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  1. Season 9 Transfers Notable matches and awards Trophies Mason Greenwood he repeated the same performance from last season 105goals from 64 matches, i'm actually ok with 100+ club goals every season and i hope it continues this way he also bagged 22goals from the national team in 11matches that brings us to 127goals this season 747+127=874 874/1500 he has 626 more goals to go and he's just 26years old end of season 10
  2. Exactly mate, I've tested him in every role and I found out that he get more goals as a poacher
  3. Season 8 transfers Southgate was sacked after a poor performance in the world cup and then.... notable matches and awards Trophies Mason Greenwood he was fairly impressive this season, scoring 105 for club and 23 for country bringing us to a total of 128 this season 128+619=747 747/1500 this brings us to the end of season 8, thanks for reading
  4. greenwood is a once in a lifetime talent, his goal against newcastle was breathtaking. the lad is fantastic. and also i only focus on building my team around the academy, whats the point spending millions when you have a good youth academy, and the joy i derive in building them into stars in amazing added 0 minutes later the young man is a beast
  5. Season 7 transfers notable matches and awards Mason Greenwood the lad has been dominating the world for several season now and this season wasnt an exception.... 112 goals this season was fantastic, his stamina helped him a lot in achieving this this brings us to the end of an exciting season 619/1500 thanks for reading
  6. Season 6 transfers Notable matches and awards My profile Mason Greenwood the young is class ans he's showing it in every game I tweaked my tactics this season and he really smashed it as he got 110 goals this season, what a performance, i was really impressed and happy for him Southgate is still doing well with england so my only hope with the english job is if he retires that brings to the end of an exciting season, i hope he continues this form next season 507/1500
  7. TBH you spent way too much on players, i'm currently chasing 1500goals with greenwood and i build my team around the academy graduates and regens that i buy less than 15million. But interesting career so far
  8. this update is slow because of my job, so this will be a long career season 5 transfers Mason Greenwood He went on few injuries that affected his game time, and unfortunately he didnt score 100+ goals this season He scored only 91 times this season that brought his goal tally to 397 397/1500 end of season 5. thanks for reading
  9. he is not injury prone, so his injuries are barely a week, plus i focused his training on stamina for more game time, and if you intensify his training he'll go on series of injuries with lesser game time added 0 minutes later hopefully with the england job i'll be chasing 2k
  10. Season 4 transfers Notable matches and awards Trophies Mason Greenwood He seems to have peeked, and the goals started coming in.... He had a cracking season as he banged 105 in 62 apps 306/1500 England and southgate are doing fine and its really hard to get the england job end of season 4, your comments are appreciated
  11. Season 3 Transfers Notable matches and individual awards My profile Mason Greenwood i dont know how he did it, but he manage to top in EPL assists And this season he was in top form 84 goals in 66 apps was really impressive, wont be long till he start banging 100 a season His attributes seems to have maxed out, his aerial, shooting and stamina is at a decent place, meaning more game time and more goals from him and he's still 20 201/1500 thanks for reading