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  1. Can't wait to use Greenwood on another 1k goals, the guy is a beast. RVP regen.
  2. Season three Transfers Team performance, trophies and awards Notable matches Moise Kean He was impressive this season as he scored 50 goals and 49 assists in 64 matches his attributes are also impressive, he's my corner and freekick man, hence the good assists Pietro Pellegri another cracking season for him 76 goals and 25 assists in 64 games was an impressive performance, the man never gets tired his attributes are also improving in the right places. his aerial has maxed out which have also helped him score headers so many times the duo scored a combined 126 goals and 74 assists this season DT GOALS 287/1500 DT ASSISTS 86/500 PELLEGRI 1K 193/1000 THAT'S ALL FOR SEASON 3. YOUR COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED
  3. Season two transfers Team performance, trophies and awards Notable matches Moise Kean The season was bad for kean due to injury He scored just 18 times and 29 assists in 45 matches Pietro Pellegri another bad season for pellegri as went through series of injury His goal tally increased despite playing lesser mathes 63 goals and 15 assists in 47 caps was an improvement for him DT GOALS 161/1500 DT ASSISTS 86/500 PELLEGRI 1K 117/1000 THANKS FOR READING
  4. SEASON ONE Transfers Team performance and awards Notable matches Moise Keane was pretty impressive He was the assist man as he got 29 assists and a further 36 goals in 62 matches pellegri played lesser matches due to injury but that didnt stop him fron netting 54 goals and 13 assists in 53 games DT GOALS 90/1500 DT ASSISTS 42/500 PELLEGRI 1K 54/1000 YOUR COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED
  5. Hello Vibe and welcome to this challenge. Having completed 1000 goals with Mason greenwood few weeks ago i decided to take a break. So now i'll be attempting a double trouble attempt. and i've chosen two Italian youngsters, we'll meet them soon, but first lets meet the club obviously the best club in the world with plenty of money to spend. now the players. when it comes to italian youngsters, few names comes to your mind, but i'm picking just to. First player this lad is fantastic, i've never used him in any save before but i've seen him play, his speed, strength and eye for goals is insane and i know he'll be a beast in the future Second player Everyone knows him, and anyone that have used him will tell you he develops into a fantastic player, this man will be a legend in the future. So now we've met the players. CHALLENGE i'll be attempting combined 1500 goals combined 500 assists 1000 goals with pietro pellegri So wish me luck
  6. sorry guys, the save file keeps getting corrupted when i download it
  7. put me on the leaderboard Mason Greenwood 1130 goals
  8. exactly... i achieved 1k club goals with greenwood
  9. Season 13 Transfers Team performance, trophies and awards Notable matches Mason Greenwood. we saw him achieve 1000 career goals last season, so we're now aiming for 1000club goals and 1500 career goals. so how did he do? he was injury free this season and he really smashed it without considering his age 101 club goals, this is surely gonna put him on the leaderboard, at 29 he has reached and passed 1000 club goals. Further 20 goals for the england national team made it 121 goals for the season. His attributes and value is slowly decreasing, but i'm not woried cus i know he'll surelykeep scoring 70+ goals a season. 1009+121=1130 1K=1130/1000✅ 1K CLUB GOALS=1007/1000✅ 1.5K=1130/1500 THANKS FOR READING.