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  1. darlingtonvii

    1kc Piece Bon(e) China - S2

    fantastic mate, this should be easy
  2. darlingtonvii

    Strikers for the 1k Challenge

    exactly... i achieved 1k club goals with greenwood
  3. Season 13 Transfers Team performance, trophies and awards Notable matches Mason Greenwood. we saw him achieve 1000 career goals last season, so we're now aiming for 1000club goals and 1500 career goals. so how did he do? he was injury free this season and he really smashed it without considering his age 101 club goals, this is surely gonna put him on the leaderboard, at 29 he has reached and passed 1000 club goals. Further 20 goals for the england national team made it 121 goals for the season. His attributes and value is slowly decreasing, but i'm not woried cus i know he'll surelykeep scoring 70+ goals a season. 1009+121=1130 1K=1130/1000✅ 1K CLUB GOALS=1007/1000✅ 1.5K=1130/1500 THANKS FOR READING.
  4. darlingtonvii

    1k Challenge on the go

    goodluck mate
  5. they're still very young. Not a bad start
  6. darlingtonvii

    Hey, I'm Vipper

    Welcome mate
  7. 2k wont be possible mate
  8. i'll be looking forward to that, hope you post it.
  9. so a di maria+messi+ronaldo+zlatan regen?
  10. try 1500 goals, it'll be easier. plus a combined 500 assists between them would be fun too😀
  11. darlingtonvii

    Hi I’m Sophia

    yes, plus you now have friends from around the world, that's a bonus
  12. this should be interesting. goodluck
  13. darlingtonvii

    The 1,000 Games/2,000 Goal Man

    That was fantastic, the best so far