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  1. Thanks mate + yeah like I said earlier I think Monaco and Arsenal will be most challenging hoping Juventus and Barcelona will be fairly routine!
  2. Thanks mate just getting started with first season as been busy we had a good transfer window in my opinion so let's see how we perform it's going to be a difficult task toppling PSG!
  3. His career as a player, I will be playing it out as a manager and trying to match or better his achievements.
  4. The Thierry Henry Challenge Thierry Henry, arguably one of the greatest forwards in football history and certainly one of the greatest in Premier League history. In my opinion he was the first name that came to mind when you think about 'The Invincibles'. He however hasn't matched this during his coaching spells which have been rather disappointing! In this challenge I will try and emulate the playing career of Henry, by starting at Monaco. I will complete my targets with the French side, before heading to Italian outfit Juventus for 1 year. I will then make the famous switch to Arsenal where I will stay and win 3x FA Cups, 2x Premier League Titles & Reach 1 CL Final, I will then move to Barcelona, where I will end my joureny by winning everything possible with Barcelona. (I will try as a bonus to win the World Cup and thr Euro Championships with France, but I am focusing on his club career) Challenge Targets: Monaco: Win French League 1 Title Reach CL Semi-Final Win Trophy des Champions Juventus: Italian Serie A Title Arsenal: 2x Premier League Titles 3x FA Cup Titles 2x Community Shield 1 Unbeaten Season Reach a Champions League Final Barcelona: 2x La Liga Titles 1 Copa del Rey 1 Supercopa de Espana 1 Champions League 1 UEFA Super Cup 1 FIFA Club World Cup • Coaching Badges Allowed ✅ • NO Unlockables ❎ • Own Formations Only ✅ • Evidence Required ✅ Updates To Follow!
  5. Hi mate and welcome! I would suggest playing with a big team to get a feel and adjust and then maybe look at some challenges on this site!
  6. I often use value as an indicator also mate!
  7. Wow, thanks for such in-depth replies guys some great pointers there! I will deffintley add 'Thrives In Big Matches' to my list as I never noticed this before!
  8. Yeah I normally use Technique to filter them mate as the game always seems to assign promising players high technique. I never tried the transfer listed trick though I might have to try that out! 👍 How much do you listen to your scout reports on them? Do you tend to go by your judgement?
  9. Hi guys, I was interested to hear how you all go about finding the best newgens. I know some send scouts out to South America, some search by Age + Value while some search by attributes. I was wondering what's the best way you have found and how much success you have had with this method! I'm interested to hear everyone's different techniques and tricks to finding them as we all know they are a massive part of the game.
  10. How do I get selected for next years event?
  11. I'll have a look now mate may edit my comment and continue if it's something I'm interested in! Thanks!
  12. What's the 100 Club? I do have the save still... 🤔 maybe continue it if there is another motivation but *SPOILER* I got Lukaku who has hit ten goals in first three games so I dont feel as if the thirty goal a season is a challenge when I am being awarded massive budgets to sign world class players.
  13. I am thinking of ending this for a tougher challenge, I got a budget of £171m and by the time I sold some players I had amassed close to £300m which kind of killee the fun for me as I was able to sign a striker who is arguably one of the worlds best and built a team around him that blew Real and Barcelona out of the water within the first few games. I will be back soon with another career, sorry that this was so short lived.
  14. Season One: Results: I was slightly disappointed I will not lie as I thought we had enough to win them all but it was Real Madrid who put us out of both the Champions League + Spanish Cup. Transfers: The Main Man: There we have it season one in the bag and Diego got us going with a steady forty-five goals. He went through a few dry spells where Morata provided the goals from off the bench. I will update again at the end of season two which I am getting underway as we speak. Hope you enjoy.