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  1. Pippers87

    The Galatico (3-1-2-3-1)

    That's a good tatic . I have changed my version a bit. Hopefully it will get the goal numbers you have had
  2. Pippers87

    Inside forwards post update

    I have Ronaldo and Roberts as my IFS. I find its more balanced. Ronaldo will still bang 25 in a year but Roberts assist numbers are crazy
  3. Pippers87

    The Galatico (3-1-2-3-1)

    Cheers guys for your feed back. It still is a work in progress. The formation was used with since the beginning of the season. The player roles shown where only used since start of November. Finished off on 155 goals overall having won League, Champions League, Spanish Cup and Club world cup. Scored 95 League Goals. Since it was part of a challenge Rashford was used as main striker, pretty sure Ronaldo leading the line would have topped 100. Also used Patrick Roberts on the wing, he has not scored as much as Rashford or Ronaldo but he has improved and will contribute hopefully 20 from next season. I think its defensively sound at the minute, It is a work in progress and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I am keeping the formation but have a few ideas for the Roles and Instructions to get me above 100 in league next season.
  4. Pippers87

    Phil's English Galatico attempt

    END OF SEASON 1 League champions 25 points Copa Del Rey: Winners 25 Points Spanish Super Cup 25 Points Champions League 50 Points European Super Cup 25 points Club world cup 25 Points Top scorer LA Leiga 5 points Beat A. Madraid X1 5points Beat Barca x4 20 points Total Score 205.
  5. Hey guys, An attacking formation which essentially results in 4 strikers when attacking. I have major doubts if it would work with a weaker team. As I have tested with Madrid as part of a challange . I think it only suits big teams, with good players all over. Feel free to test with a weaker team. I will test it after the challenge. With out further ado......!!
  6. Pippers87

    Phil's English Galatico attempt

    Cheers Guys, going good so far. Kingsolop yes the formation is fun. 20+ shots some games. I am refining the instructions and will post it on the tactics form. January 2018 Challenge update. Dier Playing as part of a back 3, Dier has contributed solidly at the heart of the defense. Also adding a goal and 2 assists. Has developed into a world class centre back. Roberts Is not banging them in like his other attacking midfeilders but is leading the league in assists. He is a provider of goals and is doing Hus job well. Rashford Injury and Suspension aside Rashford has turned into a goal machine. Playing as a Trequaterista he has also laid on 7 goals. He is on course to over take Christiano as Madraids main player. Season until now Going OK so far. A little bit stop/start trying to get my formation to work. Have won the last 7 games so its starting to come together League standings Currently sitting in second 10 points off Barca with two games in hand. Have made a few adjustments to my formation and the form has lifted in recent weeks. Providing Ronaldo, Rashford and Ali stay injury free I should win the league. Champions League Through to the next round. Spanish Cup Through to fourth round. Club World Cup Won it. (Pictures of all cup wins to be posted end of season)
  7. Pippers87

    First tactic shared

    Its done the trick for me in a few of my saves. Yes it works well with 1.9 on EME. You need players with high creatively in midfield and quick enough CBs. Abandoned the feasting with a weaker team so its unknown if it will work. I have my doubts on that.
  8. Pippers87

    Phil's English Galatico attempt

    I have decided to use a new formation. All out attacking 3-1-2-3-1, with inside forwards and shadow Striker, high defensive line and all over pressure, combined with fast short passing. Targets I hope to win League and Champions cup this season, The Cops del Ray I will be using a B team with Dier, Rashford and Roberts all kept in the side. All three are hoped to make team of the season and Rashford top scorer will be though as Ronaldo and Bale may have something to say about that. It's about winning the league first and foremost though. The Next 3 seasons. will be Rashford . Transfers After bringing in my three players, I also brought in Dele Ali to partner Kroos in the middle of the park and even more creativity to my side. I sold Benzema as I plan to start Rashford up top every game this season. I have premoted a young striker from the reserves to act as cover.
  9. Hey guys, Attempting the English Galatico Challenge. Will go for Eric Dier CB Patrick Roberts RM Marcus Rashford FW
  10. Pippers87

    500 Challenge Attempt

    End of Season Update Won the league and European Cup. The League was wrapped up in April. So I used the rest if the games to test a couple of new formations. One I had some good success with plenty of goals and will fine tune it for again. Champions Cup Injury crisis again nearly derailed it. Traore, Silva and Jesus all out for over a month at the same time. Fluked it to be honest in the final. Over all verdict of challenge Defo worth a go. I went with city because of the money available and sellable assets but Sterling, Silva, Stones and Jesus all young players made a massive difference. If anybody is going to make an attempt at it good luck its quite fun and gives great knowledge about developing younger players.
  11. Pippers87

    500 Challenge Attempt

    Feb 1st Update. Injury crisis hit around mid October, caused a few losses and couple of draws. Still a few more injuries hit around Christmas due to only having 22 players made things tight for a while. Had back to back games VS Liverpool, fielded a fairly all over the place team for the cup Match and was hammered of the park. January Window Left myself over covered with attacking midfielders that could not cover other positions( I do not like yellow players). Sold Januazi, Otemendi, Ederson, and Simone. Bought Ginter, Calabira, Ward Prowse and Carvlaho and a 16 year old Welsh Keeper. A few of these can play in different positions. Tinkered with formation now using a DM playing as DLP to give me some more cover and help increase possession stats. competitions Topping the league. United have 2 games in hand but hopeful new signings will steady the ship. Jesus, Traore and Sterling banging them in but a good spread of goals. Score more and conceded less than anybody else. Europe Best Madrid both home and away. Topped the group, have PSG next round. Domestic Cups Out of both. Injury crisis hit hard round Christmas. Liverpool knocked me out of League Cup. Coventry beat me on penalties after a replay in third round FA cup. I had a second string combined with a makeshift defence for both games.
  12. Pippers87

    500 Challenge Attempt

    October 1st update After the fist friendly loss to Watford, I decided to change tactic. Kept the same shape but went back to high pressing, quick tempo, short passing game. Over the course of the fist few games I seen moves break down too often, attackers not winning in the air so I Changed one attacking role to ADF and AM to Trequataista, took off early crosses. Went for through balls and working into box, and running. It has paid off sitting to of League and hammered Real in Champions League.
  13. Pippers87

    The 500 Challenge

    Thanks guys hopefully it will work out. Going to drop the number back to 400 next one see can it be done with 22 18 year olds..
  14. Challenge rules etc I went for city using a variation of my 3-2-2-1-2. For a less attacking possession based tactic. Sold all big players but held onto a couple of defenders, Jesus and Sterling. Got desperate near the end so a few went for fractions of their value. A few went into player trades for players not as good as themselves. Magic Number of 485 and Sterling still to be sold will be able to add to squad come January window. When this squad Gels it will take some beating but will I be sacked first ?