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  1. panathas

    Vibe Fmm2020 update?

    A user in Google playstore wrote that will release fmm2020 as update for fmm 2019 with greek league. Have any idea about this?
  2. panathas

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    Thanks for answer. I will try edit a league to a non playable league
  3. panathas

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    Can i change the reputation of a club or a league with it?
  4. usefull guide.contract expiring and players from lower divison with good atributes are also a good idea.
  5. change txt method works only for clubs from same nation.
  6. for this method i have use only physical attributes or any attributes ?
  7. panathas

    FMM19 Bug List

    the work permit for too many leagues is bug or this happend in reality ?
  8. panathas

    Chat game editor

    if i buy game editor what can i change ?
  9. what leagues i have to load for greece national team ?
  10. thanks foxy fo your opinion about greek league and i agree with the others
  11. i did not talk about market.Greece is a small country and of course can not be competitive as usa or china.I talked about competitive is a league.
  12. Wales, Ireland ,USA,Korea are so better than greek ?
  13. why sega choose the leagues only about market ?
  14. panathas

    FMM18 Bug List

    When i open the game the speed of the match is very fast while i have selected medium. I fix this when i select medium speed again.
  15. panathas


    Sega add leagues about the market of a country (ireland , n.ireland , wales, poland, turkey, korea usa ) this is the reason why certains leagues are not added .