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  1. Villen

    Show us your Regens

    He got even better. 20s and 19s in most important skills right now, but i didn't take screenshot - and his abilities dropped a bit because of an injury. Do you know who he might be ?
  2. Villen


    Also i don't think having attacking midfielder as AP with another midfielder as AP is best choice. You should go for something more defensive in my opinion like BWM or CM.
  3. Villen

    The Rogério Ceni Challenge

    Great job ! 9 is excellent result, i hope it will stay this way
  4. Another excellent season !! I hope that you will stick with it until he retires
  5. Villen

    FMM19: Bargain Wonderkids

    Arne Maier - you can buy him for 12.5 mln and get him to world-class midfielder
  6. Oh. It seems that i missed it
  7. Doesn't look like it. I think he will stick to Newcastle, he already bought Pedro.
  8. Villen

    EPL Eleven - One player only from each team

    4-5-1 Fabianski(West Ham) Holebas(Watford), Chilwell(Leicester), Wan-Bissaka(Crystal Palace), Van Dijk(Liverpool) Fraser(Bournemouth), David Silva(Man City), Ramsey(Arsenal), Hazard(Chelsea), Martial(Man Utd) Kana(Spurs)
  9. Villen

    Ernst Wilimowski Challenge

    I was about to suggest something like Robert Lewandowski challenge, but this one seems to be a much better idea
  10. Well it won't be easy to reach 1000 in this carrer, but since it's a triple threat you're still doing great job with amount of goals Hope to see your next updates mate !
  11. Villen

    11 Bati's For Glory

    It would've been nice to see your career, but i can really see your point of view and thanks for pointing that out Sometimes i feel like the only ones that read my carrer are You and Kanegan
  12. Villen

    Dortmund Passing Tactic

    Ok and what's your goal ? What do you want to achieve with this tactic. If you're playing fullbacks i wouldn't go for left or even both flankes passing focus. You have 3 midfielders in a centre that would miss a lot on it. I would go for mixed or centre. Also correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think that shadow striker will be working great with poacher especially when you have inside forwards on wings.
  13. Villen

    Dortmund Passing Tactic

    How can we help you when you didnt give us any information like formation and so on
  14. Impressive mate You will get to 1.5k without any problem. I think 1.6 is achievable.
  15. Community Shield will be the biggest problem. I can't afford any mistakes if i manage to get there. Season 7 update. It's getting better Transfers I'll try to highlight the most important ones. We managed to get what i believe is Ronaldo regen for 13.5 mln euro + 31 year old Lukaku and some % on sale.. Seriously i still don't know why Real accepted that offer. Addition to the defence block. 6.81 rating isn't the best, but he is still young so it should get better. One of the best defenders in game in my opinion. Good backup player. He fits in everywhere I think that was my best transfer this season. It's a newgen or regen(but not sure exacly who he is). 26 mln euro + 3 star potential regen. I don't know what that AI is doing sometimes. FA CUP Tottenham was the team that we struggled against this year and match in FA Cup wasn't different although we were better most of the game. Carabao Cup And we have our 2nd Carabao Cup ! One more to go ! Champions League We were great in a group stage, great against Barcelona, but first match against Real cost us final. Although we were really close. Better luck next year. Premier League It finally klicked There was a point in a season that i was starting to hope for a win in all competitions, but our second half of the season wasn't good enough as always. But still i'm very satisfied with League and Carabao Cup. Park Ji Sung Not the best season, but still a decent score for a veteran. New Stadium 4x Premier League - 1/4 3x Carabao Cup - 2/3 4x Community Shield 0/4 1x Champions League 0/1 1x Club World Championship 0/1 Plan for a next season is Community Shield, Premier League, and Champions League