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  1. Let’s face it, Neymar and Mbappe are two of the best players in the world. Both are the centre-pieces of their nations, Brazil and France, with the latter leading his team to World Cup glory. Any club would love to have either, but PSG are lucky, and rich enough, to have both. Prior to the 2019/2020 season Mbappe had 44 goals in 56 games for PSG, with Neymar having 34 in 37. That is a brilliant goal return. Both players also happen to have Inside Forward (IF) as their natural position on FMM. Neymar’s is left IF; Mbappe’s is right IF. This challenge is quite a simple one. You play one season as PSG, with the main condition that Neymar plays in his natural position of left IF and Mbappe plays right IF. They can play in the top line or second line, but only as long as their role is Inside Forward and they are on the correct sides. Any other players, roles, and tactics are allowed. You can play a centre forward to support them, you can play an APM behind them, and so on. Your final score will be the sum of: • Each player’s goals; • Each player’s assists; • League goal difference; • League points (the goals and assists are from all competitive competitions) Also, this could be used as a useful first season of @Foxy‘s Peak Year Challenge, so do be creative. General rules: • No unlockables; • No cheating; • Own formations; • And that means don’t steal the BP and change one instruction - you know who you are! That is cheating; • Any badge and reputation; • Any database; • Transfers, etc, allowed; • Again, don’t be a cheat Thanks, and good luck!
  2. Rob

    English football

    @Woody was around at the time of Andy Cunningham.
  3. Season 09 - England - Rob Sitting on 1,080 goals coming in to season 9, we are probably looking at 4 seasons to get the TT, with 3 seasons acting as a stretch target. Every season now is about grinding out more goals and replacing moaners. Transfers Nothing much here. Maes is a young Belgian central midfielder who scouted very highly so I snapped him up. Meret on a bosman allowed me to have two top quality goalkeepers to rotate. Team Performance We did the league and Champions Cup double, but came runners up in the French and League Cups. Player Performance 139 more goals in the can, with 28 assists for Harvey. This gives us 1,219 goals and 207 assists in total. Greenwood has now passed 500 goals and is looking okay for a 1kc assuming I can keep him contracted, happy, and want to play 15+ seasons. Warrior Standings This is where we are: @Woody is spouting out 100+ goals seasons as often as he criticises Steve Bruce, with @Ian maintaining a brilliant seasonal club total. @Foxy is pulling away with the assists and I’ve retained a healthy lead on the goals. But there is still plenty to play for, so let battle continue!
  4. Rob

    English football

    You’re playing City dude.
  5. You don’t have many roles in your team that’ll create chances for the striker. I always play wingers in that flat line, and like Ian said an APM in it would also be good. I expect the ball is being passed from the middle line to Wilson in second line, who is then scoring a fair few long shots. Also, I find AFs move from side to side and are more of a team player, thus generating space for Wilson. Switching your striker to a poacher maintains a central and furthest forward position.
  6. Good luck. Let’s hope you don’t have phone issues this time around.
  7. Rob


    I’ve now just got to get an online pass then. 🤣
  8. @Kanegan did a brilliant 1.5k Strikerless with him. An absolutely phenomenal player.
  9. Rob


    It’s one of those things where I almost don’t want to touch it in fear of it being a bit... rubbish. Lol. The overview map screen looks horrible now!
  10. I want a feature where my captain does the deeds with another player’s wife and the whole club implodes.
  11. Rob


    Oh mate, it has got me totally emotional that. That theme music, geez... brought a tear to my eye. Many a summer day spent up Johnny’s house in the games room on the SNES. Great days.
  12. Crazy how other attributes are improving, yet shooting isn’t. He always seems to have a decent shot in real life too. Another good season mate.