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  1. Do you think it’s better that Newcastle are ran by the new mob then? With their human rights? Or does the conspiracy-theory and human-judging only matter when it’s suits your own agenda Ian?
  2. Love that story. See, most of the UK would have fainted in awe of celebrity there.
  3. Rob


    Brilliant news
  4. But Ashley kept them afloat and passed them to wealth. At least he didn’t get rid of the goldfish.
  5. Haha I am not unhappy. Just think sometimes we need to think about who we are actually backing. I get that they’re pumping money in to football and the surrounding area, but that money has come from somewhere. My support of Spurs pretty much dwindled when Lloris got done for drink driving. It’s pretty much died having just read that about Joe Lewis.
  6. https://www.football365.com/news/ranking-premier-league-owners-morals-bin-salman-abramovich-mansour ‘Interesting’ article. Newcastle are top of a table already.
  7. I’ll bet you a Neighbours box set that you change your tactic again.
  8. Rob


    Any chance it may come tonight?
  9. Trying having a chairman who sells your land to property developers that effectively means your club is land-locked and beholden to others, then you may realise that Ashley isn’t the worst person to ever grace planet Earth. Compared to lower league football the guy is a saint living in a world of bandits. The mass over-criticism of him, especially when he’s handed the Toon to riches that Captain Jack Sparrow would yearn for, is unjust and deserves to be re-written, even to the point that I hope a lot of the naysayers pen the guy a letter of apology. The majority of Barcodes should all raise a giant Sports Direct mug and toast the guy.
  10. If you take a step back and think about it, Ashley took a yoyo club, consolidated them as a Premier League club without wrecking their structure, and has sold them on to the richest owners in the world. I do wonder if the narrative about him may be slightly re-written in time.
  11. Nah it’s then Luzzi one that fulfils the ‘must see’ role.
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