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  1. I was going to give this one a go next, but you’ve well and truly scared me off!!!
  2. A proper Italian job. Pellegri is one of my faves in the game. Solid start.
  3. Good luck. Looking forward to following this one.
  4. My guesses: Vinicious, Mbappe, Isak, Rashford Best of luck mate. Cracking challenge.
  5. Looking good. I can never flog Ronaldo(or Neymar come to think of it) due to their wages to start with. Obviously I know the boys are quality, but why did you pick those three?
  6. Cracking attempt. I bet you could have cried when he got injured.
  7. Guides/Tips Transfer Tips for FMM18

    Well written. Top stuff.
  8. Keep going. It’s looking good so far. Just out of interest, why didn’t you opt for Isak?
  9. Chat Player relationships

    I find I can’t stop my players stealing taxis.
  10. Career Triple threat attempt

    Well that’s the challenge passed. I’ll see it through until Kylian retires in two seasons time. A crap injured-destroyed season led to eighty odd goals that took me past the point. I will post the final totals for the leaderboard once done.
  11. Career Triple threat attempt

    70+ goals a season for three seasons from a 33 year old. That’ll be tough, but I shall try!!!
  12. Career Triple threat attempt

    So I have three more seasons until Mbappe retires at the end of his contract. Here’s where I currently am: 270+370+780=1420. (removing 16 Mbappe did at Monaco) Should do it this upcoming season. I seem to be averaging 110 a season, with Kylian grabbing the majority of them. That boy is a legend.
  13. Keep at it. Don’t do what I did and knee-jerk after the first season and essentially waste a few years messing around before returning to my original formation, lol. That’s a great start.
  14. Chat International goals

    Best of luck. Looking forward to following it