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  1. Rob

    English football

    What I would deffo say though is that Klopp builds teams that are brilliant to watch.
  2. Rob

    English football

    Klopp wouldn’t even be in my top three. I’m bias, I know, but the transformation of my boys under Poch has been a much better achievement.
  3. Thanks. His face looks like a really crap pizza.
  4. Someone please remind me who that is...
  5. Another good season. Your squad is getting ever stronger around them. A few more seasons and then the big goals will come.
  6. I hope you are dressed as a gladiator whilst playing this.
  7. 200 goals at the age of 21 is most definitely on target for a 1kc.
  8. Yes. You are essentially just adding another challenge in.
  9. You’ll have to start again then. I look forward to reading it.
  10. A completely unpredictable twist in this career!
  11. Ooooohhh interesting. Good works lads on this stitchup
  12. Anything above 300 is a good score IMO, so well done. Regarding the top score, I’m not entirely sure if you are giving me credit or raising your eyebrow to it, but I’ve just got one formation that I’ve worked on since the Strikerless round of the Olympics tournament.
  13. Rob

    Wow try and see

  14. Don’t worry about concise write-ups. I’m always amazed at anyone who doesn’t! Good start - KIU!
  15. Last year I did something called a Strikerless Bonanza. Three players, one career, with the aim to get as many goals and assists as possible. Messrs Asensio, Lemar, and Coman finished with 1,799 goals and 574 assists between them, without any player in the career playing as a striker. It is here if anyone is interested: This year I wanted to do the same, but with a different spin. I had already completed Vibe’s first ever Strikerless 1kc with Joao Felix so I wanted to apply a different angle. I consulted with @Foxy and @Woody as to what to do. My main three options were: ⁃ Go with three top notch players and see how they do - Felix, Sancho, and Foden for example; ⁃ Go with an Invasion: I.e. three Englishman playing in France; ⁃ Go with three unknowns that, when their fees are added together, do not cost more than £10m. This was inspired by my Fabled Juventus career where I got good results using unusual players at a top club The boys picked the third option: the budget players! Joys! The club I have chosen is PSG. I want a top club with money, the best facilities, and to have scope to form an excellent remainder of the team. But let’s not forget: around 27% of the starting lineup is (injuries permitted) always going to be my budget players, including those who I will be having on penalties, free kicks, and corners! Thanks for reading - the three folks and a season one target will be announced soon! (Although the three players are in the banner - thanks @Foxy - if anyone manages to recognise them)
  16. Difficult first season done and dusted. Don’t forget the Rule of Bati. Solid start to build on!
  17. Thanks Smogster. Looking forward to seeing an update of yours again soon!
  18. Thanks fella. Certain felt like a sacrifice the final five seasons!
  19. Thanks Woodster. I will ‘Never Forget’ your support 🙄