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  1. @KyleJNichol Manager-->Board request-->Acquire Affiliate
  2. I've acquired two feeder clubs, but just cannot figure out how to loan out players to them. Does anyone know where this option is?
  3. I tried this and I think it worked, but when i press offer physio role, nothing happens. I think something’s wrong with my game...
  4. Im searching for any physio, never encountered this problem before.
  5. Im in my third year managing Meppen and just promoted to 2. Liga. In the first two years i found only three interested physios and only one prevention specialist. After promotion I expected to have more interested physios, but there is still only one(I signed the other two interested in the years before) and the prevention physio I signed retired. Now I have no prevention physio and cant sign one since none of my players want to become a physio and there is no-one interested. Any way to solve this?
  6. What attributes does a player need to play complete forward?