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  1. So I just got to January Transfer with my Amiens SC Save. Not a very good season. 2 points away from relegation zone. And with no budget can't really buy anyone. Got to January somehow without being sacked and boom What I witnessed is that large number of transfers from many clubs happened. 1. Paris sold Sarabia to Getafe for €25m. Getafe couldn't even afford €25m and that Sarabia selling for so low? 2. Jose Gimenez joined Roma from Atletico for €72M Roma shouldn't have done that and it's expensive 3.Marcelo joins Paris for €5m Legit too cheap. And worst 4.Cavani joins West Ham for €82m How did West Ham got so much money? How do I stop these unrealistic transfers. My summer window was off but winter window had a blast. Is there any Database tweaks? Some change.txt configurations for this? Only France Ligue 1 database active. Engine: Default. Summer Window: Off No Unlockables. Android Phone. Fully Paid and Original Game
  2. Oh, all other stating about 90s world cup, well I was never there to witness it (being born in 99). However being Indian, Cricket was the first sport interest only later Football to replcae it. So well my first World Cup was 2014 and best memory would be Van Persie's Goal against Spain I state it as the "Flying Dutch"
  3. GK : Rulli, Donnarumma, Lafont, Svilar CB : Balanta, Ginter, Doria, Laporte
  4. How much is he? What's his Aerial? I don't have any other French Players in the Squad, Sold Benzema and Varane last season, tho I have 2 Belgians (Thorgan Hazard & Sieve) and 1 Italian (Andrea Belotti) already
  5. I have successfully let the Holland Team to win the World Cup now I have got an Job Offer from France as the manager of National Team and also PSG I am currently playing in French League as AS Saint Etienne and managing Holland Should I manage PSG and France now?
  6. Whom to Choose Between Goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois Gianluigi Donnarumma I have enough Transfer money to actually buy both of them but well we need a good goalkeeper in Madrid to replace Navas.
  7. Hello fellow Vibers, I am playing FM Series for quite a while now. This year I have completed over 7 season with Clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Genoa, Middlesbrough, Cardiff City etc. However the most difficult teams to manage were The Dutch and the French ones, I took up AS Monaco this year and well without Mbappe it seems like we need a good Striker to provide backup to Falcao, because well Falcao isn't exactly performing and Jovetic is injured (8months). So what young strikers (poachers) do you suggest who wud not ask for too much wage is available for under €7.5m also I bought James Ward Prowse and Nathaniel Calobah so who should I put up at CM position? Thank-you
  8. I would go with Ajax, they have a good B Team.
  9. You stated that the Non-Viking Players (Denmark, Norway and Sweden)need to be sold or demoted, but u Actually bought em and are playing with em? Though I think all of the Scandinavian countries were indirectly Vikings.
  10. He should be at Newcastle United and well according to the movie, Madrid Exchanged him for Michael Owen
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