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  1. Version KD23


    This is a Tactic that I've been working on, and this works pretty fine, This is based on Pep Guardiola's style of play. I am Winning the league, just one defeat that was against BORUSSIA DORTMUND as I was playing with my B Team. Also, on the verge of winning DFB Pokal and UEFA EL. Actually I worked on this tactic on FM19 PC version, where I played FANTASY DRAFT with my friends, and tried to bring the closest possible version for mobile. For this Tactic to work the best, you need, Creative players. Striker : Either Poacher/ Complete Forward Wing players : Inside Forwards Midfielders : 2 Advance playmakers (Compulsory) and One Defensive Midfielder/ Deep Lying DM Defenders : DL/DR :Full Backs, work the best, but if you want to be more attacking you can go for WB. and central defenders need to be, BALL PLAYING DEFENDERS. Goalie: can be SWEEPER KEEPER/ GOALKEEPER. Hope you like the tactic, try and let me know in the comments section below.
  2. Find the screenshots, For news you can't replace the default picture. But when you go to profile it can be replaced. But it has got problem, as it uses it's picture for other staff as well.
  3. Yeah, when you replace default one you will see your pic, but that's a bad Idea. Because, those managers who do not have any Facepack, will also have our picture.
  4. I found a way, but there's problem, wherever there aren't any manager pics this pic replaces them.
  5. Hey, finally fixed it with new set of fonts, hope you like it.
  6. I am Unable to, maybe will find another font, which can fit in Turkish letters. Sorry.
  7. Yes That Can be Done, But Facepacks won't apply, cause we don't know the UID of the player.
  8. Nope Not Necessarily to change the photo, but to change name you do require it.
  9. That is all manipulated., 😛, It downgraded when I played a game. added 0 minutes later I tried changing it, it is still remaining the same.
  10. I have been able to do that, I did it, using the Facepacks that I've downloaded, and with in game editor I renamed a Player, SEAN LONSTAFF, from Newcastle and made my player., You juat need the UID of the player create a image 180x180 of your face png format and rename it with that UID and simply paste it in your Docs.
  11. Yeah, some letters arent working.. sorry, will try and fix.
  12. Can anyone create a Indian League, in the game, Like a database, Thank You.
  13. Guys, those who download please do leave a comment.