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Everything posted by Rob

  1. Honestly if Levy gets anything around that I will be amazed
  2. This doesn’t count as the career wasn’t finished. JOKES! 🤣 Please try this again one day. I was genuinely loving it and was going to be my nomination for career of the year.
  3. Honestly, I would… but it no longer works.
  4. Some cracking results in amongst that. Great stuff. As always, lovely write up @FuddledFox
  5. All I will say, in fear of upsetting either, is you are both doing very well. I suggest you try and make friends though.
  6. Cheers Sam. Found that an interesting follow and enjoyed seeing some epically fail.
  7. I read that with Mel Gilderoy’s voice in my head.
  8. If it isn’t fun, stop. But it’s a great read. I just massively struggled to keep up with it at times. Absolutely love your style of writing and the way you present ideas btw.
  9. I do, yes, as you’ve worked hard on it and it’s an area I am passionate on.
  10. Share it after you’ve done the Strikerless 1kc with another club if you are going to share it (which I personally think you should not) - don’t give it away now!
  11. Southgate helped get us to the final. If he made an error, it was his error that he earnt the right to make. Besides, we all have opinions on players and tactics that we think are right - that’s the beauty of football. Italy are just a better team. Sometimes we have to accept that in football.
  12. That’s actually @Rich. He lost a bet that England wouldn’t get to the final.
  13. Reverse psychology! I know your game! Haha
  14. ‘Hah, well there’s rumours that he isn’t the only member of the forum with multiple personalities…’
  15. ‘Barry Smith here, reporting live from China. Just bringing you rumours that that after Big Joe was lost, Rickydick may pluck Luzzi from the streets and actually continue with this save.’ #freeluzzi
  16. Lovely write-up Mr Fox. Thank you. Well done @Rich for topping the leaderboard, especially as you took all week to do it. @hhooo your other score is nuts. Wow!
  17. 107 goal. That is just madness. Brilliant career, regardless of the sad ending.