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  1. As always a difficult first season, but one dealt with effectively. No doubt season 2 will be a barnstormer and then everything else after will get even better. Great start.
  2. Rob

    English football

    You need to screenshot this and send it over to Roman.
  3. It was a close call between the two but Troy just edged it. He annoys me in training though: he just repeats what I say back to me. Thanks. He is very much the third wheel. I just wanted to give him a him a go as if considered him for a few things before and never used him. Thanks. I am sort of hitting this strategically. 33.3 goals and assists each season in a 15 year career seems doable. It’s trying to do it with two players that may mess me up. Thanks Smog, very kind.
  4. Rob

    English football

    Kinda intrigued which players from Chelsea you’d put where in your Werner tactic.
  5. Thanks Ian. I remember you doing something great with Shane Long too. Good times!
  6. Thanks Ricky. I know they are all Wonderkids but I haven’t seen them used much on here. @Ian did a great 1kc with Troy a few years ago though.
  7. I’ve wanted to try a challenge combination for a while; I also enjoyed the MSN ‘Last Dance’ Badge of Honour and wanted to create a new ‘MSN’ at Barcelona. So I slammed the two concepts together to create a new career for myself. So who are the new MSN? They are... wait for: PAT. Pedri, Ansu, and Troy. It is these three lads: Pedri and Fati are two players who have broken through at the Catalans in the last year or so and are also two wonderkids that wouldn’t usually come up in most people’s goal career searches due to their relatively poor aerial. Troy has forever been Tottenham’s ‘next big thing’, but is playing more of a supporting role in this career. The challenges I want to try are (in order of what I am prioritising): Pedri 500/500. 500 goals and 500 assists for the young Spaniard; Fati 500/500. The team is built around Pedri, but Fati will play his role when injured or tired. Fati’s usual role should also create and score, just not as much as Pedri’s position; Goaltopia. This will just be a by-product of playing the three together. I can’t imagine this will be anything too amazing and is certainly not what I am focusing on; Assists Leaderboard for Pedri and Fati. Again, this is a by-product of the 500/500; I was tempted to include Troy and a 1kc, but he won’t be on any set pieces so I just don’t see it happening Thanks for reading!
  8. I’m at the start of season 4, else I would.
  9. Love this challenge. I expect I may give it a go soon.