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  1. Great player to start a 1kc with!! Crushing it in my save in 2024 with FC Barcelona. Nice steal!
  2. I call them stats all the time, knowing that it isn't the right word but can't help! hahaha
  3. So nice to see this 1v1 challenges. Best of luck for both of you guys!
  4. Same feels here bro. Love growing a poor team into a champion that way.
  5. Amazing hole, had a lot of fun reading it. It's a nice score for having a Romanian GK playing out of his position hahaha. KIU!
  6. Don't feel like I'm ready to participate yet, but make sure I'll be following this one!! Good luck everyone!
  7. Could you show us your training staff? This is amazing!! Gratz.
  8. Having the same problem, also when a bidding war starts the CPU team doesn't accept any offer and it stays bugged, can't make an offer only scout again...
  9. I'm having troubles when I try to bid for a player that's requested by more teams. They said they'll take time to say what offers they accept or accept my offer but can't contact with the player. Signed Goretzka for 30M and they told me they accept the offer but couldn't contact with the player. It seems to be bugged.
  10. Yeah, I've got couple problems, One of them being that one, they walk away without any final offer, while I'm upping the price. The second one is nobody wanting a player because of his salary, then if I want to sell, I have to do it lowering his value so much that I wouldn't do it.
  11. By starting a bidding war you mean negotiating the price higher for both of the clubs? Thanks again @FestiveFox!
  12. Hey there, first of all I wish everyone a great Christmas and a happy New Year. As some of you had read previously, I started a save with Mallorca which is now qualified for the UCL in my 4th season after promoting twice. I've had some trouble when a player wants to leave, for example, I sold Sierralta for 45M after buying him just for 5M. The question is how do you get the maximum value out of your sellings, I just offered Sierralta to clubs for that quantity and immediately received two offers from Benfica and Sevilla. But I guess that means I could've received couple more millions for him. Now, I've got three or four players which I'd like to replace and trying to sell them nobody is interested, maybe because I priced them too high. I'd like to know if there is any special method you guys use to get rid of these kind of players getting the maximum value. Thanks in advance for the answers, best regards. JoaK
  13. Impressive stuff without any transfer fee... congratz! great level!
  14. That's what I'm talking about! ahaha Good job lets keep it rolling