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  1. If they are a bit risqué I guess put in spoilers, but I will start off:
  2. I’ve always ignored it because I didn’t understand it either. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Rob

    Off Topic

    Just want to say a belated Happy 50th birthday to Rich for a few days ago. He will get mad of me mentioning it cos it’s a special number and he doesn’t want it highlighted, but best birthday wishes to the bloke 🎉 🎈
  4. Thank you to @FuddledFox for running a superb event again.
  5. I should bloody hope not. The guy is phenomenal talent
  6. That would make sense. Literally the only thing that would make sense, mind.
  7. Never in a million years expected Bray to be released.
  8. Rob

    English football

    I genuinely hope you do as I really like some of your players, especially Kevin. If you do sign Jack, where do you think Pep will predominantly play him?
  9. Rob

    English football

    You’ve still not got anything and reached as many finals as Spurs 🤣🤣🤣