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  1. Rob


    Will have to go see the reviews and see what they look like first.
  2. Great opener Ian. Signing Gundogan and Ziyech.... never going to have happened!
  3. Lovely start Woody, especially considering the players chosen.
  4. I use a T in that role... but usually without strikers and they assist like mad. They’re also usually on free kicks and corners too, which should be getting near enough 25 a season.
  5. Excellent. Really well done. 166 goals between three is top notch. Not going to see if you can get 420? 😉
  6. I was going to post, but then I found the world’s greatest poet - St Edgar Cumberstein - who wrote this poem for us. (Photo of Durdle Door, where you can clearly see the stone missing from which a warrior was chiselled from) On the bright Dorset coast myths and legends are born, From mother nature’s hands a warrior was sworn, Chiselled by the stone of the famed Durdle Door, Was the form of a legend not witnessed before, Rob was his name, followed by a terrifying tribe, Who marched by his side as he stormed towards Vibe, Where he would face Foxy’s masses, challenge Ian’s orange position, And fight Woody’s army: the Spanish Inquisition, ‘But who is the tribe?’ this here poet hears you ask, Four feared English fighters are charged with the task, Blessed with great hair, Harvey Elliot shall assist, Three striking attackers who Rob did enlist, Morgan Rogers is battle-ready and bred from the Mancs, Joined by his neighbour, Mason Greenwood, who is built like a tank, From the lineage of Dembeles Karamoko competes in this war, Firing their way to the goal where they’ll continue to score, As Rob and his tribe powerfully march forth, Beyond the horizon Foxy comes from the North, Then from the West the scent of Woody appears, Heard from the East Ian’s battlecry meets ears, Cultivated from the compass of conflict, picked from posturing pretence, These warriors shall meet so let battle commence!
  7. Would you have gone for the same players out of interest?
  8. In a world of mere humans four warriors stand tall. Heroes, legends, myths... they are icons... at least in their own mind. In this career they shall do battle in a head to head to head to head. @Foxy is known in some quarters as the Gloucestershire Gladiator, but to most he is known as the Gloucestershire Gardener. Wielding a pitchfork like a sword and hoisting a lawnmower like a mechanical shield he is a force to be reckoned with. On day release from Foxlandia he will be a beast in battle. Residing from Seahouses, Britain’s answer to Aquaman is @Ian. When he isn’t busy lifting boats over his head like Vibe’s own Eddie Hall he is dismantling leaderboards like the incessant sadist that he is. His eye for detail and the power inherited by a force known as ‘George the Gorilla’ means he will blast his way through the competition. Carved from the chalk cliffs of Dorset is a man known as @Rob. Armed with the ear-piercing shrieks of a baby to disable his opponents he can take on the best. Plus he has done about 378 careers with club selected, which helps. Vibe’s reigning Olympian will be a challenge to all. @Woody has the best weapon of all in the battle: the Pecker. This weapon can do all manner of damage and cannot he underestimated in its impact. His appetite for testing (if quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?) means he will formulise a strategy to peck the others in to submission. A legend amongst all. Those are the competitors, but what’s the challenge? It’s simple: all four warriors will take the reigns at PSG. Each will then select a nation. From this nation they must select three strikers and one assister and sign them (other transfers are also allowed). The aim is to complete a TT and as many DTs and 1ks as possible amongst the strikers, along with racking up as many assists for the assister as they can. Goals from international management will count, as per the 1k/DT/TT rules; assists won’t. A lottery has been made: Woody will pick his nation first, followed by Ian, then Foxy, with Rob picking up the rear. There it is: the rules of combat are set. Let battle commence.
  9. Rob

    Hi, I'm Jacob

    But you don’t read challenge rules?
  10. Rob

    Hi, I'm Jacob

    Welcome. And if you take part in any competitions don’t forget to read the rules.
  11. That’s it for kids for us now. Both of mine have overlapped with this tournament hilariously. My other half is rumoured to have contacted Foxy to get future tournaments cancelled. Totally agree. We need to prep. We need a boot camp. You did amazing this year though. Top marks to you. I’d just like to clarify that more than three teams took part in each of these. Yours truly, the Reigning Olympic Champion.
  12. Excellent start Ian. Fingers crossed the injuries don’t become a problem.
  13. We may be a team... but only one of us performed. Great stuff mate. On average we must be the best performing team on average over the past four years. Admittedly, we are the only constant duo, but facts are facts. 🤣
  14. Rob


  15. When you say ‘we’... you carried me through this 🤣
  16. Calm down lads. Just sit back and enjoy watching the marvel of Ian at work. Good luck mate.