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  1. I should be able to find them in the other tab on England though shouldn’t I?
  2. Trying to create a club and call it Maine Road FC (club irl) now it tells me I can’t use existing names but when I search for the club in game it doesn’t exist. Anyone know how to get round this or where I can find them?
  3. Has anyone managed any success with a tactic for a 1kc after the update? If so which did you use?
  4. I’ve simmed 10 season and they haven’t been promoted. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw
  5. I’m trying to help get FC Lokomotive Leipzig promoted so I can manage them but they’re in Regionalliga Nordost one of the league below 3. Liga. Is there a way to do this without having the editor?
  6. I’m after a tactics for a 1k goal challenge. Which currently works the best after the most recent update?
  7. As mentioned in the original I’ve tried recreating an old tactic from around FMM14 and I haven’t tested extensively yet. Old played around 15 games or so, I’m currently doing a career with Frankfurt so I will up date as and when 😊
  8. A few FMM’ ago there was a tactic called ‘Maccas Galacticos’ and it was hands down my favourite tactic! So today I’ve had a little mess around and tried to recreate or build something very similar. Now I’ll be straight I haven’t tested it extensively yet but I will be starting a career possibly with Enitracht Frankfurt tonight. Im looking for a few people to give it ago also and help me improve it, if possible. It’s my first tactic to be fair, I tend to find 1 tactic and use it through out FMM but I’ve decided to give my own ago. All feedback is appreciated! Good luck! 😁
  9. Don’t know if someone else has this problem but every now and then since the update I’ve had the issue where transfers don’t go through at all and then it falls through once the window is over.
  10. Can someone tell me the top 5 PA Japanese players in the game please?
  11. I’m looking for some recommendations for a fun team to use. Someone who isn’t top of the table but with a bit of luck could push for Europa League. Who have you used?
  12. Can you still retrain players positions? I wanna try and retrain Talisca to play as a CM rather than a CAM.
  13. Please can some tell me which logo pack has the correct Wolfsburg badge? When I install the standard logo megapack the Wolfsburg badge doesn’t have the white in it so it blends right in and you can’t see the badge thanks :)
  14. We have some caps guys! Finally been called up surprised it took so long given they had Franco Di Santo in their squad😂
  15. This is his current stats and still nothing! it’s mad!
  16. He wasn’t capped once during the season yet he managed 72 in 43 and won Best Player in Europe
  17. Is Mauro Icardi banned from playing for Argentina? His attribute page says 3 caps/1 goal yet his history page says 8 caps/1 goal just that season but when I click the Argentina squad he’s not there :/
  18. I third this and I’m a biggish guy there’s probably enough of me to fourth this as well!