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  1. Let me first Start by saying this is my first non-help post so I hope it's tagged correctly and such. We will be taking the reigns of my favorite club in the world. English League 2's Lincoln City Red Imps. Unfortunatley, due to the demonic apperance of our crest, the EFL has decided to place a permanent transfer in ban on the club. This would ruin most clubs, but manager Leo could be saavy enough to survive. Beautiful Beast it is. First things first, Take Matt Rhead out of the Striker Role and replace him with FMM legend Ollie Palmer. I'll be running a 4-4-2 formation with the wings playing back with the midfielders since that's how their squad is structured. Once I get a few free transfers in I'd like to move the wings up and run a 4-2-2-2. Season 1: First things first, Take Matt Rhead out of the Striker Role and replace him with FMM legend Ollie Palmer. I'll be running a 4-4-2 formation with the wings playing back with the midfielders since that's how their squad is structured. Once I get a few free transfers in I'd like to move the wings up and run a 4-2-2-2. It'd be a real drag to not get promoted right out of the gate here. I'd like to have the team in the Prem hopefully by 2024. Ollie always slays at this level so it should go swimming. Here's the results of the league and my top scorers: Easy enough. Palmer was the man and we're on to League 1. Was hoping to capture the checkatrade Trophy but it wasn't meant to be. Season 2: This Summer is pivotal. It's the last chance to sign foriegners before the Brexit work permits crush our tiny club's soul. I was able to convince African players Zongo and Olomola to come on board to instantly beef up the attack next to Ollie Palmer. I am looking to get promoted to Championship and race thru the ranks. Alas we were shite. I hit that December-January rut where no tactics or anything work. I was able to bring home the Checkatrade Hardware however, just as the real life Imps did in their previous campaign. Season 3: We need to get to Championship this year. Luckily, we landed some big stars relatively speaking. Chuba Akpom was released by Arsenal and I grabbed him. Another fine African player came over in Gaston Camara. I finally have enough firepower to run my Wingers in the attacking slots. Hopefully it works well. We Battered the League. Ollie and Chuba did their part to score an eye popping 141 goals. We also captured Checkatrade Trophy number 2. I'd hope this summer we acquire even more free talent who have seen my coaching turn careers around. Season 4: Spell 1 in Championship. I'm hoping for a playoff spot, although if I were to get promoted right away my side would never hold it's own in the top flight. Palmer is now starting to show signs of not being a top flight player as well. City and United YA players Smith and Hedley are starting to be featured more and showing promise That one stung. Still scored a league best 108 goals, but the free transfers on defense haven't been as class as I'd hoped. Made the finals at Wembley only to lose to Birmingham 2-1. They'll no doubt finish 20th in the top league next year. Season 5: Since we have demonstrated our prowess to play at this Championship level we are getting even more quality on in the Expired Contract player pool. Kenedy and new members on defense have added some beef. Hedley and Smith are really coming into their own in my midfield and are already getting questions about moving up. Luckily I have a lot of wage dollars to quiet the noise. A thriller on the final day saw the Imps capture League Title #3 in just 5 years. Chelsea YA fallout Madine came in out of the reserves in December to immediately show he belongs in the XI. Premeir League here we come! Overview: I figured I would stop once I finally got through to the Prem. I will update if people would like. The squads reports with the Premier League adjustments don't leave use many stars on the table in ability or potential. I will hope to survive in year 6. Here's my Trophies and Stats. Thanks for reading!
  2. ohsosel

    Matt O'Riley

    He's my go to when I start with a League 2 team. Once I'm about to hit Championship he's around 19 and isn't too expensive. Always turns into a beast you can slot at CM or CAM.. Love the guy
  3. ohsosel

    PriZe presents The G.O.A.T.

    It's gotta be hot and sexy
  4. Thanks for the response! 2,3, and 4 all make sense. I kind of misworded 1. I meant that the friendly was my first ever game in the new stadium. Maybe it's just a thing within the game where it doesn't see it as a special moment, but I did get messages about how the fans were excited to go to the first ever game and it drew 6.5/30. Even my final game at Sincil only had 10/15K. I'll attach some shots below (if I don't screw this up) of what it looks like. You can see I'm currently drawing at about 50% of my stadium despite being in 3rd place with one of the smaller stadiums in general. I'm in November now and it seems to be the same sequence. Sell out for a game against a Big Club and about 50% full for a mid table matchup. Even my Europa game only drew 55%~ Which I guess is fine, but there were teams in Championship League drawing 40K against me with no problem. I'm i
  5. Hey all, This is my first year becoming a football fan. This game has been a blast so far. In my main save I'm in 2024 with Lincoln City. I have a few questions I can't seem to find answered here (I might be looking in the wrong places) I hope can be answered. They're mostly aimed at rising thru the ranks. 1. Is there any way to improve attendance besides winning? I was still stuck in Sincil Park (15K seating) while going toe to toe with United, City, etc. and I would still only draw about 10K to games against Bournemouth and the likes. The board approved a 30K stadium for me and in my friendly opener I still only drew 6.5K. What do I have to do? Win champions league? 2. Is there a set point or goal achieved where you officially become a big club? I keep having players wanting to leave to a big club that don't even play them and pay the same wages I would. 3. Any way to entice the board? My YA is still "adequate" and I have a ton of transfer and wage budget from selling players. Can I buy new facilities directly like I can coaches? 4. Any way to increase maximum wage? I know moving the budgets gets you to a sweet spot, but I have 70M in transfer and 2,1M in wage budgets and I still can't move past 150K per week. Will this only go up when I become a big club? Sorry if these are already answered or weak questions. Just trying to understand the game! Thanks a ton