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  1. So I’ve had a go at this before, which you can find here if you’ve nothing more interesting to do with your life: But I’d like to try it again. My target is to beat 500. I felt like I should have gotten there at SLB, but didn’t. The main details of the challenge are here: But in a nutshell you grab a Brazilian striker older than thirty and another younger than thirty. You play two seasons. Your score is league points plus goal difference plus goals from your duo. I wanted a club with loads of games to rack up the league points and goals. Plus I wanted someone with a budget as the two seasons does not give you too much time. I hate doing this, but I’ve gone for the obvious: They just fulfil the criteria. Anyhow, as for the players, the best player of 30 in my opinion is this guy, who I was happy to sign: As for the player under 30 I opted for this fella: I have to admit I’ve never seen or heard of him before, but he suited what I wanted to do and looks excellent. Wish me luck and thanks for reading!
  2. Similar to what Smog said, once you get your squad and club grown you’ll be destroying this. Your numbers so far have been a bonus and have been blinkin’ excellent!
  3. DTs are the hardest of the big three. Well done so far.
  4. Leaving Morecambe was a wise thing to do.
  5. Rob


    Ah, Daddy came out to play. You'll get stick if you outright try to decieve people.
  6. Rob


    I want you to explain the rest please.
  7. Great start and the transfers = 😂🙄😭
  8. Rob

    TT - Portugal invades China (EME)

    Great start. Well, done.