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  1. Help New Stadiums

    Yeah it is there and is £1.99 as mentioned, was really looking forward to this but having to wait about 8 years is a bit of a downside.
  2. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Sorry about that, scotland.
  3. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Hopefully I have done it right
  4. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Team Name: Red Road FC Home Kit Colours: Red & Black Away Kit Colours: Pink & Black Manager Name: Craig Mullan
  5. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Didn't even see this till now :(, if its too late I'll choose scotland.
  6. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Following in your fathers footsteps
  7. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I can't seem to find the normal folder.
  8. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Can I send this on my phone? Laptop is in for repair. I tried another save(creat a club) and that is fine. Thanks.
  9. Chat Is it getting easier?

    Im top of the league with Edinburgh City lol, not sure if its easy or because most of my squad was brown/red stats and then signed about 9 players(free) with a few decent blue stats. Either way they should tweak it a bit so its harder judging by comments. added 0 minutes later oops double post
  10. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Im getting this save error, but the thing is I haven't touched anything, the auto saves work fine but I want to create a club and this means that my create a club becomes auto save and will no longer be able to load my main game. I don't want to start again as im top with Edinburgh City
  11. If the players always hit their potential no matter what then the game is rigged. In real life players can flop and never reach their potential.
  12. News FMM18 Release Date Information

    According to some sites like fourfourtwo, it said that the price of FMM could go up as others have gone up.
  13. Does this replace any teams or add to the existing number of teams?
  14. I had an Asus MeMo pad 7 and it ran 16 EME fine and that only cost me £70 brand new from pc world.