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Everything posted by Rob

  1. Rob


    Ah, Daddy came out to play. You'll get stick if you outright try to decieve people.
  2. Rob


    I want you to explain the rest please.
  3. Great start and the transfers = 😂🙄😭
  4. Rob

    TT - Portugal invades China (EME)

    Great start. Well, done.
  5. A really interesting sounding career. Good luck!
  6. Rob

    English football

    18? Blimey. That is embarrassing
  7. Rob

    English football

    Losing away at Liverpoolaibt a result to worry about. It’s Bruce setting up the same way against lower level rubbish that’ll maybe send you down.
  8. A drop of goals. Disappointing. I jest! Another wonderful season.
  9. Rob


    Looks really interesting, but nothing I’ll do. Like Ash, I love that they’re doing lots of different stuff and attracting lots of different types of people. The more people attracted then the better everything will become.
  10. I got 48 with Geubbels and France, BUT France is much easier. IMO the goals @Ian is getting in this career far outstrips anything anyone is getting, or has got, with any of the French or Portuguese league teams and nations, as well as the easier leagues like China and Scotland. He has nailed 100+ goals in Italy for goodness sake - it’s nuts!
  11. Rob

    The Atletico Challenge

    I was contemplating giving this a go, but will instead sit back and watch you attempt it. Good luck.
  12. The Club Imagine the typical Private Members Club: dozens of successful and exclusive members sitting on fine leather chairs, smoke billowing from heavily puffed cigars, all entertaining one another with stories of success and prosperity. In between sips of expensive champagne they would bask in their glorious superiority over those not present and the secrecy of the place they now sat. Money talks, and at these clubs it does too, for wealth is not just of pocket but also of image and storytelling. Well the ‘100 Club’ is Vibe’s very own version of this. You see, to enter this exclusive club your challenge is quite simple: you have to have one player score at least 100 goals in a season for one team. International goals do not count - club mean club, after all. Once you do score 100+ goals the doors to this club will open. The Leaderboard And when those doors open, you will become an exclusive member of the leaderboard. This leaderboard is written on a blackboard at the back of the club, where all exclusives members are listed. However the list is not ordered by goals. Oh no, that’s not fair. 100 goals in 67 games is a lot easier than 100 goals in 40 games. Yes, this leaderboard is ranked by goals per game (gpg) rounded to two decimals places. If you score 100 goals in 60 games you get a gpg of 1.67. If someone else gets 110 in 60 they get 1.83. The second person would be top. However if the first person played another season (which could be in an entirely different career) and got 100 in 50 they would get a score of 2.00 and go top. Only the best score of each exclusive member is displayed on the board; multiple entries will not be shown, so keep improving yourself. This is the Vibe’s most exclusive club, don’t forget. The Rules The usual rules apply (displayed below in an extract taken directly from the ‘100 Club’s notebook). So do you have what it takes to join the club? Get scoring and become a legend.
  13. Post a career, with screenshots. And then tag me and @Foxy in it when you have done the 100.
  14. ‘Poor return’ 82 goals 🙄 Great season in my book.
  15. Going to be a cruncher if a score this.
  16. Shhhhhh. We are meant to be fooled.
  17. So I woke up the day and felt a bit weird.. then it dawned on me: I HADN’T TRIED THE ONE SEASON STRIKERLESS CHALLENGE IN AGES! I decided to scratch that itch and try it again. In a nutshell, you: ⁃ Pick three attacking midfielders; ⁃ Sell all strikers; ⁃ Player one season Your total score is the goals and assists of each of your three attacking midfielders + league points + league goal difference. I hadn’t used a Spanish team before, so went for Barcelona: As for the players, I used two already there: Dembele and Coutinho fitted the bill. Then I signed this fella: KDB joined us! Best midfielder in the world, obviously. Wish me luck and thanks for reading!