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  1. Rob


    How very charitable of you.
  2. Rob


    Nail on head with the controls IMO
  3. Rob


    Love it. What do you think?
  4. Goodness me this will be a close one.
  5. 71 for Jude is excellent. Really well done. Keep it going.
  6. Excellent start added 0 minutes later Totally agree with this
  7. Brilliant! I love that you are continuing. Best of luck. p.s. Tick boxes on your table. That makes me happy.
  8. Ian, nailing it. Well done.
  9. Would love to see the TT. You obviously know how to smash this as when for they lapped the goals up.
  10. I'd be disappointed if this wasn't anot her 2k. Nah, seriously, good luck and enjoy.
  11. Good luck Ian. I’m sure you’ll smash it.
  12. Wonderful career, and a great way of looking at the game, turning it on the side, and making it enjoyable again.