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  1. Complete the seasons mate, you have done amazingly well!
  2. This will be for season reviews for my new season which I have started, my Newport County save was removing the fun out of the game and I don't feel like I can fully connect to the game at the low leagues just yet. If you would like to follow my progress as it is becomes available, follow me on my new twitter, @jw_snoopy and get my in-game updates. I would like to mention that I do have a fair bit of money to play with as a glitch had occurred and given me more money then I should have. Just as a beginning note to inform you: Managing: Liverpool FC Season: 1 Tweets: Manager of the Month - 1 (October 2010) Player of the Month - 1 (Xabi Alonso(New Signing) - October)
  3. I have had some really shit coaches in my time. I was playing Futsal (Indoor Football if you didnt know ) and my coach put me and my best mate up front when we were down 5-2. In about 2 minutes, we alone scored 3 goals together to reach us back to equal and then he subbed us both off because he wanted his son to take the win... which he didnt cause he is shit
  4. Usually I would but this guy and the club itself was a shit hole, where I am, I have clubs everywhere wanting me to play for them so that is no big deal
  5. I just wanted to share this but this has got to be the worst year of football I have ever played! My coach (biggest idiot out) would never play me where I am known for playing (I have made the national squad before btw ) and put me as a right back. He continued to blame me for our losses and in the end, I said 'you know what, f*** you' and walked out. They still want me back even after that incident because they have no one to stick in the back line. Here is the results for the teams overall season position... Team: Merrimac Division: 2 (I was playing in Division Two as the club already had filled Div 1 team and I joined it late) Position: 10/10 Wins: 0 Draws: 0 Losses: 18 Points: 0 Has anyone else had a bad game/season within the sport?
  6. Yeah, over here in Australia, it is holiday time, as we have 4 sets of holidays but shorter
  7. Thanks man, this is going to be a challenge but if it works out well I should be out of the team in no time
  8. vWolfies Unemployed Career Okay, I know I kind of been off and on lately but now I have the holidays upon me and will have a lot more free time to try and get a good read out to the community on this forum so, i hope that this is my solution. I have started Unemployed and landed the job with Blue Square Premier side Newport County. I will be using my 4-1-2-1-2 formation. I have told the board that I will be achieving a respectable league position for this season but I am actually trying to achieve a promotion for this side. I would love to promote this side a few times and hopefully land a huge job within England or Spain. Will update when possible.
  9. On accident I didnt realise I didnt have the app on the computer i as updating my phone with and I lost all my data D:
  10. Long Story Short: I do not have the save with me anymore D: sorry guys
  11. vWolfie


    Hello and welcome to the site you should fit pretty well into the fmh scene, we all love to hear stories like that
  12. There maybe something similar, but either way, I want to show you guys my iOS tactic which has been providing me with success for most careers. It is a 4-1-2-1-2 that follows these specific orders: ---------GK---------- WnB - CTR - CTR - WnB ---------DLM--------- ----CM-------CM------ ---------ApM--------- ----AdF------TM------ Team Instructions: Mentality- Attacking Passing - Short Tackling - Normal Pressing Yes Rest NO This has been creating stars when used w/ Intensive Training and causing my side to dominate within almost every league possible. My career shows how much of a dominance this formation is and this season which I have just started has become better with the new signings I have made (You will have to see who they are). This formation should be able to get the job done when used with a less experienced side, but once the side is worked on to what the roles follow, your side will become very tough competiton.
  13. Update: My save didnt save I guess so I lost my progress for the 2011-2012 season so I will be starting with a 4-1-2-2-1 and see if the side can adapt to this as we need a bit more width on the sides instead of playing up the middle.
  14. Perez scored 5 goals in 13 appearances, signed him half way through season when Suarez was injured and he did the job