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  1. The new Uploaded on the first tactic?
  2. It also happened to me, when i sold some players and bought new ones to the same role, but its started to work. And i battle some games, but as i said when i see that the game os going to be hard at second half i change mentality to Overload and sometimes i change the "Run to defence" to "through balls" Also up my defense wings on the field I lost 6-0 against real madrid um the UCL final. It was hard to me Im gonna upload a better way further
  3. Eme added 0 minutes later Give a try, and let me know ?
  4. It was hard for me to find the tactic that would result, but finnaly did it In the Portuguese Premier League sometimes i battle agains teams who play contain and sometimes its hard to break the game, so i change mentality from Attack to Overload and it works. My training its the general, never changed it Hope it works for you guys When i remembered to Share with you this tactic i just started a new season and thats why i didnt Share more fixtures with you Waiting for feedback