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  1. I've had this message on numerous occasions on numerous games I've started from new or older games, your sitting top of the table and a team further down table well of the pace gets all the praise, if your top and well clear the message should be about you and your team, so this is one message that comes up that is totally wrong and shouldn't be in the game in the context that it is in my opinion, it's crazy it's like saying man united are steam rolling the premiership when man city are top and what 15points clear of them so it's totally ridiculous, again in the topic and pics Torino are steamrolling nothing and well adrift.
  2. Chat Some team name colours wrong?

    Yeah in game editor to change it, but again limited to certain colours, like the bottom bar custom colour you should be able to click on say green and that custom bar comes up to choose what shade of green you want rather than just a slight section, or if you select a colour then there is a - or + symbol each side to make it slightly lighter or darker again not got that option really with a lot of colours.
  3. I agree this would go for certain clubs and there is no way York city should be wining the champions league, the thing is there is to much money in the game now esp in England, takes wolves top of championship and signed in 4 or 5 quality Portuguese players some on loan at first but now all signed on perm deals and not really disclousing the fee, said joto's move permanent now from atl Madrid but didn't really say a fee so wolves must have spent 70million at least doing these perm deals and fee for neves etc aswell, possibly keeping fees undisclosed for financial fair play, which P.S.G and Man City have made a mockery of to be honest, so back to your point of York city is there should be abit in game that makes it pretty impossible for that club to spend anywhere near that under financial fair play.
  4. Help changes.txt

    I did Van Dijk to Liverpool and coutinho to Barca worked fine, but as soon as I did Sanchez to man u and mkhitaryan to arsenal it didn't work and de gea ended up at arsenal, and aubameyang to arsenal didn't work either as reus from Dortmund moved. All I'd say is try one at a time and see if it works if it doesn't you just have to leave the player where he is then.
  5. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    First time this has happened I've just started a new game with Milan and just staring second season and doing a player search and noticed two Barca players that are English and over 60million and both been Southampton players but no transfer has been done. Strange stuff I've update game and this hasn't happened before.
  6. Great stuff, amazing to see no international goals for Norway in 5 games when he scorers 100 for club, bet he was played as a center back for norway ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    Can I ask why your going with Patterson when he's not a striker? Do you like his stats/potential and age etc rather than going with a Scottish striker say like Leigh griffiths
  8. Help Licencing

    Use changes.txt or get the game editor to change them. There are a few in Spain wrong and Germany Atletico pamplona are osasuna Gelsenkirchen are schalke 04 etc
  9. Career The Talented Leverkusen!

    You did well getting kepa arrizabalaga for 12.5 i always get pushed to over 25 for him or not for sale, I'm sure he has a deal to go to real Madrid in summer so prob be pretty hard to get in New game.
  10. Tactics Ribas tactic

  11. Possibly what's helped is Ajer wasnt a defender when he first went to Celtic he was a midfielder which has been converted to a center back the same as nir bitton has been playing center back as well but is a central midfield player.
  12. Tactics Ribas tactic

    Very interesting as my fav formation which I've been using for last 2 seasons or so is similiar, I tend to have more attackers so I tried a lot of formations and found 3 up top was just to conjested so I came up with this one and have had great results
  13. Does anyone feel that some teams name colours are the wrong way round or are to dark at times or just wrong tone of colour?? I'll give some examples I think Milan, Inter and Roma have there name colour the wrong way round esp Milan and Inter as looks far to dark esp for home colours, I know Roma's colours are Tyrian Purple and gold with there main home top always being Tyrian Purple but the badge is always half and half for colour, and as we don't see full kits logo's on fmm I don't see a problem changing colours around for names for certain teams, esp if it looks better.First 3 pics are how they are in game.
  14. What's your Fav league that you mostly go? I tend to go for Italy as my main league, then Spain Germany England, France, Portugal, Holland are decent as Well and i recently tried the MLS which I actually quiet enjoyed. Scotland if u support one of the 2 but the league format isn't great, Turkey isn't great so dissapointed that was added as South Korea unless your Turkish or South Korean which indeed you will like them, again same for Poland, Australia Belgium Wales n.ireland Ireland have no appeal, I can see Russia being added next game but again no appeal to me it's not a great league, surely Argentina has to be added or Brazil they would be good to play and some iconic clubs from them both. I honestly can't remember Brazilian league being in it when was this and why was it done away with?? I'd much prefer that to a lot of them in current game.