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  1. I barely did any of this, so all the credit should go to Ian, Nuke, and Foxy. It takes ages to collate all the information so many thanks to them.
  2. Rob

    English football

    I’m delighted. Poch was overrated and did nothing for the club. Mourinho is a proven manager. We are one of two reigning European Cup finalists; Jose will take us one step further and win it.
  3. Thanks to @Foxy for doing the graphics - much appreciated.
  4. Rob


    I’m still reeling at the news that you went out rather than immediately playing the game 🙄😂
  5. Rob


    I’ve never ‘got’ Pokemon. Weird. I should really like it!
  6. Well done Kane. Enjoy it, because I will beat this in the next version.
  7. Rob


    Black Friday this month 👍👍👍
  8. Great going Kane. Fingers crossed for the 1.5k.
  9. That’s a great score. @Foxy is in charge of the graphics, so please can you do it kind Sir?
  10. Blimey Ian, I would never have given that away but credit to you for doing it. As I’ve said privately it’s a great tactic and one I think may well be imitated. What a great career.
  11. I’ve never had anyone set me as a goal in their career before 😅 Great career Kane. Well done!