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  1. Interesting attempt at the challenge. Best of luck!
  2. Rob


    I played it a bit on the WiiU and then other stuff took over. My WiiU is packed away in the loft now.
  3. Rob


    Will add you back when next online. I don’t actually get much time these days, but half tempted to grab Super Mario Bros and just play on my handheld.
  4. Rob


    I’m SW-0091-2855-1138 if anyone wants it.
  5. Rob


    What games you got Nuke?
  6. Well done. It’d be great if you kept going until he retired too. I know that’d be annoying, but it’d set a remarkably high score to ever try and beat. Great stuff.
  7. That's a good shout.
  8. Proof is in the pudding that I need to work on a sensible tactic though!
  9. Rob’s Season One Score So before you read this remember one thing: I am using my Keegan tactic. This is designed to outscore the opponents. At no points have I changed from this tactic. Here we go... So, the first tournament that concluded is the League Cup. Did we win it? Nope! Knocked out in the quarters by our North London rivals Arsenal. It wasn’t like we deserved to win either. Terrible. I am already three/four wins behind the boys after this result. Could we at least win the FA Cup? Just. Penalties. Burnley. Geez. We did batter them though. A team with Neymar, Salah, and Kane could only score 3 from 25 chances. Champions League? Could we win that? Penalties, again. At least this was against Madrid. As for the league, here is the final table: 3 losses. We won the league though. So, I said I’d play a mega attacking formation - my Keegan one - and see how it goes. We scored plenty, so I’ve no doubt it’ll work for scoring challenges, but obviously doesn’t lend itself to not losing the occasional game. This, boys and girls, is why you need balance in your teams! I’m going to play the same tactic for the final two seasons as that’s what my squad is built for and see how many more goals and trophies we get, but evidently a sensible formation would have been more beneficial. Here are my final Season One stats: I am quite a bit behind the boys in third. @Foxywill follow up with some cool graphics later. Thanks for reading!
  10. Heading towards a massive score there. Potential to usurp me at the top.
  11. Rob


    You guys can got online passes?