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  1. timh15

    2018 Cut-Out Faces Megapack

    For those who are struggling with the face pack: there is a file in each and every folder named 'config'. DO NOT forget to copy this with the faces. Hope I could help.
  2. timh15

    Missing players in FMH14?

    Lorenzo Crisetig is also missing. He was really good in FMH13 with great PA.
  3. Am I the only one who can't find Elio Capradossi? Even if I load only Italy and play with Roma.
  4. timh15

    'World Cup skipped' bug?

    It's a bug. This will happen when a club friendly and a quals. game generated for the same day. This never cause a problem only if the assistant couch take care of your friendly game option is checked. Happened to me several times.
  5. Everybody should read this article from whoscored.com http://www.whoscored.com/Blog/cryg0plv_ee-zihb3rohqw/Show/Player-Focus-WhoScoreds-Under-21-Team-of-the-Season The Best XI U21 team of the season. Based on statiscics. I hope Marquinhos will get higher PA for FMH2014 because in the current version he has something 130-150 as I remember
  6. Now it's working! Thanks for the hard work!
  7. timh15

    [Release] FMH 2013 Save Editor 1.3.0

    Install NET Framework from microsoft site (v4) even if you think you already have v4 just do it again and it'll work just same, not work for me I have the exactly same error. I also tried 2 different PC and OS. Reinstalled .net 4.0 full at least 10 times. All my saved games are created by the latest 4.2 version. Still not working. I think I give up My device: iPod touch 5G. The 2012 version worked last year.
  8. timh15

    Weirdest things on FMH2013

    I can't play two games of my 2034 WC quals. Both scheduled for middle of august. After the qualifications the WC 2034 is totally cancelled. I mean nothing happened. Then when I loaded the new season put absolutely wrong matches with random results which I didn't play. Really weird :S