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  1. McDonaI

    The Prodigal Sons (1 season)

    Sounds cool. In a side note I always like to tell people that prodigal means wasteful. Mostly because I’m a pedant but also because people seem to think it means someone who has returned home. You could maybe have a second league table with the worst performing hence prodigal son. ?
  2. McDonaI

    FMM18 Bug List

    Are you also managing Spain? I had a similar issue when managing France and Glasgow Rangers when the Barca physios asked if i wanted to send Dembele for surgery. Pretty sure that shouldn't have happened as the player belongs to the club and not the FA.
  3. McDonaI

    What to do with outcasts?

    Well I got rid of him and now everyone is upset with me cause I sold our star player. Never rains but it pours.
  4. Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on dealing with outcasts. I have one in my squad. I was going to get rid of him ASAP but he’s just gone and scored 10 goals in 3 games. Has anyone seen the outcast status change or go away? Or do I just need to get rid of him?
  5. I must admit that i'm struggling with the playmaker roles. DLPs don't seem to contribute much in the way of key passes or anything else and when using more than one AP in central position and behind the striker seem to get in each others way. I've been getting more success with BWMs and BBMs and CMs
  6. McDonaI

    Team report

    I've had that on my team report for 3 or 4 years now. Signed quite a few players that love the big games and have also not lost a big game in years either ( Think i am unbeaten in the CL for 4 seasons). Neither has made a difference.
  7. Pretty sure there’s no word in Gaelic for stats or attributes. You just say them in a funny highland accent. ?
  8. How about something less controversial like - Why are DMC's ratings so low. Poor Managers. Match Engine Inaccuracies Players are just Lazy
  9. I feel this question is not being given the proper thought and respect it deserves.
  10. Therefore I would say, in answer to the question, that the numbers are stats. The attributes are the shooting, passing etc.
  11. What I mean is that the attribute is passing, shooting, creativity etc and the stat is the number. So it is perfectly correct to say that you signed a player because his attribute stats were impressive. Or that a players stats intimates that he has all the attributes to be a successful target man.
  12. Would anyone agree that the stat is the number that tells you how good an attribute is? All players have the same attributes but what defines them are the stats. I.e. you want to choose a striker you would likely choose the one who had better stats in his shooting and movement attributes.
  13. McDonaI

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Why thank you.
  14. McDonaI

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Can my name go on the wall for most league clean sheets please?
  15. McDonaI

    FMM18 Bug List

    Just managed to win the league twice in one year. Won league with 9 games to spare then dropped points to make it mathematically possible to come second again then once it then became impossible to become second I was awarded the cup again. ? notice how in the pic It says 23/24 twice.