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  1. Help Reserve Teams

    ^^Thanks, I read it and it did help me to figure what works best, though my only question that remains is whether my reserve team plays matches as well ^Thanks to you too, you answered my remaining question as well
  2. Help Reserve Teams

    Hey there! I'm not sure if this has been posted before, if so then apologies, but I hve been getting somestress from my Reserve Team. I am currently managing Brighton and Hove Albion, an English club, which means the Reserve Team doesn't actually have a league. I thought however that the players in my Reserve Teams would have generated match ratings to help their development. Something I noticed though is that by the end of my second season my youth players still don't have any generated form, average ratings or played matches in their career tab thingy. My question now is, do the players in my Reserve Team get development as if they do play matches (they just aren't displayed) or do they need to be loaned out? Thanks in advance for your replies