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  1. Hey guys, so I haven’t posted I’m a while so I thought it’d be a good time to post my 1st undefeated season!! Still really enjoying this tactic and some players really going from strength to strength. Want to try with a diff team and diff league but currently trying to unlock the national team challenge .... let me know if guys are still using this tactic and/oR enjoying it
  2. So I definitely have a bug!!! I have just finished a game as I pressed next its has kicked me out of the app altogether!! Tried to load the save, kicks me out, tried a different save - kicks me out!! Really annoyed as it seems I've lost all my saves 20201204_175725.mp4
  3. Glad its working for you ... I think McTominay may just be a beast in this game!?! I've still got him playing as my BBM and he's killing it
  4. Why would my assistant manager suggest giving a player 1st team exposure to continue their exciting development but in the same message tell me he’s been recalled to his parent club!?!
  5. So just finished my 1st season with a “lower” league side! I went to the Bundesliga 2 with the exact tactics ... I expected to concede goals but not as many, I think maybe with a bigger budget and better quality players, with out pointing out the obvious, we’d do even better but happy with the test, will continue with the save for now and see how I fair ...
  6. It’s new this year so it’s easy to not know ... so from your set piece screen, youll have 3 diff options - defence/attack/takers, just select the attack and as in the screen shot you’ll see them top right corner, I think the lay out may be diff depending whether you’re on iOS or Android but it’s should be fairly easy to navigate
  7. Amazing season, glad its worked for you ... the free kicks i haven't done anything different than last year and use your best shooter and be sure to check your coach reports for dead ball experts
  8. Kevin Kampl started his career, according to this game, at Bayer 04 in 05/06 where he spent 3 seasons with them, after a few years playing away he returned to the bundesliga in the 2014/15 He has been in Germany ever since having spells with Dortmund, Bayer 04 and currently with RB Leipzig. He’s a Slovenian national but also has German as his other nationality so I find it incredible that during all his time in Germany with 3 different teams that he doesn’t know any German language and that now all of a sudden he has no interest in learning the language and I run the risk of losing him!! If this isn’t a bug then I’m really confused with the logic
  9. I’m currently testing in a lower division so was kind of expected to concede more often than not ... what I would say is to make sure that you’re training your players into the position you play them and maybe drop the defensive line
  10. I haven’t made any adjustments to the marking, I left them as they were and only changes I’ve made to set pieces was what Dan13l suggested, i made the distributions of corners to the near post for both sides
  11. So I’ve completed my 1st full season. The formation seems to pretty much carry on from fmm20. Only change I made from OP is change the RP tactical role back to BBM. Will try the tactic with a lower division team and will post findings soon ... let me know if this is tactic is working for you
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or not ... lost tuanzebe to a loan buyout clause but can buy him back for £0
  13. In all honesty, i probably didn’t give it a good enough go!! I think I played maybe 4/5 games and felt like I didn’t really see much difference. I’ve been using McTominay as my BBM and he’s been killing it so when I finish this season I’ll try a different load and stick with it. Have you been trying it?