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  1. Can't download player data after installing the game. Left my phone connected to the internet all night but still not downloading, so I'm unable to play the game.
  2. Season 7 Competitions We won every competition we took part in this season which is very impressive but not surprising. Euro 2024 Our start to the competition was not great as we had some poor performances in the group but we qualified for the next round due to good performance as a third place team. We swept through the knockout phases with Geubbels scoring for fun but we eventually lost to Spain. Geubbels was top scorer and Mbappe wasn't far behind in finding the net. Player Performance Kylian Mbappe He's 26 and at his peak providing lots of goals. 55 goals in 51 games is impressive and a great improvement from the previous season. He also got 17 goals for the national team this season to take his season tally to 72. Willem Geubbels He's at his peak and has the right attributes to be a real good goal getter. He managed 51 goals in 53 games which is awesome even though a drop compared to last season. He also managed 13 goals for France this season to take his season tally to 64. 72+64=136 goals. 577+136= 713. 713/1200. 487 Goals to go.
  3. Zaniolo usually develops into a beast, he had almost all greens in a previous Real save. Good luck.
  4. Doing great and you should hit the target next season. Well done.
  5. So unfortunate losing a save you've put a lot of time into. Sorry mate.
  6. Season 6 Competitions We won every competition that we took part in and once again we dominated La Liga getting 122 goals which is a slight drop from last season when we managed 124. The team is at its peak and we should dominate for the coming seasons. Player Performance Kylian Mbappe No change in attributes just like last season, his development is complete. 41 goals in 53 games this season which is a drop compared to last season, his goal rate drops to 0.77. He had a disappointing first half in the season and got most of his goals in the second half of the season. He scored 11 goals for the national team to take his season tally to 52. Willem Geubbels His development is now complete and he now is at his peak years which will hopefully lead to insane performances. He managed 58 goals in 45 games which is really impressive, he couldn't just stop scoring until he got an injury which affected his good form. His goal rate is up to 1.29 from 0.89 last season which is insane. He managed 10 international goals to takes his season tally to 68. 68+52=120 goals. 457+120= 577 goals. 577/1200. 623 Goals to go.