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  1. This tactic is so awesome I won every trophy with Barcelona all the tactics I tried sucked so I made this one and it was great. Went from 3 loses and 2 draws in a row mid season from winning the rest of my games. NOTE: the left wing I changed to AP and it still worked I also made the AF into the T or false 9 to suite Messi and it worked better just letting you know. Messi finished the season with 56 games 52 goals and 26 assists and this new season is on fire scoring 20 in 20 with 12 assists already and we’re winning games. Also another star is Arthur from Gremio with 13 assists and 5 goals from 20 appearances. My usual team is Gk:Ter Stegen Rb: Semedo or Henrichs the Cbs: Pique and Umtiti Lb: Jordi Alba Right Wing: O.Dembele DLP: busquets BBM:Arthur AP or Left wing is Coutinho and Messi is the T and Suarez a poacher. Suarez is hot and cold so maybe you might want to change roles to suit your striker. Try it out. Only done with Barca.
  2. For all you guys wanting one which got other players goals I tweaked the tactics make it IF and FB and early crosses instead of overlap did it with Real Madrid Ronaldo got 140 in 1 and a half seasons scoring hat tricks almost all the time and the mid and mainly inside forwards racked up around 140 between them too I don’t have screenshots. It worked for me and also the key is a striker like Ronaldo I think but it might work with others.
  3. Zlatan

    433 unbeaten tactic

    Eme added 0 minutes later Not sure I’m on iPhone but maybe you position them lower than mine idk
  4. This tactic is working well for me so far only tested it with Chelsea but so far I’m unbeaten in every game with only 2 draws and 12 wins. It really started scoring more when I changed the strikers role to a complete forward. The inside forwards score quite a few goals and the AP and wingbacks play well too. The usual starters in the team usually gets a 7 or higher rating. And I am playing with a flat 3 mid so I don’t get the defensive mid form glitch and it’s working better than when I had the defensive mid anyway. Please try it out and share your results and let me know for improvements. Thanks
  5. I created this formation it’s basically a 442 or 433 but mixed. Note this is only one game with a top team like Barca someone try it out and tell me the results! If there are any suggestions please let me know and share the tweaks you made if you did. ??
  6. Yeah it’s the same all game and season
  7. Awesome tactic I won the World Cup with argentina won every game by more than 3 goals after the group stage games and in the World Cup final we won 5-0 against Spain.??
  8. Zlatan

    Attack - 4123 - Free Scoring - EME

    I tried this tactic works great in the prem but when I tested it with Barca it failed really badly??
  9. Zlatan

    Good 442 formation?

    thanks for the help!
  10. Zlatan

    Good 442 formation?

    Serie a. And I don't really care
  11. Zlatan

    Good 442 formation?

    What are your results like and player roles/tactics? I don't have one atm because I am looking for one.
  12. Looking for some good tactics for a 442 flat formation I've been looking for some but can't find many. Thanks
  13. Hey everyone I’m stuck on what team to manage now, I want to manage a club that is either a fallen great or a club for example Atletico Madrid or Napoli that hasn’t won many trophies but is half decent. Thanks.