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  1. Possibly the most bonkers career write-up ever 😂
  2. Entertaining. Love it, and good luck!
  3. Rob


    Is it one of those that you have to enter cash card to do?
  4. I can’t believe your passing is only 19. Terrible.
  5. Rob


    Never played Splatoon. Have you guys played it much?
  6. Rob

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I’m now wondering how much other Vibe lingo enters my personal life.
  7. Rob

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Looks well balanced to me
  8. Hi. Is that. Europa or a Champs League OR a Europa and a Champs League? added 0 minutes later And what position does the player have to play in our lineup? (Regardless of his colours)
  9. Rattling through. Keep going and collect those air miles.
  10. It’s been a funny few months for me with FMM. After smashing out a Strikerless 1kc once version 2019 finally landed and my missus smashing out a baby early last year, tiredness born from a lack of sleep coupled with a generic dearth of enthusiasm has enveloped my existence. I’ve turned down a few forum events and generally hated the thought of playing the game like Gemma Collins hates a diet. But my enthusiasm has returned. I feel like an 18 year old going to Hooters the first time. I want to get inside the game immediately and play around a bit. So what challenge should I do? Well, I wanted to dig out my Strikerless formation and apply it. The one that fitted it best is one involving the Old Lady. No, not THAT old lady. This old lady: Yeah, it’s the Fabled Number Ten challenge. The rules, in brief, are: ⁃ Seven different number tens, with one per season; ⁃ Each season the number ten must come from a specified country, as per the op linked to below; ⁃ Your score is the total amount of goals and assists for those Number Tens Further details here: I have to be honest though, since having our baby it’s been a long time since I’ve gone seven rounds with any Lady, let alone the Old one. Anyhow, my plan is thus: ⁃ Pick an Irish player to start. I’m not going to lie: it’s the obvious one; ⁃ Pick slightly off-kilter options for the remaining six seasons. None of the obvious folk. I want to have fun; ⁃ Use funds to improve the rest of the team, replacing Juventus’ aging players; ⁃ Mostly importantly: enjoy myself! Thanks for reading and please wish me luck!
  11. Thanks. I really enjoyed playing and writing it too. I love the unique careers on here. Thanks mate. That must have taken a lot of effort to congratulate a Spurs fan 😭 Cheers. Not as less well known as your 80 days mind you! Much appreciated!
  12. Fabled Number Ten - Final Results And here it is: our final season. 410 points to date. 75 needed to get top of the leaderboard. Daniel Mancini in the bag as our new Fabled Number Ten. Firstly, transfers. Mancini joined is for £7m from Bordeaux. Now, I had quite a bit of money in the bank and as it was my last season I decided to spend it all... so I signed Mbappe. Adouyev and pretty much any squad player I no longer wanted left. AA made is a tidy profit too. The European Super Cup was our first final, which we won by beating Arsenal 3-0. Mancini got a couple of assists. Mancini then got a horrible 3 weeks injury, which I really could have done without. Thankfully ten of those days were during international week. In December we had the CWC, where we utterly spanked Okayama 8-2. Mancini scored one and got plenty of assists. Next up was the Italian Super Cup, besting Lazio 3-0 with a brace from Dybala and a goal from Mancini. We absolutely marched through the Champions Cup group and drew Barcelona in the first knockout round. After a naff 3-1 loss in the first leg we were heading for extra time after reversing that score in the second leg... ...but a late penalty from Guedes knocked us out. The loss of the CWC and Super Cup next season obviously didn’t affect us, but the loss of five potential games in this season certainly wasn’t going to help. It did, however, pretty much mean we only have one game a week, which meant I could let Mancini play 90 mins each game. We won the Italian Cup 4-1, registering another final victory over Lazio. Then this happened three weeks from the end of the season. A month out. It looks terrible, but only really meant three or four games missed. We did win the league again. We registered 130 league goals and lost only once, which pleases me. I tend to only really look at the league table at the end of the season and the 100 goal difference pleased an OCD element of my personality. So, how did Mancini do? Here’s how he looked: Now worth £29m but nothing really improved attribute-wise. As for his stat performance he played 48 games, scoring 37 and assisting a whopping 47. This gives him a score of 84 and a contribution of 1.75. Season 1: Irish. Jeff Hendrick. 1.43/g. 53 points Season 2: French. Olivier Ntcham. 1.56/g. 89 points. Season 3: Italian. Nicolo Zaniolo. 1.17/g. 62 points. Season 4: Italian. Dmitri Bisoli. 67. 1.18/g Season 5: Argentinian. Maximilliano Meza. 1.44/g. 69 points. Season 6: French. Amir Adouyev. 1.56/g. 70 points. Season 7: Argentinian. Daniel Mancini. 1.75/g. 84 points. 494 points total. (71 pts/plr avg) Ntcham ended up with the most points, but Mancini was the best performing. @danovic78 please can you add me to the leaderboard? Thanks to everyone for their comments and support.
  13. Boom! And there it is: the Champions Cup. Brilliant. Well done!
  14. Took me a while to get that 😭😭😭brilliant Thanks buddy! Anything is possible.
  15. Fabled Number Ten - Season Seven Player Our final season. 75 points needed to go top. Our player needs to be the modern day Dybala. The temptation to pick the best player available was there, but in keeping with the theme of this career I have opted for someone more unusual. Daniel Mancini joins us for £7m from Bordeaux. 16 in passing is the standout stats, with 13/14 across a few other spots. Welcome to the club son - no pressure!
  16. Rob

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    That’s worth ten bonus points surely?
  17. Diablo! In all it’s glory!
  18. I’d rather you buy the Mighty Spurs and sign us a player instead.
  19. Spot on. Or different settings.
  20. Interesting season. He certainly likes the CWC. Regarding overplaying, in my Fabled I’ve been testing a theory. I tend to sub my main player off when he is at less than 80. However I decided to let him continue if he was playing well and then I’d rest him or just play him in a half of the next. It seemed to work. What’s your sort of findings?