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  1. For me, when a player gets injured, his trained role reverts back to that which is seen as best by the AI. Now this might be a slightly inconvenient yet harmless bug by itself, but it presents a serious problem with players that can play across various positions. For illustration, my player Gbamin is natural in CM, CDM and CD. I was training him as a BPD. He gets injured and after recovering he is training as a BWM in the CM position. No biggie, I should only have to set him to "retrain" as CD so he can continue training as a BPD. For some reason tough I can retrain him in any role and position EXCEPT the roles available as a CD and CDM. When I set him to "retrain" as a CD it just immediately reverts back to him training as a CM. The same happens when I try to retrain him as a CDM (which he is natural in as well) though there is no problem when I try to do it with a position he isn't natural in. This has happened with other players as well.
  2. No I was referring to the star rating the IGE shows, I thought that was unregarding the rest of the team.
  3. Hi there I was wondering whether it would be possible for a players potential to increase during a game. For example, if a youngster has a pa of 4* (which you can see with the IGE) will this always remain the same or can it improve to 4,5* or even 5*?
  4. Well, I'll give an example of how it happens for me. So I was playing a game with my team Everton and in lets say the 58th minute Barkley gets injured. Naturally I chose to substitute him for my backup CAM Gladwin. In the tactics screen I now see Gladwin in the line-up, though the match engine shows visuals of my team playing with 10 men. When I go back to my tactics it still shows Gladwin in the line-up, though in both the players tab during the game as well as the experience page after the match shows Gladwin as an unused sub. I play on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, and this has so far happened 100% of the time from the first time I noticed it (haven't played the game too much though this year)
  5. Not exactly the player value for me, but I do only get somewhere around 80% of the agreed transfer fee.
  6. Not sure whether this has been mentioned already, but whenever a player gets injured during a match and you sub him, the player that gets subbed on never actually joins the game and you'll be forced to play the rest of the game with 10 players.
  7. For me, an IF paired with a TM is working very well
  8. From what I can see Ronaldo seems to be injured, that might explain the drop in attributes.
  9. My favorite cheap striker this year tbh, pretty good all round attacker. Best of luck, I'm sure he'll smash the 1k in no time.
  10. Looks like a great challenge. Without being a dick though, isn't the Premier League goal record 106?
  11. Forlan also has a green in CAM and has "either" as natural foot. My bet would be Cavani
  12. RB: Benjamin Henrichs LB: Kieran Tierney CM: Sergej Milinkovic Savic and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg
  13. Hey there. You guys probably don't know me as I don't often post here, but I've been following and enjoying other people's experiences of the game from here for some time now. I too love playing FMM, but recently I'm starting to lose my interest. And that is because not a single tactic is working anymore. I'm currently in my second season of Premier League with AFC Telford, after finishing close to but just outside a European football spot last season. This season though, despite seriously improving my squad, I can't get any consistency in my results. I think the root of the problem is the recent update. I've tried half of the tactics on this forum, made dozens of tactics myself and tested anything from all-out attack to parking the bus and anything in between. All without succes. I'm seriously considering deleting the game and playing previous years' version because I'm just not enjoying myself this way. This post is getting way too long, but my question is, does anyone have a tactic that still works after the recent update?
  14. With the slight improvement of the wingers in the update I'd almost say it's gotten better, it's still doing great for me