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Everything posted by Rob

  1. You have got to use your own tactic for challenges.
  2. Steady start. Looking forward to seeing season two.
  3. Season 15 - England - Rob 2,000 achieved last season. It’s now a case of just building on that. Just worth remembering, Dembele won’t resign a new contract. Transfers Not much really. Just trading English players in, improving and retraining positions, and then funnelling them out. Team Performance The French Cup voodoo hit us again. Not entirely sure why. Player Performance Elliot signed a contract to take him through to retirement. Another 142 goals in the bag. Greenwood is now 23 from the 1kc, so that should be done next season. Rogers is now at 816. Interesting. Elliot got another 42 assists. The Warriors At this stage we are all thinking of wrapping up, so not a huge amount to add here except that Foxy is closing in on the 2kc, the battle for assists is continuing, and we are all trying to get as many unofficial DTs as possible. Thanks for reading and all comments welcome!
  4. I genuinely look forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck!
  5. Cheers. It was 126 in the league and 165 overall, so not that great!
  6. Oh god. That would be hilarious. Cracking challenge btw.
  7. Ash: ‘The semi final is going to be a speed run of Zelda: Breath of the World.’ Everyone: ‘Er, Ash, that’s got nothing to do with FMM.’ Ash: ‘What about Steamworld?’ Everyone: ‘No.’ Ash: ‘Dragon Quest?’ Everyone: *shakes head* Ash: ‘Ah, screw it, do the Watford challenge.’
  8. Thanks. A unique tactic I worked on a lot. These little challenges really help you develop stuff.
  9. Monster season. You’ve had rotten luck with the injuries.
  10. I will put you first as you played less league games. Well done!
  11. Excellent season Ian. I’d love to have seen your score had you kept ITN
  12. I tend to do that, if I’m honest. £37.43 doesn’t bother me... but £37.97 would. Weird. Wonderful player. I’m fairly sure you’ll beat it in your next attempt though. Cheers Kane.
  13. Attempt #1 Results A gentle reminder that this is a one season challenge with the score equalling league goals plus league assists. Transfers I have a thing for Saul and Bruno. I can’t help it. The first can fill plenty of positions and is, for me, the best all-rounder in the game; the latter is just a sexy beast of a man. If this was the challenge cup he would definitely get me a semi appearance. Quintero is the best bargain in this year’s game. Team and Manager Performance Just to remind everyone, my A team played the league games and B team played the Cups. That’s why this happened: We romped the league, but I was a bit surprised we drew as many as we did at the end. It felt like we won more. Room for improvement there. Decent enough manager performance. A fairly good goal per game too. Kevin’s Performance First thing first, he played every league game. Like I said earlier in the thread, I have never had any injury problems with him in the past and he’s never had that wording in any of my coach reports. With the majority of fixtures being league-cup-league it meant he could play all nineties minutes of each game, which helped massively. It was only the Christmas congestion that I had to sub him off and rotate the B team, with him included in, in to the occasional league game. He got 37 assists. ...and 38 goals. Pretty much one of each per game. The OCD in me is really irritated that it wasn’t 38 and 38. It’s a bit like putting petrol in the car and it reaching £29.98p. That gives me a score of 75. I am really pleased with that, but I am 100% sure it is beatable as a load of you have monster tactics that give birth to an excess of goals. I will take a break and do something else before try my second, and final, attempt. Thanks for reading and all comments welcome!
  14. Thanks lads. I may have finished already 🙄
  15. I was say to @Foxy that I have rarely had injury problems with him in the past. His stamina drops easily in games and needs subbing a lot, mind. I tend to use the November database, so not sure if that matters?
  16. So I thought I would give the greatest challenge this forum has ever seen a go. I was going to do a mid-season post, but I will just rattle through it and do a post at the end. The reason being that I want to give it two attempts with two different tactics. One thing that will be the same throughout boy attempts is that I will have an A and B team. The A team, which KDB will be a part of, will play league games. The B team will play all Cup competitions, except for when fixture congestion picks up. Wish me luck!
  17. Typical season opener. By season 3 you will be flying.