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  1. Also regarding the inside forward being your best player, inside forwards are generally considered to be quite overpowered and are always getting good ratings for me. I had a similar situation taking Piacenza from Serie C to Serie A, signed Simone Guerra from FeralpiSalò and used him as an inside forward. He had average stats but still got decent ratings when I got to the Serie A
  2. wonders17

    4-3-2-1 EME

    He seems to have every stat you'd need as a BWM. Always got a rating of about 6.4 but it's gone up a bit now as I started playing him as a CM.
  3. wonders17

    4-3-2-1 EME

    This is usually my go to formation as I find the CM's to be extremely effective this year, especially a good BBM Midfielder. However no matter how good my BWM is he always gets a really poor rating, like around 6.5 average in a season and I feel like this has been the case in FM for a few years now. How does your BWM perform in this tactic?
  4. wonders17

    Problem Signing Players

    I'm having the exact same problem and especially with free agents. However in my save a player will ask for example 8k a week for 3 years, when I offer him that he'll decline. I offered double the wage and he still declined, then went somewhere else on around 30k a week. I thought maybe something has gone wrong with what the player is asking for vs what they'll actually accept if that makes sense. For example a player might ask for anything between 8-12k a week but will only accept an offer between 25-30k.
  5. It probably depends on who you have playing as wingers, ideally a proper winger should have high movement, crossing, creativity, teamwork, pace and dribbling. I would also set final third tactics to run at defence and early crosses. One of the most important factors for a winger is a striker who is good in the air, for example in my West Ham save I used the basic 4-4-2 with Antonio and Arnautovic as wingers with Andy Carroll as a Target Man for a good 5/6 years, at 32 Arnautovic got 12 goals 19 assists in 46 games as a winger in the RM position, even at 34 years old he's still a first team player.
  6. wonders17

    Lower League Players

    It just doesn't get better than belgian, free agent Striker Maecky Ngombo, who I signed for Piacenza in the Serie C/A. He's lead me to 2 consecutive promotions up to the Serie A, and a fourth position finish within 5 seasons. Since signing he has scored 166 goals in 197 games, featured in the leagues team of the year for 5 seasons in a row and even won the ballon d'or in the season we finished 4th scoring 34 in 36. His attributes aren't what I'd describe as special by any means, but he just scores goals.