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  1. Likely because he's a first team scout, his decision is based on how he compares to the players you already have in your 1st team and Odegaard is still pretty young so probably hasn't quite yet reached his peak
  2. Forgot to check ... gone slightly over!!
  3. Yeah but I do, I have a player unhappy at not being allowed to move clubs and big clubs asking for a transfer for him but they aren't matching his valuation ... I've had a few but haven't seen it for a while
  4. I’ve probably missed it already but there was a 4th option that you could discuss with a player that was really good, I haven’t seen it before in previous FMM and it looks like it has been taken off this one, from what I remember it was centred around transfers!! “ promise a player can leave if his value is met” etc anyone have any idea?
  5. Thanks for trying ... keep us up to date how you get on
  6. Not sure where or why you think positions have changed!?! The tactics are still the same from my OP
  7. What a bizarre post!! Pretty sure that, not only are you not to self promote your YouTube channel, the formation doesn’t actually seem that effective!! If you want people to use your formation then I think you should provide actual proof with a successful fixture list than an average, handpicked 1-0 win
  8. Best formation I can remember ever using with 2 up top!! I’ve found previously that with 2 upfront one of them excels and the other does just okay but this is legit ....
  9. It wasn’t a critique!! It was a genuine question specifically around the poacher role, no need to be arsey about it 😂 ...
  10. I like the look of this, going to give it a try with O - Lyon, see if I can stop the PSG dominance!! But having looked at the wouldn't it make more sense the TM’s key attribute as heading instead of the poachers? What’s the thinking behind it?
  11. So finally got round to a “lesser” team and safe to say the tactic still works!! Even more sweeter is the fact that I started off with -12 points.
  12. Quick update after playing 10 games ... seems pretty solid at the back but struggling to score goals! Took over Leipzig and unfortunately lost Werner straight away due to release clause so who knows if it would have made a differnce, only player I brought in was his replacement and he has done okay but not getting any contribution from elsewhere, will stick with it and maybe tweak the forward roles to suit ... tbc
  13. I like the look of this, I’ll give it a try for sure .... how did your defensive wingers get on though? I’ve found throughout that I struggle to get much from them in way of goals or assists?
  14. I couldn’t access the website at all via my phone ... thought it was my work WiFi until I was able to check twitter for any issues etc
  15. So just finished my 2nd season with Wolves, still really enjoying this tactic ... Jimenez up top has been god tier for me. Only thing for me personally is that you need a world class AP for him to make a any significant contribution, I had Fernandes for PSG and he was unreal!! Anyway just won the champs league with Wolves ( on pens ) and finished 2nd in the league