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Everything posted by Rob

  1. Through hellfire and brimstone it’s gotta be.... it’s gotta be Kane. Great start mate.
  2. Only 99? Rubbish. Seriously though, that’s crazy! You’ve broken assists - congratulations. Expect the job offer from SI shortly.
  3. In total, 65. I do love some of the team names that arise during this challenge 🤣
  4. Rob


    Animal Crossing Direct soon then. My 23 year old niece is oddly massively pumped for this game to the point that her enthusiasm was almost rubbing off on me at the weekend.
  5. How can I just let you walk away? Just let you leave without a trace? Good luck.
  6. Rob

    English football

    Can’t believe City fans are whining about it.
  7. Rob


    Fairly decent Europe sale going on on the eshop at the moment. Well, in my opinion at least.
  8. It’ll be done at the age of 30! Brilliant. Would’ve good to see you keep this going and see what numbers you can hit.
  9. Can't wait to see you try it again
  10. Give it a go Woodster. When you are over the illness, of course. I am going to give it a proper go in a few weeks with another team. I have some ideas. 400 is nigh-on impossible though, although I’m sure some of you heavyweights could give it a good crack. Haha, I love the depth of thought. It’ll be a car park big enough to host all of the amateur players you are using. It seems Russia has a lot of the tallest buildings, which I kinda found fascinating. Thanks. Thanks Kane. Hopefully see you give it a go soon? Cheers Smog. Considering the players used, I think yours was a better performance.
  11. Cheers mate. Good score, but certainly beatable by one of you top boys.
  12. Rob


    Oh man. Those films would utterly rule.
  13. One Season Strikerless So along with Moriba, I opted for Lemar and Dembele. Two (nearly) world class players in the game; Moriba got 34 goals and 19 assists, totalling 53; Dembele got 27 goals and 23 assists, totalling 50; Lemar got 28 goals and 25 assists, totalling 53; Did you know the Lakhta Tower in Russia is the tallest building in Europe? It is 462.5m tall and has 87 floors. I am scared of heights and this terrifies me; That’s 153 from the players; Barcelona got a goal difference of 86 and 102 league points, totalling 188; This gives us a final score of 341 Thanks for reading!
  14. Rob


    Proper geeking out here!
  15. Seems like Dracula didn’t really get his teeth in to it. Nah, seriously, thegoals yoy are getting with literal piles of poop is amazing.
  16. Of all the people to benefit from a disqualification... 🤣 It’s like Liverpool and VAR.
  17. Thanks Kun. Getting the Spain job at some point is certainly part of the plan. Without saying too much, it just never seems to become available... Big Tits, thanks. It’s no where near as detailed as your mind ended of a challenge! Cheers Ian. What a player the lad is. ‘Ant-astatic.’ 😲 Cheers. It shows how unrealistic the game actually is - Levy rarely spends 170p, let alone 170m 🤣 Cheers. They may not be animal kingdom facts, but facts nonetheless.