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  1. SEASON 5 TRANSFERS NOTABLE MATCHES AND AWARDS MY PROFILE MASON GREENWOOD SUPERB PERFORMANCE 91+22=113 goals JADON SANCHO 18+3 goals=21 21+9 assists=30 PHIL FODEN 16+2 goals=18 64+7 assists=71 MARCUS EDWARDS 21+2 goals=23 10=5 assists-15 GREENWOOD 464/1000 JS|PF|ME 259/500 GOALS. 469/500 ASSISTS GREENWOOD X SANCHO 549/1500 Really impressed with this season, they all stepped up. Almost done with the assists, thanks to foden
  2. SEASON 4 TRANSFERS MY PROFILE NOTABLE MATCHES AND AWARDS MASON GREENWOOD A minor drop in goals this season. 73+21=94 goals JADON SANCHO He is not firing like i expect him to 8+1 goals=9 11+6 assists=17 PHIL FODEN 13+6 goals=19 37+10 assist=47 MARCUS EDWARDS 11+1 goals=12 9+4 assist=13 This season we saw a significant drop in goals and assist from all of them, i'm just happy the england job is helping to compensate GREENWOOD 351/1000 MS|JS|PF 197/500 GOALS. 353/500 ASSISTS GREENWOOD X SANCHO 415/1500
  3. Just caught up with this. Amazing performance there, I think he'll get 1k goals with that performance.
  4. I don't know how to get him involved more added 0 minutes later Yeah, I thought Sancho will be decent but he's not been delivering
  5. SEASON THREE TRANSFERS NOTABLE MATCHES AND AWARDS MY PROFILE MASON GREENWOOD 82+19=101 GOALS. BRILLIANT JADON SANCHO 15+8 goals=23. 14+4 assist=18 PHIL FODEN 11+4 goals=15 45+13 assists=58 MARCUS EDWARDS 16+3 goals=19 9+3 assists=12 GREENWOOD 257/1000 PF|JS|ME 157/500 GOALS. 276/500 GREENWOOD X SANCHO 312/1500 END OF SEASON THREE
  6. i know mate, he always gets better added 0 minutes later thanks, i hope he doesnt get too many injuries next season
  7. SEASON TWO TRANSFERS Got the england job MANAGER Notable matches and awards MASON GREENWOOD Cracking season, 73+19=92 goals JADON SANCHO 15 goals and 16 assists for club, 2 goals and 10 assist for country bringing him to 17 goals and 26 assists MARCUS EDWARDS 11 goals and 9 assists for club, 5 goals and 3 assists for country total 16goals and 12 assists PHIL FODEN Was out for 3 weeks 11 goals and 45 assists for club, 2 goals and 5 assists for country. Making it 13 goals and 50 assists this season GREENWOOD 156/1000 PF|JS|ME 100/500 GOALS. 122/500 ASSISTS GREENWOOD X SANCHO 188/1500 PLEASE I NEED A GOOD SPREADSHEET FOR EITHER ANDROID OR WINDOWS, THANKS
  8. SEASON ONE TRANSFERS MY PROFILE Had a clean sweep this season NOTABLE MATCHES AND AWARDS MASON GREENWOOD A cracking season for him as he banged in 62 goals in 52 games, i always love this kid JADON SANCHO Had a slow start for me, 15 goals and 11 assists was really poor IMO, i hope he improves next season MARCUS EDWARDS 11 goals and 14 assists, i'll take it, considering i havent used him before PHIL FODEN I think he as decent, 8 goals and 29 assists for me, pretty good MASON GREENWOOD 64/1000 PF|ME|JS 54/500-34/500 MASON GREENWOOD+JADON SANCHO 79/1500 END OF SEASON ONE
  9. Thanks mate, will be slow and long career, but I'll finish it before fmm22
  10. Hello everyone, its been awfully long since i last came here, and boy am i psyched, i've really missed the forum. I've going through some contents and challenges for the last few hours and i'm really glad i did. So i came up with one last content before fmm22 comes out. @Ian @Rob @smoggy90 @Ashez @Rich @broodje kip @Scratch really glad you guys are still here, really enjoyed your contents. So let me introduce my career, i'll bringing four english boys to juventus, turin. So let's meet them MASON GREENWOOD He is no stranger here amongst us, especially me, i've been using him since he was 16, literally every season, especially in 1000 and 1500 goals challenge. He's pacy, shoots with both feet and massively improves every time. PHIL FODEN Everyone knows, arguably one of the best young midfielder in the game, i've used him in the past and he's really good. Can score and create chances. JADON SANCHO The young english prodigy, words cant explain how massive he is, he is currently having a slow start in manchester utd, but that's understandable. MARCUS EDWARDS Never really used him, so i dont know how good he'll turn out to be, he's still 21 so i believe he has a lot of improving to do, i'm really expecting big things from him So anyho, i'll be attempting 1000 goals with greenwood, 500 goals and 500 assists with sancho, foden and edwards and lastly 1500 goals with greenwood and sancho So stay updated SEASON ONE COMING SOON
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