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  1. Season 1 Transfers Spent a huge sum to bring in the new faces needed in the team who would fit my tactics. Fiete Arp is the most important because the team is going to be built around him for the next 10+ seasons. Managed to raise a lot of money from the players going out which helped me have just enough money to buy the players I deem fit for my system. Not sure about this but it seems like I already unlocked sugar daddy already. Competitions I did quite well in my first season winning three trophies but I went out early in the cup competitions which reduced number of matches for Arp. Main Player That is how he looks at the end of the first season which is pretty impressive because shooting, movement and aerial ability have greatly improved and are key for a forward to score goals. I changed training to focus on pace because his aerial ability stagnates at 18 which is good anyway. He should only get better from next season onwards. So how did our guy perform? 51 goals in 55 appearances is very good for the first season even though my target was 60+, couldn't get to that because I experimented with various formations which affected his goal scoring. We are off to a good start 51/1000. 949 goals to go. Awards He won numerous awards due to his goal scoring exploits and he will win many more in years to come as he gets better. In this challenge I will also try to beat Ronaldo's Champions League goal tally which is the highest. So first season it is 11 goals for our guy while so far Ronaldo has managed 121 in real life. 11/121 which leaves us needing 110+ goals to beat the record. Thanks for reading.
  2. This will be my first attempt at the challenge after successfully completing the Juve Number 10 challenge. I will be using PSG because it is a strong team in a weak league. The player I have chosen is Fiete Arp from Hamburg SV. Updates on the first season will come soon...
  3. Season 7 Finally I come to the end of the challenge and I must admit I had lost the motivation to play this final season. Transfers Only significant transfer was Lo Celso coming in to be the main man for the season. Competitions We won every competition we took part in as usual but there was a drop in league performances this season. Main Player Very good attributes and he truly performed well for us. Managed 26 goals and 38 assists for the season a contribution of 1.25G+A per match. Awards His impressive performances in the league earned him the Player of the year award. There was no way our man was going to miss in the team of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge because it was my first on my vibe and it is a great experience. Looking forward to a new challenge soon. 420+64=484 Points. @danovic78 time to update the leaderboard.
  4. Season 6 Last season I posted my highest score on the challenge and my aim was to get to 100 this season, did we achieve it? Transfers Incoming The squad need reinforcements in a few areas to help us compete better and I went for the players we needed. Florian Thauvin was the season's main man. Outgoing The only transfer out was that of Barco who was the main player for season 5. Competitions We won every competition we participated with the exception of the European SuperCup The league is becoming more easier for us as shown by the incredible goal numbers and points margin. We won the Club World Cup for the first time in my reign against New York RedBull. We have now won the Italian Cup six times in a row and this season against a tough Inter side. We won the Italian Cup for the sixth time against a tough Lazio side. We won the Champions League against PSG in what was a very entertaining final that saw eight goals scored. Two times in a row now. Main Player The first time I tried to sign Thauvin he turned down my offer saying he didn't want to move to Juventus at that time. I assume he was preparing himself adequately to make that move because he had one hell of a season. He has nice attributes in general and since he had already picked there were no major improvement to his attributes. He played in all the matches only missing the final league game before the Champions League Final. In 59 games he managed an incredible 48 goals and 49 assists which is something special, a contribution of 1.64G+A surpassing the 1.54G+A set by Alan Judge in my first season. My target was 100G+A but we missed by only 3 goals. Awards He won the golden boot for his impressive goal scoring exploits. There is no way he could have missed out in the Team of the Season which was dominated by Juve players. Lethal attack. He came in second for the player of the year and in the Champions League goal scoring charts. 323+97=420 points. Thanks for Reading.
  5. mulama

    How do I defend?

    move one wingback to fullback position, go for 2 CMs in midfield and then switch from overload to attacking. That's what I would do.
  6. He turned me down then I opted for Aouar 😞 who had a difficult season.
  7. I believe it is possible. I'm currently aiming for 100 with Thauvin.
  8. Pogba would have contributed 90+ if he played every game.
  9. I enjoyed having him as my 10, the guy is a beast.
  10. Season 5 Transfers Incoming Ezequiel Barco came to be our new number 10. Outgoing Only significant transfer out was that of Simone Verdi who was our main player last season. Competitions Easily won the league again but we lost more matches than in any other season. We won the Italian Super Cup as usual against our local rivals. We won the Italian Cup by a solo goal in a tough match against Inter Milan. We finally won the Champions League for the first time under my reign in a cracking match against Arsenal. It's what the fans had been waiting for some time and we delivered. Finally unlocked sugar daddy. Main Player Barco was our main player this season and honestly he exceeded my expectations. He has very nice attributes and develops very well into a class player and coming for around 16m he is a real bargain. His market value also rises tremendously. The goal numbers he achieved are the highest so far a contribution of 42 goals and 40 assists is very impressive. I'm impressed. Awards 30 goals in Serie A was enough for him to get the golden boot. Barco won player of the year for his impressive performances throughout the season. Made it into the team of the season. 241+82=323 points. Thanks for reading.
  11. Yeah he is so good. 😂 Heading for the top spot.
  12. Season 4 After an impressive season 3 let's see what this season had in store. Transfers Incoming We only brought in one player who was to replace Lorenzo Pellegrini. Promotions for some of the youth prospects from the academy too. Outgoing The number of important players going out was small too indicating that now I have a squad with my most preferable players. Competitions We came from behind to beat Napoli and clinch the Italian SuperCup in a very close match. An impressive performance from Simone Verdi to help us clinch the Italian Cup against our local rivals Torino. Easily won the league by a very huge margin as we continue to dominate Italian football. It seems we have a Champions League curse we just can't go past the Quarter Final stage. Liverpool eliminated us thus ending our European glory dreams. I think this might be the reason the board is giving us limited transfer funds. Main Player Our second Italian 10 this season was Simone Verdi who we got from Napoli and according to the scout report he is a mercurial talent, that made me buy him. Very decent attributes as you can see. So how did he perform? Our guy got 37 goals and 38 assists beating the score Alan Judge got during my first season. A contribution of 1.53G+A per match which is very impressive almost matching the 1.54G+A set by Judgey, had we progressed further in the CL he would have beaten that. Nice performance by Verdi, I'm more than impressed. Awards He won Serie A player of the year and was followed by 2 other Juve players. Verdi scored 25 for the season and was second on the goal scoring chats. His impressive performances earned him a spot in the Team of the Season. 166+75=241 points. Thanks For Reading.