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  1. Hey, just with the motivation to go on. I really don't want to start a new save though because of the worldie youngsters I got 😂 I'll stick another couple of seasons then might go take over a smaller club and rebuild. added 0 minutes later Great idea! I'll follow it now and maybe go down that route. Will only sign players on a freebie and see how I do.
  2. I'm really struggling with my Atalanta save at the moment. I've won the champs league + serie a for the last 4 seasons consecutively plus the odd Italian cup thrown in. I went unbeaten in the league last year with only a couple of draws. I've got to the point now where my squad is exactly where I want it and I don't need to buy and new players, instead chucking in any good youth players I get. I'm not even selling players. Has anyone else had a completely clean transfer window, with no incomings or outgoings?
  3. Higuain for juve. Always always always scores against me, and always scores 1st too!!
  4. Christian pavon for me. Also taken a shining to Calvert lewin. Bagging for fun with my Atalanta save.
  5. So I needed a new RW. Saw pavon was available for transfer from athletico after I made a tidy profit and sold him for £102M after buying him for £12. I offered £74M as he was transfer listed, and they instead asked for £28M which I accepted straight away and brought him home. I even got the 5% back from his sell on percentage after I sold him 😂😂 Has anyone else had this happen?
  6. Looking for a complete forward for my atalanta save. Zapata has been on FIRE but I can't afford to pay his wages when I try to buy out his loan, and he's already agreed to join juve (zebre lol) at the end of the season. Can anyone recommend a good cheap replacement? I'll win serie a comfortably so might have a good transfer fund at the end of the season. Cheers!
  7. Went to start a new game today, but since the game updated all my unloclables have gone (sugar daddy, transfer restrictions etc) Also my reputation can now only be normal and now world class like I could choose. When I go into my unlockables they are all there but I can't choose them when starting a new game. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Hi team, So this year I've decided to start with legia Warsaw, as they were a team that were just the definition of average + a small transfer budget. Loan signings really helped me the first 3 seasons while I built up my transfer kitty. These are my season results for the last 5 years - plus 2 invincible seasons 😊 Hoping to do another season there and then move on, the league has got very stale for me and I'm in desperate need for a new challenge. Any recommendations?
  9. Oh darn I did forget..... I do enjoy seeing teams come from 3 nil down by scoring a 30 yarder, a 25 yard free kick and a penalty in the last minute 😊 I think it's the closest I've been to FIFA rage on FM.
  10. I've lost count of the 30 yard screamers and penalties I've conceded already in 2 seasons. Absolutely killing it for me at the moment! Anyone else noticed this? Edit: honestly this is far too much now. I just got beat 7-3 by juve (I'm Leiga Warsaw) and 6 of their goals were from 30 yards plus, and the other was from a corner. I concede at least one every game and it is really really ruining it for me now.
  11. So just started the season and had good results so far... Celtic stopped me qualifying from the champs league but I did win the 2nd leg 2-1 so not sure why it's in red.
  12. I have literally just started a new game with legia, I will keep you updated with my results.