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  1. Baddar


    Yeah if the screen was the issue, I imagine the files on the phone itself can be saved.
  2. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I would say yes providing it's just a mention that VAR is being consulted, but not if the refs are going to the side of the pitch to make the call.
  3. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    @Putzy Which cache file do I need to find and delete for logos to work? Most are displaying just fine but some (West Ham) aren't. It's cool, found it tucked away in the Android folder. Deleted the cache file there and it worked. Is there a Comp/Team name fix coming for this one like in 2018?
  4. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Any issues like too many goals being scored this year? I know it was to begin with in 2018 and some thought the avg was still too high after the update. Looking forward to starting a game soon. It hasn't come out at an ideal time for me but I've purchased anyway. FMM is going to help my flight to Vegas go much faster next year!
  5. Baddar

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Can I move my logo folder over from 2018 and have it working with no issues?
  6. I registered my interest but I think all it does is send me a notification when it's available to purchase, so it's not a pre order as such.
  7. It worked. Nice one!
  8. Thanks a lot for the file @Putzy. The transfers and promotions/relegations have been applied, but I'm not seeing any team name fixes? San Sebastian in La Liga etc. Was this meant to fix that?
  9. When you re-train a player, can that position become a natural (bright green), to go alongside their other position, or will it just go dark green?
  10. Baddar

    Transfer window update

    I haven't tried the new update yet - not gonna complain if it's made things a bit more challenging though.
  11. Baddar

    Transfer window update

    Showing up for me now in the UK.
  12. This is the side that won the treble in my first season, EME. I do have the editor, and the only use of it was to make some real-life transfers before I started (Alexis, Mkhitaryan, Laporte, Giroud etc.) Looking at my bench, you'll notice Kingsley Coman there - he's my only signing heading into season 2, at £51m. Pretty sure the recommended role for Lukaku isn't a target man either, but he kept playing well and scoring for fun (40 in 46 I believe), so I've stuck with it. Rashford had plenty of game time in the first season out wide, and towards the end stepped in up front, including a hat-trick against Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Now that Zlatan has moved on, I'll be rotating Rashford and Lukaku, as Coman will play out wide. I also have players back in the squad like Fosu-Mensah, who was on loan at Palace in season 1. Net spend for that term was about £7m, and it's about £20m for season 2 after moving on Fellaini, Young etc. Edit: Pogba's role is AP, not AM.
  13. Someone's enjoying the in-game editor. Will post my side later if I remember.
  14. Baddar

    Sugar Daddy?

    I won the CL in my first season but haven't played through season 2 yet. Is it likely to unlock once I finish the current campaign?
  15. Baddar

    Managing in Welsh League

    I'm assuming Kayne McLaggon would be a good pick-up. He played for Southampton earlier in his career and has a lot of goals for Barry Town this season. Haven't got around to running a game in the Welsh Prem yet, but I've been following the league this season as I'm a 5min walk from Jenner Park meaning I can get to every Barry home game.