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  1. Thanks mate, I'm looking to try and replicate the achievements of some of the greatest sides ever so if you have any suggestions I could take on after this one that would be cool. I have a few in mind already!
  2. The Greatest In this series I will attempt to emulate the achievements of some of the greatest sides we have ever witnessed. Simple? No. I have selected my first challenge and they are arguably one of the most talented sides we have ever had. They won an unfathomable FIVE back to back European Cups. Two Spanish League Titles, in a five year period. Yes, you guessed it. The great Real Madrid 1955-1960 will be the first team I attempt to match the achievements of. Five Season Challenge Five European Cups (Champions League) Two Spanish League Titles (La Liga)
  3. my lord, remember Shefti Kuqi 🤦‍♂️ and Albert Luque jesus bad times.
  4. I'm about to give this a go mate! Great start mate, only going to become better with time is young Gouiri. 🙂 Don't swear, saying that I'm sure he has a better GPG Ratio than our record signing.
  5. Brilliant start mate, I always find my Trequartista outscored my strikers most times and with Bruno's quality I wouldn't be surprised to see him surpass Lusaka next season! KIU!
  6. I got a fair few from having one CB Marking Keeper and aiming crosses to penalty spot the CB if he has good Aerial seems to get a lot! Nikola Katic was my top scorer in one save he had about 38 Goals 🤣
  7. What have people exactly noticed with the IW role change? Just generally contributing more.
  8. Thank you, I will take a look now mate.
  9. Thats great advice mate, I think I'll set to work tommorow on testing with Bayern and see how I go from there. I don't find it difficult to win, but always struggle on certain players scoring which is frustrating as most challenges are based around this.
  10. Thanks mate, for the first page I just go Attacking and Narrow and leave the rest as default!
  11. Hi, sorry I should have attached screenshots to the OP! This is something roughly what I would go with for a single striker tactic, for a two striker tactic I would probably just move Anchorman to a Advanced Forward! Thanks. .
  12. So I am looking to start some challenges after getting back into the game, but while I can create winning tactics fairly easily I am really struggling creating tactics where my players say Son and Kane or Ronaldo in the Badges of Honour challenges, they just don't seem to score! If anyone has any little pointers where I might be going wrong I would appreciate it, I'm not expecting a full tactic just some hints and pointers to help me get one or two players scoring the majority of goals!
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