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  1. Here are 2 GKs from this list. Season 3 EDIT Whats wrong with Maarten's communication? Can't he speak? No tongue? 😅
  2. Ok thx. I thought it means they MUST buy when loan ends
  3. This needs to be confirmed but I think its a bug. When club wants to loan my player, I put mark on Buyout and whatever price I set they accept. I did it with few reserve players now and just realized this. If its true then I wont use Buyout option anymore until fixed because its like unlimited money cheat. Please someone do few tests, thx.
  4. Happens sometimes yes, rarely to me, but look at this list... its amazing, u cant see that in fmm thats what i meant 🙄
  5. Indeed, it was perfect match, almost.
  6. I use it with Wolves now, fresh start, finished 3rd in my first season! The only thing i change is counter/control/balanced/attacking depending on opponent and situation during match. Everything else stays untouched.
  7. When I saw last 5 fixtures I have to play I thought Oh well, I gave my best 😔 aaand it started.. lost from Chelsea, lost from ManUtd.. damn.. then small hope, away win.. but drew with Arsenal 🙄 In last matchday I needed a win but also ManUtd had to draw or lose, aaand it happened! They drew, with Arsenal 😆 Im sooo happy with 3rd place in first season!! 🥳🥳🥳 Merry Christmas to everyone 🌲🌟
  8. In first season 5 subs allowed per game in Italian Serie A. In second season 3 subs. Bug or reallity is the same 🤔
  9. This makes me so sad. In real life Morata loves Juve sooo much and is delighted with his transfer.