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  1. Submitted. That was stressful, yet fun.
  2. Rob2017

    FMM 19

    My big one is in the position screen I’d like to see average ratings for each position. For example, what Henrich’s average rating is when he plays right back for me versus left back.
  3. Aww feck I didn’t realise there was a playoff 😢😢😢😢
  4. Please do, as I don’t think my score so far is going to mean @Woody and I get there!
  5. Hate it, but in a love it kinda way.
  6. 77 and 80 are going to be tricky if his stamina drops. I can see you starting Leon on the bench in future games. Arp is pretty much done and dusted. Well done mate. Great stuff
  7. I hadn’t even noticed that the transfer battle screen had disappeared 😲 That is bloomin’ annoying
  8. I can’t believe @Nucleus hasn’t finished this yet.
  9. I do worry with some of the gifs you find 😭
  10. Another great season. Get Arp over the lines in the next season and a bit and then Leon can become the focus of the team. Keep grinding away. (grinding in the clean way, of course)
  11. Decent start. I’d be a little disappointed. I jest! Cracking start chap. Kane looks utterly beautiful, plus that’s a great return for Sane. I like the idea that they mimmick the cafe scene as their goal celebration.
  12. No chance will you be kicking English butt. This trophy has mine and @Woody‘s name written all over it. Fighting talk! Rarrrr