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  1. I have been able to do that, I did it, using the Facepacks that I've downloaded, and with in game editor I renamed a Player, SEAN LONSTAFF, from Newcastle and made my player., You juat need the UID of the player create a image 180x180 of your face png format and rename it with that UID and simply paste it in your Docs.
  2. KarmDev

    Cubano Product Sans Mix

    Yeah, some letters arent working.. sorry, will try and fix.
  3. Can anyone create a Indian League, in the game, Like a database, Thank You.
  4. KarmDev

    Scope Faces Megapack

    Please, seed the torrent file, it's pretty much slow
  5. KarmDev

    Cubano Product Sans Mix

    Guys, those who download please do leave a comment.
  6. Hey my friend has got a cracked version of FMM19 and since it's cracked he cannot find original player names, so is there anyway, he can get original player names, except from the save files. Thank you.
  7. Version 1.1


    New Font for FMM19, Its the GOOGLE logo font, i.e., GOOGLE PRODUCT SANS. Plus, I've changed the bold font, I've used the Cubano Font and it looks a bit better now. Just simply extract these files into Android/data/football.manager.games.fm19.mobile/files/installed/fonts but before that, make sure you backup the old font.