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  1. The Josep Guardiola Challenge I will be attempting my Pep Guardiola Challenge, which I have recently posted! I will be starting in the most difficult stage in my eyes which is of course, Spain! I'll update this thread at the end of season one, feel free to give this a try aswell it will be interesting to see others approach on this!
  2. Josep Guardiola arguably one of the most gifted and decorated managers in football history. His style has changed the game, he has dominated in every country he has managed in; can you? In this challenge you will be attempting to recreate Pep's success. Achieve a Win Percentage of 72.4% or above by the end of the career. Spain: La Liga x3, Copa del Rey x2, Supercopa x3, Champions League x2, UEFA Supercup x2, FIFA Club World Cup x2. Germany: Bundesliga x3, DFB-Pokal x2, UEFA Super Cup x1, FIFA Club World Cup x1. England: Premier League x1, EFL Cup x1, Community Shield x1. You may use any club in the selected country for that stage. You may complete this challenge in any order. Good Luck if you attempt this!
  3. Hi Vibers! I have decided to start a discussion on tactics for help, or just to share something your working on! I'm currently trying to emulate Mourinho in his first spell at Chelsea, around 2004/2005 Season. Any thoughts or suggestions for improvement are welcome! Home: Away: Results:
  4. Holiday Until November 6th. Take over the team 2nd bottom in the Premier League. Remain at this club for the FULL Challenge. Win a Domestic Cup Within 4 Seasons. Win a League Title within 7 seasons. Win a League and Cup Double within 8 Seasons Win a League, Cup and Champions League within 13 Seasons. So as you can see by the screenshot, I simulated to the date required and I landed with Cardiff City! I think this is going to be a massive task, and would have preferred Wolves but I guess that's the way it goes! Transfers In: Transfers Out: Wish me luck!
  5. Nice man! Keep up the good work! What tactic are you using if you don't mind me asking, some nice stats!
  6. I see! 🙈 It's going well so far, just tinkering with the tactics, we had a brilliant Pre-season winning and dominating games, we are still winning in the league just not quite as dominant as I would like and a bit shaky defensively!
  7. Besiktas: The Gordon Milne Challenge Nucleus' Besiktas: The Gordon Milne Challenge First Update to follow shortly, have a read through Nucleus' in-depth description of this challenge I am attempting! I have recently regained my love for FMM, I now play on Android but have been playing since 2011, where I began on iOS after being inspired by Ashez, Dec and many others!
  8. Thanks mate! The tactic does look like his Barcelona style he has changed since then and adapted with this City side, I might look at his tenure at Bayern, Barcelona and City and try and mould a tactic purely on them styles!
  9. I deffintley agree slow tempo, have you tried switching the two wide men to AP? Guardiola doesn't like them to always cut inside especially Sterling and Sane, he likes them to drift into the open space and drive to the by line sometimes, might be worth a try? I would also maybe consider switching the DLP to a CM to try and dominate the centre of the park abit more! Another massive thing I would say is switch the width to wide as Guardiola has stated many times he wants his players to hug the touchline and spread the pitch as much as possible to give more passing options and make it harder for the defending team!
  10. Ruvio4

    Spearhead : A 2-3-4-1 Tactic

    What's your possession stats like?
  11. The Challenge Stage One | Spain Gain Promotion Stage Two | Spain 2 La Liga Titles, 1 European Cup Stage Three | Italy Italian Supercoppa, FIFA Club World Cup Stage Four | England European Cup Stage Five | Italy Cuppa Italia, Italian Suppercoppa Stage Six | England Gain Promotion The Challenge is to replicate every honour won by Rafael Benitez To be authentic you can do this with the same clubs as Benitez Stage Two MUST be a different club from Stage One! The 'Gain Promotion' honours can be from any league in that specific nation I know there is no stage including his time at Real Madrid, but no honours were won during his time there I will be posting my attempt in this thread!
  12. I am attempting to complete Danovic78's Challenege Real Madrid - El Desafío Real de Galaticos en Inglés. I will keep the introduction short, so I present our chosen English Trio: Jamaal Lascelles I went with Jamaal Lascelles as his stats amount to that of a good, solid Centre Back. I did look towards John Stones, as he had a better passing ability, but while I am aiming to play possession football the difference in price was insane! I believe Lascales will be solid enough for us in this challenge and should improve drastically under IT. Jack Wilshere I am praying to god he stays fit. I see all the potential of a world class player in Wilshire, even if his career has been played by injury! I chose Wilshere because of his work rate and ability to pass the ball. I again looked elsewhere in Dele Alli, but was once again reluctant to spend a huge sum of my budget when Jack Wilshere seemed to be on par. Marcus Rashford I finally splashed out and spent £110m on Marcus Rashford, I looked at Harry Kane and Berahino but in the end there was only one option for me. I believe his finishing, movement + pace will prove a deadly combination for us! I hope you follow and enjoy my journey, I will update after season one.
  13. Ruvio4

    Striker Combinations

    I will mate, thank you!