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  1. Happy that Argentina was added gonna be fun to manage and look at youth in the country. I think they shouldve added brazil rather than canada
  2. in my country FMM has been in 1st or 2nd most popular simulation game so if anything they should be caring about those figures
  3. I want them to add more leagues like the Argentine or Brazilian leagues. Also higher chances of finding good youth players in places other than Europe and South America just to mix things up. Maybe also a bit more of a refined searching method when searching for players.
  4. Do it this way if you want, for example I will swap Wolves with Stoke. "CLUB" "Stoke City" "England" "" "" "English Premier League" "Sky Bet Championship" "" "CLUB" "Wolverhampton Wanderers" "England" "" "" "Sky Bet Championship" "English Premier League" "" Now reload the skin for the game in the options... and you will have to start a new save as this doesn't take effect on a previously saved game before you made the changes. I tested this way and it worked. Wolves now start in the Prem and Stoke in the Championship. NOTE: Mine says English Premier League because that's what I changed it to instead of English Premier Division
  5. My question is is there anything such as injury frequency or match win probability in FMM18? If so are we able to edit this? I'm just curious as I frequently get injuries almost every game whether minor or severe and it is really annoying!
  6. 5th isn't bad for Everton nor reaching the Europa final.
  7. Download standard v2 to get ALL the logos. Make sure they are in Pictures>Logos>(downloaded files). also when you put them in make sure to reload the skin. OR reinstall the whole game, DONT OPEN IT, and then paste the downloaded files. I recommend using iFunbox for ios to transfer the files its A WHOLE LOT faster than iTunes. gets it done in about 10 mins max.
  8. Yes, also using lowercase c and uppercase C, also using just 23071971, all as a png file. I have a retina display so I set the size in pixels as 50x36. But nothing worked. I also tried reinstalling the game and then putting the logo into the files and that didn't work. I am also unsure as to where the custom logo needs to be placed, I assumed I should put it in Pictures>Logos>clubs (I am on iOS) but still no success.
  9. I haven’t found a post regarding this issue for FMM2018, I’ve tried resizing, renaming, and assigning my custom logo as a png file and pasted the custom logo into the clubs folder, (with all the rest of the custom logos) and still i have had no success.
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