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  1. Rob2017

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Oh my days that write up is brilliant. Love it!!!
  2. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    Thanks buddy. Don’t blame you. He is an absolute monster as Season 4 will show when I get around to whacking it on. I thoroughly recommend using him. p.s. I am going to try your 5 goal a player challenge after this career.
  3. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    Season 3 It’s simple: improve. That is the plan, and that is what happened. An excellent campaign in which we almost won everything ended with a narrow loss in the Champions Cup final. It’s something I am content with though. We improved our league goal tally, which was great, and utterly destroyed a team I had never heard of in the Cup (with Felix suspended). Not entirely sure what’s happening with the duplicate outgoings - a bug? - but Paqueta and Rabiot had finished their usefulness to me... ...as Diawara and Sancho came in to strengthen the squad. Diawara is my main DLP and Sancho backup in a few roles. The other signing is a young German keeper. Felix won a few more awards along the way. I’ll stop posting these in future as they get a bit repetitive. But he continued his high-scoring matches, grabbing a four and a five. Yep, a five goal haul for someone who isn’t a striker. He ended the season at the age of 21 and looked like he was becoming an absolute monster. If he wasn’t real I’d be thinking he was a Ronaldo regen (with a few tweaks). He has improved in just the right places. So how did he do? Well he had 48 and 58 so far and this season got... ...75. Delighted with that. A +17 season. 181/1000 goals so far. 819 to go. In terms of my mini-target of reaching 425 at the age of 25 he needs 244 more in 4 seasons. Thanks for reading.
  4. Rob2017

    FMM19 General Discussion

    If you mean in your news feed then that only happens for me if I ask them to scout people. Are you getting them pop up with assignments?
  5. I doubt Elton will be as harsh.
  6. Rob2017

    Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades

    Brilliant return from Bale when you consider that isn’t your main target. Great challenge this one.
  7. Seems a bit of a problem with that game that.
  8. Well done. That’s more like it! And hope the birth goes well
  9. I always love a Scratch guide, but this one is embedded in a career thread update. My mind is blown.
  10. You’d only copy it and call it something silly like the Black Pearl.
  11. Rob2017

    Comeback from anything

    The best way to gove credit to someone is to take the time and effort to find out who gave you the tactic you are using.
  12. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    Completely agree. I ain’t updating until the forum gives me the confidence that everything works.
  13. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    It is certainly doable. A 1kc from AML/R would be great too - would need a lovely asymmetric formation though.
  14. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    Ooooohhhh another Strikerless attempt?
  15. Rob2017

    A Strikerless 1kc attempt

    Absolutely. I’ve got a few more in the can that I’ll put out soon.