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    Titjes reacted to Rob2017 in MSN vs BBC   
    @Titjes - I’m giving this one a go next!
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    Titjes reacted to PriZe in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    Why you think it’s taking so long😂
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
  4. Funny
    Titjes reacted to Woody in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    Bet the buggers have been reloading 😂😂😂
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    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    @PriZe @Titjes @Real_Random @RipRip
    Just under 24hrs to get your scores to me.
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    Titjes reacted to PriZe in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    i'm 3 friendlies in haha. Sorry guys work has been a nightmare for me and @Titjes trying to get this done asap!
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    Titjes reacted to The_VARF in The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge   
    Another year of ups and downs with Juventus and I'm back with somewhat satisfying results. 
    Season 3. The Italian
    Getting harder and harder to persuade good players to join and to make other teams to sell them. 
    Unfotunarly I forgot to make ss of transfers in and out. Just the main guy

    I mean we are talking about £150+ mil for a guy. For some reason no one wanted to buy Lemar for a while and I only got £90 mil for him. 
    Season went somewhat smooth with 1 loss and 4 draws untill the last 11 games. Somehow I managed to draw 4 more times in last 11 games of the season. 
    Still netted 3.39 goals against every conceded one. 
    I had to meet with Roma couple too many times this season starting with Euro Super Cup and Italian Super Cup. Not sure they were exited much 

    Another Club World Ch'ship

    I was right to consider thise two games very easy and used second team for both. And just around New Year Pellegrini got injured for 3 weeks. Pretty upsetting cause he was on a road to beat Lemar's score. 
    Italian League may be not as convincing as the last two but still a win
    Italian Cup 

    And Champions League wasn't as easy as before

    Overall successful season with much more clean sheets but kind of boring. 5-4 or 8-3 is more fun in my opinion  

    So Lorenzo was top gun just as Lemar but that injury blew it for him. 

    £155 mil for a guy is times more of what I paid for Lemar. 
    Season 1: 23+38= 51 points
    Season 2: 39+40= 79 points
    Season 3: 43+30= 73 points
    Total 203 points from 3 fabulous players with Hendrick been the worst so far. 
    Season 4 will take a bit longer. Taking some time to go see Liverpool (my favorite) meeting with Borussia Dortmund in USA
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    Titjes reacted to Taff in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    So what your saying is....

    Work harder you DOGS and finish!!!!!
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    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    Just @Rob2017 and @Nucleus submitted scores so far.
    @Taff, @PriZe, @Titjes, @Woody, @Real_Random, @RipRip just a reminder that the deadline is SATURDAY @5PM UK TIME.
    Whilst I have all your attention I just want to give you some info on the final week of the challenge.
    If your team wins this week you are obviously into the final next week, If you lose you will be in the 3rd place play-off next week so either way you have 1 more challenge to do.
    I will post the semi final results as soon as I can once I have everyone's scores but then there will be a couple of days break before I set the final weeks challenge on Tuesday evening. That is because I am away with the family for a few days next week so I can't post the final results until I get back.
    Basically you either have to wait a few days for the challenge or have a delay with the results being posted and I think the first option is the better one.
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    Final Challenge - World Cup 2.0
    So we’ve seen how Sam got on, I know what I have to do. It’s winning the whole damn thing or bust! 
    I decided to stick with Portugal for this one, I felt like they have an abundance of quality players valued at under £1m plus I obviously knew a few from last time around.

    Qualifying table looked like this when I took over, one foot on the plane to Russia already it seems, and with the first two matches against Andorra and Hungary I knew that two wins would more than likely be enough for me to top the group.

    Heres the squad for those first couple of games, there’s a couple of names in there that I know of 🤔 I think. How did we get on in our first match in charge?

    It took an 85th minute winner but we eventually prevail against Andorra in what was a largely one sided contest, we just couldn’t find the target as often as we should have.

    Same scoreline against Hungary, although the stats were considerably more in our favour for this one. Anyhow, that was enough to send us to Russia as group winners!

    With two games to play against Switzerland and Latvia respectively my intentions for them was to simply drop them as to not raise the value of players I may need for the finals. So for the final two qualifying games I made up a squad of players whose value was less than £100k.

    Should be absolutely trounced by the Swiss with this lot...

    Yeah, pretty much 😂

    We do hold the Latvians to a draw mind, after dominating the game we were pegged back by them in the 91st minute. Never mind, it was a match with no consequences and we are off to Russia as group winners either way!

    World Cup Finals:

    This is the squad that will hopefully lead me to a World Cup glory. Saved using a few of these in qualifying as I knew it would raise their value by having a call up. Zé Gomes being one of them, along with Mika.

    A kind group all things considered, with the Germans not having any players I should beat them (I did last time) South Africa should be a breeze and I’d be happy to take a draw against the Koreans. Simples

    Smashed the Koreans in the first game by 4 goals to 1, and we were playing with 10 men for 75% of the match. Great start either way. With South Africa coming next we could seal a place in the knockout rounds with a win...

    Win we did. Just. A cagey game where neither team wanted to make an error. Just the one clear cut chance throughout and Rui Pedro puts it away for 1-0, and that my friends is a place in the knockout rounds secured. All we needed to do now was beat Germany in the final group game to top the group and seemingly get an “easier” tie in the next round.

    Another win, another 1-0. That’s top spot secured, although the lack of goals we’re scoring concerns me. A familiar foe awaited us in the next round, Switzerland to be precise. It could be considered a kind tie but it could also be a perfect opportunity for a slip up. Could we go one better than last time out and reach the Quarter Finals?

    Never in doubt, it was 3-0 before the red card and we breeze into the quarter finals with our squad of under £1m players. Would the draw be kind as it has been for Sam? Could we avoid another big team? 
    The answer is Yes. Australia awaits us in the Quarters and we have massive opportunity to reach the Semi-Finals of the World Cup.

    Which we did, with ease! Dominated the game from start to finish, but still that finishing touch evades us as we can only muster another 1-0. 
    Last time out, we were eliminated by Argentina in the last 16, they trounced us if I remember correctly. This time we would meet them in a semi final.

    The winner would take on my home nation Wales in the final! Oh the irony 😮 
    Could we take one more giant step? I’d be very confident against Wales, but Argentina is a different beast...

    Heartbreak! Sergio Agüero breaks Portuguese hearts along with mine too! It was an even game but again, we just couldn’t find the target and that’s what came back to bite us on the arse in the end.
    Sam takes the round, and Sam takes the H2H.

    We went on to find the net four times when it didn’t matter 

    Whilst Argentina broke my heart for the second time in the save.
    A third placed finish was something I was very happy with, but the luck of the draw had it Sam’s way as he gets an easier route to the final, and that’s taking nothing away from him as he was a tough opponent and a very deserved winner. It’s been a pleasure taking you on and I hope it’s not the last time.
    So congratulations Sam for winning the H2H!
    Final Score
    @samhardy 4-3 @Nucleus

    Thanks for reading 
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    Titjes reacted to The_VARF in The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge   
    *spoiler alert* hoping to try Pogba later
  12. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to The_VARF in The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge   
    I'm back with second update of this crusade. Trying not to keep you waiting forever cause I believe it kills the intrigue. 
    Season 2. The French
    I've been looking at lots of players and of course there are some very good established ones. But not a lot of clubs can afford to buy a World class lad in it's second season. 
    Another factor is that I wanted to go a different path then my predecessor @Titjes He took Tolisso who is a hell of a player. 
    And even though he had this lad later on in his career I bought him to be next Fabulous 10. 
    Introducing... Thomaaaas Leeeemaaaaaar (to be fare it sounded much better in my head while I was writing it)

    again no "before" photo but look at his stats. It is ridiculous how some players are so good in their early 20s. 
    This season was good as well. I tweaked a few things and actually kept tweaking it throughout the season. We didn't score as many goals but our goalie did a bit better as well
    If we'll look at it at a different perspective Not goals per game But goals per goal conceded this season was even better. Scoring 3.1 goals per 1 conceded against 2.55 last season. 
    Anyhow enough of talking... here is how we went in second season. 
    Players IN
    was lucky to sign Goretzka for free and Zapata, well he was a p/ex for Milinkovic-Savic in January. I had to get another good CM/box-to-box
    Players OUT
    not sure why but Pjanic didn't fit in my tactic. 
    We opened the season with Euro Super Cup
    Followed with Italian Super Cup
    Woohoo Club World Ch'ship (like somebody cares about it)
    29 games in a season and we get pronounced the one and only in Serie A
    Killed it in Italian Cup
    and finished of with Second in a row CL
    Poor Arsenal... They encountered us twice and both times in big final games. Have to give them some credit for this CL final. They almost won if it wasn't for Perica with his 90+1 goal. 
    Overall I believe it was a pretty good season with plenty of goals and fun games. Going to be working of netting more goals and putting a better defense. Here is stats for this season. Goals and Assists accordingly
    As you can see Thomas Lemar is the top dog both ways. So choosing Lemar over Tolisso paid off. As well as I think Lemar's season was the best in @Titjes career. He is truly amazing player for any job in final third. He'll score, he'll assist, he'll do whatever it takes for the win. 

    I'm even sure that I will be able to have a better number 10 for the rest of this career. 
    Season 1: 23+38= 51 points
    Season 2: 39+40= 79 points
    Total 130 and five seasons to go
  13. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in When Harry met Sané: A Double Trouble - Season Five   
    Season 3

    So off went City legends Sergio Agüero, David Silva & Vincent Kompany this summer. Their time in a City shirt was up and I was happy to receive some sort of money for a couple of them.

    Three new faces arrive at the Etihad. Milinkovic-Savic arrives to partner De Bruyne in that double AMC spot, Belotti comes in to deputise for Harry Kane and Nadiem Amiri comes in as our new right winger and pushes Sterling onto the bench. Amiri is currently being used by @Foxy as part of a Triple Challenge, I highly suggest you go over and read that one as he’s very nearly over the line with a 1k! 
    Manager Profile:

    3 seasons in and we’ve nearly hit a 1000 goals already! That should be done in season 4 without fail.
    Season History & Fixture List:

    Clean sweep yet again, and also we hit our highest league goals total yet with 174 league goals. A total I can very happily live with.
    Some huge scorelines in there, I’m going to try and tinker with it so it’s a bit stronger defensively for season 4. There were too many “close” games in there for my liking and a lot of wins almost felt lucky.
    The Double Trouble
    Harry Kane:

    An absolute machine. No doubting his credentials anymore, he’s the real deal. Could he come close to his 100+ season from last time out? Could be better it?

    He betters it! Consecutive 100+ seasons for Kane as part of a Strike Partnership. But, this ain’t good as that means unless Sané has had a rocket of a season he’ll be further behind again!
    Leroy Sané:

    Slight drop in some places, tackling and positioning to be precise, but still nobody likes to see that orange on the board. He looks quality to be fair though.

    He betters last season, but it’s still two short of his first season. 57 goals is still a great total though and 161 between the pair for the season is a number I can live with. Neither have had any significant injuries as of yet, but it’s inevitably going to happen. They’ve missed the odd game here and there due to fatigue but that’s about it.
    Squad Appearances:

    Squad Goals:

    The attacking midfielders are scoring way too many for my liking, so likenthe many other changes I’m looking to make that is another one.
    Squad Assists:

    Nadiem Amiri tops the assists chart on his debut season. De Bruyne is always there or thereabouts. I’m happy with the split of it to be honest as 10 years down the line I can really see who’s performed well and who I can choose to put on the assists chart, if there is anybody that is.
    Career Totals:

    Look at that! I’d like to thank @Foxy for this sweet little graphic he’s provided me with, its much appreciated mate!
    So 464 goals in three seasons, more or less a quarter of the way there. So if my maths is any good I make that around 12/13 seasons in total which I did state in an earlier post. So it’s nice to see we are on track for the 2k, it’s just a matter of finding the right balance for the goals now to try and get Sané back in the mix.
    Thanks for reading
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Titjes: A 5 in 1 career   
    Pffftt get a life 😂😂
  15. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - Season Fourteen   
    I needed 88 goals from Arp to complete the 1k and 9 more unique timed goals from Goretzka and that would be those two challenges ticked off. Nice and easy then!?!
    Goretzka GaM
    The less times I need to tick off the more likely it is I will have a season when I don’t tick off any and although I hadn’t yet had a zero season this one looked like it would be. Despite Leon getting a career best 31 goals this season, helped in no small part by Arp getting an injury at the end of the season leading to Leon scoring 11 goals in the final 8 games of the season, it looked like he wouldn’t tick a single time off. That was until the 11th of May and he got a hat trick versus Eibar and got 2 times in one match! That was a major relief and means that he is now 7 times away but the seasons are running out.
    Leon is 35 now but still looks very good in fact I would say world class. I changed him to a fitness training regime at the beginning of the season to try and maintain to physical attributes. Towards the end of the season his physicals did drop a little as his progress report shows below and although he made 57 appearances I have to add that I played him so long as his condition was above 85% and he got subbed off in every game some times at half time if he was unfit and other times on 80mins as he has all the times after that. I expect that in the next season or 2 we will see a dramatic drop in his physical attributes.

    Arp 1kc
    If Arp was going to get the 1k this season he was going to need 88 goals to do it which is possible for him as he has scored that many or more 4 times so far but that was back when he had all set pieces and since I put Leon on to pens and FK’s  the closest he has got is 85 last season. He was hampered by a two week injury which caused him to miss 5 games in December and then as I mentioned above he got a knock towards the end of the season which was only a 1 week injury but he missed 5 games by the time he was back to 95% condition. Those 10 games he missed cost him perhaps 15 goals on his total of 71 for the season so either way he would have missed out this year but he would be much closer than the 17 goals away that he is now.

    Amiri vs Havertz Assists Challenge
    Last year Amiri broke my 400 assists target I had set him at the beginning of the career so I see everything now as a bonus but as it turned out both him and Havertz had there best seasons for a number of years despite them both missing 12 games this season.

    Any Other Business
    In pre-season I said goodbye to one of the unsung hero’s of this save as Jonathan Tah moved to Liverpool on a Bosman after 630 appearances, 33 goals and 48 assists for the club. I didn’t really want to let him go but he had started to take a back seat over the last few seasons with most of his appearances coming as a sub due to his versatility.
    I brought in a Brazilian attacking midfielder and a CB to boost the squad.
    We had a clean sweep again this season although we left it late in the Spanish Super Cup with Arp scoring with 3 minutes to go and prevent us losing on away goals that also preserved our 100% record in that competition with season 1 when we weren’t in it being the only time we haven’t won it.

    Team Stats
    I hope Arp can knock those 17 goals off in around about 10 games at the start of next season and then he will take a back seat (probably on the bench) to Leon as I see if I can get him nearer that GaM.
    Cheers Lads
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in Titjes: A 5 in 1 career   
    Titjes you’ve gone quiet. The people demand updates! 😂
  17. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to samhardy in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    Final Challenge - World Cup 2.0
    As stated in the post above it's the World Cup challenge that won the poll and will be used for the finale! Nucleus won a controversial first attempt at this challenge and here's a brief recap of what is in store for us:
    It's simply a case of who can get the furthest in the World Cup using a squad entirely made up of players with a value less than £1M.
    Strap yourselves in and get prepared for this finale, we're updating separately and it's me to get us underway here.
    My Update
    I decided to be patriotic and select England for this final challenge. There's some good players lurking in the lower leagues and potentially some 'past-it' players that can still produce the goods.
    This is how qualifying had gone before I took over. Couldn't ask for much more and we were pretty much at Russia before I started.

    Here was the squad I used for the remaining qualifying games. As you can see, I used a lot of free agents and golden oldies as actually there was some good players lurking who's value I didn't want to raise like Gabby Agbonlahor and one of my favourite strikers Peter Crouch who heartbreakingly missed out on the WC squad as his value was £1M at the time

    This squad got the job done in qualifying anyway, performances not great but we only needed a few more points to secure qualification and that's what we did, not many of this squad will be in the official squad.

    The final qualifying table looked like this. No dramas this time unlike my first attempt in which I had to go through the playoffs with Italy.

    World Cup
    Here is the elite 23 who made it to the WC finals. Unfortunately Crouchy didn't make it but some names on that list that everyone will recognise so I'm hoping there's enough here for a decent run.

    We were handed a fairly straightforward group on paper. No complaints from me.

    The campaign kicked off against Australia and we won the game 3-1 thanks to Ryan Ledson but the main game changer was that Australian-Welsh powerhouse Gethin Jones going off injured.

    We followed that victory up with another one against Colombia, all but securing our place in the KO rounds. Ben Watson struck the winner in a bloodbath of a game.

    We'd already qualified ahead of the final game so I rested a few players and we drew 2-2 against Hungary but still topped the group.

    Into the important stuff now and it was hosts Russia who awaited us in the last 16. This was the stage both me and Nucleus fell at last time so did they topple us or do we march on to the Quarter-Finals?

    We ran away with it in the end and booked a date with Ireland in the Quarters! A kind draw I must say.
    Surely it was a comfortable win?

    It was anything but! They equalised in stoppage time to take it to the lottery of penalties, nervous times but they bottled it in the shootout and Ryan Ledson slotted home the winning penalty.
    Surely a world superpower awaited us in the semi finals?

    I wouldn't exactly call Chile that, a tough game but one I'd be disappointed not to win! Can we reach the World Cup final with a bunch of no-hopers?

    Yes we can! We dominated the game and should have won by more but it was left to Sunderland striker Josh Maja who sends England into the World Cup final!
    Finally a decent side awaited us in the final though. Belgium. Could we do the impossible?

    Sadly not. It was a game too far against Belgium. It could have been all different if Agbonlahor had scored the penalty but we didn't deserve to win the game.
    I managed to reach the final of the World Cup but ended as runners-up.
    This means @Nucleus must reach the final to prolong the challenge and send it into a shootout however if he can go one better and win the thing he'll walk away with the 4-3 H2H victory!
    Exciting times await and not too long to wait as he'll be updating on Wednesday.
    Thanks for reading
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    Titjes reacted to scratch99 in Scratch Tries: Andrea Pinamonti 1KC [Season 2]   
    Update - Season 1
    So lets get this thing going!
    Team Report
    Let's see what I inherited from Rafa Benetiz:

    Hmm, we have money to spare, some promising youngsters and a good mood! Beyond that, we basically have a bunch of players that aren't going to win anything anytime soon. Looks like we have some work to do.
    Let's see how we ended up at the end of the year:

    Well, we've certainly improved somewhat, but we still have some way to go.
    The first thing I do in any career is to sort out my staff. We start with a decent bunch, but not enough gold for me:

    Those that passed their exams stayed. Those that didn't made way for someone else:

    On to the playing squad. As always, I like to rip the squad up and bring in a bunch of promising youngsters who may end up as superstars.
    As I said in my previous update, I load as few leagues as possible. That means there are less mediocre players in the game and the chances of a South American youngster becoming a superstar is pretty good.
    So out with most of the team and in with the next generation. It will take time for them to mature, but it's hard to go wrong with this approach (it should mean terrible results if FMM was more realistic, but it isn't).
    Going out were 19 players, even some players I might have been happy to keep:
    Coming in were 18 players:
    Notable newcomers:
    Pinamonti obviously, costing £29M plus a player (I forget who). I think he's worth it.
    Rodrygo and Junior, both of whom I considered for the 1KC player at one point. Maybe they will work well as wide players. If not, they will be good backup strikers. If worst comes to worst, then I'll be able to sell them at a high profit.
    Pavon who was gold for me in all my FMM 2017 careers. He's performing well in season 2, but his attributes aren't as good as I expected.
    Arthur who seems destined to be a world class midfielder.
    Ajer who I've used before at Celtic. Had mixed feelings about this one as he's only good for a few seasons before the squad eclipses him, but he's very versatile and a good asset at this point.
    Dudu, ditto.
    Rajkovic who is still the best keeper on a quality vs cost ratio. I didn't have that much luck with him in FMM 2017 (he used to text during training and piss his teammates off), but I couldn't go past him.
    A bunch of other promising young players from abroad, ranging in age from 17 (develop for later) through to 25 (should be able to use now).
    So, massive changes, hope it works out...
    I've only had a few short saves in FMM 2018, none lasting a whole season. In the first, I used the 4-3-2-1 tactic I've used in all my 1KCs. It sucked badly. 🙁
    When I came back after a break (and an update to the app), it seemed to work well again, so that's what I went with.

    I tweaked the instructions / player roles a little depending on who was playing, the opponents, the stage of the game, etc but it was 4 3 2 1 formation all the way.
    I guess it's not football if there aren't dramas from time to time. Our big drama was Arthur. He came in for £6.75M plus a player and grew into this over the course of the year:

    He quickly established himself as our best midfielder, but got injured after a month or two. When he returned from injury several months later, he somehow decided he was too good for Newcastle:

    He wasn't the only one who wanted to leave. Both Pavon and Fred made noises about leaving - but they both signed new contracts, while Arthur was insistent about leaving. Not a week would go by without some sort of headline about how unhappy he was.
    In this situation I normally cut my losses and sell the player. Well, having received several £100M+ bids, I couldn't have really called it a loss. The thing is though: he kept playing well and he was still very popular in the dressing room. So, he's still with us.
    Anyway, this highlights that despite some success this season (read below!), players still consider Newcastle as small fish. It's up to us to change that and quickly.
    Here's how we did in the various competitions this seasons:
    Finished 3rd in the Premier League. Not bad for the first season. We were only 1 point behind first place with 3 games to go and I thought we'd be able to pull it off, but no cigar. Didn't score many goals though.
    Won the FA Cup, with a 2-0 win over Liverpool in the Final.
    Got knocked out of the League Cup by Southampton in only the 3rd round. It went to penalties but we missed 4 out of our 5 attempts!
    My staff report that Pinamonti is "very rarely injured". However, in February he went ahead got injured. At least he scored a couple before going off.

    What was the damage? One month:

    Not ideal, but that's football... Worth noting that his understudy made the most of his chance with Pinamonti being out and scored a quadruple in a topsy turvy match:

    Pinamonti started the season looking like this:

    And ended the season looking like this:

    Decent progress. I'm not using Intensive Training or anything, but I have bumped Physical training up a notch at the expense of Motivation.
    This is really meant for Pinamonti, but it was another of our young players who won Player of the Year this year - Gustavo Scarpa:

    Doesn't look that flash on paper, but easily our best player (the only one averaging over 8):

    We could call this section "Bad News For @samhardy", but I'll resist that urge. Sadly for Sam, it looks like not even Rafa Benetiz can save Sunderland:

    They haven't sacked him yet. Maybe he can still turn it around. Or maybe he still has the best interests of Newcastle fans at heart.
    Pinamonti scored one hat-trick this year:

    He scored 25 goals in 38 appearances:

    I consider that a decent start for an 18 year old, especially given the injury. I know others get a whole heap more goals out of their players straight away, but I'm more of long game player. I make it to the 1K just by persistence rather than any earth shattering goal tallies or super tactics! 🙂
    19 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 25 25 
    The Future
    A decent start. The team coming together. Things are looking up! I reckon he'll score 35 goals next year - not quite ready to predict 40, but I'm quietly hoping... Bring it on!
  19. Happy
    Titjes got a reaction from Ashez in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    I almost won, it was so close 
    Congrats to @Ashez
  20. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Congratulations to Ashez for winning the 2018 World Cup Prediction League.
    Final Leaderboard
    1) @Ashez - 68
    2) @Woody - 67
    3) @Nucleus - 66
    4) @Paul186 - 61
    5) @Taff - 57
    6) @Ulysses - 56
    7) @danovic78 @Foxy - 54
    8.) @BatiGoal - 53
    9) @samhardy - 52
    10) @Titjes - 41

  21. Favourite
    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    The boffins in FoxBet towers have been crunching the numbers all day and can exclusively reveal the new odds for outright winner of the VWC.
    We have a new favourite following fine performances from @PriZe and @Titjes with Benelux coming into 2/1 whilst former favourites Wales are 5/2 after @Taff and @Nucleus crushed the opposition in Group A. We can't separate Australia and England with both nations at 5/1. @RipRip had an excellent score in the group stage and a good performance from @Real_Random saw the Aussies take 2nd in Group B and also outscore Group A runners up England but and  are Olympic gold @Rob2017 and @Woody silver medallists respectively so they cannot be underestimated.
    Benelus 2/1
    Wales 5/2
    Australia 5/1
    England 5/1
  22. Favourite
    Titjes got a reaction from BatiGoal in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    I do good for once and @BatiGoal gets the credit? 
    Wonderfull write-up again @Foxy
    @RipRip & @Real_Random good luck in the semi
  23. Favourite
    Titjes got a reaction from BatiGoal in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    I do good for once and @BatiGoal gets the credit? 
    Wonderfull write-up again @Foxy
    @RipRip & @Real_Random good luck in the semi
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    Titjes reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    We are down to the final four now as we said goodbye to both Singapore and Brazil in the last round. These are the fixtures for the semi-finals with the 2 winners meeting next week in the final and the two losers fighting it out for 3rd place.

    The Challenge
    This weeks challenge is all about the youngest and oldest players to appear at the World Cup finals. The youngest player ever was Northern Ireland and Manchester United striker Norman Whiteside when he appeared against Yugoslavia in the 1982 world cup group stage at the age of 17 and 41 days. That match was also his first cap for his country and he beat the previous record that was set by Pele in the 1958 world cup.

    The oldest player ever was actually set at this year’s World Cup when goalkeeper Essam El – Hadary played for Egypt in there final group game versus Saudi Arabia and despite saving a penalty they lost 2-1. He was 45 years and 161 days old and beat the previous record held by Colombian goalie Faryd Mondragón set at the 2014 world cup.

    You are all going to be doing a unique age challenge to celebrate these records. If you have never done a unique age challenge before you really need to pay attention to the rules as any mistakes will cost you and your team heavily!

    Once you take over your team you need to build a squad of players that all have a unique age when the transfer window closes in the summer and then in January you need to make sure the ages are still unique and sell anyone who clashes so that on the 1st of February the squad ages are unique. The ages only need to be unique on those dates. Confused? Well on the 1st of September and then again on the 1st of February you will have a squad who’s ages are all different like in these screenshots.
    1st September
    1st February

    To add to that you should have a striker as the youngest member of your squad and a GK as the oldest also the GK you buy must be the only GK in your squad. If he is injured or suspended you need to play a greyed out player.
    Simple right!?!

    Only your young striker and GK will be scoring points in this challenge and they will do so as follows.
    Striker league goals + GK league clean sheets + the player out of the 2 with the lowest league AvR.
    E.g. 30 goals + 10 clean sheets + Your Gk AvR of 7.50 = 47.5 points.
    In case of a tie league points will be used.
    I will also be deducting points if:
    ·        -50 points for each player with the same age on the 1st September and the 1st of February. So if you have 2 players who are 19 you will be deducted 100 points.
    ·        You will score ZERO if you send me a screenshot of the squad ages on any dates other than the 1st September and the 1st February.
    Team member 1: @PriZe, @Taff, @Woody and @Real_Random you will manage the club Whiteside ended his career at Everton.
    Team Member 2: @Titjes, @Nucleus, @Rob2017 and @RipRip as El Hadery has spent most of his career in Egypt and has never played for a team that is available in FMM18  you will go to one of Mandragora’s many Clubs Galatasaray.
    ·        Every squad member must be a unique age on the 1st September and the 1st of February.
    ·        Youngest Squad member must be a striker and oldest a GK.
    ·        You may not have another GK in the squad and a greyed out player must be used in case of injury or suspension
    ·        You must have a squad of at least 18 players and all must be on the age screenshots.
    ·        You may use players already at the club.
    ·        You may buy and sell as many players as you need to. No loan signings.
    ·        February DB
    ·        No use of editors.
    ·        No unlockables.
    ·        No reloading.
    ·        No Holidaying
    ·        Own tactics but you may confer with your teammate.
    ·        If asked you must provide the save file failure to do so will result in disqualification.
    ·        Squad view of player ages on the 1st September and the 1st of February.
    ·        Squad view sorted by positions on both dates.
    ·        Squad sorted by appearances at the end of the season.
    ·        Striker and GK attributes and histories at the end of the season.
    ·        League clean sheets. Can be found under team stats on the league table.
    ·        League table.
    ·        Manager profile and history
    ·        Transfer history sorted by in’s and out’s.
    Deadline Saturday 22nd July @5pm UK time
    Any questions please ask and I hope you all enjoy the challenge.
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    Titjes reacted to Nucleus in When Harry met Sané: A Double Trouble - Season Five   
    Season 1
    Hello Vibe, welcome to the first update of this Double Trouble attempt. As you all should know, I’ll be attempting to get Harry Kane and Leroy Sané to score over 1,200 goals between them to put my name on the board, but my personal target is nearly double that at 2,000 goals with a side aim of getting 1,000 goals each. A high target, but one that is possible in my opinion. Let’s get to it then.

    Just the three outgoing players this year with Otamemdi leaving for Paris, Adarabioyo leaving for Forest and Jesus going to Spurs in a deal involving Harry Kane. Otamendi wasn’t needed due to me only using one CB, so I’ve got enough cover between Laporte, Stones and Kompany. Gutted about letting Jesus go and I wasn’t hoping Aguero could be exchanged instead but it wasn’t to be.

    Five permanent signings was all I could muster this season. The Kane fee really took a chunk from by budget so the first season I was really lacking depth in some positions. Everyone’s favourite wingbacks Henrichs and Tierney come in along with Ajax youngster Van de Beek and Nany Dimata comes in to deputise for Kane. Cucurella was a January loan signing
    Season History:

    A clean sweep on my debut season, if any of you have read the tactic thread then you’ll have see this. For those who haven’t, I managed a massive 172 league goals this season! A huge total which I’m absolutely delighted with and it’ll take something special for me to beat it.
    Now let’s see how the double trouble got on shall we?
    Leroy Sané:

    So I’ve managed to retrain him to a natural striker during this first season, which should bode well for the future. His attributes look crazy good with 20’s in Dribbling,Movement & Pace being the standouts. So how did Leroy get on in the goal scoring side of things?

    Very well actually! 59 in 59 is a decent return from a winger come striker in the first season, especially as its part of a two striker formation. Very happy with his return. 
    Harry Kane:

    You beautiful, beautiful man! Look at that page 😍 Speaks for itself and there’s nothing I can add. Now onto Kane’s goals......

    Boom!! 92 goals in 57 games is a massive return for the first season. He’s literally doubled his entire career goal record in one season. Fantastic stuff
    Sané: 59 goals
    Kane: 92 goals
    Total: 151 goals
    Target: 151/2000
    Squad Appearences:

    Squad Goals:

    Squad Assists:

    Thats it for the first update lads! Very happy with the goals I scored this season and I’m hoping to carry it on into the next one!
    Thanks for reading