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  1. My last post got removed by someone. The post that's respectfully disagree with other user & even thanking the user who disagree with me. I want to say this is a surprise, but I do not think it is.
  2. It seems that you are taking all of this discussion too personally. That's unfortunate. Thank you for your time.
  3. Honestly, I have always been trying to be open to solid arguments & respectful discourse. & you have not responded my valid points at the beginning of the discussion, so I guess you & I are not that different.
  4. It seems that you know FMM very well just like the developers. Good for you.
  5. I think he means that is the kind scenario that would persist if FMM's difficulty is harder, which makes sense in a way, but there are many ways to make FMM harder. He's just trying to justify his view of anti-difficulty setting by choosing the worse possible example of FMM being harder. That's like saying you will get killed if you climb a mountain. That's a possibility, yes, but that's the worst case scenario.
  6. I am glad that we agree on this matter. Thank you.
  7. Fortunately, you are not the one who makes the decision.
  8. Some people are simply afraid of change. I remember when many console gamers were "afraid" of graphics setting on console games. "Console games do not need graphics setting. They're just fine without it," "The developers are the ones who know the game best, so just let them tweak the graphics for us," "Who cares about graphics setting? No one. If it ain't broken, don't fix it!." & now, almost all the games on Xbox One X/PS4 Pro have graphics setting & many people are happy with it, because they have more options now.
  9. Different people, different idea of difficulty. Some people find some games too hard(like Soulsborne games), some do not find them hard. & yes, the game can be easy, but what if someone want to manage one of the big clubs with very hard difficulty? You can't. Well, you "can," by making it difficult for yourself"(e.g. limiting your spending yourself), but that's not our job. It's the developers' job. & "making it difficult yourself" can only take you so far with how limited we can manipulate/interact with the game, hence the idea of adding difficulty setting.
  10. Have you tried OME? It does not have the player's rating problem like EME.
  11. Some of the developers said that sometimes you need to start a new game in order to apply the changes from an update. So you should start a new game.
  12. Adding difficulty setting is not the same as making FMM more difficult.
  13. Let's ask the SI Games' staff, @Sebastian Szlenkier @Alari @Luke W. Is it really an outlandish suggestion to add difficulty setting? Is difficulty setting something unrealistic to implement? Because apparently some users think it's a bad suggestion & shouldn't be encouraged.
  14. But here's the thing, do we really know for certain those new features are the the only ones that caused all the bugs? What about the QA testing? Have SI Games exhausted that option? What about more development time? Or even hiring more developers? We cannot simply blame new features for more bugs. That's like saying a dish tastes bad because the ingredients for it are not the best around. I mean, that could be one of the factors, but that's not the one & only thing. Maybe it's the chef? Maybe it's the cooking methodology? Maybe it's simply lacking salt? We do not know. As for a dev admitting that(by the way, who's the dev? Is it one of the devs who have accounts here?), then sure, he's most likely right. But there's no way he believes that new features is the only culprit for more bugs & the only way to cut the bugs is by not adding new features. He surely knows game development enough to know that's not true. & remember, the game that we're playing right now is a final release. Sure, maybe when a new feature added in development cycle, it spawned many bugs. Then it's also SI Games job to fix the bugs, QA test the game, until its final release. It's not like they're developing the game & then released it without any effort to polish it in the beta version. & now let's say that new features always mean new bugs, does that mean you do not want any new feature for the next FMM?
  15. By adding difficulty setting, the game can also be made easier & more palatable for the casual players too. That sounds like a win-win solution for casual & experienced players, don't you think? Especially with more granular difficulty setting. As for bugs problem, new/more features does not equal more bugs. There are many factors that affect it. The QA testing, the methodology, development time, etc. What I am trying to say is we can have new feature yet not adding more bugs, we do not have to choose one over the other.