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  1. Likely this has already been answered but .... why is that I constantly have to keep changing my players focus position and focus role back to what I want them to play!! I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but it’s really frustrating!! Does anyone know?
  2. I have a lot of players, mainly my defenders “trying to ignore the in squad divisions” ... what does that even mean and/or anyone know how to fix it!!!
  3. Is this a bug, really frustrating if it isn’t! So I enquire about Håaland, offer more than what they will “reluctantly” take, offer at least £6/7m more than competitors and still talks breakdown!?!
  4. Zero losses is impressive!! .. how did Haaland finish for you? Last year poachers with good heading was OP not sure if it’s the same this year or not.
  5. I thought I had 🤦🏼‍♂️ ... guess I’ll have to redo it anyway!! Much appreciated
  6. Not sure if it’s a bug or whether it’s changed this year but is loading a tactic not a thing anymore? ... I wanted to use a tactic that’s been good for me in a new league but I get a pop up not allowing it .... do I have to input the tactic each time I want to try it on a different team?
  7. 3rd season finished, safe to say the tactic works, for a big team at least .... going to give it a go with a “lesser” team etc
  8. Season finished ... Won the premier league and lost in the semi - finals of the FA Cup, Carabao cup and the Euro cup. As well as Martial did as my central forward I think I’m going to replace him and the tactical role with a target man and see how that goes.
  9. This is awesome!! I decided to keep my Pogba and for me who’s been 1 of my 2 best players .... let us know how you finished at the end the season.
  10. So after suffering my 1st defeat of the season I figured it’d be a good opportunity to give an update ... so I’m after a slow start the goals have picked up a little, I’m still creating way more chances than I’m actually scoring but goals are coming from the squad as appose to just 1/2 players, the back is still pretty solid. Im still unbeaten in the league, into the semi of the league cup with a leg to go, 4th round of the FA cup and unbeaten in the euro cup, through to the 2nd round .....
  11. Not sure if it’s a bug but seasons best eleven announced in January??
  12. 1st time I’ve seen this one .... the text middle of the screen about Guardiola indicates ..
  13. So, straight off the back I will admit that I didn’t create this tactic, I used it religiously and with great success in fmm19 but I can’t remember who’s it is originally. This is the 1st 10 games of the tactic, it’s seems pretty solid at the back and doesn’t give much away but and apart from the last game I’m struggling to get consistency from my attackers but so far pretty decent. I do need to play around with my tactical roles a little especially my striker but if anyone has any suggestions give it a go .....
  14. This worked brilliantly for me for 3/4 seasons and despite the squad being improved season after season it’s just stopped ... not sure if there’s been an update or anything but really strange/frustrating it’s happened.
  15. I haven’t been on here for a while but is this now a thing!?! Friendly at the end of the season!!