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  1. End of Attempt I was having a great career and enjoying it but unfortunately it has come to an end because of the same reason I started this one, I was testing a new tactic on another save and ended up overwriting the save file for this career. So sad right now because ending such a save that requires a lot of time and effort this way just sucks. I would have started a new save but I'm resuming school soon and will not have enough time. I'll be attempting short challenges here on Vibe, feel free to follow. I appreciate those who were following this career. Thanks for the support.
  2. Season 8 He managed to get 14 goals in international matches. Small improvement on leadership attribute as he gets older and becomes a more experienced member of the squad. 84 goals in 63 games this season for our boy which is really impressive as he gets into his prime years. The goal rate is at 1.33gpg which is just similar to last season's. 84 +14=98 97+450=548 Goals. 548/1000. 462 Goals to go. Thanks For Reading.
  3. Season 7 He's getting more aggressive and due to that has picked up 4 red cards in the past 2 seasons but also gets those 'dirty' goals😂. He added 16 goals to his national team career over the past season. He managed 77 goals in 58 matches which is impressive and an improvement from the last two seasons which were plagued with injuries, could have been in the 80s if he didn't miss penalties. His goal rate is now at 1.32 goals per game. 77+16=93 Goals for the season. 357+93=450 Goals. 450/1000. 510 Goals to go. We'll be moving to our new stadium next season. Lots of great stuff to come. Thanks for Reading.
  4. mulama

    DanishDynamite(EME) 3-4-1-2

    the shot numbers are crazy considering it's not even set to shoot on sight
  5. mulama

    Messi regen

    yeah seems like it and the stamina rating is quite good, all Messi regens I get usually have low stamina.
  6. Yeah I hope he stays fit for the coming seasons, the past two seasons haven't quite gone how I wanted them to. He's still young and that is a positive as we still have time to reach the goal.
  7. Season 6 No significant changes but his aggression is rising which could be good and bad at times. It will be bad if he ends up getting booked increasing the possibility of missing some matches due to suspension, good thing is aggressive players have always performed well for me especially forwards by pouncing on keeper mistakes etc. He managed 64 goals in 43 games which is impressive considering he was out for about 2 months and we got knocked out early in the Champions League reducing number of games to play. His goal rate is now up to 1.43 which is really good and had he played more games the goal numbers would have been terrific. He managed to get 8 goals in International matches taking his season tally to 72 Goals. 285+72=357 Goals. 357/1000. 643 Goals to go. Thanks for Reading.
  8. Season 5 I don't think he will have huge improvements in his attributes as he seems to have peaked. Fantastic player. He had an injury plagued season which limited him to only 37 games throughout the whole season and managed only 44 goals which is very low as I expected him to be in the 80s. His scoring rate also dropped to 1.18. He scored 9 goals for the national team taking his season tally to 53 goals. 232+53=285 goals. 285/1000. 715 Goals to go. Thanks for Reading.
  9. Set for those insane goal number if everything works fine.
  10. this is interesting, good luck.
  11. Season 4 His development over the past year has been awesome and now he's ready to get those big hauls for years to come. He has all the attributes of a top forward. He managed 71 goals this season and could have scored more were it not for minor injuries in the season that made him miss 4-6 matches. His goal ratio is up to 1.24. He also got 8 international goals taking his season tally to 79. 153+79=232 goals. 232/1000. 768 Goals to go. Thanks for Reading.
  12. Used look for overlap shoot on sight mixed mixed mixed I'm not sure that's how it is supposed to be but it worked well for me with Portugal National team. added 0 minutes later Used look for overlap shoot on sight mixed mixed mixed I'm not sure that's how it is supposed to be but it worked well for me with Portugal National team.
  13. Season 3 He's getting good each season and will be at his best attribute-wise in the next two seasons. I got the Portugal job at the beginning of the season after their manager retired. This is a plus for this challenge. This season he managed 59 club goals in 50 apps which is good. Finally he's doing at least a goal each match, scoring rate of 1.18 goals per match. He got a lot of assists but I would prefer he score more. He managed 8 international goals in just 9 games which is impressive and will get better as he gets more experienced. 59+8=67 goals in total for the season. 67+86=153 goals 153/1000. 847 goals to go. Thanks for reading.