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Here is johnny

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  1. Here is johnny

    FMM2016 Wonderkids List

    Maybe it is because of the 7.1 update, coz Mazuch isnt there in my game either. Before he was. Loaded the same countries and leagues and tried others with it but some players appear and disappear. Like Balanta wouldnt come up first and after the update with the same leagues loaded he now shows up at River. Very injury prone indeed..
  2. Here is johnny

    FMM2016 Wonderkids List

    Did anyone tried Lewis Cook (CM)(18 years old) from Leeds? bought him again in my game.. all blue stats at the start and you can buy him for about 5,5 mil. After some IT and games he becomes a very good midfielder. Also im playing with AFC Ajax, but no Che Nunnely in my game, anyone found him who has been playing in Holland? Donny van Beek (CM)(18 years old) seems a very good promiser to..
  3. Strange, no AFC AJax known for their superb training facilities and youth academy..
  4. Here is johnny

    FMM2016 Funnies

    In my game with Ajax, Barcelona appointed Mourinho, few months after Messi, Pique, Iniesta and Neymar are transferlisted, now Messi playes at Chelsea (Chelasea bought him for 41 mil.. , Pique at Real Madrid, Iniesta retired and Neymar doesn't play any games.
  5. Here is johnny

    Top Ten Leaders in FMM2016

    Nice work Froodie, I always buy Danny Bath from Wolverhampton Wolves.. Doesnt matter if I play with a Top Team or not, the dude always performs and most of the time he leads my defence and team to Victory.. Very consistent. And a bargain too, you can pick him up around €5m and with all the greens in physical mental en technics you can even make him better with some IT training. And the good part.. he is only 24! I prefer someone that leads for a couple of years instead an oldtimer that resigns after a year..
  6. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    Last year I played 4-3-1-2 (WB-CD-CD-WB/CM-BWM-CM/AP/P/TM)
  7. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    Not using Sugar Daddy or something, didn't unlock that feature yet. Just played around with my wage budget..
  8. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    as you can see not many original players left in my team, some of them are sold, some of them are loaned out. First season I picked up three players for free like Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa) and Ondrej Mazuch (Dnipro), and bought Danny Bath (Wolves) for a couple of mil. (very usefull player I can tell you, for any club) and Balanta (River) (not so good this year, but still usefull) Second season cought up some more players for free and bought some youngsters like Guido Vadala (Boca) en Lewis Cook (Leeds) Niklas Süle (Hoffenheim) After winning the CL and again the Division more players wanted to come and my wage budget doubled. Zo Danilo (Braga) Yann M'Vila (Rubin) Sven Bender (Dortmund) wanted to come play for me. Lets see if I can make Ajax a million dollar baby again.
  9. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    Thnx.. I tweaked my tactics a little. Instead of using two CM's I changed their roles to AP and the AP which I had behind my Poacher is now an Inside Forward as you can see on my screenshot. Making more goals now.
  10. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    Defensive Winger mate
  11. Here is johnny

    AFC Ajax tactic, 5-3-1-1 (or 3-2-3-1-1 )

    Sorry, i still use original match engine.
  12. Using this tactic for my third season now, winning the league twice, winning the UEFA Europa League in my first season and Champions League in my second. Just declined an offer from Man Utd to be their coach after LVG retired. Not ready yet. Want to relive '95 season where they won the World Cup for Clubs and bring that trophy back home.. Think this will work on lower league clubs as well.. (I saved my game when offered United job, and I do a cross game with Man Utd as well, to see how they respond with my tactic.) Using the Original Match Engine.
  13. Here is johnny

    No stats for coaches

    Also before sacking Richard I let him take 5 coaching exams for his gold medal.. he failed all..
  14. Here is johnny

    No stats for coaches

    Hmm okay so im playing with Ajax, Now i have all coaches double, so two times Hennie Spijkerman as assistant manager, two times Dennis Bergkamp and so on.. if I sack one that one disappears in the list but the other one remains. i can't sack him.. If i click the one still there as coach it says he is hired at another club? So I sacked all restarted the game.. All coaches are still there but all of them are assistant managers!! I can't hire any others, but the ones still in my coaches list are hired at another club.. WTF?