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  1. Baddar

    Condition on latest update

    Really, really appreciate the communication from Marc here. It's great how everyone just wants to build a better game and suggestions never go unheard. It's refreshing.
  2. Baddar

    Condition on latest update

    I only started playing yesterday but I like the way condition works. If I play weekend, midweek, weekend, by the third game a few will be tired. Playable, but tired. That's how it should be IMO. I don't see the point in building squads of 20 odd players if I can use 11 all season barring injuries.
  3. Interesting. I do wonder if the teamwork/leadership would go up naturally with most of these players regardless of the coaches you have in place.
  4. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    You won't have to, no. At least not usually.
  5. Whilst I think FMM is detailed enough for what it is, I do think it could be a bit more difficult, whilst still holding on to the "pick up and play" feel. It doesn't need to be "pick up and win". Obviously, it needs to be implemented properly and not just opponents turning on God mode whenever they feel like it. I hear 2019 is harder than 2018 but I suspect players who've picked FMM up every year still find it easy. In my one full season as Man Utd on 2018, I won the treble, and only missed out on the League Cup in the semi's. I'd played FM on pc before but it was my first FMM game, and I was using tactics I'd chosen myself, not custom ones found here. Of course, I was one of the bigger teams but it all felt too easy. I'm hoping 2019 proves more difficult when I settle into a game. For its price you can't really go wrong, and despite not starting a proper game on 2019 yet, I'll undoubtedly pick up 2020 as well. I do hope the right balance is found between, as I say, picking it up and playing, and not being able to win everything straight away just because you're a bigger team. This might all be complete rubbish as I've not dominated on FMM 2019 yet, but from the careers I've seen posted here, it does still seem quite easy for the more experienced FM player.
  6. I don't spend enough time at my PC to bother with the full version any more, but I do have a tablet capable of running Touch (Samsung Tab S4). The £20 price point is a bit high though considering the reviews it usually gets, and as far as I know it doesn't drop in price at all, unlike the full version. Because of that, I stick with FMM. I downloaded it on release but I still haven't started a proper game yet. I planned on doing so after the winter update but have held off due to the issues mentioned. Let's hope all is sorted in the next 8 weeks or so. I have a very long flight to Vegas and would like FMM to keep me occupied!
  7. Baddar

    Winter Update

    Are people getting more injuries or is it because you aren't used to seeing players lower than 95%?
  8. Baddar

    Winter Update

    Yeah, cheers @LenTheWelsh. I've been following that thread but I'm not registered over there I don't think. Let us know if he gives us an estimated date for it. 👍
  9. Baddar

    Winter Update

    Any idea when this "hotfix" is due? I read over at SI that one was planned, but how long do they usually take?
  10. Baddar

    Ajax Reborn Career

    It's actually refreshing to read somebody not winning absolutely everything for once! I'm sure you'll improve during season 2, then have a proper crack at Europe in season 3. 👍
  11. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Is there a real team/competition name fix out yet?
  12. Baddar

    Away Games

    He means, are you set to Defensive, Attacking, Overload etc? Do you change your tactics for away matches or keep them the same?
  13. Baddar

    La Liga buy out clauses

    It's a rule set by the league itself, I think.
  14. Baddar

    The Atletico Madrid Challenge

    Is this 30 league goals, or 30 goals in all comps @samhardy?