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  1. Kennyd100

    Who has managed Bayern Munich?

    Thanks for reply yeah must be a bug but nice of others to point this out, pointless being on sites like this at times, buy game for years and pay to download items etc and no one can point this out on here
  2. I put this up in the bugs part when the game came out, the only team ive managed in the game that ive had this problem with is Bayern Munich and thats when you save your season at some point for the first time and you go to load it and your name is changed to Niko Kovac the original manager, so if your looking at what you have achieved then your basically looking at another managers name, i dont know if it changes back after a few seasons or so but i doubt it so i basically cant manage bayern munich because of this, surely its not just my game others must have this problem aswell, yet no replies when was listed as a bug, if someone can clarify this it would help thanks.
  3. Has anyone else came across a save issue where your name changes? Ive encounterd this with bayern munich where my name changes to niko kovac on the save, ive managed inter, juve, valencia and real madrid 5 seasons in and my name is still my name as it should be, i go bayern and it changes like 1 game into a new start, also left juve to take over bayern thinking this might help but again my name has changed to niko kovac, so surely there must be a bug with bayern munich, have posted on a si site but no responce to it, so if anyone can kindley let me know of same issues thanks.
  4. Kennyd100

    FMM19 Bug List

    Any ones about your name changing to another name or orignal managers name, first time its happened to me went bayern and my save and name is now Niko Kovac, not my name which my other saves are still my name and seasons in, yet just starting off with bayern and put my name in and its changed.
  5. Thats poor in all honestly it did clearly say in the promo for FMM19 that you could manage Germany for the first time a 4 year deal was agreed, to now say they dont have the license is really really poor with the new game 5 weeks away, certainly a low blow and thats me done with FMM now.
  6. Is that a joke?? It said clearly that they had the germany national team license, thats unreal if they now dont
  7. Kennyd100

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    No i wasnt useing the repack, ill get it now thanks 👍
  8. Kennyd100

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    Michy batshuayi and bakayoko are free transfers aswell, so dont know if your just aswell transfering them perm or leaving them as they are rather than just making a free transfer.
  9. Main screen as you see still says 1 cap no goal which is his in game stats for argentina, ive given him 4 qualifying games and hes scored 4 goals in them so should read 5 caps 4 goals which it isnt. Never took screen shots of all but here is one which shows he scored in game.
  10. Ive just noticed recently that my international team my players arent showing up new caps or goals since ive took over? Never had this in previous saves, just seeing if anyone else has had this recently or if its a new bug.
  11. Kennyd100

    Mauro Icardi?

    Yeah that is a strange one, how is the rest of your inter team with him? Ive found in the past key players have issues with him, dont know enough of the international side of it thou to comment if thats the issues why hes not getting picked, when with those goal stats he should be.
  12. Kennyd100

    Mauro Icardi?

    He was Serie A top scorer this season but never made the argentine world cup squad, He has 4 full caps and 0 goals, He more of an old fashioned poacher and can be pretty greedy, plus argentina had Messi, Dybala, Aguero, Higuain, Di maria up top. Plus in the game if ive went inter most of my squad has fallen out with him 😂😂😂
  13. Kennyd100

    Views on Club Badge Changes

  14. Being a Serie A fan i quiet like the new Serie A logo, But how do you feel when a Club changes there Badge/Logo? LAZIO have just did this and gotta say not a fan of the new one, sometimes makes you think who is actually designing them and who says Yes thats the ONE. 😂😂 Juventus did it last year but i do like the new Juventus one and can see why its been done for Branding/Merchandise, with some badges being abit out dated or need a little touch up, then there was the leeds utd new badge disaster which i dont know if thats been binned now 😂
  15. Kennyd100

    English football

    Intresting topic and views and good read, i must say as an outsider as dont support any english team but do watch prem games, my views on Man Utd is i think alex ferguson seen this comming to be totally honest i think he seen that his squad was ageing and a major rebuild was needed and prob though at that time it was easier to bow out at the top than do a rebuilding job as he never got buckets of cash from the board either, the way i look at the so called top 6 clubs at moment is Guardiola attack minded, Klopp attack minded, Pochettino attack minded, Sarri attack minded, Emery does try to play attacking football, Even Silva tries to play attacking football, But Mourinho has such a negative style he actually stifles attacking players, If you were a young attacker today and you had a chance to play for say liverpool or man u, ill take city out of it as just makes it easier 😂, you would go with klopp all day long. Mourinho has wasted the cash he has spent and moans all the time, the complete defence is a write off in my view and alot of players are far to inconsistent when they do play, again that comes down to the manager aswell, i also think Mourinhos man management must be very poor aswell, as long as he is at united they wont win the title, if he goes this season id give Conte a shot, i think chelsea didnt really back him at the end to be honest and could of prob done more with the whole costa thing, but he is a great manager and id rather have him than mourinho anyday, anyway thats the great thing about football its full of opinions snd views and fmm will be the closest any of us get to managing an actual club 😂😂😂