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  1. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    I've enjoyed the update. AI not sticking to either contain or overload makes tactics more important, I've noticed creative central midfielders getting more time on the ball I've noticed people on twitter saying that their "go to tactic" doesn't work as well, but that's a bonus too as it makes the game challenging AI teams seem to be more intelligent regarding transfers too
  2. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    That update was released a few months ago. The transfer one will hopefully be with us today, as some have it already
  3. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    I'm really hoping that it'll be tomorrow, but I'm not too confident Last Thursday, it was said on twitter, it'd be "a couple of days" Same on Friday On Sunday, it was a "day or two" And now, it's just no "fixed time or date" The transfers will be great, but I'm holding out hope for a few fixes in the match engine before starting a new career. As impatient as I may look, I find it amusing to read comments from people on twitter, one guy in particular seemed really polite a few days ago. Today he was claiming to have cried because of the frustration due to the wait. I hope it's true
  4. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    Thanks. I was starting to think that we'd keep getting "keep your eyes peeled" responses for a few weeks
  5. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    It is weird, as I had a tweet from the FM account a few hours ago, saying that the FMM update hadn't been released yet. I know that an update appeared then disappeared at the end of last year. Maybe it's just a problem with Google play Have you noticed any big improvements in the match engine or positions like ball winning midfielders etc?
  6. Scottish Guy

    Transfer window update

    If it's been submitted to Apple/Google, it'd be out of FM's hands. I've read a lot on twitter that they don't have a specific time to give us
  7. Scottish Guy

    FMM18 Bug List

    Miles said on twitter that it'll be a couple of days from now, maybe slightly longer because of the weekend
  8. I can see why people enjoy that, but it's not realistic when Blyth Spartans, Poole Town and York City etc dominate the Champions League (after spending hundreds of millions) Wouldn't a Galactico scenario be a better challenge, where players are given £50-100 million each season, but success is demanded or they're quickly fired?
  9. Yeah it'd be a big bonus, especially as it seems like it could fit in the game. Clubs get a small bonus for "giant killing" in competitions, so prize money, especially from European competitions would be great
  10. Thanks, I'll try it out while waiting for the latest transfer update
  11. I understand that transfers are a big drawing point, but wouldn't realistic budgets make the game much better? This site, and twitter are full of comments from people saying that the game is too easy, but they've either signed current superstars, or well known 'wonder kids' Taking a team from lower divisions to the top league should be a real achievement, if possible at all, but the transfer system makes it far too easy I don't know if you use twitter, but someone had shown pictures of his Blyth Spartans team, currently enjoying a two season unbeaten run in the Premier league,, someone else had spent £1.4 billion during his career, both said the game was easy.
  12. As it is, any money for players sold goes straight to the available funds Couldn't it be possible, that depending on the size of the club, we could only keep a certain percentage of transfer money? One save at Walsall, in league one, I had £19 million to spend, after a load of my best players left in a January transfer window It'd make the game far more challenging, if we lost our best players, and had little to no money for replacements. Managers face this all the time in real life. I just think it'd be a big boost for the reality aspect of the game Just a few days ago, someone on twitter posted pics of taking York City to the champions league final (spending £275 million during his save), wouldn't it be more enjoyable if we faced the same problems as managers do?
  13. Scottish Guy

    Chat Manger reputation

    As you know, in real life, managers can do a good job at a small/medium sized team, and be linked with big clubs after 12-18 months In game however, it's still too difficult to build a reputation without winning things in big leagues I had three seasons with Morecambe, with the objective of fighting relegation each season, I got to the play off final twice, and semi finals once. My reputation was 'local', and when I left, I had no offers other than from Conference North sides. On the other side, I had two seasons at Celtic, first I won the treble and reached the Champions League semi finals, second season, it was the double, and Champions League first knock out round. My reputation was 'regional' and all offers were from Scottish league 1 or 2 sides In reality, a manager achieving those things at said clubs would be offered higher profile jobs Is it something that can be looked at in an update, or is it too difficult to make work in a game like this?
  14. Scottish Guy

    FMM18 Bug List

    Would I need to start a new save to get the benefits of the latest updates? The following screen shots are the two results after updating
  15. Long time lurker here I'd noticed that people were mentioning the problem fairly often a while back, but it's still ongoing for me Whatever tactics I use, scoring, or conceding over four goals in certain games is a fairly regular occurrence I set my team to contain Everton, (4-1-3--1-1)set them to narrow, and committed tackling. The match finished 6-5 to them I'm on the 9.0.4 update