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  1. Brilliant season @Foxy - well done.
  2. Rob


    Your missus needs to stop being friends with the person who has the idiot fella. That’s enough for me to fall out with someone. Who the feck doesn’t like at least one of those two?
  3. Rob


    That sounds great. They must think of you as a a Nintendo wizard!
  4. Yeah, you are right: you are a twat. Stop wasting everyone’s time and sod off.
  5. Rob


    What does everyone think of the lite? I love the concept and I think the more the system is out there the better for all of us. I won’t be getting one though.
  6. Thanks @Foxy. I think over the next two seasons we should kick on. I like to think of this battle as the third leg of the Tennis/Cricket/Vibe sporting extravaganza.
  7. Season 3 - The South Firstly, I’d like to apologise to @Foxy, @Woody, and @1759 (Ian) for taking ages to play my season. I opted to play this on my tablet as its ‘easier’ to transfer to and from Dropbox, and then personal reasons meant I couldn’t get the time to play. I will transfer to my iPhone next time as I get to play that more often, as evidenced by a career I’ll be posting soon. I hate committing to something and letting people down. Sorry lads! Anyhow, now that’s out of the way, how’d I do? Well, Woody had an amazing round. He slapped in 60 goals. Incredible. I needed 45+ to maintain our lead. We started with a frankly pathetic £39m to spend on players. That’s our reward for qualifying for two seasons in the Champs League and Foxy winning the title last year. Foxy signed a few decent players on bosman for me to sell for transfer funds, which helped add to the kitty. I tried to be clinical with signings coming in. The striker I opted for was this man: John Guidetti. Not the best, but we want this save to be fun and interesting and he had good greens in most areas. Other players joining were players signed to add depth and improve over the next few seasons. Dilrosun, Arthur, Soler, and Upa should fulfil this. Our first game of note was the Supercup against Bayern. It was a game we won on penalties after getting the better of the game. The season went okay. I’m not going to pretend it went as well as Foxy’s, but it wasn’t terrible. We got knocked out of the quarters of the cup, where I forgot to take a screenshot. As per my previous season, squad rotation did play a big factor towards the end. After getting through the Group of Death in the Champs Cup... ...we got knocked out against the run of play against Inter. We dominated the game, but sadly the away goals in first leg result went against us. As for the league, I couldn’t follow Foxy in winning it. Instead we came second. This is how Guidetti looked at the end: £65m of striker. It should help towards a good transfer kitty for next season. As for his goals, he got 47 in 44 games. He started very slowly, but then I made a tactical switch and he improved massively. That still leaves us in the lead by just 3 goals... Over to Foxy and Ian for the next season. North Season 1 - Woody: Oliver Burke - Scotland: 34 goals in 46 games. Season 2 - Ian: Mariano - Dominican Republic: 55 goals in 49 games. Season 3 - Woody: Alexander Mitrovic - Serbian: 60 goals in 51 games Total so far : 149 goals in 146 games South Season 1 - Rob: Moussa Marega - Mali: 53 goals in 49 games. Season 2 - Foxy: Davie Selke - Germany: 52 goals in 45 games Season 3 - Rob: John Guidetti - Sweden - 47 goals in 44 games Total so far: 152 goals in 138 games So far the South lead by 3 goals. Combined nationalities used ( A-Z): Dominican Republic, Germany, Mali, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden
  8. Well done, and the OCD part of my brain is delighted that they seem to share the goals fairly evenly.
  9. Don’t steal his stuff. Link to it. He put a lot of hard work in to it.
  10. Love the improvement in stals and goats. Well done, great season.
  11. Cos it’ll mean you have gotten to at least season five without quitting!
  12. I'm looking forward to season 5