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About Kennyd100

  1. Kennyd100

    Australian league

    Ah right thanks for that 👍
  2. I had no idea for the time I've been playing the game, that if you go Australian league then it opens up diff national teams to manage like Saudi, Qatar, North Korea and the likes
  3. Kennyd100


    You could be right as I do remember them deffo being in it, so possibly as you say maybe don't appear till second season, I'll carry on and see
  4. Kennyd100

    Chat MLS

    Since the new update I'm sure L.A.F.C have disappeared from the MLS, anyone else found this? I haven't played it in a bit but I'm sure before the transfer update they were there in mls and now there not
  5. Kennyd100


    Yeah that aswell, but in real life it depends on country aswell as I'm sure 2seasons ago when Leicester were in the champions league they got to last 16 I think and earned more cash than Real Madrid who won it, something to do with the English premier cut of cash I think which shouldn't be as the winner should be taking the most cash, let's face it most teams will make cash in Europe now ie Dutch league, Belgium league, Scottish league, Portuguese league, etc as I'm guessing you will be lucky to make 2 or 3 million for actually winning your domestic league not including any sponsorship in that or season ticket revenue also just actual domestic price money.
  6. Kennyd100


    Yeah something like that would look good, under your trophy room or something like that.
  7. Kennyd100

    Transfer window update

    Takes forever to do the updates and you still can't get it right, naby Kieta is to join Liverpool in the summer deal has been done for months and doesn't say on his profile will be joining Liverpool at end of season, and same for leon goretzka from schalke to bayern deal has been anounced for end of season, so surely it's not hard to add this in, pretty poor not to do this..esp since you have had since January to find this out, I get certain players haven't announced what there doing and out of contract in summer like emre can and rumours are juventus, but Kieta and goretzka are done deals!!!!!!
  8. I've had this message on numerous occasions on numerous games I've started from new or older games, your sitting top of the table and a team further down table well of the pace gets all the praise, if your top and well clear the message should be about you and your team, so this is one message that comes up that is totally wrong and shouldn't be in the game in the context that it is in my opinion, it's crazy it's like saying man united are steam rolling the premiership when man city are top and what 15points clear of them so it's totally ridiculous, again in the topic and pics Torino are steamrolling nothing and well adrift.
  9. Kennyd100

    Some team name colours wrong?

    Yeah in game editor to change it, but again limited to certain colours, like the bottom bar custom colour you should be able to click on say green and that custom bar comes up to choose what shade of green you want rather than just a slight section, or if you select a colour then there is a - or + symbol each side to make it slightly lighter or darker again not got that option really with a lot of colours.
  10. I agree this would go for certain clubs and there is no way York city should be wining the champions league, the thing is there is to much money in the game now esp in England, takes wolves top of championship and signed in 4 or 5 quality Portuguese players some on loan at first but now all signed on perm deals and not really disclousing the fee, said joto's move permanent now from atl Madrid but didn't really say a fee so wolves must have spent 70million at least doing these perm deals and fee for neves etc aswell, possibly keeping fees undisclosed for financial fair play, which P.S.G and Man City have made a mockery of to be honest, so back to your point of York city is there should be abit in game that makes it pretty impossible for that club to spend anywhere near that under financial fair play.
  11. Kennyd100


    I did Van Dijk to Liverpool and coutinho to Barca worked fine, but as soon as I did Sanchez to man u and mkhitaryan to arsenal it didn't work and de gea ended up at arsenal, and aubameyang to arsenal didn't work either as reus from Dortmund moved. All I'd say is try one at a time and see if it works if it doesn't you just have to leave the player where he is then.
  12. Kennyd100

    FMM18 Bug List

    First time this has happened I've just started a new game with Milan and just staring second season and doing a player search and noticed two Barca players that are English and over 60million and both been Southampton players but no transfer has been done. Strange stuff I've update game and this hasn't happened before.
  13. Great stuff, amazing to see no international goals for Norway in 5 games when he scorers 100 for club, bet he was played as a center back for norway 😂
  14. Kennyd100

    Home Nations Triple Threat

    Can I ask why your going with Patterson when he's not a striker? Do you like his stats/potential and age etc rather than going with a Scottish striker say like Leigh griffiths
  15. Kennyd100