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About Rob2017

  1. Rob2017

    How to heal injured player

    Send them to Eileen Drewery.
  2. 155. Great amount of goals.
  3. I chose him for a Triple Threat and he drove me bonkers in the end. You couldn’t improve him using specialist training as he just moaned about EVERYTHING. Hopefully you fare better with training him up - I’m rooting for you.
  4. Good luck, and hope his stamina doesn’t come to annoy you too much
  5. Kylian was superb this season, when not injured. A total of 157 for the lads. Druissi, I’m fairly convinced, is a Messi regen who I have managed to retrain in central midfield and has been superb since. Current status: Kylian: 754 Kai: 374 Isak: 484 Vinicious: 286 Isak and Kylian have smashed the DT target. Throw Kai in there and we have a TT smashed too. I have managed to get Kylian to play a season longer than his initial retirement, so I’ve got five seasons to get 250 with him, although he will be a gereatric come the end so it won’t be as easy as 50 goals a season should be. I will post final season stats and final challenge scores at the end.
  6. Rob2017

    Gingerbread KIA - Another Triple Threat

    Really great start mate, especially at those ages. Well done and keep it up.
  7. Rob2017

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Seems kinda pointless that they’d do match reports like this: I can clearly take a lot from this. 😭😭😭
  8. Couple more seasons: 156 in 2029. 138 in the season following. Odd season, as I didn’t win everything 😠 Basically I have five seasons left before Kylian retires. I’ve pretty much got TT and DT covered, but I need about 60 a season from him for the 1kc. More importantly, blinkin’ heck when people say you don’t sleep when you have a kid they ain’t lying. It’s like he has a button on his back that makes him cry and every time we put him down at night he presses on it.
  9. Rob2017

    A 1KC

    Good luck. Can’t wait to see who you pick.
  10. Rob2017

    Chuba Akpom - a 1K attempt

    Great start, and loving the continuous use of Chuck
  11. Seconded. You results are excellent.
  12. Thanks for the congratulations guys. Last night was our first at home after five nights being kept in hospital. Nothing quite compares you for that ‘what the heck do we do?’ moment at three in the morning when he won’t stop screaming/crying!
  13. So, first thing first, my target to finish this before my first child was born has failed - he arrived three weeks early on Monday just gone. However, as he does do a lot of sleeping I’ve managed to cram some more FMM in. Three more seasons: 143 between the foursome. And a 145. 140 inthe most recent. Dembele is my stand in attacker and we had a lot of injuries, coupled with my refusal to not play four up front in this challenge. Mbappe is the oldest of the lads at 29 and usually retires at 36, so have seven seasons left. This is where I’m at: Goals/assists... Mbappe: 569/167 Isak: 388/166 Vinicious: 228/202 Havertz: 272/234 Closing in on the DT and TT. Not entirely sure Mbappe will grab the 1kc, especially as it’ll be so dependent on no injuries.
  14. Around £280. Get Mario Odyssey too - it is the only thing to ever stop me playing FMM in my free time.
  15. Well done mate. That cup game was immense.