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  1. Great read and very happy that Germany are officially licenced for Fmm19, South America for me I'd love to see Argentine league, Boca juniors, River plate and loads of young argentine players, think the South Korean league was a waste of time like you said would anyone actually use it, possibly Danish or Swedish league also would have more appeal than South Korean league, I've a funny feeling it will be the Russian league that's added thou
  2. Kennyd100

    FMM 19

    Should be able to loan younger players on a 2 year loan if you wish or any player, James Rodriguez to Bayern, juventus did similar for coman to Bayern with option to buy after it aswell as Douglas Costa also going on a simliar two year loan deal, so it does happen. Also your own agent would be a great addition, could be he tells you privately if your doing well that Bayern and Inter Milan can see you as a future manager in the making, something along those lines or even You have been added to Bayerns shortlist of future managers, or an option with your agent that if your bit fed up at your club he could spread a press rumour saying " Jones unhappy at Liverpool he's keeping his options open " and your agent could put the feelers out and see if any clubs are intrested in you at all, he would then come back with a shortlist and then you could possibly agree to take over one of the clubs at the end of the season if your in a current campaign, and would say something like "Jones has agreed a deal to manage Chelsea he will take over new role at the start of 2020 season ,Liverpool have a shortlist of potential replacements already drawn up and will make an announcement in the next few weeks"
  3. I haven't really managed international teams much in the game at all and none in Fmm18, until now so I went Croatia and within 6months around 13 players in my squad were unhappy with there club teams and wanted new contracts, and it got even worse with more players in squad rising to about 17 of the 23 players, this is totally unrealistic in my opinion I've never ever heard or seen this in the whole time I've watched football in my life, maybe one player who wants to sort out a new club or contract before he joins up with his national team before a world cup or euro championship yes but not more than one or two and this never effects there game, it's no good if you have your full team effected by there club team esp when you don't have control over it, as I said I've not really did the national team thing but that is definitely one point that is totally unrealistic in my opinion and something I suggest needs to be looked at for a change, even if there was something like the player said he wished to be omitted from the national team at the moment till he sorts out his contract or move with his club would be better than having loads of players unhappy.
  4. Kennyd100

    FMM19 News?

    Great 😂
  5. Kennyd100

    Chat FMM19 News?

    Any news yet to confirm the licencing laws regarding Germany have been agreed for FMM19? In july now so surely it's got to be a yes or no by now, plus any other news regarding the game if anyone has heard any news, new leagues etc aswell.
  6. If you edit it you would make his move permanent not a loan and you can clearly see it's listed as a loan, I've seen no option in game to move a loan player to another club and keep it as a loan, as stated he's at Sunderland on loan so if I'd to edit him to another club it would be a permanent move not a loan, so unless you know how it's done that's what I'm getting at
  7. Came across this, so it must be possible to edit, this player is currently on loan to Sunderland in game.
  8. Kennyd100

    S.S. Lazio - Team Guide

    Good read 👍 only thing I'd say is if your gonna go them prob best to do it in this game as two key players you highlighted prob won't be there next season, well deffo Stefan de Vrij as he has signed a pre contract with Inter, and Milinkovic-Savic is very much in demand with Europe's top clubs looking at him, so be very surprised if he is at Lazio next season, but again I suppose that's the thrill of a new season is to see who has been sold and bought for the new game fmm19
  9. Kennyd100

    FMM19 Ideas Series: Staff

    There are lots of things now that seem way more unrealistic than in previous versions, like as soon as your two games into a new game 5 players suddenly want a New Challenge or want to move to a bigger club, or getting injured all the time and long spells out, seems to happen way to much now and I know players have a lot of powers now in the modern game, but that's not realistic , Mahrez is a prime example of it he's wanted away from leicester for 2 seasons now and he's still there, so in the game if you persist to do that then you should have the option to say to player if this fee is met you can leave, so you set the transfer fee price which will basically be a release clause for him and he could possibly give you feedback saying yes I'm happy with that or unhappy with that fee, so you can't just put say £100 million on a 25million rated player more realistic to then put say a 35 to 40 million tag on him.
  10. Kennyd100

    Australian league

    Ah right thanks for that 👍
  11. I had no idea for the time I've been playing the game, that if you go Australian league then it opens up diff national teams to manage like Saudi, Qatar, North Korea and the likes
  12. Kennyd100


    You could be right as I do remember them deffo being in it, so possibly as you say maybe don't appear till second season, I'll carry on and see
  13. Kennyd100

    Chat MLS

    Since the new update I'm sure L.A.F.C have disappeared from the MLS, anyone else found this? I haven't played it in a bit but I'm sure before the transfer update they were there in mls and now there not
  14. Kennyd100


    Yeah that aswell, but in real life it depends on country aswell as I'm sure 2seasons ago when Leicester were in the champions league they got to last 16 I think and earned more cash than Real Madrid who won it, something to do with the English premier cut of cash I think which shouldn't be as the winner should be taking the most cash, let's face it most teams will make cash in Europe now ie Dutch league, Belgium league, Scottish league, Portuguese league, etc as I'm guessing you will be lucky to make 2 or 3 million for actually winning your domestic league not including any sponsorship in that or season ticket revenue also just actual domestic price money.
  15. Kennyd100


    Yeah something like that would look good, under your trophy room or something like that.