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    Rob got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    you are destroying FMM19 Smog.
  2. Funny
    Rob got a reaction from MikeF in Foxy the Promotion Hunter: Season 2   
    Leaving Morecambe was a wise thing to do.
  3. Happy
    Rob reacted to Mr Tree in Tree tries a DT in Poland (11 seasons done)   
    Thanks @shosky! They didn't quite maintain "5 goals per game" pace, but we did alright
    SEASON 11
    Transfers - 400+ million zloty in profit, with only one proper incoming (good young CB with McKenna getting on a bit now), and a few out including two defenders for 180mill combined and one of my backup strikers for 100mill.
    Retained the champs league!

    Looked doomed early in the second half, but a great comeback gave us our third crown in five years  Evandro scored a pair of screamers.

    One league loss to Arka, but pretty dominant otherwise:

    Other details:
    Rosolek nudges back in front after a fantastic year, our best yet overall:

    Bit of a drop-off for Luki, which is a concern, but we'll see how next year goes.
    Some of their highlights:
    Target 1200
    Total 732
    AT THIS RATE THEY'LL REACH THE TARGET IN... 2034/35, which would be nice!
    Thank you for reading and for all your comments!
  4. Happy
    Rob reacted to Foxy in Foxy the Promotion Hunter: Season 2   
    Season 2
    After leaving Morecambe I didn’t waste any time in looking for a new job so that I would have plenty of chance to build the squad. There wasn’t a great deal of jobs around and no League 1 clubs wanted me as manager so I had to take a step down a league or two leagues if you consider Morecambe were heading for League 1. I stayed in the North West although further south as I moved from Lancashire to Cheshire and was appointed manager of Macclesfield who had just been relegated from League 2 down to the Conference.
    Macclesfield Town Fact File

    Formed: 1874 Nickname: The Silkmen First promoted to the Football League: 1996/97 Stadium: Moss Rose - Capacity 5911
    Macclesfield have been a real yo yo club since 1997 when they first got promoted to the Football League and have been relegated a couple of times and then bounced back and getting them to bounce back was my job this season. 
    On paper this seemed a good job to get as they had just been relegated but would still have a few League 2 quality players. In reality I was greeted with a financial mess as the club was spending £8.25k over the wage budget.

    The only way I could bring players in was to sell as many of the current squad especially the high earner as possible which wasn’t always easy now it’s been made harder to sell players in recent updates.
    All the rebuilding would mean nothing if we couldn’t get the club back into the football league though.
    Notable Matches
    Top Performers
    Manager Profile and Trophy Cabinet
    On the 30th of May I was offered my next job and it is much closer to home for me.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. Happy
    Rob reacted to smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Season 14
    Thanks everyone for your comments, really appreciated.  The aim for season 14 was for Bonfiglio to get his 1k and get Almada a bit closer to his 1k, and also keep that DT score increasing. I would also like Almada keep up his level of assists to get a decent place on that particular leaderboard.
    Fixtures and Competitions
    Player Profiles and Performance
    Bonfiglio resumed main goal scoring responsibility and smashed his 1k target! Almada missed a few league games due to injury so his club goals were down but he had a great season for Argentina netting 23 times for them. All in 177 goals combined for the season so i'm still enjoying a few good seasons until age really does kick in. Almada also moves onto 562 assists which is a fantastic total.

    I mentioned last update about my fastest ever hat trick - well i beat it this season with this Almada hat trick in 5 minutes! 

    So moving forward Almada might hit his 1k next season if form continues from previous seasons. Once he has done that i will reevaluate my targets and see what i can squeeze out of them in their twilight years.

    Thanks for reading.
  6. Happy
    Rob reacted to Ian in Ian attempts to hit 1.5k goals with Moise Kean - Season 12   
    Season Twelve
    Moise needs 362 goals to reach our target with five seasons left on his contract including this one so he has a great chance of achieving it. Of course he’s going to hit 30 years of age towards the end of this season so we can’t get ahead of ourselves as a rapid decline over the next few years could scupper our chances. 
    The main incoming transfer this year was Jérémy Doku arriving for free having previously played for Inter Milan. He came up in my January expiring contracts search last season and I had to go for him even if it was just to sell him straight on for a profit. Anyway, he was playing as a striker for Inter and was usually second behind Kean in the league goalscoring chart over the last few seasons but can play as a left winger and has fantastic attributes for the role so I decided to give him a shot in the team. There’s always the worry that he might score too many goals but we’ll just have to cross that bridge when or if we come to it.
    Team Performances

    The team lost out in the Italian Super Cup final this season to mess up the clean sweep but they did manage to score a few more league goals than last season as they hit a nice 130. So whilst it’s not quite up into the 140’s like a couple of seasons ago it’s still fantastic. I’ve got Pavón ageing and I feel he needs replacing but there’s certain areas of his attribute spread that I like and I’m having trouble finding a decent replacement ready to come straight into the first team.
    Liverpool were defeated 4-1 in the European Super Cup with Kean scoring one of our four goals. We beat New York Red Bulls by a hefty scoreline of 6-0 in the Club World Championship but Kean could only score two of the goals which was slightly annoying as these games offer a great chance of racking up a few goals. As mentioned above we lost out in the Italian Super Cup final as Lazio beat us via the dreaded penalty shoot out after we fought out a 2-2 stalemate. We beat Milan 3-1 in the Italian Cup final but Kean couldn’t find the net which slightly dampens the whole occasion. Bayern were our opponents in the Champions League final and a brace from Moise helped us defeat them 3-0 to continue our record of winning the Champions League every year so far.
    We won the Confederations Cup with Moise claiming the Golden Boot after scoring a tidy 12 goals throughout the tournament. It was all a bit straightforward really as South Korea were beaten 7-0 in the semi final with Kean netting four of them to set up a tough final against Brazil. You’d think it would be tough anyway but it didn’t seem to turn out that way as we dominated them to take a 5-0 with Kean grabbing himself a hat trick as we won the cup. We are also still in the World Cup going into the next season and Moise scored a total of 34 goals for Italy this year which I’m thrilled with. 

    Moise Kean
    Similar season to the last as Moise hits 101 goals in 60 games in a nice campaign from him. With his goals for Italy added on we get a season total of 135 which is his second highest return to date. He’s 30 years old now so the next few years should see him decline but hopefully it’ll be a slow and steady one.

    Kean Power Play
    So things are looking good at the moment for Kean but we need to stay focused as you never know what is around the corner. I remember things looking fantastic with Parrott in my first 1kc only for him to then suffer a long term injury and then want a new challenge which really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Saying that Kean is 30 now so I’d like to think he’s maybe past the wanting a new challenge stage but you never know I guess.
    Moise Kean
    Season 01: Club: 52 goals in 53 games
    Season 02: Club: 62 goals in 53 games
    Season 03: Club: 82 goals in 59 games
    Season 04: Club: 84 goals in 59 games - Int: 15 goals - Total: 99 goals
    Season 05: Club: 89 goals in 56 games - Int: 27 goals - Total: 116 goals
    Season 06: Club: 87 goals in 57 games - Int: 19 goals - Total: 106 goals
    Season 07: Club: 82 goals in 52 games - Int: 15 goals - Total: 97
    Season 08: Club: 107 goals in 58 games at 1.84 gpg - Int: 40 goals - Total: 147
    Season 09: Club: 101 goals in 58 games at 1.74 gpg - Int: 30 goals - Total: 131
    Season 10: Club: 95 goals in 53 games - Int: 27 goals - Total: 122
    Season 11: Club: 102 goals in 60 games at 1.70 gpg - Int: 22 goals - Total: 124
    Season 12: Club: 101 goals in 60 games at 1.68 gpg - Int: 34  goals - Total: 135
    Club Total: 1044 goals
    International Total: 229 goals
    Grand Total: 1273 goals
    Thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.
  7. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Titjes in PureDominance   
    I want you to explain the rest please.
  8. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Titjes in PureDominance   
    I want you to explain the rest please.
  9. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Titjes in PureDominance   
    I want you to explain the rest please.
  10. Happy
    Rob reacted to smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Season 13
    I switched things about this season to try and get Almada a few more goals and it seemed to work ok.
    Fixtures and Competitions
    Player Profiles and Performance
    As i mentioned i swapped their roles throughout the season and it did seem to get Almada more goals and they both finished on pretty much the same, 70 and 71. Whether i stick to this i'm not sure as i do prefer playing with Bonfiglio through the middle.

    I would like to think Bonfiglio will hit his 1k next season and hopefully Almada within two seasons if we're lucky.  By that time they will be in their early 30's and will start to decline so to hit those targets then would be great.

    Thanks for reading.
  11. Happy
    Rob reacted to Mr Tree in Tree tries a DT in Poland (11 seasons done)   
    SEASON 9
    Managed to bang out another season while providing scandalously poor childcare this weekend, and it proved to be our best season yet, so it was all worth it
    I know I said I wouldn't, but I've added the screenshots, cos actually I went a little crazy in the market, which helped re-energise the save and the team

    Again fell cruelly short after reaching the champs league semis for the 4th year in a row. And knocked out of the cup early! Smashed the league though, best GD by miles.

    No big injuries, so a great year. Rosolek on top this time:

    As a result, a few more highlights to share this season!
    Target 1200
    Total 578 - nearly halfway
    AT THIS RATE THEY'LL REACH THE TARGET IN... 2034/35!! That'd be nice!
    Thanks for reading - all comments are always greatly appreciated!
  12. Happy
    Rob reacted to KyleJNichol in 1k with Willem Geubbels (✅) S12 - 1k with Adrian Nicholson   
    Season 11:
    So I’m trying to smash this challenge out the way to have a new fun save.
    How did my young en get on? Well, he got 54 got in 45 games for club and 2 goals in 4 games for country. Sadly the country games were mainly friendlies, which I’ve realised are added to his total on his profile page. However, cause I’ve not been tracking his friendlies goals, I’m not going to add them in. 

    Progression shot:

    Manager shots:


    Other mentions:

    A recurring theme:

    Season 12:
    You’re probably thinking what the hell! A double upload. Yes I’ve been grinding this career out since I got back from Ukraine. 
    Which this career is now a ticking time bomb as were into our last 5 seasons... So who’s going to finish first my son or me?
    We lost more games this season than any other season as I didn’t have a back up keeper and our main keeper was injured for 3/4 weeks so I had a youth in net...
    How did are young en’ get on? Well, he was smashing the season scoring goals for both club and country then a couple of injuries hindered the total outcome.
    He scored 49 goals in 48 games for clubs and 13 goals in 6 games for country taking him up to 61 for the season. 

    Progression shot:
    As you can see in the last two years he’s had injuries that have been too long. Supposed the recurring knee injury runs in the family. 

    Manager shot:

    He’s got to score 356 in 5 seasons at a minimum or its over. He’s just turned 30 and is 31 in April 2044. I’m hoping he doesn’t decline too quick.

    Other news:

    Another comeback:

    The recurring issue...

    Thank you for reading and supporting this career, I appreciate all the comments and support! If it wasn’t for you guys I would have stopped going on this career 👏🏼
  13. Funny
    Rob reacted to KyleJNichol in 1k with Willem Geubbels (✅) S12 - 1k with Adrian Nicholson   
    Season 10:
    Apologies for the delay, I’ve been away last weekend and I was planning to play hours on end on the plane, but it turns out that I couldn’t get that much time to play.
    How did my son get on? Well, he got one of his better season under my control. He got 62 goals in 46 games for club and 13 goals in 8 games for country. A good 75 goals in total for the season.
    However I’ve worked it out, he’s just turned 28 so I’ve got roughly 7 seasons to smash this, but I have to hit about 68 goals a season and the facts he’s only 60+ in 3/4 seasons. It’s going to be close.

    Manager shots:


    It’s coming to point where I don’t want to continue this career on, because I want to start at DT before FMM 20... I’m debating it and wanting something new
    Other games:

    Thank you for reading 👏🏼
  14. Favourite
    Rob reacted to smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Season 12
    This was nearly a double update again as i am nearly at the end of season 13, however while i have the opportunity i thought i would post this season as Bonfiglio absolutely smashed it.
    Fixtures and Competitions
    Player Profiles and Performance
    Almada missed about a month with injury so goal tally down slightly, his ratio seems fairly consistent though. Few attributes dropping which is a concern this early especially considering he needs more goals than Bonfiglio. No need to worry just yet though. His assists are really racking up nicely now too.

    This guy was the star man this season - i was looking for him to bounce back after a disappointing previous season and boy did he! 90 club goals is a record high in this career and helps get us our highest DT figure of 182 this season. Again some attributes dropping slightly but when you look at the key facets of a striker he has them all - aerial, shooting, decisions, movement, pace, strength. A fantastic striker!

    The DT is now complete and we are looking good for a double 1k, i would just like Almada to notch a few more.

    Thanks for reading. 
  15. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Wxsley in One Season Stikerless challenge with PSG   
    Any chance of posting your transfers?
  16. Favourite
    Rob reacted to Ian in Ian attempts to hit 1.5k goals with Moise Kean - Season 12   
    Seasons Five and Six
    I’ve decided to double up today so here we go as I start with season five.
    Season Five
    We got the Italy job last season and made an okay start with Kean netting 15 international goals before the season closed with us still in the World Cup. We’ll see how that panned out on the new season and whether Kean can produce it on the world stage. Domestically I feel it’s just a case of keeping going and hopefully get an even better goal return from Moise if possible.
    Kean had some great performances for Italy during this season in scoring 27 goals. We won the World Cup after the new season began as we beat Ghana in the final with Moise scoring the opening goal. We won the International League towards the end of the season as we beat Germany in the semi and then Croatia in the final with Kean netting eight goals over the two games. He followed that up by finding the net a further four times against New Zealand in an end of season friendly that ended 7-0.
    Moise Kean
    Kean put up his best club return yet with a nice 89 goals in 56 games. If we add on his 27 international goals we get a grand total of 116 for the season which I’m rather happy with.

    His stamina is looking great at 17 which should make managing his game time a lot easier. I’ll still stick with my two fitness coaches though I think and once he gets to thirty I’ll problem add another as I did with Tekin as I felt it definitely preserved his physicals later on in his veteran years.

    Now I’ll quickly go through how the club got on starting with the transfers.
    We did a good bit of business this season as plenty came in and plenty left. The main transfers in were Lucas Paquetá and Nicolò Barella with Lucas replacing Eriksen who went to Barcelona and Barella coming in to hopefully strengthen us in midfield. I’ve got high hopes for Italian youngster David Mancini who will hopefully play a big part for both club and country over the next ten or so years. Federico Bernardeschi wasn’t a planned sale but the offer of £84m was too much to refuse so he went along with a few others to balance the books. 
    Club Performances

    We continued to dominate and went unbeaten in the league. I don’t feel the need to go into as much detail on the league now as it’d be surprising if we didn’t win it comfortably every year from now on in as we were too strong at the beginning of the save never mind now after a few seasons. Moise netted a nice brace to help us beat Bayern Munich in the European Super Cup in a fairly one sided affair. As expected we had no trouble in the Club World Championship as we beat FLA 6-0 with Kean helping himself to three of the goals. I’ve slipped up here and forgot to get the Super Cup screenshot but we did indeed win it as we beat Cagliari 3-1. The Italian Cup final was comfortable as two goals were enough to send us victorious against Napoli even though they got themselves a last minute consolation goal. We ploughed through the Champions League to then face Manchester United in the final in what turned out to be a close encounter. They took an early lead but we soon fought back with Kean netting the equaliser not long after and we just edged it from then on in to win 2-1.
    Mouse Kean
    Season 05: Club: 89 goals in 56 games - Int: 27 goals - Total: 116 goals
    So that’s the highest return yet for Kean and let’s see if he could build on that in season six
    Season Six
    It’s going really well so far for Kean on his quest to hit 1.5k goals so we just need to keep it going now and hopefully get him close to the 100 goal club that I crave.
    I’ll start this seasons update with the transfers.
    I continued my strategy of buying and developing young Italian players which will hopefully help us turn Italy into a powerhouse which will surely aid us internationally. The incomings are all regens who have plenty of promise so we’ll see how they get on over the next few years. In terms of outgoings Barella went for good money as I wasn’t keen on him in the end and Can kicked up a fuss and wanted out so he was offloaded to along with a couple of other squad players. 
    Club Performances

    The league was no problem as usual but we finally lost out on a trophy as AC Milan beat us in the Italian Cup at the quarter final stage. Everything else was won though so still a very successful season for the boys. Chelsea were beaten 3-0 in the European Super Cup with the main man contributing two of the goals. Moise netted a brace in the Club World Championship as we beat GRE 5-0 but it was just a shame he couldn’t get a few more goals but can’t be helped. Napoli took us to extra time in the Super Cup in a tight affair but Mandragora came up trumps in scoring the winning goal after Kean had scored two goals previously. As mentioned above AC Milan knocked us out of the Italian Cup at the quarter final stage as we quite simply left our shooting boots on the coach. We certainly remembered our shooting boots in the Champions League final as we were rather clinical in a closely contested match against Chelsea which ended 3-1 in our favour. 
    Kean hit 19 goals for Italy this season.
    My transfer acumen has taken a hit over the last couple of years but probably still the best manager attributes I’ve ever had on a goalscoring challenge. It’ll be interesting to see how they look at the end though.

    Moise Kean
    Moise took a slight step back with 87 goals in 57 games and got himself a good few more assists. He’s 24 years old now and if we are to hit the 100 goal club he’s going to need to do it soon you’d feel. I have a few things going through my head in regards to my set up and if he isn’t looking like improving next season I may need to go out of this save and into my test save to see if I can establish what is indeed my best set up as I feel I’m really close.

    I feel that this is probably Kean at his best now and he’s truly terrific so it’s my job to get the best out of him from now on in.

    Kean Power Play
    Moise Kean
    Season 01: Club: 52 goals in 53 games
    Season 02: Club: 62 goals in 53 games
    Season 03: Club: 82 goals in 59 games
    Season 04: Club: 84 goals in 59 games - Int: 15 goals - Total: 99 goals
    Season 05: Club: 89 goals in 56 games - Int: 27 goals - Total: 116 goals
    Season 06: Club: 87 goals in 57 games - Int: 19 goals - Total: 106 goals
    Club Total: 456 goals
    International Total: 61 goals
    Grand Total: 517 goals
    A couple of decent seasons for Kean but we couldn’t quite break into the 90’s for club goals which must surely be our target for next season.
    Thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.
  17. Favourite
    Rob reacted to samhardy in English football   
    Wycombe left back Joe Jacobson scored a hat trick at the weekend... made up of a direct free kick and two direct from corners!
  18. Funny
    Rob got a reaction from Dai_ in Best tactic   
    Usually the fresh mint one:

  19. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Lord Danish in Strikers for the 1k Challenge   
    I'm looking forward to seeing a @Lord Danish 1kc career 
  20. Happy
    Rob reacted to Cereal Killer in Rob tries the One Season Strikerless Challenge   
    Yooo those results look unreal
    Howd u do it??
  21. Funny
    Rob reacted to Mr Tree in Tree tries a DT in Poland (11 seasons done)   
    SEASON 6
    Disappointing season for the challenge, hurt by Zjawinski's ambitions and another month missed for Rosolek. But a great year for the club...

    Only league defeat was away to 4th place in between the champions league quarter final legs, resting my whole first-choice team.
    Zjawinski was already sulking at the start of the year and refused to consider a new contract (I always sign them to 5-year deals so there's still plenty of time), but then Rosolek demanded a new contract and Zjawinski came running! He actually then demanded another new contract before the end of the season, and then on the day that the team of the season awards were announced, he told a newspaper that he wants to move to a bigger club. So this could be a struggle going forward!
    And around February Rosolek picked up a small injury that ended up lingering and cost him a load of games.
    So a backward step overall

    Some more details and highlights:
    Target 1200
    Total 363
    AT THIS RATE THEY'LL REACH THE TARGET IN... 2037/38, alas. Need them to start banging out some big seasons to get back on track here.
    Thanks for reading, all comments are always highly appreciated!
  22. Funny
    Rob reacted to Cereal Killer in Strikerless Challenge   
    After my AC Milan go dutch challenge went wrong, i sort of went into a frenzy looking for a new save to try. Then I saw @Rob 's strikerless challenge and i thought it was a brilliant idea. 
    Ill be trying with with Barca like rob😂😂.
    I also used KDB and Dembele, but decided to buy Hazard to help out.(But hazard and dembele are both injured😭)
    Just finished the summer window.
    Will update soon

  23. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from Titjes in Rob tries the One Season Strikerless Challenge   
    The Results
    I’d actually forgotten about this, and overwritten the save, but thankfully had the photos taken beforehand.
    Here are a few more games:

    And he is the final manager history:

    Out of the first knockout round of the Champs League! Nightmare. In a way it’s not too bad as the league games are where you get most of your points, but those extra five Champs League games could really have helped with goals and assists.

    We grabbed a goal difference of 79, which is decent, but I definitely won’t be writing home about our defensive record. 99 league points was ok, but I could have done with turning a couple of those drawers and defeats to wins.
    This gives us a league contribution of 79 + 99 = 178.
    The boys looked all wonderful at the end.

    How they do?
    Coutinho was the worst performing.

    25 + 26 = 51 for our Brazilian.
    Dembele grabbed 32 goals and 24 assists.

    This gives him 56.
    As for KDB, he did this:

    63 + 27 = 90 points.
    178 + 51 + 56 + 90 = 375 as a total. I’m a little disappointed with that as we started with a flier and I was hoping to finally smash 400. Oh well, 375 ain’t too bad.
    @Foxy please can you add this attempt to the leaderboard?
    Thanks to all who read and commented!
  24. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from MikeF in MikeF - Double Trouble (Done) & Triple Threat Attempt   
    Well done 
  25. Favourite
    Rob got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Wonderful results so far