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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any tips for a successful (or at least somewhat successful) tactic for Burnley? I’ve set my coaching badge to bronze, manager rep to unknown and not signed any players whatsoever to make it as difficult as possible. Tried about 7 different tactics and they all ended up with me getting sacked lol. could anyone help with this? Is this even possible haha?
  2. It would be great if you could edit the leagues. E.g stick Barca, Real and Bayern in the premier league and turn it into a super league. That would be fun. Would also like to see the regens come back with different nationalities just to mix things up with regards to league/club reputations as the seasons go on.
  3. This is my first season. Didn't include it in the first post cause I was still tinkering with the tactic to find out what would work. P.s My champions league group had Atletico, Dortmund and Liverpool which is why I didn't do so great lol added 0 minutes later Yeah this was after the update
  4. Hi guys, This is the tactic which lead me to an almost unbeaten season (lost once away to Sevilla in Champions league). Didn't tweak the tactic much from game to game. If the opposition had pacey attackers I would use a balanced defensive line and if I was at home to a weaker side I would switch to counter. Here are the screenshots of my tactic: any feedback would be appreciated
  5. Try demoting them to the reserves for a couple of weeks then promote them again. Usually solves the contract problem for me.
  6. Does anyone have any good defensive tactics they could share or have any tips for building a good defensive tactic? I've noticed that most of the tactics that seem to work in fmm2018 tend to be attack based but I feel like playing the game in a different way so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Looks to be both a simple and effective tactic. Well done. Did you change anything during the games you played? Also which players did you sign?
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