mental attributes are still world class so them alone should see him over the line. In the end 88 goals in 55 matches is a great return for a striker of his age and leaves us needing only 16 goals to beat this challenge!

    Challenge Totals:
    Games: 886
    Goals: 1,484
    Kai Havertz Assists Challenge:
    Now this man has dropped out of nowhere! A couple of injuries this year including a two month spell out at one point, sees his attributes shot! Drops to low blues in physical and his technical has also taken a huge hit! How did it reflect on his performances though? 38 assists in 49 games is what he mustered, and all things considered I’m happy with that. He’s now passed the 500 goals mark too which is excellent.

    Challenge Totals:
    Games: 916
    Goals: 512
    Assists: 786
    Triple Threat Assists Challenge:
    Finally, David Alaba. The 40 year old left back who just keeps on giving. His attributes are gone, with his physical ones into single figures. Whilst his technicals have also taken a blow. He did however manage to play more games this year and also managed more assists. Brilliant 😁 12 assists and 6 yellow cards in total for this incredible player.

    Challenge Totals:
    Alaba - 183/51 ✅
    Havertz - 786/162 ✅
    Mbappé- 203/102 ✅
    Total: 1,172
    Alaba Yellow Cards: 187
    Thanks for reading
  2. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Woody in Every Threesome Needs a Woody - The CCW1KC - S10   
    As i post this 'my final update' i'm feeling a little deflated but also having a huge sense of accomplishment.
    Before i get into why let me firstly show who my final convert would be.
    Please welcome....

    Iwobi is a player i had my eye on since my 2nd go but for some reason i shyed away.
    He was 31 when i eventually decided to take the plunge.

    I gave myself a little challenge this season to try and get that 100 goal difference and i was soo close. Pleased with the unbeaten season though.

    A superb win over the Brazilians which really should of heralded more goals.

    Braga are a bit of a bogie side for me so winning the Final against them was good.

    A close game here that needed a penalty shootout for us to win.

    A strange game against the a Turks having been 3 up we let claw it back in side a suicidal 9 mins.

    I just wish we were more clinical here.😐
    The champions Cup run ended at the semi-final stage as a solid home win over Juve looked like we would go through but some how we just couldnt score in the away leg and Juve managed 2.

    Overall i'm pleased with my trophy haul.
    So back to Iwobi...i'm glad i chose him but i wish i had done it sooner as his age was a concern but i went for it anyway.
    A solid start to the season saw him amass 56 by Jan 1st and i honestly thought he is on for a 100 finish here or as close as i can get.
    To be honest i just wanted to beat my best total of 92.
    Unfortunately a lull at the end of the season and his flat out refusal to retrain meant he could only reach 81!!
    I was gutted.

    Those assists too....i have to say one thing i have noticed team work in a striker has no bearing on his amount of goals scored imo. That is in my tactic anyway. 😕
    It has been an absolute pleasure to have been asked by @Rob2017 & @Foxy to take part in this challenge. I was by no means anywhere near as good on the EME as these two but i've found myself pushed and i was able to create something that has done reasonably well.
    Thanks to everyone who has commented it has helped my new found love for the EME and im going to be pushing on with it more in 19 and hopefully doing more complex challenges.

  3. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to PriZe in FMM 18: The Vibe Shield   
    The Vibe Shield Semi-Final @Foxy vs @Rob2017 Result
    Welcome all to the first Semi-Final result reveal!  Both Foxy and Rob went to the beautiful city of Milan to try and bring them back to glory.
    If it comes down to managing your wallet then this round would have been won by Foxy as he just spend 190 compaired to Rob who really through around his weight with a spend of 372 mil   Is this a sign of further results? Did Foxy go for mediocre players? And as you can expect with the difference in the spent money they didn't have one player in common  
    The Cup's
    Cups cups cups, who doesn't like a good Cup drama? One mistake and your out, and drop out to early, and you might see your competitor run away with a nice point advantage. So let's see if our modest spender (are you Dutch Foxy? Sitting on your money) made Milan proud?
    The Italian Cup
    And the simple answer is ... 

    NO as Foxy brought Milan all the way too the final, but loses it in the 120th minute... Yes... he lost the game in the last minute of the game... I can only imagine it being as gutting as getting a 1000 yard screamer from KDB ( @Ashez)  against and lose your H2H   
    The big question, could Rob take advantage of this laps in performance?

    Well that's a clear awnser, YES, money buys results apparently.
    So after the first cup Rob has a small lead over Foxy.
    Italian Cup points
    Foxy: 9 points
    Rob2017: 12 points
    The Euro Cup
    Nobody screwed up here in the group phase (yeah, i'm surprised as well  ) and both reached the final! And allthough i asked Foxy for his save i couldn't find anything wrong with his result. But seriously, who knew this club? And they are in the final?  

    Anyways Foxy managed to win the Euro cup game (just) against a club i still find hard to believe they exist. Now allll the pressure is at Rob. Can he hold on too his lead?

    Yeah he can, although he had a rough start. Luckily Messi Jr scores in the 92th minute to give Rob full points!
    Euro Cup points
    Foxy: 24 points
    Rob2017: 24 points
    Foxy 33 points vs Rob 36 points giving Rob a lead of just 3 points!
    The League
    The all important league! If you do it right the basis of your win lies here! So let's see how big spender Rob did?

    Well this is like Real Madrid back in the day, spending money doesn't bring you results  Coming in 2nd in the league, and seriously what's up with the 85 goals against Rob?  That being said Rob managed to get 110 points from the league.
    Over to our resident Fox! Can he do better? Or is he going to lose with just 3,2 or 1 point difference

    Boom Foxy doesn;t take any prisoners! Winning the league and having a substantial goal difference Foxy nets himself a nice 144 points! Blowing Rob out of the water Who says you need to spend money to get a result? Maybe buy a better keeper @Rob2017?
    League points
    Foxy: 144
    Rob2017: 110
    Semi-Final Result 
    Foxy takes the win as he beats a Rob with a score of 177 points versus 146 points from Rob. Congrats to @Foxy for being the first Vibe Shield Finalist! And great fight Rob! Better luck next time!
  4. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    So at the beginning of season 9, Carlos Ancelotti finally decided to relinquish control of Italy and a new manager took over 😁

    The TT trio have already scored 62 international goals before this change of management.
  5. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    Season 8 - 2024/2025
    Can Bayern continue to steamroller their way across Europe and through the Bundesliga?
    A crazy offer for a guy in the reserves funded a number of other potential talents.

    Another amazing season!

    Significant games
    Triple-Threat Challenge
    Moise Kean
    Pietro Pellegri
    Andrea Pinamonti
    TT Scores
    During the season this came up in my news feed - something I hadn’t seen before

  6. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to kts365 in The Freebie 1k Earnshaw Hat-trick Challenge (season 6)   
    Season 6
    A decent season in league 1 leads us to our second league 1 outing.
    Here are the new signings for the year.

    Adam Phillips is a new backup CM, Corey whelan can play all across the back so is very useful, Marcus Edwards can be slapped onto either wing and finally we have the big news, Blyth original Jarrett Rivers has returned to the club.
    Could Rivers' return inspire the team to promotion or even a league win?

    Not quite, we dropped back 2 places from last year, that said it was still decent and we scored 95 goals.
    How does Mr. Andrews look?

    His attributes have seen some small drops bit they're more fluctuation to be honest, could he score though?

    He did pretty well, netting 51 goals.
    Games played - 260
    Goals  - 314
    And finally has he kept going at Rob Earnshaw's record?

    Indeed, FA Cup has been ticked off now.
    League 2 - YES
    League1 - YES
    Chanpionship - No
    Premier league - No
    FA Cup - YES
    International - No
  7. Happy
    Titjes got a reaction from Nucleus in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge [Season Sixteen]   
    I'm silently enjoying this career mate 
    You are doing a fantastic job as always  You are making Mbappé look like some kind of robot on the field with those stats and attributes 
    And then you go above 1K in the TT assist challenge as if it's nothing 
  8. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    Seasons 6 & 7 - 2022/2023 & 2023/2024
    Ended up blasting through 2 season very quickly. So here there are - in a slightly condensed format 😐
    Goretzka not only ran his contract down but also managed to be injured over both transfer windows so he couldn’t be sold and left on a Bosman 😡

    In season 7, just one big transfer out with an offer too good to refuse for Lazare.

    Season 6 Results
    A great season in cups and league 👍

    Season 7 Results
    Followed by another great season! 👍👍


    Triple-Threat Challenge
    Moise Kean
    Pietro Pellegri
    Andrea Pinamonti
    TT Scores
    So 2 more great seasons for Bayern....in fact they are sometimes a bit boring to manage 🤔
    But Bayern’s dominance is really helping the Italian trio, so it’s all good in the end!
    .....and next season will be in a brand new stadium

  9. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge [Season Sixteen]   
    Season Fifteen
    We’re heading into the business side of this career now, with all three of our players on the decline it’s just a case of seeing it out in style.
    Three players leaving this year, mostly due to unhappiness at the lack of playing time, but it was also a lack of connection on my behalf with the three.

    Four new players arriving, and we splash the maximum fee on a certain Portuguese winker...ughhh I meant winger! Banse is a classy German Midfielder of the Khedira mould. Benassi is an Italian center half who slots straight into the first XI and Rehfeldt is a German right back who will be a backup player at best.

    Trophée des Champions- Beat Monaco 3-1, Mbappé scoring a brace European Super Cup - Beat Benfica 9-3, yes 9-3, Mbappé scoring six, yes six goals! Club World Cup - Beat Racing Club 6-2, Mbappé with one goal Coupe de la Ligue - Beat Monaco 3-1, Mbappé with one goal French Cup - Beat Nice 3-2, Mbappé with one goal League - Drew twice and lost once but still convincingly won, and scored 160 goals along the way Champions League- Beat Man City 5-0 after an early red card to one of their players, Mbappé capitalised with a hatrick and a 39 year old David Alaba became the oldest Champions Leaguen goalscorer in history with the opening goal  
    Manager Profile & Season History:

    Kylian Mbappé 1K Challenge:
    He’s lost another yard of pace this year but despite the injuries he’s suffered over the years he’s holding up really well. 91 goals this time around for the Frenchman takes his total up to 1,396 goals. 104 goals to go! Two seasons will probably do it

    Challenge Totals:
    Games: 831
    Goals: 1,396
    Kai Havertz Assists Challenge:
    Injuries was the story for this man too unfortunately, he still managed 41 assists and 40 goals however and he’s now so close to 500/500 goals and assists.

    Challenge Totals:
    Games: 867
    Assists: 748
    Triple Threat Assists Challenge:
    Poor poor David Alaba, his physicals are shot by his standard, but I can’t recall a 39 year old looking this good. 7 assists from the veteran this season takes his total up to 171 and takes the Triple Threat total up to 1,103. He collected nine yellow cards this year too, which takes his total in that side challenge up to 181.

    Challenge Totals:
    Alaba - 171/51 ✅
    Havertz - 748/162 ✅
    Mbappé- 184/102 ✅
    Challenge Totals: 1,103
    Alaba Yellow Cards: 181
    Thanks for reading, and please remember to leave a comment
  10. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to kts365 in The Freebie 1k Earnshaw Hat-trick Challenge (season 6)   
    Season 5
    After promotion to league 1 the brave Spartans are set to take on the tougher opposition.
    Here are the new signings for the year.

    Minimal signings this year with only CB Platt and CM Chambers brought in.
    How did we compete, having not been able to sign many people?

    Finished 6th with a decent performance in the tougher league. 
    How does Mr. Andrews look?

    Much the same, I am soooo happy that he has maintained that epic 11 shooting attribute. Could he keep up the goal scoring though?

    A little struggle, an injury for a couple of months and 47 goals later and this season doesnt look like a bad one overall, he may struggle with the 1k challenge now but I hold out hope he can improve with better support.
    Games played - 211
    Goals  - 263
    And finally has he kept going at.Rob Earnshaw's record?

    Yes he can, great stuff here from the lad, saved by a laaaate penalty.
    League 2 - YES
    League1 - YES
    Chanpionship - No
    Premier league - No
    FA Cup - No
    International - No
  11. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Ashez in Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters   
    Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters
    The response to the opening post was excellent and pretty surprising but I'm just happy you guys will get on board with daft ideas. Regarding the Bonfire Night challenge I have to admit at this point I've failed to create anything decent, but at least I did create a pretty fun looking Saint Andrews Day one. Anyway that's enough chit chat so let's crack on with what you're here for. 

    A pretty tasty starting eleven in my opinion which I hope will see mine and @Foxy's Gegenpress tactic utilised to it's fullest. 

    It would be rude to complain about that start as we're free scoring and defensively solid. 
    The Movie Monsters
    The Mummy

    Not bad but I hoped for a little more in an attacking sense, all in all though not bad for someone wrapped in bandages :p. 

    6 in 14 is a decent start for our Egyptian winger. 
    Frankenstein's Monster

    Monster by name, beast by ability! 

    More of a goal scoring threat than I expected as the German hits the ground running! 

    Those physicals and that shooting

    Those fangs have bite! 
    Team Performances
    Current Points
    League - 46 + 38
    Mummy - 1 + 5
    Monster - 12 + 4
    Dracula - 16 + 11
    Total - 133
    Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment. 
  12. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge [Season Sixteen]   
    What an absolute bargain!!

  13. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    Season 5 - 2021/2022
    So can Bayern and the Italian trio repeat their heroic exploits from last season?

    Took advantage of some big offers to refresh the squad with some of the young prospects we’ve been accumulating. In January, Juve really wanted D’Amico so this is the final installment in his development watch
    And hopefully the next generation coming in

    2 season-openers this year 😁

    As usual, our best result came in the first round of the Cup

    We dominated the final for an easy win

    Bayern are Champions of the World! 😎

    We managed to stay unbeaten this year, reaching 100 points and 100 goals 👏

    Champions League
    Having waited 4 seasons to win this, could we retain our trophy?
    Good first round wins against Atlético

    Only managing a draw in the opening quarter final

    ...but much better in the return leg

    A pair of convincing semi-final wins

    To setup an exciting final with Arsenal which we went behind in, but came back for a narrow win👍

    Overall Results

    Triple-Threat Challenge
    Moise Kean
    Pietro Pellegri
    Andrea Pinamonti
    TT Scores
    So Bayern and their wonderful striking trio managed to equal or even better the great season 4! Hopefully not their high point and next season will be just as great 🤞
  14. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Cockers2505 in Moise Kean & Real Madrid 1K Challenge by Cockers   
    Season 11 Is here.
    Transfers for 2027 - 2028

    Nothing to report, just a few Graduates

    Noticeable loss of Bellerin, Rodrygo and Tom Davies due to lack of minutes on the park, I just couldn't get them in the team
    Super Cup

    First cup is in the bag, a comfortable 2 legs against A.Madrid, winning 6-3 on aggregate
    This was a scary few months to follow for Moise Kean.

    First of all a 2 week injury

    This followed with a 3 week lay off

    Compounded by another 2 weeks, what is happening this season

    Only to really worry me, another 3 weeks!!!
    Champions League Group Stage

    Six straight wins, this included hard fought wins away against Liverpool and PSG
    Moise Kean is back!!

    Bags himself 4 goals to start his come back, get in there!
    A memorable win in the League

    A shame Kean couldn't get that 3rd goal
    So Moise Kean is fit and well, could he get back on track to save something with the season 

    Wow, I count 38 goals in 19 games, he's back and strong!!!
    The League is mine again

    What a season, we are a clear 22 points by this stage, and still a few games to go
    Spanish Cup Final vs A.Madrid

    We let ourselves down, Moise Kean more or less finished them off by half time, only for us to throw it away conceding in the 93rd minute to take it to extra time, and then lose it on Penalties, no way!!!!
    Championship Final vs Man Utd

    Again, we came with the right mentality, the right team, but we couldn't put it together on the day, losing 2-1 to a strong Man Utd team, maybe next season.
    So Moise Kean

    He's 28 Years old now, but his stats show he is still in his prime
    Goals Tally for the Season

    With all the injuries, this still has to go down as an excellent season, 10 weeks out, and still scores a remarkable 73 goals in 45 games
    1K Challenge 768/1000
    Left to go 232 goals
    Final Table

    Another season with over 100 Goals and 100 Points, this season not losing a game
    Team Stats

    Geronimo Lo Celso (Messi Regen) helped himself to a few goals during Kean's injury few months.

    Another brilliant season for Bailey and Havertz helping to create over 50 assists
    Managerial Stats

    Got the Manager Rank back up to 1st, got to be a good achievement 
    Best Player in Europe
    Moise Kean

    Spanish League Player of the Year
    Moise Kean

    Spanish League Manager of the Year

    Spanish Team of the Season 
    Kean, Havert, Bailey, Hernandez, Tah and Upamecano

    Spanish League Young Player of the Year
    Geronimo Lo Celso

    World Best XI 2028
    Lo Celso, Kean, Sancho, Havert, Bailey, Hernandez and Upamecano

    As always thanks for reading, and Comments are aways appreciated
  15. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to fRESH in 4in1 challenge by fRESH (Season 6)   
    Season 6
    So here is little update how did my season 6 went.
    Our first game was against Monaco. We did easly beat them 4-2, with that red card their side helping us out. Mbappe grabs hattrick. Boom start.

    Our second game didnt go so good. We narrowly lost 3-2 to Benfica. Mbappe still grabbed brace. Also unlucky with those two unallowed goals.

    Cwc was routine win as allways. Mbappe getting brace and Asensio also on scoreboard.

    What a thriller, one of greatest ive had on this career. We lose to 10 men nice and play down 4-2 lead. I call this fmm. 

    What a game ! We beat Lyon in 10 goal game and Mbappe nets amasing 4 goals !

    Again Real Madrid. I have knocked them out 5 years in row. 3 in finals, two in quaters. And once close match and once again Goreztka hittingg 30 yard screamer to take home title. 

    League ead easy, no losses again and my best season at this save with 107 goals scored.
    Now onto challenges
    1. 1000 goal challenge

    Mbappe adds 82 goals his name, could been more but again limited by injuries. Really hoping for injury free next season and hope to get atleaat 90 goals.
    Challenge total: 442/1000
    2. Calender year scoring
    Mbappe netted 37 goals in firat half of season.
    At second half he gets 39 goals, which makes it total 77 goals in year. Another fail in this challenge.
    3. Assist challenge

    Asensio once again with huge season. What a beast. Small drop in Havertz and small raise in Lemar. Diasapointed with both of them. 
    Challenge total
    Asensio: 222
    Havertz: 125
    Lemar: 112
    Total: 459/1500
    4. Triple threat assist

    Challenge total
    Mbappe: 67/102
    Asensio: 222/162
    Henrichs: 66/51
    This challenge will be completed soon as Mbappe hits 102 target, only matter of time.
    Overall another good season with some crazy scores and quietly reaching to all our targets.
  16. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to fRESH in 4in1 challenge by fRESH (Season 6)   
    Season 5
    Did mbappe recover from last year dissapointment ? Did Lemar, Henrichs and Havertz better that last year ? Lets find out.

    The first game of season- first hattrick by goal manchine Mbappe himself. Great start. Asensio delivering as allways witg 1 goal and 2 assist.
    Dramatic winner on 93th minute, ofcourse by my man Asensio. Good game.

    One of the greatest finals ive had. Mbappe with 5 and defender Grimnaldo with a brace.

    This was the most intense final this season. Mbappe grabbing brace and also hits extra time winner on penalty follow up.

    Calm as you like. Asensio and Mbappe with brace and another easy title for PSG.

    Taking early lead what was canceled by martial but two great second half goals glinch our fourt tile in row.

    Didnt loss any matches in league also did score over 100 goals. Solid season.
    Now onto challenges
    1. 1000goal challenge

    Good return with 80 goals once again. Could have been more but again some injuries come on my way. Solid.
    Challenge total
    2. Calender year challenge

    After 46 goals in first half Mbappe follows it by 43 in second half. It makes 89 together. Its my best till date, but still dissapointed after not reaching target for another year.
    3. Assist challenge

    Asensio breaks 40 mark and Havertz also hits his best score. Lemar again with injury problems.
    Challenge total
    Asensio: 173
    Havertz: 104
    Lemar: 93
    Total: 360/1500
    4. Triple assist challenge

    Challenge total:
    Henrichs: 51/51
    Asensio 173/162
    Mbappe 57/102
    Great to see Henrichs and Asensio reaching targets with 5 years.  Mbappe also will be there soon.
    Overall we had great season. Didnt lose any league games and we won every trophy avilable. Hoping Mbappe to break 90 mark atleast next year as he really needs to step up to reach promises 1500.
    Greetz fRESH
  17. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to fRESH in 4in1 challenge by fRESH (Season 6)   
    Season 4
    Season started up badly and mbappe spent 1,5 months sidelined in the first half of season. Luckily other guys stepped up at this time.

    At season opener we did beat Monaco 3-2 as Asensio hits a brace and Mbappe gets himself also on scoresheet.

    At Super Cup we did beat 3-0 Inter. It was easy game. Mbappe with brace and Lemar hittin 1.

    Another easy final as we beat Cruz 4-1. Havertz the hero with brace.

    Now this was intense game. Mbappe hit late equaliser, but we still lost on epic penalty shootout.

    Easy win french cup with another Mbappe brace on final.

    We get our third CL trophy in row. Close game as Suso hits and own goal winner for us.

    Our league form did had ups and downs. We did miss Mbappe a lot. Still solid with 96 points on board.
    So onto challenges
    1. 1000 goal challenge

    Mbappe had injuries and couldnt get back to his best form after that. 65 goals reaaly is dissapointment.
    Challenge total: 280
    2. Calender year scoring

    Mbappe hits 37 at the first half and follows it 19 on second half. Dissapointing year and result, no more words needed.
    3. Assist challene

    Asensio once again beast year, what a player. Havertz is improving and getting better and better. Lemar had injury problems this season.
    Challenge total:
    Asensio: 130
    Havertz: 76
    Lemar: 76
    Total: 282/1500
    Not getting that promised 1500 with that tempo, but there is still lot years to go.
    4. Assist triple trouble

    Asensio should hit target on next year. Mbappe also getting better with years pasting and im sure he will smash target. Henrichs with his worst year up no but should still smash target with no problems.
    Challenge total:
    Asensio: 130/162
    Mbappe: 48/102
    Henrichs: 39/51
    Overall we had decent season, only Mbappe and Henrichs werent delivering. Hoping for much better next season.

  18. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Piggers5 in The Rondo [EME]   
    A couple of minor changes have made this one of the most enjoyable tactics I have used across all versions of the game.
    I changed the right sided BPD to CD and changed tackling to committed.
    Regularly scoring 7+ per game with Gillingham including a 13-0 having only ever signed players on a free.   
    Nice work.  👌
  19. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to S4NCH0 in Why "Liga MX" would be a good addition   
    Why "Liga MX" would be a good addition

    With FMM19 just around the corner, speculation over which leagues should be added hasn't ceased. Names like China, Greece, Argentina, and Mexico have been mentioned. And it is Mexico's "Liga MX" in which I will be focusing today, since I am Mexican and love this league. 
    The League Format
    Composed of 18 teams from various cities around the country, the league format is very different to what european league fans are used to. The League is made up of two separate tournaments for every calendar year: Apertura and Clausura (loosely translated as Opening and Closing respectively) both with the same 6 month duration and value. They winners of each tournament then face in the Super Cup MX, which is a new trophy with not much value (it is played usually by B teams and barely televised). 
    The cup "Copa MX" is also played during the regular season, with the inclusion of Second Division teams and the exclusion of CONCACAF Champions League participants. 
    Apertura and Clausura Formats
    As I've said, they both have the same format so I will explain them as one.
    The league has 18 teams and therefore each team plays a total of 17 matches. After the regular season is over, the first 8 placed teams qualify for a knockout phase known as liguilla (which may translate to little league). The liguilla phase games are decided according to the position each team finished the league in, so 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th. The games are played in two separate legs with the best placed team playing at home for the second leg. In case of a tied aggregate score the first sorting rule is away goals followed by best position on the table. 
    The winner is decided in a 2 leg final. The winners of both tournaments, together with the runner-ups win the right to play the CONCACAF Champions League.
    Copa MX 
    Played in two phases, group stages and knockout stages. Played twice every calendar year. The teams are randomly sorted into 8 groups of 3. After a two legs Round Robin system the first two places of each group go into the knockout stage, which consists of only 1 game played in the best placed team's stadium. 
    Here is were things get really complicated. After the end of every calendar year 1 team is demoted to the second division and 1 team is promoted into the first division. Or at least most of the times. First, the relegation process works as a coefficient. Points from the last 6 First Division short tournaments (3 Clausura and 3 Apertura) are added together and divided by the number of matches played. This coefficient is then used to rank the teams from highest to lowest, at the end of each calendar year the team placed 18th in the coefficient table (even if the team had ended 1st in the regular table) is demoted into the second tier. But things might get even more complicated. The most recent team to be promoted won't, obviously, have stats for the last 4 tournaments, so when calculating his coefficient at the end of the next 2 tournaments, he won't have as many games played as the other 17 teams, thus making his coefficient way more volatile. Also, as the second division of Mexican soccer lacks the economical and structural infrastructure, measurements have been taken to prevent unfit teams from playing in the first division. So the Mexican Football federation gives certification just to teams they think have the conditions to make it in the First Division. As a result, if the team who won promotion from the second to the first division by sport means, might loose their right to the spot on court. 
    If the team that achieves promotion is tagged as unfit, then the relegated First Division team has the chance to buy their place in the division back by paying 5 million dollars to the league and another 2 million dollars to the "un-promoted" team. If they don't have the financial means or don't want to retain the spot, the "certified" team with the most points in the Second Division takes their place. 
    Now, why is LIGA MX a good addition?
    After the addition of MLS for the first time in FMM18, the table is set for another CONCACAF league to be added to the game. The Champions League format is already there, the North American database has been expanded to never seen before levels and the national teams from north american countries are now available. Adding Liga Mx, means adding the strongest league in North America and it would be without doubt very fun to manage along with the MLS. Mexican teams have always been the better teams in CONCACAF and in recent year they have one every single North American Champions League.
    Historical Teams:
    With teams like Chivas de Guadalajara, America, Pumas and Cruz Azul, we would get the chance to manage teams packed with history and great players. Players like Hugo Sanchez (5 times Spanish pichichi winner), Chicharito Hernandez or Guillermo Ochoa have all emerged from this teams. Added to them, teams like Atlas or Pachuca have one of the brightest Youth Acdemies of the continent with players Hirving "Chucky" Lozano, Andres Guardado and Rafael Marquez all coming from their youth ranks. Some interesting challenges come to mind, can you win the league with Chivas following their only-mexican policy? or can you win Atlas some silverware after a drought of more than 60 years?
    Good Foreigner Players
    Liga Mx was graced with players like Ronaldinho and Emilio Butrageño, some year ago. Now, the foreigner players don't come for their retirement, they sometimes even come in their prime. Players like Andre Pierre Gignac, Leandro Ulloa, Jeremy Menez, Nicolas Castillo, Enner Valencia and many others have arrived in Mexico to play their best, giving the league a higher stature among the rival Continental competitions. 
    In recent years, Liga MX has been exporting amazing youth to mainly European Leagues. Players like Giovani Dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, Hirving Lozano, Raul Jimenez and Erick Gutierrez have all packed their bags and crossed the Atlantic. Currently, players like Victor Guzman, Diego Lainez, Jose Angel Abella or Rodolfo Pizarro together with tenths of other promising players, await the opportunity to fight for a chance in european football. 
    In conclusion, adding the Liga Mx, would mean excitement, new formats to explore into,wonderkids and tons of fun. And while you are at it you may even try to reignite Carlos Fierro's spark (looking at you @Ashez). Hope it is added. 
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    Titjes reacted to kts365 in The Freebie 1k Earnshaw Hat-trick Challenge (season 6)   
    Season 4
    After a fantastic 3rd season the Spartans take to league 2 for the new season.
    Here are the new signings for the year.

    Ariyibi and Harness are new wingers, Muller and Paul are new cb/cm, Dreher is a new midfield playmaker. Matt Macey is a goalie.
    So how did this new team do in a newer higher league?

    Smashed it! Won the league and hit 100 points too. 
    How does Mr. Andrews look?

    A little better, shooting all the way up to the heady heights of 11! Wowee. How did that translate to goals?

    Pretty damn good. He spent a while injured again, but still managed to bang in 55 goals. Champion.
    Games played - 166
    Goals  - 216
    And finally has he made a start on Rob Earnshaw's record?

    Of course, and in total style too.
    League 2 - YES
    League1 - No
    Chanpionship - No
    Premier league - No
    FA Cup - No
    International - No
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    Titjes reacted to Jeroenvk94 in Eredivisie Players to watch in FMM19   
    The past few years, our Dutch Eredivisie hasn't done much internationally. We barely make it through the group stages in European competitions, with Ajax being an exception in their amazing 2017 campaign in which they reached the final against Manchester United.
    Our national time is way past it's prime, thanks to wonderful players as RVP, Sneijder and Robben growing too old to play international football.
    You could say, the Dutch have had their best time.
    Until now!
    Because not only do we have two teams playing in the Champions League right now, the national team also seems to be back on track after beating Germany 3-0.
    The Eredivisie hosts a lot of young talent, so it's time to take a look at some of the gems.
    Calvin Stengs - AZ - Winger
    The AZ youngster had a disastrous 2017/2018 season. In August 2017 he had a torn ligament, so bad it immediately meant end of season for the talented young man. Nevertheless, he is still regarded as one of the biggest talents in the Netherlands. You might be able to pick him up cheaply, as he hasn't played for an entire season, but trust me when I say that this kid will be golden!
    Myron Boadu - AZ - Striker
    AZ hosts a lot of young talent. Among them is the 19-year old Myron Boadu, the young striker. After working his way through the AZ youth, he finally secured a first team spot. His stats might be low at the start of the game, but this guy can develop into a great striker for solid Europa League teams!
    Maximiliano Romero - PSV - Striker
    PSV announced a huge signing in January 2018, Argentinian super talent Maxi Romero was going to join the club. Unfortunately, due to injury issues, he never managed to play a single game for the club in his first 8 months. This youngster was already a coveted talent in FMM18 and will surely do the same in FMM19. 
    Steven Bergwijn - PSV - Winger
    Another huge PSV talent is the Dutch youngster, Steven Bergwijn. Early in his career, he was sent home from the Ajax Youth Programme. PSV picked him up for free and give him all the trust and confidence he needed. After his debut, critics said he'd never make it, because he'd be unable to score goals. Two years later, everyone is praising Steven for his performances. He even made his international debut in a 3-0 win against Germany in which he most certainly stole the show, breaking the ankles of both Hümmels and Boateng in the process. This kid won't be cheap, but he will most certainly bring goals, assists and trophies when you sign him.
    Frenkie de Jong - Ajax - Midfielder
    This guy can do anything and play anywhere. It's so bad that Dutch press is already referring to Frenkie as the new Johan Cruyff. While certainly not as exceptional as the legendary #14 was, Frenkie is sure to make it to the biggest stage of football. And he can be yours at a big fee! Manchester City is already willing to be a whoopin 80 million for this kid, so it's sure he has a lot of talent.
    Matthijs de Ligt - Ajax - Central Defender
    The biggest defensive talent on the surface of this earth must be Matthijs de Ligt. In the Champions League he's proving himself on the biggest European stage, denying Lewandowski from even having an opportunity to score. He has shown to be able to play in a very grown-up way, making sure his teammates are in the right position and directing the play. This kid is a true leader, a true talent and has already drawn interest from clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern and Manchester City.

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    Titjes reacted to Ashez in Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters   
    Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters
    After the creation of the Gegenpress tactic I found myself completely in love with the game again, however after browsing the short challenges on Vibe none really caught my attention (apart from one which will be posted after this). With that in mind I decided to create a nice and simple one season challenge for myself and since it was the start of October when I had these feelings I decided a Halloween based save could be fun, after all a challenge is just an excuse to play. 
    Focusing the challenge on nationalities was the easiest concept but it's the one I decided to use, with that in mind I looked up the origins of the original Hammer Movie Monsters being Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and of course the Mummy. Dracula was easy as everyone knows he's from Transylvania/Romania and the Mummy was also easily decided as Egyptian but Frankensein's monster took some digging. Eventually I discovered Frankenstein was born in Italy but moved to Switzerland, however his monster was actually created in Germany so I consider him German. (Another save concept I had was the monster being a German striker and Frankenstein being an Italian, point for every assist for the monster type deal but I wanted a more unique save, feel free to take the idea though). 
    With my three targeted nationalities in hand I was in need of a starting club and I had two requirements, a team that fitted the theme and someone I wanted to play as. I also added a third restriction however as I knew the temptation of Salah would be strong so I decided to be a club where he wouldn't be a viable option. Thankfully this decision didn't take long at all as the perfect club came to mind quickly.......
    The Club Of Choice

    Who else could I be than Valencia with that big ole bat! Now I had a club it was time to get to business and sign up my movie monsters! 
    Frankenstein's Monster Version 1

    The whole point of this save was to use players I wouldn't usually discover which lead to Kittel. I decided to sign my shadow striker first as it was the position I had the most options for while it's also a hard position to buy for. Kittel appeared a nice little find as his stats were good and he could develop nicely, however I soon discovered his trick or treat. 
    Trick Or Treat

    Unfortunately Kittel picked up a knock almost instantly which is when I discovered this could be a long term issue. As this is a one season save I don't have time for such issues so he was transfer listed and I returned to the market. 
    Frankenstein's Monster Version 2

    Didavi was now my monster and he's a nice step up from my original decision. If I remember correctly I knew where my budget was at this point so I had the luxury of being able to spend more on the purchase. Stat wise he looks perfect so hopefully he works out. I do like the irony that it's Frankenstein's monster that caused me the issues with the role being made by two players, oh FMM. 
    The Mummy

    Egyptian wise you have hardly any attacking options, especially when Salah was ruled out so Sobhi joins the team. I've used him before I think but never as a first team option so I'm looking forward to seeing what we can bring to the table. I was very tempted by one playing in Belgium who's name escapes me but I ended up with Sobhi either way. 

    With the shadow striker and winger signed it was time to look for an ISF and i was satisfied with my purchase. I've never used Ivan before but he looks a wonderful talent with his pace and decent heading and striking ability. I'll admit I also did appreciate my attacking line up would be Ivan-Didavi-Sobhi.....I dunno what a Sobhi is but I want one :p. 
    The Points System
    League Points +/- GD + Goals & Assists Of The Monsters. 
    I'm not going to post this as a challenge thread unless there is a demand for it as it was made for myself, however if others want to get into the Halloween spirit and have their own attempt I will whip up a challenge thread. That is partly why I'm posting this before my other challenge to give you guys the option, if I posted this closer to Halloween who'd care with 2019 around the corner lol. 
    Anyway that brings my opening post to an end, hopefully you can get behind the concept and I look forward to any comments it receives, as always thank you for viewing. The January update will be posted in the coming days. 
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    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    Season 3 - 2019/2020
    Seemed to have raced through this third season - probably because I did no real transfer wheeler-dealing in the close season. 😯
    Cup Results
    Good win in the season opener

    Best result of the season in the first round of the cup - great number of goals for the TT trio 😎

    And we managed to come back from 2-0 down in the final to win in ET 👏

    Again we couldn’t stay unbeaten even to the end of the year

    ...but we won the league by a large margin in the end. Worrying how bad the other domestic teams are becoming 😯

    Champions League
    A good first leg gave us the win in the first round

    In the quarter final, the first leg ended goalless

    ...and we just scraped through on away goals in the return leg 😐

    For a third season in a row we failed to make it past the semi finals.  🙄 
    A bad first leg

    and a slightly more respectable second leg

    Overall Results


    Triple-Threat Challenge
    Moise Kean
    Pietro Pellegri
    Andrea Pinamonti
    TT Results
    D’Amico Progress
    So a typical season for this challenge. Domestic dominance but coming up short in Europe (just like Pep, so I’m in good company 😜 ). On the TT challenge front, the young Italian trio are getting better and better!
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in The FMM 2018 Awards   
    Hello Vibe, and welcome to the 2018 edition of the FMM awards!
    Another year has gone by and with the release of FMM19 less than three weeks away, now is your chance to have your say on FMM18!
    Note that these awards are for the game and not for the members of Vibe. Coincidentally, keep your eyes peeled on Monday, as everyone’s favourite mod @Foxy will be releasing the 2018 edition of the Vibe awards with a little help from everyone’s second favourite mod @samhardy
    Below are 10 categories for you to vote on. There are no shortlists for these awards, so all you have to do is fill in the list below and PM myself with your votes. Once the results have been counted and verified I will then announce the winners
    Best Goalkeeper Best Defender Best Midfielder Best Striker Best Player Overall Best Wonderkid Best Older Player (33+) Best Team Best Regen Favourite League  Note: 
    The wonderkid you vote on must be on the sites list of wonderkids which you can find here Remember, you are voting for a regen base, so if you like using the Ronaldo regen for example, you’d vote for Ronaldo. For favourite League, you are voting for the league that you enjoyed managing in the most this year. In the event of a tie, the vote will be decided by a council of Vibe elders. Do not cast your votes on this thread, please remember to PM me so we can keep some level of surprise for the reveal.  
    Thats it lads, voting closes 11:59pm on Sunday the 21st of October, which gives you a full week to PM me your choices.
    @Foxy and @samhardy are running the Vibe awards which can be found here:
    Thanks for reading, and happy voting!
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    Titjes reacted to URz in One last Magical Experience - Season 9   
    Season 2 - 2018/2019
    After a great opening season, how will the Italian trio fare in their sophomore year?
    Transfers Out
    Moved Vidal on before he caused further unrest (shame as he was playing well).😡

    For some reason, Real Madrid wouldn’t honour the buy-out clause in the James Rodríguez loan, so I pushed the boat out to get Eriksen as a replacement. Also managed to get Amiri when he was unsettled.

    Notice the last player, Tino Gschwender, who was an Academy graduate. His name will come up again later 😉
    Also signed my first ever player from Togo  😀 hopefully he will develop into a reliable backup striker. Must admit I probably wouldn’t have signed him if he was from anywhere else.

    Cup Results
    A rather mundane season opener

    Our best result of the season in an early round of the cup

    A comfortable win in the final 

    We managed half a season unbeaten until December

    Won the league

    Champions League
    Carried a one goal lead from the first leg against Real 

    ..and was relieved to see Rodríguez’s goal disallowed, to go through on away goals

    More comfortable in ghe quarter finals

    Like the first round, we carried a slim one goal lead from the semi final first leg

    ...but this time got thoroughly turned-over in the return leg 😕

    Overal Results


    Triple Threat Challenge
    Moise Kean
    Pietro Pellegri
    Andrea Pinamonti
    TT Results
    D’Amico Progress
    Player of the Season ?!?!
    Favourite Moment
    So similar season to the first with domestic dominance and failing at the semis in Europe. Still pleased with TT results from a young trio.