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  1. JohnWeulfoe

    Vibe Super League

    I am also IN☺
  2. JohnWeulfoe

    Good 442 formation?

    Which style would you like to play? e.g. possession, heavy mental, counter attack, wing play/centre or whatever. And the most important which league and tier are you playing?☺
  3. JohnWeulfoe

    9.0.4 on Android

    Still didn't corrected the youth coaches issue. Are they all dead? Its causing irritation.?
  4. JohnWeulfoe

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    I didn't update it and national logos are working, I don't know how that worked. Everything is fine but the pictures is showing in Gallery. 20 pictures in nations folder (out of 239) it show less also in competition and clubs. I don't know why that still show while others gone.
  5. JohnWeulfoe

    9.0.4 on Android

    What about youth coaches. They don't appear in the staff search.
  6. JohnWeulfoe

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    Nice to see you tested tactics. On the reality based, it's not much similar to Liverpool's tactics. However nice to see you edited it as per your playing mentality.? Thank you for feedback.☺
  7. JohnWeulfoe

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    Good to say you win the league and champion league in the first season unfortunately winning the treble make more sense. Hope you enjoyed it.? The reasons for playing DLP in DM spot in which one reason is for diamond midfield shape work better than flat midfield shape for effective passing in FMM.☺
  8. JohnWeulfoe

    Attributes Vs Role Traits

    I would like to play him as a Full Back because of his physical, passing, dribbling, decision & teamwork so he can support well to winger and he is also good in defending as a Full Back. Not perfect fit for the CB because of his aerial and accomplished in that position. In my opinion attributes is more reliable than traits.
  9. JohnWeulfoe

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    Thanks you for sharing with us your thoughts. DLP pressing not very higher up the pitch because he hold the position to stop the opposition's counter attack in case when ball is lost whereas wing back goes higher up the pitch. So, it is responsibility for DLP to stop opposition's counter attack. Klopp changes the roles according to the situations sometimes RB plays as full back so DLP have chance to play much higher up the field when there is much possibility of opposition's counter attacking starts from left flank. Like in Chelsea match, Hazard start counter attacking so Gomez don't go too muh higher up the pitch than Moreno. Hope it clear.☺ Klopp used fast tempo in 2016-17 season than this year maybe because of lossing Adam Lallana due to injury (he is very hard working and he superbly fit in Klopp's tactics). Sometimes Mane & Salah comes to the flanks and look for overlap but in the game it will not perform well because Inside Forward goes inside and wing back will alone in that flank so need someone on that flank to play overlap. Therefore it will be best to cross early. Hope its clear.☺ Thank you!
  10. JohnWeulfoe

    Anyone have a Tactic like Liverpool

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe Sorry if I am too late. The thought just came in my mind after seeing your post. Hopefully it will help.☺
  11. Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics First of all , being a Liverpool fan its a honourable opportunity to share my own made Jurgen Klopp FMM18 tactics [EME]. I am not an expert or perfect man but I believe it will help a lots of people who want Jurgen Klopp tactics. So, any suggestions will be appreciated.☺ Jurgen Klopp currently plays 4-3-3 formation with possessions , hard pressing & counter attacking (gegenpressing) an aggressive and organized press to regain possession when the ball lost higher up the pitch, the things he famous for. There was different kind of madness born from Klopp's method in Football when Liverpool gegenpressing likes Adam Lallana , Roberto Firmino , Henderson , Coutinho etc. It was a game which rarely paused the breath.? Well, we can't get 100% working Jurgen Klopp tactics in FMM18 but a very similar tactics we can get. In the Back 4 Center Back (Matip & Lovren) so they can pass effective and maintain possession. Wing Back (Moreno & Gomez/TAA) goes forward and cross into the box. In the Mid 3 Deep lying playmaker (Henderson) play between both CB's he hold the position , help in build-up play , intercept and uses his creativity with excellent direct passing. B2B Midfielder (Can) regulalry moving from defence to attack , able to do everything on the pitch i.e. tackling , shooting & support etc. Advanced Playmaker (Coutinho) create chances for his teammates with his excellent creativity , passing and vision and tries long shot outside the box. In the Front 3 Inside Forward (Salah & Mane) outside to inside with his superb pace & gorgeously movements. Leaving space behind him for wing back. Deep Lying Forward (Firmino) a hard working guy with his outstanding team work , help in creating chance , pick & hold the ball and clever passes in the counter attack. A very useful roles for counter attacking team. Shape Liverpool play attacking & possession based football and press hard to regain possession. Gegenpressing work in narrow so they can press fast as player will be close to each other. Expressive Creativity will slow down the counter attack and Disciplined will not create many chances. Defence They use high defensive line with offside trap to press the opponent hard. Attack They use all type of passing on everywhere in the pitch and crosses early as wide attacker goes inside so he will alone in the flank and shoot at every opportunity even outside the box. They use both Run at Defence and Through Balls according to the situation. Training Set-up For Goalkeeper For Center Back For Wing Back & B2B Midfielder For DLP , AP & DLF For Inside Forward Proof
  12. JohnWeulfoe

    FMM18 Bug List

    @samhardy I search for youth coach but there is no one, even interested is off. Its very irritating. Its only happen to me or everyone because I don't see it in bug list? Any information about update version 9.0.4?
  13. JohnWeulfoe

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    I created file named .nomedia , it disappear but file manager says its created and reboot the device but it doesn't work whereas I create with other name and rename it, it says "its doesn't exist" . I think its remaining 10% of cases which doesn't work.? Well I can wait unit next update..!?
  14. JohnWeulfoe

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    @Putzy I followed the instructions exactly what you tell us, everything is working fine but a bit of problem is that why all logos show in my gallery? Does it happens to only with me or everyone? If only me, then why and what is the solution? Anyway Thank you! I like it.